This must be the Channel then.. seems to be quite busy traffic wise, starting with these massive snake-like robot things...


Hmm.. by the looks of the map the last stage was Manchester, not London. Off now across the English Channel to do battle with some nasties in Old Gaul - that's France to you and me..

...followed by more Stealth bombers and a large
number of enemy subs (which you can just see)
beneath the waves. Lovely transparency effects here.


Suddenly you come across this huge enemy installation poking out of the water. Blast fuel tanks, cranes, aircraft on their launch pads, and lots of little tanks for bonus points..


There seems to be some kind of runway at
the end of the platform here.. with another
big stealth bomber in the process of taking
off. Get a few hits in before it gets airbourne.


Uh-oh.. Looks like I made it mad.! This bomber boss bears a distinct resemblance to the one seen in the original Layer Section, right down to its very
similar modes of attack..

..which include trying to roast you in its jet
exhaust like this.. eek! Lots of lock-on points
on the boss makes it hard to work out which
is its weak point - this area here behind the
cockpit seems like a good target..


Yup.. that'd be the one.. Parachutes at the ready
boys.. it's a long way down.. hehe..

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