As I thought, looks like the enemy have sent their enirire airforce out to greet me. Loads of pesky little planes and bullet-happy bombers fill the strangely orange-hued atmosphere..


Right then! Gonna hit alien homeworld central and kick some butt now.. wonder if there's going to be much resistance? Hmm, stupid question, woudn't be much of a shoot-em-up if the bad guys gave in at this point eh?

This level is filled solely with airbourne enemies, and it's pretty hard to get through intact due to the speed at which they attack.


Boss-time! Who would have thought it. A robot/plane transformer doobrie.. See those annoying escort craft? It's best to concentrate on taking them out first before going for the big guy.


You never ever see any left-handed robots in these games do you? They always hold their big guns firmly in their right hand. Must be easier for 'em to aim at you that way..


Okay matey, have a taste of me Special Attack (TM) - Special Robot disintigrating version.. ;)

It does exactly what it says on the tin...


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