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No Homepage is complete without the regulatory friends pages! I use the plural because no doubt this page will spill out into several others ;) Find out about the motley crew I know and presumably 'Love' - in the loosest sense! Some are from the Talkers and where appropriate I have included 'Spod' names. For the webpages for some of these people, please see my Links page.

Well I think that perhaps a good place to start with is with a few people that I regard as good friends, infact perhaps my closest friends! This is a mixture of good friends I have known for ages, and a few that I met at Lancaster University, and well the others I either met through other friends (Em!) or view a talker called Snowplains. True Em just happens to be my fiance too... But that is just by the by!
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This is my little sweetie Em! My most favourite fiance in the world! Who is Em? Well, Em is my girlfriend, or more accurately my fiance! She is my closest friend, my confident, my lover, my shoulder to cry on. In short she is everything to me and is the most important person in my life. If you had told me back in 1998 before the end of July that I would meet someone and become engaged to them, then I would have said you were crazy! So how did we get together and what has happened between us? Well, much of that is just between the two of us, but some I'd like to share.

How did we meet? Well that is the easiest one to answer! It was through a friend, Phil actually. It was his birthday at the end of July, and a little get together was organised. I was invited along with a load of other people. This was the first time me and Em met properly. Earlier in the year, around April 1998, we had met, but very briefly at the Coventry Meet. We never really said 'Hello!' there, but I did get to know her friend Sara (Wendolene on the talkers) pretty well. Me and Sara then wrote to each other and chatted a fair bit. During the planning of Phil's 25th birthday, I was asked if I wanted to help out. I of course said yes!

Well, I decided to go across to York earlier than expected. I should have gone on the Friday like everyone else, but something made me go Thursday - a decision that proved to be very good! When I finally arrived in York, it was absolutely pissing it down! The rain was so heavy that the roads were flooding! Well, at first I just walked right past both Em and Sara; not evening noticing them! The caught up with me soon enough and we walked under Em's brolly to her house. During this time my rucksacks got more than a little wet. They were soaked through! I had to hang most of the clothes I had brought with me out to dry. Well, while I was doing that, Sara and Em were on tea duty. We then all crashed in the living room and started to talk. I must confess that I was taken aback by Em, we just seemed to click so well! I guess at that point I was thinking that something might happen.

After a while we headed off into York city center for cash, food and booze! :-) Woo Woo! Excellent! When we got back to the house around 10-11pm we all crashed in the living room. Me and Em started talking and Sara ended up falling asleep. After Sara left, me and Em got closer and closer, and then eventually we kissed! *Aww* And well, after that we have been together ever since. Much has happened since then, and it was on my friends, Paul's, birthday when I proposed to her!

Much more about myself and Em can be found in the History pages. So go and look there, and find out not only more about Em, but also about me.

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Paul (Dawes, Mr. Eagles, PJE)

Mr. Paul Eagles... Stood on a hill in Kendal! What can I say about my very good friend Paul? Well, I guess a good place to start is that from the moment we met in real life, we got along great! This has only improved with time, and now he is a very dear friend. So here is the long colourful past of how we met!

Me and Paul first started talking on a talker called Snowplains. We were introduced to each other by another friend, Pabs. That was when we started talking. It later emerged that Nick was also a good friend of Paul's. We spent many a happy hour chatting and being very perverse on the talkers. It wasn't until April 1998 that we finally met for the first time at the Coventry Meet. Actually, it was more of a case that we spoke for the first time then as well! I arrived several hours too early (around 10am!!) and after a panic, and several calls to Nick and Paul's mobile I met Paul and Paolo. We hit it off from the start and became good friends.

After Coventry we kept in regular touch via SMS and phone as well as on the talkers. The next time we met was at the Cambridge meet where we managed to get ourselves totally drenched! I caught a chill and ended up borrowing his jacket. After that we organised a little mini meet of myself, Paul, Nick and Paolo. A day to Alton Towers was called for! This was a great deal of fun, and we all enjoyed it. Me and Nick arrived on the Friday night and we went out for an India meal and had a good natter. Saturday was Alton Towers! From this escaped emerged perhaps the best quote ever. For it was heard several times as uttered by Mr. Eagles and a Mr. Lim, that: (And I quote here!) 'The Oblivion is better than Sex!' OK, if you really say so! All I can say is that you obviously had very bad sex! *Cough*

One of our best weekends together was that of his birthday early in 1999, infact January the 9th! I was really looking forward to this as my New Year was, well to be honest, a living hell. This weekend really made it all seem worthwhile. Me and Em went done to Coventry and had one the best times! We went out bowling, drinking, talking and dancing. This was also the weekend when I proposed to Em. So that made it even more special. I guess I should say here, Paul is going to be (if he still wants the job) my Bestman when I (finally) get married!

Yep we are definitely the best of friends, and I admire and respect him a great deal. He is one in a million and someone I always feel comfortable to talk to about anything. So, Paul, here's to you! And whatever you do, I wish you all the success and prosperity for the future.

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Nick (Nick, Mr. Lim, Dirty Man)

This was taken when I visited Nick in London... it was only 8pm! Lazy sod! Nick was one of the first people I spoke to on a regular basis when I first started to use Talkers. I would always look out for him because, even online, he was a remarkable person to talk to. He was the first spod I met! But what else is there to say about the amazing Mr. Lim? Well...

Out first introduction was not long after I was first made a resident on Snowplains. I think he was the one who showed me the 'Friend' command. After that we would always have a natter for an hour or too! Then New Year 97/98 I went down to London to meet him. And what an experience that was! I arrived on the 30th December not knowing what he looked like and to start off with we just stood there not sure if we were the right people. In the end he came over, and we were introduced. Then it was back to his flat, and then out into the city! It was a little awkward at first. I was a little shy and in a strange place. It didn't take long though to get on better and soon we were gossiping the night away! The next time I met up with Nick was several months latter at the Coventry meet. Here we resumed our usual friendship and the 'other' side of Mr. Lim was revealed! The crude and disgusting side that makes us all laugh so hard!

Yes it is true! The first time you meet him, he is the perfect gentleman. The second, well lets just say he shows his true colours! I don't think there was anything we didn't talk about that weekend! After Coventry we met in Cambridge where I thought it would be great if I ran into him and nearly knocked him over! Again we saw each other at the Alton Towers weekend, and on the Sunday I returned with him to London and spent a few days there. It's always good to see Nick, somehow he can always make you smile. He very rarely gets down or depressed, and is usually more than willing to share 'experiences' with you! Nick is a good friend, who sadly finds it very hard to leave his beloved London. Maybe it's hay fever that does it, then again it could be that he is just lazy and hates travelling further than 1hour and 30minutes in ANY direction! Sometime I will managed to get him up here to Lancaster though, oh yes I will!

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Phil (Vento, 'Oldman')

Ahh, the old man himself! Phil receives his Christmas pressie of a cookery book! Phil, or Vento as he is well known was, I think the person who made me a resident on the talker Snowplains. That happened way back in October 1997. Since then we have met several (hundred!) times and have been out and partied the night away together! It was on Phil's Birthday that me and Em met, so we have him to thank in bring the two of us together.

Me and Phil met and didn't really talk that much at the Coventry meet. Little did I know that his little prod in the direction of BT's album Ima would lead to all sorts of trouble later! Even now I still remember when we were finally introduced! Since then things have moved on enormously! We met again at the Cambridge meet, then at a little locals meeting in Hull and again when I went across for his birthday. Then we saw each other on a regular basis (due to Em!), and were regularly out in the pubs and at the assorted clubs of York.

Phil had one bad side effect on me. He fueled a massive CD addiction that saw my collection go from a humble 20, to a fairly large 110! He introduced me to a whole load of artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Frontline Assembly and William Orbit. His recommendations were lapped up and listened to until the CD's nearly melted! Apart from sharing a common passion for music it came to light during the Summer of 1998 that we also had a lot of very similar mannerisms! This caused all sorts of fun when we were out as everyone ended up watching us 'pose' together completely by accident! We became know as the 'Genetic Brothers' and were then net.Clones!

We have enjoyed a close relationship that has seen us through many good times and a few bad. He is always someone you can turn to just to talk. He's another one who I like to see, though recently he's been incredibly busy with his work and his girlfriend! It's about time we had another meet up to catch up and gossip! Oh and one last thing, he is currently going through a reto period and is collecting old Megadrive games and not long ago came across an Atari ST! Ahh the memories.. Just goes to show you just how old he is!! (Sorry had to sneak that in somewhere!) And the last thing... We were cruel enough to get him a zimmer frame for his 25th Birthday! I think he has forgiven us for that... I guess we will know on our 25th's!!

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Veronika (Raptor, Rappy, Vee)

The lovely Veronika, who I have met only once, but she's great! I first started talking to Veronika a few weeks after being made a resident on Snowplains. We found that we could talk very easily to one another, and a good friendship blossomed! We would organise times to meet on the talker to chat to one another. After several months we started to write proper letters to one another and things moved on from there. Vee is a very good friend of mine, and fortunately I have even met her in person when I went on holiday to Canada to see her!

Well what more is there to say about Veronika? Hrm, she is a bit of a squirrel nut case and absolutely loves the things. She also lives in a town called Wallaceburg, usually referred to as Wally World! Which is a pretty good title for the place she lives in. What about when we first started talking? That was on the talkers and was rare at first until we started planning times to meet up and chat to each on the talker Snowplains. This became a regular nightly thing and soon transpired to letter writing. Our letters became something of a legend, mainly due to the length of them. Several pages was the norm, and more often than not it was handwritten. After talking to each other for over 8months and due to a lack of anything better to do we organised me going over to meet her! This we started planning in early June of 1998. I booked my ticket and paid it off soon after.

Before actually deciding on the flight though we talked on the phone a 'bit'. Now if letters weren't legendary, the phone bills soon became something of a talking point! Why? Well I would call her for a 'quick' chat for 10minutes... 1hr and 10mins later we would hang up! This was not good for several reasons, 1) It was usually very late at night, 2) It cost around £30 per call and finally 3) We could never stop talking! There was always something else to talk about. I guess those calls were some of the craziest things I had done, well until I flew out to meet her! That was something rather novel and all of what happened can be found in the Canada section. There are simply loads of photos from that too, so make sure you look at the Photo Gallery.

What else can I say about Vee? Hrm, well we get along like brother and sister and usual like to tease and wind each other up cronically! Despite the fact she is older than myself, I always look at her as a younger sister! Maybe that tells you something about her character. She is a lot of fun to be around and I hope that I will get to see her again soon! When are you going to come to the UK Vee? Remember I have a promise to keep! You will suffer my family too! *Grin* (By the way: when I went to see her, I also met most of her family!!) I owe it to you Vee.

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Martyn (Voyager, Voyeur, Marty)

Good old Marty! He's always about, and *still* eager to do a 24Hour Spod!! *eek*Martyn was a friend of a friend who I first met on the talkers. Despite the fact that we were at the same university it took quite a while for the two of us to finally meet up for the first time. Since then though, we have been up to all kinds of trouble! Including a 14hr spod-a-thon! *Gulp* Martyn fast became a good friend and drinking partner, and we regularly used to get drunk together! So, how did we meet?

Well, we first met in a rather bizarre set off circumstances. We were first introduced my another friend of ours on the talker. There we just said 'Hi' and 'Bye' and other such pleasantries. After a few days of this, and a late night session on the talkers, I decided to meet him. So dragging a friend of mine with me we headed to one of the labs called the SECAMS lab. (One of our favourite haunts during my first year at Lancaster University) When we entered, he was the only one there, so I just pointed and said 'Voyager, Martyn, yes?' He looked at me and seemed just a little taken aback. Finally he said yes, and I introduced myself and my friend Juliette who was with me. After that we exchanged a few more words and then started spodding again!!??!

A few days after that we met up again in the Pizza place near to the Biological Sciences building and had a good natter followed by a spod later. From these early roots we built up a good friendship that saw us dashing down to Cambridge during June 1998 for a meet there straight after my exams. In the time I have know him we have done some pretty crazy things, like, our 14hour login session, the mad dash down to Cambridge early on a Saturday morning, late night drinking sessions and of course our legendary phone calls to a certain Veronika in Canada. These lasting up to a few hours and costing over £30 each! *Wow!* I am not going to forget those in a hurry!

There was a spell when we were not certain as to his fate at uni though. After several course changes and a lot of indecision Martyn has now made the 3rd year. So once again the terrible two will be together for another mad year at Lancaster University! I am sure there will be plenty of crazy things going on, I am sure there was this mention of a 24hour spod-a-thon?? No must have been hearing something!!

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There is currently no photo of Sally I first met Sally at the same time that I met Helen. This was during my secind year at my Sixth Form College back home in Brigg. It was me and Sally who started to talk first, then me and Helen a little later. We found that it was easy to chat to one another and soon became happy just to sit and gossip the day away! Sally and I soon became firm friends and during the final few months of Sixth Form we spent a lot of time talking. We weren't sure what we were going to be doing University wise, and were also planning 18th Birthday parties galore!

These 18th Birthday things somehow ended up being in a town called Broughton. This was where Sally and Helen lived. So getting home late at night was easy for them. Me and a group of others used to walk them back, and then start our walk home... to Brigg... 5miles away! There were usually around 6 or 7 of us and the walk was often cold. But it was fun! We were mad! Diving away from cars lying in the road and generally chasing each other around! It was great fun.

After Sixth Form had finished we kept intouch regularly, and Sally would often come over for a visit. Then we finally went to uni, and ended up at opposite sides of England. She went to Newcastle and I to Lancaster. During the first year we saw each other only a few times, but spoke on the phone and wrote to each other often. Around June 1998, I visited her in Newcastle for a weekend away, and it was great fun! Even though Sal was getting over glandular fever and was feeling crap, she still made sure that I had a good time. It was great to see her for that was the last time I saw her for around 5months!

Sally was lucky enough to be placed on a course that had her studying abroad in Germany for a year, for her second year and then in France for a year for her third. Then a fourth year was spent back at Newcastle finishing off. So part of the reason I have not seen her is that she's been away in Germany! Thanks to the wonders of E-Mail we were able to keep intouch. Though not as much as I would have liked. The last time I saw Sally was just after Christmas 1998, when I bumped into her in my hometown of Brigg. Em was with me, and we could only talk briefly. Hopefully I will see her sometime soon! Sally is a great friend, and expert agony aunt. I often miss her company and our extra long phone calls! Maybe at some point she will visit Lancaster, I seem to remember her promise that she would!

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There is currently no photo of Helen Where there is Sally there is Helen, and of course, where there is Helen there is Sally! The two come together as a package deal! You can not get to know one without meeting the other at some point! Helen is the best friend of Sally, and as written in Sally's piece, I first met her during my time at the Sixth Form in Brigg.

We originally started talking because of my brothers friend Johnny. He started to date Helen for a while, and naturally that friendship lead to Helen meeting 'Us' lot! If I remember correctly we found that we got along right from the start, and that was probably a bad thing! You see we started out play fighting and chasing each other, one incident was when I was crippled from exercise and lying on the chairs in our Cage area and she came in and said that she would bounce on me. So she did! Helen sat on my stomach and jumped up and down... Strangely it actually helped a little bit!

We became very good friends and at all the Birthday events that started to be planned normally ended up walking back together. In the end Helen stayed in Broughton and did not go to uni or college for that matter. No, she wanted to be a Paramedic! And when everyone else left, she remained and started her NVQ at Scunthorpe General Hospital. We met up several times during the Summer of 1998, but for some reason or another, she never did make it all the way up here to Lancaster?! We have since those days lost a little in the contacts department, but I do 'try' to make sure I keep tabs on her. Helen is a good friend who is always full of life and energy, and usually able to put a smile on anyones face when they are feeling down!

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Debs (Elmo)

This is actually Deb... somewhere, I don't think she wanted her photo taking! What can I say about Deb? Well she is the one who kept me sane through my time in Halls at Lancaster University. She is also the one who managed to get me onto Snowplains one fateful day in October 1997. The strange thing is, it actually took us quite a long time before we became good friends! I think at first we were both unsure of the other. Eventually though we got talking and well things went from there and ended up with us as good friends.

My first impression of Miss Poole, was that she was a loud rocker with long hair! She was extremely out going and bursting with energy. She lived just down the corridor from me in Lonsdale College in the Annex section. I later learned that C floor Annex was always notorious for being the 'Load' floor! We certainly kept that tradition up! It took us a long time before we talked properly. Infact I can not remember when it was, it was just one of those events that just happened! Though it was definitely for the best I can say that for certain! We became better friends after she had introduced me to the talker, and she was the one who showed me Snowplains and started my addiction to spodding. In the early days it took me a while to get into the whole thing and, *Gasp* I wasn't particularly bothered back then. Still, I ended up catching the bug and regularly ended up in the Labs lat eat night with Deb for a quick Spod!

How did the crazy Deb help keep me sane during Uni? Well, I suffered from a few problems on my corridor from another student. She took it upon herself to make my first term pretty miserable. The ironic thing was that I originally befriended her and not Deb! Still, Deb somehow managed to get me out, and was always someone to have a moan to. Then again, she would also come to me for advice and to have a moan about something that had happened. Deb helped to restore my faith in people at uni and she always seemed to look out for me.

Now we are good friends who occassionally managed to bumo into each other. Unfortunately I became ill during the start of my second year and we didn't see very much of each other at all. When we did though, it was always good to see each other! She would tell me of her latest bloke problem, and I would tell her about what me and Em had been up to and what I was doing. This usually led to much laughter and her saying 'God! You are mushy Dave!' or something similar! I hope that Deb is going to be back for her last year, Lancaster just wouldn't be the same without her!

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The Others!

Here are a few others that I either know, or kinda know, or who I like to call friends. Whether they are actual friends or not I don't know ;) But hey, I like to think of these as people I know pretty well, or well enough to call friend! This list is in no particular order...

Name Something about them
Joy (Edie) A friend of Debs and also someone who was on my floor during the Halls period. Joy is a character and a right boozer!
Darren (Mega) Joy's other half and a MUD fanatic. He was first introduced to me through Deb. We talked quite a lot on Snowplains too.
John (Jarel) The big bad boss of Snowplains! John as he is known sometimes, is the one who originally thought of the idea.
Gary (Odie) Gary is a spod who I've met several times and who I talk to quite a bit. He's really easy going and funny too!
Kim (MsRat) MsRat, or better known as Kim, was someone I met first in person and then who I spoke to on the talker. All I can say is she's lovely amd just loves those rats! (hence the name!)
Sam (Onyx) Sam is a new friend, and also a relatively new spod. She is one of the Durham contingent and a good friend of Rubys.
Natalie (Ruby) Natalie, the other major spod from Durham and organisor of 2 meets now, is a friend of Sams and we first spoke way back in October 1998!
Lysa (JelloJoy) JJ! She's a love! I met Lysa once at the Cov meet in April 98, then she went back to the USA :(
Arlene (Scully) Arlene forms part of the Nebraska spod contingent and was one of the few people who I rang from Uni! Hopefully we will meet one day!
Arrow Arrow is another Canadian, but this time he lives much further north than Vee. He is my net.Crimebuddy!
Alex (Nights) Better known as Alex to me, is an old friend from Brigg. He's at Nottingham now doing computers and generally getting drunk! So nothing changes ;)
SailorMoon Another Canadian spod from around the Vancouver area. She was one of the first people on Unreal, and is usually on at some point. She's a laugh, and seems to be very nice.
Paul (Molt) Paul just loves to be told 'stuff', well he did until the last meet he went to! He is also a source of some quite amazingly useless trivia!
Dave (Undone) I first met Dave at the Cambridge meet, and then again at the Lancs meet. He works too hard! ;)

If you feel that you have been cruely missed off the this page, then please E-Mail Me and let me know! I will add you to the list on my next round of updates! :)

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