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This is the photo gallery for the Second Lancaster Meet that took place on the 15th to the 17th of October 1999. The photos are arranged into several groups to add navigation. This will be explained below. Please be sure to note that, your browser MUST support both JavaScript and Floating (Inline) frames to view these photos. If your browser does not support these features please visit the simpler Photo Gallery.

The Menu Bar at the left of the screen provides access to all the areas. The areas are arranged by image orientation. The first set of photos are standard 6" x 4" photos viewed portrait style. The second are again standard 6" x 4" photos, this time they are landscape. The following two categories have slightly larger photos. The Third area contains HDTV 7" x 4" photos viewed landscape style. The final area belongs to the Panoramic Photos. These are 9" x 4", and all are landscape. There are two ways to view the panoramic photos. The standard view, and the enhanced view. In the enhanced view, the frame is scaled to fill the whole page. Standard view relies on scroll bars.

The tales to tell about the weekend can be found in the Meets section. Here all the past meets I have been to are included. Please feel free to browse through it all. If you require some of these photos from the Second Lancaster meet, then please note the following:

  • Only the smaller photos - the 6x4 and 7x4 are available for download.
  • Please DO NOT copy, or download the Panoramic Photos.
  • If you require all the photos, then they can be downloaded in one go from my Downloads area.
  • If the photos are used, please give credit, and inform people where they came from.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the photos...


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