• Adrenal Stress Index (Adrenal Gland)
  • Allergy Test
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Anti-gliaden Antibody - test for gluten sensitivity
  • Cancer test
  • Detoxification Profile
  • Digestive Function Analysis
  • Estronex
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Full Body Screening
  • Hormone Test
  • Male Hormone Profile
  • Melatonin tests
  • Metabolic Screening
  • Organix test
  • Osteoporosis Assessment
  • Ovulation Test
  • Oxidative Stress Analysis
  • Post Menopausal Profile
  • Vitamin and Minerals (nutritional assessment)




    We provide a number of diagnostic or screening tests, which enables us to ensure first of all that you will receive the best, most appropriate treatment for your condition, and also to monitor your treatment and your condition, to make sure that you are benefiting from our approach.

    Details regarding the various tests available may be found by following the links opposite.

    Please note that the availability of tests is constantly changing, with an increase in the variety of tests available.   Genetic testing is now possible, with at a number of health implications, such as heart disease, inflammatory conditions, cancer, and others.

    To contact us for further information, follow the link opposite, or ring using the freephone number:

    (0800) 980 3447


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