Telephone Consultations

For some years at Better Health we have offered free initial consultations, and we are pleased to extend that service.


These consultations are available by appointment only, and to book you only need to contact our Clinic at Chester.

To arrange a consultation, ring Chester (01244) 322822.

Your free consultation will be with an experienced practitioner.

This will allow the practitioner to assess your condition, and give advice regarding any treatment or therapies that may be helpful.

The time allowed for your free consultation is up to 15 minutes.

Should you require any further advice beyond this time, then you will be charged a consultation fee – usually £25.

Although we will not provide you with any specific advice during your free consultation, general advice may be given regarding a number of our products that may be helpful for you.

We may also recommend a number of investigations or tests that may be helpful in assessing your condition.

We routinely provide a number of therapies that may be recommended, and these include Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Moxa Therapy, Reflexology, Vacuflex Reflexology, and many others.

We are often successful with our treatments where others have failed, and there are a number of reasons for this – mainly due to our comprehensive screening tests together with our specialised products – both described here.

We also have highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

Further information regarding our treatment programmes may be found elsewhere on the website.

Over the years, we have developed our own unique specialised products, nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic.   We also have specialised phytonutrients – nutritional supplements, vitamins or minerals combined with herbs.

We have developed these products in conjunction with our treatment programmes.   They are therefore ideally suited to dealing with a number of health problems and conditions.

Most of our products are produced by ourselves or to our particular specifications.  

Many nutritional or herbal products available generally are fairly non-specific products, produced to meet general needs.  

Many products are produced in tablet form or, if in capsules, include a number of ‘fillers,’ which are non-therapeutic substances to just fill the capsule.   This reduces the overall dosage of active substance available in the capsule.

Many products also contain ‘excipients’ that are included merely to expedite the encapsulation process.

Most of our products are completely free of fillers or excipients, and are full of active ingredients.   Indeed, there is no room in our capsules for anything other than the active ingredients.

Although many of the products are used in our treatment programmes, some can be used alone, and can be purchased from your nearest Clinic.

Due to the specific nature of most of our products, they are available through practitioners only.

Further details on our products may be found elsewhere on our website.  

The key to much of our success is our use of various diagnostic tests.

The tests that we routinely use include:

·         Allergy Test

·         Hormone Test

·         Vitamin and Mineral Test

·         Chemical / Mercury Sensitivity

We often combine these tests together with a more comprehensive test known as Full Body Screening.

We use the BEST computerised system for testing, and this can help us decide on the most appropriate treatment programme for the individual.

Using this system, we can basically find information about the way the various systems in the body are working, and we can prioritise problem areas.   We can also test various treatments, such as nutritional, homoeopathic or herbal medicines for their suitability, whether they will be helpful or not.

We also use biochemical tests where necessary, to assess factors such as digestive function, hormone levels such as the adrenal hormones, or the detoxification capabilities of the body.

These tests are used to provide a comprehensive assessment of the patient, so that we can recommend the best and most appropriate treatment programme.   Some of the tests may be available as mail order.

Further details of the tests that we provide, and how they can help, may be found elsewhere on our website.

For information regarding this, or any other matter, please contact our Chester Clinic.

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