BT Employee's Vote YES
Newgrid Special

Ballot Result

BT people voted YES to newGrid, the ballot result was
received on Friday 15th September 2000, it was as follows :-

20,650 For
12,847 Against

Total votes cast were 33,550 (45%) turnout

The Agreement will come into effect on the 1st October 2000.

For anymore information see Head Office Link

Grapevine Comment

You will now be aware of
the ballot result for
Newgrid. Members are
now asking a whole matter
of questions regarding the

If you have any
queastions then please do
not hesitate to contact the
Officers on the Office or
mobile numbers.

For instance, " how is your
Manager proposing to
deal with the 30 minute
reduction in the working

Stay In Touch

Full details of the Final Package can be seen at the
Head Office Site, available from our links page. Or
click on the the NewGRID Link here................

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This page last modified on Tuesday, September 19, 2000