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Welcome to this, the account of the Second Lancaster Meet! This meet was held about one year after the first event, although this time it was by invite only! Unfortunately, a lot of people invited forgot about it, but a few did turn up! So it was a mini-meet and a good time was had by all! The photos are now available for viewing, though you will need a frames capable browser. Many are in Panoramic format, and as such require scrolling to view. As is the norm, please DO NOT download these photos without my consent. That's all... now please enjoy!

The Second Lancaster Meet was invite only, and by the time we reminded people about it, most had made other plans! Still 3 other Spod's did turn up! There were my good self, Em (Wool), Martyn, Undone (Dave), Steph (ChatterBox) and Darren (Armadillo). So it was a small gathering - a little mini-meet! And it turned out to be a good weekend!

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The Second Lancs Meet Starts!

Friday... Lecture at 3pm *Grr* Em (Wool) was already over in Lancaster and she was waiting for me back at my house. This was were we had arranged to meet everyone else that was intending to come! Well that was the plan. Martyn had said that he'd be there around 6 - 6:30pm. Come 6pm - no sign of him. Come 7pm... still no sign, around 7:30pm he turned up with Steph (ChatterBox). There was just enough time to stop for a few photos, and for them to drop of there things. Currently at this time, I was starting to panic a little... We were supposed to be meeting Darren (Armadillo) at the Merchant Pub in town at 8pm. It was about 8:30 by the time we got there.. Fortunately he did not arrive until about 9pm.

It was then that we decided to head back to mine, for several reasons. First, for food and drinks, second so that Martyn could drop Darren off at his B&B so that he could check in and get his keys. Well, back at mine, those two went off, and we headed for the Chinese and the Chippy! The rest of that night was spent watching the Matrix :) A truly excellent film! At around 1am Martyn took Darren back to his B&B and the rest of us settled down into, as in mine and Em's case, a nice big Double Bed *woo* The other two were slumming it on the floor! *Grin*

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Saturday - The Windermere Experience!

OK so the title is a little misleading... We did get to Windermere, but not until around 1 in the afternoon. It was a late morning... most people were knackered from the night before. So once everyone was awake and washed and dressed (about twelve!) and Darren had rejoined us, it was into town, and first shopping! Then, on to the train station to get our train - That we nearly missed because it was pulling into the station as we arrived!

A short 45 minute trip later and we were all at Windermere. Now, if you are not aware, Windermere is actually not by Windermere Lake. That is about a mile and a half away in Bowness on Windermere. So it was a leisurely downhill walk to the lake! And since we had bought Day-Ranger tickets, we were all entitled to FREE boat trips! Cool! Considering that normally those would have been a further 6quid! It was a good saving.

The day was really rather good, though there was a cold'ish breeze once we were out on the water. Most of the photos I took were panoramas of the lake and hills. Infact some of them are really good! We rode the boat down to the South end of the lake, and would have looked around, but time was already short, so we just stayed onboard and rode back!

By the time we were back to the dock, it was getting on for 4pm, time was against us! Plus there was shopping to do. Em had spied a Winnie the Pooh shop, and had to have a look in it. This also produced perhaps the best quote of the weekend from Em: "I prefer old poohh to new pooh, I don't like new pooh!" *Cough* Alright Em ;) I spied the Fish and Chip shop and had to pay that a visit! A Haddock and Chips later, and I was all ready to get under way again! *Yummy* Oh, and of course we just HAD to drop into the fudge shop and collect some of that sugary goodness!

Walking back up the hill, Em and I popped into the Pooh shop she had seen and after a few minutes of looking and picking out Christmas presents for her, she bought a few things. Dave had phoned a few minutes before to say he was walking down to meet up with us. After we left the shop, it wasn't long before we bumped into him. From there we went to the nearest pub to rest since there was a fair amount of time before our train back to Lancaster. After collecting drinks and supping up, and Em breaking her glass all over the floor, it was decided that Martyn and Darren would train it back, and the two tried ladies and the two Dave's would car it back! So we went our separate ways. As we approached Lancaster, Martyn and Darren had just started their journey by train!

It wasn't until around 7 - 7:30 that we saw Martyn and Darren again. When they were safely back with us, we all sat down and watched the first instalment of Deep Blue Sea. After a rather disappointing first half, we all decided better about the time and headed to get ready. This was when Darren went back to his B&B to clean up, and the rest of us cleaned and got ready. The meal out came next! The 6 of us out to a restaurant in town called Paolo Gianes (not sure of spelling!) A nice Italian place. Arrived late of course! Well, it was a fantastic meal - until dessert anyway! The profiteroles that were served were not good :( The cream had gone off! So we didn't get charged for them! :) After this it was back to mine for drinks, and the second half of Deep Blue Sea. In the end the general consensus was that it was a crap film, and rather a waste of time watching it! At around 2am we managed to get some sleep!

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Sunday - The Day of Reckoning

Sunday - unfortunately for most, reared it's head! To say that people were tired would be an understatement! Martyn was hit worst I think. He looked like death warmed up! Well, after taking it easy all morning, and me popping out for milk, bread, and papers we all met up again at mine. It was deemed that food was required, and so keeping with tradition - it was down to the Keystones pub in town. Martyn at this point was virtually fall asleep at the table... *Aww* Poor little baby! *Pat Pat*

There was still (Somehow) time for shopping at HMV in town! Not that I went... no it was Dave and Darren! After eating, there was a slow leisurely walk back to my house. Outside we said our goodbyes and the spods parted. Most completely knackered by the weekend, some just tired! It was a good weekend by all.

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