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This page shows all the Background graphics that have been used on my homepage. The images were created by myself for the purposes of entertainment only. They can be used on other sites, but please credit me with the creation.

To use any of these images for your own webpage, simply right click on the image and select 'Save As' (if you are using IE). Apple Mac uses should 'Long Click'.

bg01.jpg (Not used) bg02.jpg (Aries and Taurus) bg03.jpg (Water Texture)
bg04.jpg (None wrapping background image) bg05.jpg (Original none wrapping background image) photobg.jpg (Used in the Photo Gallery)

These images are the ones used for the page headings. There are quite a few of these - one for every major section of the webpage, and then usually a few more for good measure!

about-me.gif background-images.gif
button-images.gif cammeet.gif
canadahol.gif contacts-page.gof
downloads.gif graphics-sitemap.gif
help-pages.gif help-pages-2.gif
help-pages-3.gif images-gallery.gif
info-pages.gif lancsmeet.gif
lancsmeet2.gif links-page.gif
daves-island-logo.gif meets-pages.gif
my-friends.gif my-guestbook.gif
my-history.gif my-music.gif
my-talkers.gif my-unreal.gif
new-page.gif photo-gallery.gif
symbols-arrows.gif text-sitemap.gif

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