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This section of the website will introduce you to Unreal and various aspects of it's development. Unreal is a talker based on a code base called Playground Plus (PG+). It is a popular code base for many people who are just starting out on the the talker administration road and it is widely supported. But more about Unreal...

The Unreal Talker is a joint venture between myself, Martyn and Paul. We are three friends who met over the talkers and via University. The project was first established late in 1998. Then Unreal had the working name Carnival. This was initially a solo project by Paul. He wanted to run his own talker after using several others. He downloaded the PGPlus code from the PG+ Website and started to customise it. Not long after he started, Martyn joined him. There were several reasons for this, the main was financial! Running a talker costs a lot of money! Soon after that I was asked if I wanted to join, of course I said yes!

By January Carnival was no more and Unreal had been born. Work was moving quickly and Unreal was booted several times on Paul's computer allowing me and Martyn to telnet into it. We decided from the outset that we would run the whole thing as a co-operative that would welcome suggestions from other members of Staff and from the residents. To this day there are various commands and bug fixes that have been made due to requests.

It was around this time that we decided on who should do what as partaining to the project. Paul was Head Coder, Martyn became Creative Supervisor, and I became the WebMaster for the as yet un-coded Unreal Website. We all set about our tasks with earnest enthusiasm, and it was not long before there was a website, all but not very good coded. We selected a server a host the talker and Paul ftp'd the code and compiled it for the first time! The talker was open... BUT there were severe problems with the routers leading to it! Unreal was next to useless! So it had to be closed down and moved. The server it was moved to was of a friend, but, it turned out the code was not very secure! A lot more problems where encountered and eventually a new server was found. became the new home for Unreal.

Since then there have been minor problems but they are being worked on as we speak. More and more features are being added, and the website has been completely revised! There is now a WebRing too. This site is a part of The Unreal Talker Webring. The links below will take you to the various sites that have been added to the ring. For more information about Unreal and the Webring please visit the Unreal Talker Website.

This Unreal Talker Webring site owned by Dave.
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