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Basically Bakula! Convention Report

Philippa's Quantum Leap homage

Doctor Sam Beckett went into the Accelerator chamber and vanished......

The "Disco Ball" and the "Lego Bricks"

It started in 1988 with a trailer for a new time travel series. Actually, the seeds of the obsession go back to watching the entire 'Dr Who'canon, at first with my late father who was a time travel/ Jules Verne / H.G. Wells fan. After he died in 1969, I kept on watching, keen to see anything that referred to time travel and other sci-fi elements. When I saw Sam put his hand through Al with a glorious mixture of shock, surprise and pleasure on his face, I knew I had to see the actual programme. I loved the relationship of trust (and distrust) between Sam and Al, Sam's earnest desire to 'do the right' thing and the underlying message of the series that tiny acts of kindness really matter. I was extremelyimpressed by the acting of both Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. I found out in addition that Scott sings like an angel and I was completely hooked. I only realised he is very attractive slowly; I need a lot more than just a nice face and body. I went to Accelerate 96and made several new friends, including Penny. We hit it off right from the start. I know she won't mind me telling you that she has two false (Quantum!) legs. Just like Jim Byrnes from Highlander, but that's another story, for another page.

Is she really naked behind that screen?

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As a consequence of my love for 'Quantum Leap', over three years, I wrote a number of fanfic stories. The first, Double Dragon had won first prize at Accelerate 96. I now have printed ALL the stories up in one volume.


The collected 'Quantum Leap' fanfic of Philippa Chapman. Nearly 130 A4 pages of small print (160,000 words)! To read a taster, Click Me!. Price:£10 plus P&P. Within Britain, this is £2, to America: £3. Anywhere else, please e-mail me and I'll make you a personal quote! I'm sorry I'm only a private individual and I can't take plastic or other currencies.

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Basically Bakula! Convention Report
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