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Isle of Avalon

Welcome to the town of Glastonbury. Home of many things Arthurian, Celtic and 'New Age'. And me. Philippa Chapman.

Biography (brief!)

This is me, folks! I was born a number of years ago (alright, 40...eeek!), on 10th May in Bristol, just 30 miles north of here, some years after another famous son, one Cary Grant, who went to America and made something of a name for himself. Moved to Llandaff, Cardiff, South Wales at a very young age. Grew up with a Welsh accent, surrounded and pervaded by Welsh hoel and the Celtic spirit. Moved to Bath (Georgian architecture and Roman baths), met and married David in 1981. His work brought us south to the area around Wells and shortly thereafter, we were blessed with Rachel (1985) and James (1988). You will find out more about my obsessions on the following pages, but here in the mean-time, are some pictures of the family.

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Xena clone extraordinaire
and semi-pro mezzo
The young up-and-coming football and sport fanatic and the very musical young lady. James and Rachel.
Manchester United Rules Just like her Mum......

And the man who changed my life about twenty years ago...

Boring old fart with a beard

... David
the wannabe nerd who did most of the HMTL layout stuff (with HoT MetaL Light 3 and gvim), image processing and sound sampling, and has kept this area a Java free zone. These pages are best viewed with Netscape, simply because it's not Micro$soft, but they look OK in IE 5 and, though it pains me to admit it, IE 5 is better than Netscape 4 for offline browsing. Anyway, why not strike a blow against the hegemony of Micro$oft and start using Netscape now if you're not already. To download, click the Netscape Icon below.

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Italian Holiday Photos Alternate Egos
Totally Tartan Basically Bakula Xenapix and Fanfic See Glastonbury!