BT Piper.
The company has written to all its Network Build people again.
Dave Mowbray says that the feasibility study is still underway, but the timetable
may need to be extended.
He also talks about convincing our potential investors that our Growth targets
are realistic.
He goes on to say, "With this in mind I am moving from calling this work",
"Opportunties for Growth".
To "Actions for Growth", Whats the difference Dave ??
But he also says that there are still some problems with sorting out the questions
on Terms & Conditions - Pensions - Sharesaves.

Watch this space for more updates!!
You will be aware of the
current trials within
Customer Service &
Build for the above

The Unions Advice is
don't have anything to do
with it, it is performance
related pay via the back

In the long term it is very
dangerous, devisive, and
detrimental to the Unions
collective bargaining for

BT might make it sound
nice, and tell you that
you can enhance your
pay, but when you look
deeper, you will be
working harder & longer
for less money.


Laptop Training Begins

Many of you Field Engineers will be
receiving your laptop training.
Please ensure that you clearly understand
what personal use you will be allowed.
It has recently come
to the Branch's
attention that, some
people are being
for various things by
way of their
overtime being
This is not an agreed
procedure, and if
you are victim to this
abuse, please ring
the Branch Office.
The Panasonic Toughbook you
will be given is a very powerful
piece of kit.

And remember not to
compromise either the PC's or
your own Safety whilst using or
storing your Laptop.
Think Before YOU Sign

The Branch is having to deal with numerous enquirees regarding
members signing documents given to them by their Manager or by
the Company.

Please make sure you know what you are signing.

If You Are Not Sure Ring The BRANCH

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