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In this little section of the site, I am going to tell you a little bit (OK so A LOT!) about myself! Well it IS my homepage after all! There are several pages here so have fun! Some of these pages are very big! The Friends page is over 60K of HTML alone! Please be patient with these. The size is due to content and all the extra HTML formatting that was required.

The Links to the Left lead to the individual pages of content for this section. This menu is generic throughout my personal pages in this group. The arrows either side of the title link forward and back through the main Content Pages. If indoubt of the Link, just 'hover' the mouse over it, and read the description.

  • My History
    • Find out about my chequered past and events that have happened to me here!
  • What Music Do I Like?
    • These are my favourite artists that I listen to all the time!
  • Some Of My Friends
    • The Motley Crew that I know probably too well, and that I tend to 'hang around' with!
  • The Talkers
    • Just what is a talker? Find out here!! Also find out about The Unreal-Talker here too.
  • Sign My Guestbook
    • Go and find out just who has been around my guestbook, and sign it!
  • Contacting Me
    • This is how to get intouch with me! There's also my PGP Public Key here.
  • The Photo's Section
    • Go and have a look at a whole load of photo's of my friends and just a few in general.

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