Raystorm kicks off with a rather
unoriginal 'Flying over City' stage -
apparently this is 'Albion' - England? So
this may be a future London.. Watch
out for hostile fighters and stealth
bombers which share your airspace. Not
a single red bus in sight though..


Your first mission: Cut through the enemy invasion
fleet in the skies above your home planet in order to
leave Earth orbit enroute to the enemy Homeworld.

Roving tanks on the ground try to halt your
progress by taking pot shots at you - sort
them out with a barrage of lock-on lasers.


In true Taito shooter tradition this level is
spectularly easy. About the only real threat
are these flying robots which pop up at
intervals, but are not too hard to dispatch.


Here's the end-of-stage boss - an enormous
and quite impressive free-wheeling tank
which initially attempts to knock you out
of commision in a hail of missiles.


Its second mode of attack soon comes into play - a very nasty beam weapon that sweeps across the whole screen - here I've decided to use my
Special Attack to avoid being zapped..

..which seems to do the trick quite nicely.. hehe.
You know there's nothing I like to see more
than a nice big, tank-shaped bonfire ;)


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