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Welcome to this, the Simple Version of my homepage. Here I have tried to make it possible for everyone else that doesn't have a decent browser to view my website. This place is still work in progress though, so most of it is not complete. I will eventually finish it...

If anyone has any ideas on what kind of theme to use for this place, then please drop me a line! I have no ideas at the moment about what to do! A complete lack! Neh mind... Creativity for the time being is escaping me! I was thinking of using this kind of format, but now I am not so sure. The original simple site layout is used on all the other pages. If you have any ideas, then email to the usual address!! ;)

Please bare in mind that the content here is mainly for the complex site and as such is not entirely accurate as I haven't had chance to adjust it yet. I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you find something useful or insightful. Please remember to Email Me, with any comments or suggestions that you have, or with anything that you feel may benefit this Website.



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