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Welcome to this, the Fourth major re-write of my homepage! Hopefully this time things will work out much better than past attempts! I have changed format once again and hopefully this new layout will work better! Anyway, moving swiftly on... This website is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or later!

All the pages in this, the complex site, use stylesheets for formatting purposes. In this way not only can the font size be controlled, but so can the colour and colour changes when events happen. Stylesheets are also used to control the font sizes and colours used in the nav-bar to the left of the screen. Currently the only browser to fully support stylesheets seems to be IE 4 or 5. While Netscape does support them, it does not support all the attributes, nor does it quite implement them properly. Stylesheets should not be affected by font sizes specified within the browser, unfortunately this is not the case under Netscape. The only suggestions I have, are to either, put up with the website as it stands under Netscape or to use the simple website, or to use Internet Explorer 4 or above. As net technology moves on, I like to experiment! Stylesheets are one of the best technologies to come to light. Infact they were proposed in the W3C specification 3.00. With this in mind, most modern browsers should be supporting them, or starting to introduce support for stylesheets.

If you are using an older browser it may be advisable to turn away now and goto the simple site. Why? Well... I have increased the amount of JavaScript used here, and well... it has to be implemented properly otherwise the site wont work! Please Note: The lower 'Back' buttons tend to use a piece of JavaScript to scroll back using the Browsers History. The following piece of code will report you browser name and version:

If your browser is detected as Internet Explorer 4.X or above, or Netscape Navigator 4.XX (N.B. Netscape CAN NOT cope with some of the effects used on some of the pages. Warnings have been placed on these specific pages.) or above, then you can be sure that this site should be fine. If however it is any other browser, I recommend that you visit the Simple version of this site. If you are feeling brave then continue at your own risk! It is not my fault if your browser crashes because it can not support some of the features used on this site.

Finally: I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you find something useful or insightful. Please remember to Email Me, with any comments or suggestions that you have, or with anything that you feel may benefit this Website. If you have any queries about any of the content on this website, then please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for visiting


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