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These are the information pages. Here you will find all kinds of information about, this website, talkers, the talker I help to administer and more! This is going to be a resource detailing where and how things have been created or edited. The Copyright section is featured on this page. Follow this link.

A Word About the Photo Gallery

If you have already visited the Photo Gallery with any other Web Browser but Internet Explorer 4.0 or 5.0, then you would have noticed something very strange with the images when you view them. This strange oddity is generated by Netscape ( that I know off, there are probably others! Let me know! ) and at present I have no work around. The problem is the way the images are scrolled forward. A piece of Javascript is used that increase the filenames number on each execution. This is all well and good, but unfortunately my photos are not all the same size. IE doesn't make anything of this, but other browser tend to compress all the photos into the shape that the first photo viewed has.

The result of this is that many, if not all of the following ( and preceding images if you scroll back ) are compressed down into the dimensions of the first loaded photo. This makes them very hard to view. The only solution I know of is to re-scan all the images into the same size ( spatially ) and then use these new dimensioned photos instead. At present I have no scanner, so this is some what hard. Second, there are A LOT of photos to be scanned! And finding the time will be hard. Eventually I will find a solution though, so please just bear with me. If you want to see the photos, then feel free to download the ZIP collections that are on the Downloads page.

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Introducing Serif SPC

This is a demo of what DrawPlus 4 can do. This image has been exported and reduced, but hopefully most of the details have remained.Well, the first place to start is with all the lovely images that have been used to enhance this site. These images were all taken from the Serif © Clipart Gallery. This is a 9CD set of clipart featuring photos, WMF images and the Webspice collection. The Webspice collection is a series of pre-drawn button images and icons. They are in a variety of colours and textures and styles. The buttons featured here are from the Sesa style, and are textured with the marble effect. From the objects available I have used most of them. There are many other types of images and many are highly suitable for web design. For more information about all the Serif products visit the Serif Website.

Serif SPC also produce the rather excellent PagePlus and DrawPlus. PagePlus is a desktop publishing package ( now up to version 6 ). It has all kinds of features including true HTML4 output for webpage design, and many thousands of wizards for things like bookmarks and CD covers. The range of features is fantastic and I use it all the time! DrawPlus is on to version 4 and features loads of wizards for all kinds of things. It is primarily a drawing package that is very versatile. It can cope with complex images as well as simple things. There is also a very powerful animation program included. I have used this to build animated logos and buttons on my webpages. I have been using Serif products for over 2 years now and have never had any trouble from them! They are one of the best companies I have dealt with... Always make sure to say that you are a student for either more discounts or tonnes of freebies! *grin*

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Introducing The Unreal Talker

Shortcut To - The Unreal WebsiteThe Unreal Talker is a joint project by myself, Paul and Martyn. The original idea was Paul's. He wanted to create his own chat program for the internet. After 8 months of hard work Unreal is now up and running and has had many improvements made to it over the last few months. I am responsible for the website design and up-keep, so that is why the Unreal Website looks and navigates in a similar style to this one. Well actually the Unreal site came first and I liked what I had done!

The Talker is based on the game of the same name and it draws heavily on the situations and places that are featured in the game. If you want to find out more about the Unreal Talker, then please visit the website. The image above links directly to it. For information on the game, then please visit The Unreal Game Website. As part of the Administrators circle for Unreal, I am responsible for the Website. So please feel free to have a look and tell me what you think of it.

Unreal is now a 'pet' project that usually consumes massive amounts of my Net time! Well at the weekends at any rate. More often than not I can be found most Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights casually idling away the time nattering to everyone, or just having some fun there. We, the Admin, like to think that the Talker is a friendly place, and we encourage people to visit and welcome any comments or suggestions for new features, or corrections that should be made to old commands or features. Unreal was made by a group of friends, so that we could basically meet more people and extend our friends group.

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Copyright Information

Many of these points relate to the Unreal Talker and it's use, but some are valid for this page. The most important point is:

The views expressed on these pages are those solely of the author.

The button images and arrows are taken from the Serif WebSpice selection on the 100,000 Deluxe GraphicsPack. They are used within the terms of the agreement present on the WebSpice CD. For information contact Serif SPC at Several other images were created using Serif products. Where appropriate the credit for these images has been given.

Unless otherwise stated the images, content and text is the property of the Website author. The photos are the property of David Redfern. Where appropriate there are guidelines as to their use. Please DO NOT use the Canada Photos or the Miscellaeous Photos. If you require one or several of these images, you MUST inform the author of this site BEFORE taking them.

Any and all trademarks are recognised, or registered where appropriate. If there are any trademarks they are the property of the owner. The author makes no claims on these trademarks and or copyrights. Any reference is unintentional and not implied. Please contact the author if there any problems or grey areas surrounding this issue.

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Information specifically for the Unreal Talker

The 'Unreal-Talker' is in no way affiliated with Epic Megagames, GT Interactive, or any other party that was or has been involved with the production of the 'Unreal' PC-CDRom game. In addition, the name 'Unreal', is only used as a signifier and only relates to the title of a product. For the purposes of this talker, the title name 'Unreal' is used to identify our particular program. The character names used to identify the various ranks on the talker are taken from the game 'Unreal'. The administrators have themed the talker around the 'Unreal' game. To add to this authenticity certain aspects have been taken from the game and applied in the context of a text based realtime chat program.

The 'Unreal-Talker' is a NONE profit venture by the administrators. It is intended solely for the use of recreation and leisure. The administrators make no profit from either administering, running, or advertising the 'Unreal-Talker'. The Talker is run at a loss to all the administrators.

The 'Unreal-Talker' room descriptions are a work of the imagination inspired by the graphics from the 'Unreal' PC-CDRom game. The 'Unreal-Talker' map created by Martyn Bampton is the intellectual property of Martyn Bampton. It was created for the purposes of providing a layout for the talker rooms. The map is reproduced here with kind permission. The map is in no way affiliated with the 'Unreal' PC-CDRom game or any members responsbile for the production of the game. The 'Unreal-Talker' background images and the (U) backgrond images and the 'Connect logo' are the intellectual property of David Redfern. They were created for the use on this website only. It is appreciated if they are NOT distributed and or collected with the intention of distribution without prior consent from the author.

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