Our Health Appraisal questionnaire is now available on line.

It is not currently possible to complete on-line and send to us, but each of the four pages can be downloaded as Word documents, completed, and sent back as an attachment to an E-mail message sent to us.

You can also post or fax the questionnaire to us if that is easier.

If you need further instructions, please E-mail us or ring the Chester clinic on (01244) 322822.

There are 4 sheets entitled Health Appraisal Questionnaire, to be completed and sent to Better Health.

  • Questionnaire page 1
  • Questionnaire page 2
  • Questionnaire page 3
  • Questionnaire page 4
  • Once these have been received, your answers will be analysed by our clinical advisor and director, who will make recommendations based on the results.

    The questionnaire will be dealt with in strict confidence, but the scores (anonymous) will be used in research carried out by Better Health Limited.  


    Place a 0, 1, 2 or 3 in each box as appropriate:

    Where the statement indicates ‘frequency’ of the symptoms:

    0 means ‘never’

    1 means ‘rarely’

    2 means ‘occasionally’

    3 means ‘frequently or constantly’

    Where the statement indicates ‘severity’ of the symptoms:

                0 means ‘none’

    1 means ‘mild’

    2 means ‘moderate’

    3 means ‘severe’

    Please complete all the questions (except the ones relating to the opposite sex in group 8!) and also the last page.


    Thank you.

    The links on the left will take you to the questionnaire pages.   Each page will have a link to the Word document for you to download.

    Return to completed forms to:

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    0800 980 3447

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