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Well it had to happen really ;) The Great, Oldman himself turned 25, and well... we the Spod's - and his friends, through him a little party :) Complete with Zimmer frame! The whole thing was organised by Wool, Stud and Wendolene, but really loads of praise has to go to Phil for being such a sport on the weekend! Well here are the piccies i took ;) Be on the look out for that Zimmer in stores near u soon ;)


There are A LOT of piccies from this little 'event'. All are accessible via the 'Piccies' Link. Other piccies will be available at other people's Websites... for starters there is always Phil's.....

And now for a little lowdown on just WHAT happened during the weekend....

The Grand Start of Phil's Birthday Weekend!! :) Otherwise known as Thursday...

Well, i kind of have an edge on this weekend, as i was there from Thursday onwards! So... here's what happened over the whole weekend.. or at least, all that i remember from the weekend! Well, i was met at York station by Wendolene (Sara) and Wool (Emma). And as soon as i had left the train.. it started raining! Infact it rained continuously for my whole journey there. That was when i was thinking that this meet thing maybe like the Cambridge one! On the walk back to Em's house, me and Sara got soaked, and several of my T-Shirts in my bag got stained by the dyes from the back... That is how wet it was!! The rest of the day was spent doing a little shopping and then organising what was going to be happening during the following few days. After much walking around town, it was time to feed little ol' me, so a minor stop off in Burger King for refreshments before we headed back to Em's house.

That evening it was deemed necessary to 'get acquited again' with a pub... So..... Of we went :) And spent a fair time chatting in one of the many distinguished drinking houses that proliferate York! Hmm, lovely.. and the best bit was the drinks we had were FREE :) *Woo Woo* (Actually due to a few of them special voucher things ;) ) Around 10:30pm, it was leaving time.. so of we toddled back.. again... to Em's! Where we started chatting and drinking copious amounts of tea. Well... me and Em chatted on past 2am, when Sara left us to go and sleep.. leaving the two of us to talk more. Well when the sun came up again, it was decided just to stay awake! That leads me nicely to Friday... When we were totally knackered!

Friday... Spods arrive... and All Hell breaks loose!!

That morning we had to be and ready as people were gonna be arriving. It was elected that me and Em should check her email to see if anyone had mailed her about the weekend, so of we went... On the way my mobile rang - it was Pete! (Stud) He was already in York, so off we went to meet him at the station. The email had to wait until later. We found him sat waiting in the foyer area.He drove us back to Em's through the rather dense traffic of York at 11:30am ;) Once bac at Em's, the four of us split up. Sara and Pete headed off to town to get a box for Phil's 'special' B'day present, while me and Em tried to check her email again! We met up later in town just before splitting up again to meet up with Gary (Odie) again at the station. A little word here... York Station is gonna be a highlighted feature from this meet... We must have made about 8 trips to it! Well with Gary and Pete about it was a rush to get Phil's pressie's sorted and organised. And they sodded off to get a Maccy D's and a drinks!! Thanks a lot lads ;)

Sara was the one who then headed off to meet Steph (ChatterBox) at the station, giving Em a little time to tidy the house before the hoards of people arrived! Well, given enough time Pete and Gary returned... soon followed by Sara and Steph. We all just crashed in the living room at this point, and i tried! to take a few piccies of everyone... Although success was limited! (I really need to work out how to use Red-Eye Reduction better!! ;) ) Then it was what turned out to be a final trip to the station to collect Mark (Nate).. but his train was VERY late! So we also collected Darren (Armadillo) too. The four of us then walked back... again... to Em's house. This was around 8, 8:30pm.. And it was nearing time to leave to meet Phil at the pub before going clubbing! We all eventually got to the pub... me happily falling asleep at every opportunity! Causing much fun for others, who just had to take the piss! Again... Thanks lads!

Phil could only be around for a short time before he had to head off to collect John (Jarel) and Margaret (Pling) from the station. See i told u the station was a consistent feature at the meet!! *grin* The rest of us headed off to the club, and cos it was so early.. got in for FREE!! Yeah!! And at some point in all this... Sally (Rillaith) and Dave (Undone) arrived! Although they just crashed on the living room floor at Em's! Still no one is sure where they came from! Probably aliens dropped them off! Unfortunately for Phil and Co. they had to pay! ha ha ha ha ha ha... Well everyone there started drinking.. also a very regular occurence at meet's! And as the night wore on, there were spods dancing! Err... trying to! Even John was up and strutting his thing! ;) A fun evening had by all there. At some point, those staying at Em's left.. i think it was about 1:30am... Not sure there... Nice walk back to her house, along by the river though. Well this nite i slept! Woo Woo! And boy did i need it!

Saturday... A few hours later...

Saturday started... WAY too early ie pre 2pm! Infact i slept past everyone else and nearly missed the first meet up.. So Breakie had to wait.. Hmm, straight on to lunch then, this was the general consensous. So after everyone was together at the Fountain Of Youth ( Did u remember to swim in it Phil?? ) We all split up to EAT! Ahh, much better for food! The rest of the few hours were spent shopping, until around 3 or 4pm when it was York Dungeons! Woo cool ;) Trouble is i don't think there are piccies of Spods before, and Spods after the visit!! *sigh* Never mind.. Next time!! :) After that it was a meet up at another pub! before heading back to Em's for Phil's pressies! And boy did he get a shock from one of them... Well infact there is a WHOLE sequence of him opening his main pressie! I heartily recomend u look at them! - just for sheer amusement value!! I wont spoil the surprise though :)

There's loads of piccies from that part of the day, including some of the cake, which featured those joke candles that u can't blow out... Infact they couldn't be blow out at all!! Causing much fun and panic for Phil ;) Shame i ain't got a photo of his face when they all relite themselves! After a little stay eating cake and gossiping... it was time to venture out for the evenings entertainment! And boy what entertain did we get... especially from all the crap that Phil got ;) Sorry mate... but u know us! Couldn't be helped!! Honestly, we just couldn't help our selves!

The event for the night was a ghost walk! And boy was it fun! Highlights include certain quotes from the tour guide, and from me! one of the best, was when we in this alley, and he was telling us a story about this little devil that would carry away the soul of one of the group... That one, had a Birthday on August the First!... ... was a quarter of a century old... ... and was born in Wales!! *laffing* all round as fingers where pointed at Phil! yeah u love us really! That one was down to Sally who had been chatting to the guide! And well, the piss take of Phil continued all evening! With choice quotes from him being "U Bastards!" and "My god!" *grin* Still when we got to the cathedral, and were being told about it's construction... A slipped in a little note....

It took over 8 generations of stone masons to carve and build the beautiful structure that is York Minster...

Or PHIL!! (from me!!)

Phil glared at me, while Emma and Sara fell about laughing their heads off, Phil started to chuckle afterwards too, so it must have been funny! The tour eventually ended, and we met up with John, Margaret, Pete and Mark... they had gone for a curry, or something... So had missed the antics of the ghost walk! Well, me and Em were absolutely knackered, and she wasn't too well, so we left the others and headed off back to her house. Gary, Sara, Steph, Mark, Sally and Dave all arrived there later... err about 4hrs later! They came via Phil's and plenty of alcohol!! :) Later or is that evetually? Everyone slept......

Sunday... arrived... Ahh!

Before anything else happend... Sally and Dave left just as i woke up! Well, i had been awake, but i had put on my Jarre CD and fell asleep listening to it!! After goodbyes had been said, the remaining spods headed outta town to firstly EAT! Yippee! Lunch :) Pizza! Yummy :) After scoffing loads of it! it was a short walk across to the bowling alley for a little Ressies versus Staff! The winners celebrated with a photo shoot! *grin* This little game (all 3 of them) occupied most of that evening.. infact after the second game had finished, Phil had to leave to take John, Margaret and Mark to the station. After we finished the games, some played pool, while everyone else commented on a good weekend :) A few photo's later and Phil had arrived, and then it was time to wave Gary off...

Piling into the cars it was a quick trip back to Em's where everyone else sorted out whne they were leaving. Infact soon after Phil and Pete both left. Leaving just me, Em, Sara, Darren and Steph. Obviously Em was going no where, and so the last trip was made to the station. Darren and Steph left with in a few minutes of each other. And Sara somehow got her Dad to collect her!! I must look into this parent collecting thing!! It seems to be really useful!! ;) I then left afterwards...

On the whole, a great weekend with time well spent! Phil really enjoyed it all.... i hope! (Actually i called him and he said he did! shame i didn't record it to post here! ;) ) And we are all now looking forward to the next meet, where more drinking and arsing around can be done! Well, the next meet looks like being Lancaster! So.... See u there Phil! John, Margaret, Em, Sara, Pete, Gary, Steph, Darren, Sally, Dave..... etc..... *grin*

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