Mahou Daisakusen (1993) is the first game in the Mahou Daisakusen series and unlike the sequel Kingdom Grandprix is a straightforward vertical shooter with some lovely fantasy graphics and bosses. Those who have played Kingdom Grandprix will recognise the four player-characters which include Valhallyzer the Warrior, Gun-Dalf the Sorceress, Miyomato the Dragon and Golgodian the Necromancer. Pickups as in Kingdom Grandprix, come in the form of 'spell-books' which increase your firepower uniquely in the case of each character. Typical Raizing vertical shootemup fare really - but brimming with style and playability as usual..

(ABOVE RIGHT) First boss in the game appears halfway through stage one,
a blimmin' great tortoise-fortress affair (hey that almost rhymes..)

(ABOVE) (Left) End of level boss number one.. medieval flying mech bloke..
(Right) An amoaboid boss at the end of the 'sewer' level.

(ABOVE) The last few bosses are great hulking scary things.. look at this enormous
skull-dragon monstrosity and the huge robotic knight boss of the final stage.. yikes!

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