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This is the photo archive for my website. If your Browser CAN NOT run Javascript, turn away now! The images are arranged in such away that a simple Javascript applet is used to change them. Use the arrows to move between the images.

The Text Links point to the text pages for the photos. The arrows point to the photos themselves! (Just to avoid confusion!) Those without Javascript support... You are going to have to wait for me to finish the simple site equivalent! Sorry!

For the Meets page, please visit the Meets Section. This features all the text information about the meets as well as links to the respective photos and the galleries.
The Cambridge Meet (June 1998) - To The Photos!
My Canada Holiday (September 1998) - To The Photos!
The Lancaster Meet (November 1998) - To The Photos!
The Miscellaneous Photos (From all over!) -  To The Photos!
The York Meet (August 1998) - To The Photos!

For those people wanting to use the photos on this site as part of an ftp site or for a Talker Homepage, then please goto the Download section and download the relevant ZIP file containing all the files from each section.

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