Poster artwork by Capcom who are co-producing the game.
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Great Mahou Daisakusen - or Dimahoo as it will be released as in the West - is the latest (third) game in the Mahou Daisakusen series and the first to be developed for Capcom's CPS2 arcade board. Since this system has played host to some fabulous shooters in the past such as 19XX,
Eco Fighters and most recently, Gigawing - and since has of course been developed by shooter masters Raizing, hopes are high that this will be one hell of a shooter.. After the 'racing-shooting' hybrid that was Kingdom Grandprix this looks to be a return to the more traditional pure twitch shoot 'emup style that Raizing are so very good at. An interesting new feature though is the introduction of 'elemental' powers, RPG style.. attack an enemy boss with an element which he is weakest against to maximise your detructive capabilities. Sounds like a very interesting premise indeed. Great Mahou Daisakusen should hopefully be appearing in Japanese arcades as you read this (April 2000) with a Western release through Capcom soon after. And seeing as Capcom seem keen to support the release of shooters on Dreamcast (Gigawing, Gunbird 2) hopefully a home version may be a possibilty.. ;) I for one would be one of the first to rush out and import it! Mike

Some familiar faces and some all-new ones make up the Dimahoo-crew..
(sounds better than Great Mahou Daisakusen-crew..)

(ABOVE) Some screenshots lifted from Raizing's site.. visually it looks very similar to the
previous two games in the series with surreal medieval-fantasy-inspired bosses and stages.

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