• Adrenal Stress Index (Adrenal Gland)
  • Allergy Test
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Anti-gliaden Antibody - test for gluten sensitivity
  • Cancer test
  • Detoxification Profile
  • Digestive Function Analysis
  • Estronex
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Full Body Screening
  • Hormone Test
  • Male Hormone Profile
  • Melatonin tests
  • Metabolic Screening
  • Organix test
  • Osteoporosis Assessment
  • Ovulation Test
  • Oxidative Stress Analysis
  • Post Menopausal Profile
  • Vitamin and Minerals (nutritional assessment)



    Full Body Screening

    Full Body Screening at Better Health is carried out using the BEST Screening system.

    This is a probably the most advanced screening method available using Electro-Dermal Screening for testing.

    Electro-Dermal Screening is a method of taking measurements from certain acupuncture point on the body - usually hands or feet - and using the results to gain information about various items, such as allergies, vitamin and minerals, hormones, and so on, but can also be used to assess the various body organs, glands and energy meridians.

    Full Body Screening includes other tests including:

    • Vitamin and mineral test

    • Allergy test

    • Hormone test

    • and many others, such as heavy metal toxicity, assessing bowel dysfunction / Candidiasis, etc..

    The test is designed to be comprehensive, and will include any such testing that is deemed necessary in the individual.

    Who Should Have the Test?

    The test is available to everyone.

    It would be particularly valuable for anyone with chronic illness that is unresponsive to treatment, particularly if there are a number of varying symptoms.

    Conditions that have been helped with Full Body Screening include:

    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Irritable Bowel
    • Arthritis
    • Eczema or Psoriasis
    • Chronic lung conditions
    • and many others too numerous to list.

    The Full Body Screening can help with virtually ANY health problem, as it identifies weaknesses and helps rationalise treatment which will enable patients to regain their health.

    How Is It Done?

    The test is carried out by taking a series of measurements from certain points (Acupuncture points) on either the hand or the foot.

    A simple probe is placed on the skin over these points - there are no needles involved - and a reading is taken and recorded.

    The results are printed out immediately after the test is carried out, and the results can be discussed.


    How Accurate are the Results and What Do They Mean?

    No test can be 100% accurate. This test is as accurate as any other methods using the same principles.

    At Better Health we have always approached new treatments, new tests and new therapies with an analytical, scientific approach – are they as good as they claim to be?

    There are no currently available test avaialble through the conventional medical profession that provides this type of assessment.

    Other alternative tests include Vega testing, but the BEST system is quicker and more comprehensive in our opinion, and gives you results that are far easier to understand.

    What Advice Do You Get?

    If the results are normal, then no further treatment is needed.

    If there are any positive findings, then the results will be discussed in full detail with you, and a course of treatment recommended.

    Treatments advised by Better Health include various nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines, and will depend very much on the results of the tests carried out. The Full Body Screening enables us to rationalise treatment in the best possible way.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    The current cost of Full Body Screening is 250, but may vary at other Clinics. 

    Further charges apply for any further consultations, tests or treatments, and these will be discussed with you fully as necessary.

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