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Well the Lancs Meet has been and gone, and of course what would be a meet without photo's... Loads and Loads of embarrassing Photos of what went on ;) Well here are mine!! Along with a little commentary from the point of view of the organiser and host. These photo's should also be on the Snowplains FTP site soon (for those that can't see these!!)

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone that came to the meet, and I hope you all had a good time! Thank you very much :) After all it is the people that make a meet. For all those who didn't go...... you missed on Friday FREE Guiness, so Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! *grin* Maybe u should've come along ;)


The Lancs Meet - The Start!

Well the actual meet started on Thursday with me and Martyn making final preparations about where and what we were going to be and what we were going to do! It was also a night of last minute changes and things of that nature! After much deliberation we decided more or less to sod it, and keep with the plans already, despite the Guiness Promotion *cough* Being on... As it turned out the Merchant wasn't that busy, and well... that comes later!! Anyway... after a very hard day on Thursday for me, I was forced to take Friday off. Well it was either that or be really ill for the meet!! (Glandular Fever.. don't u just love it :-/ ) Actually if I'm honest I can't really remember Thursday night too well... Other than it was late!!

Oh well.. I guess then that I should start with what happened during the meet... The highlights! So here goes, prepare to enter if u dare, the realm that is called, "The Lancs Meet", remember only the brave read on further ;)

Friday... Spod's descend on Lancaster... Quick Run for it!!! ;-)

Friday started for me around 11am... I woke... somehow showered, and then Gasped at the state of the house!! So after breakfast and a quick sit down, it was 2 1/2 hrs of house work to make the place look really nice! ;) In this time, Em (Wool) called me to say that she had arrived in Lancaster already! So naturally, I bolted down to meet her at the station, but then since we are dating she knew the way to my house and walked part way. Shortly after getting back, Martyn (Voyager) called to say he was back and would be coming down very soon! Hmm, ok things were starting to move quickly... After that came a call from a good friend of mine, Deb, asking what was going on!

At around 4:20pm we, myself, Em, and Martyn, all walked down to the Bus station and met up with Kim (MsRat)!! I then got a call from Paul's mobile, "Where the hell are U, U whore!!" It was Deb, she had hijacked the mobile! So Martyn went off to meet up with them, we walked him part way, virtually running straight into Gary!! (Odie) He disappeared off for money... Very soon after, we were back at my house, where we had a little time to tidy up before heading out again! (Back to the Merchant!) Well we sat down for about 30mins, and Ruby (Natalie) appeared from nowhere!! I then got another call shortly after from more people at the station! So off we (this time, me, Em, Martyn and Darren) went to meet up with Oracle (Alex) and Mistress (Natalie). OK so at the pub were a few more people.. Darren is Mega and Paul (Dawes) was there too, along with Deb (Elmo)

After collecting them (Alex and Natalie) I headed back to the house with them, and a few went of in search of food! So for the fourth time that day I walked back to the house!! A short stay, and we were off again! Back to the Merchant! By this time the free Beer (well Guiness) promotion was off and Spod's were guzzling everywhere. At this point I was able to say hello to Richard (Rdf) and then just as we had got settled for 5mins in walked Jarel (John) and Pling (Margaret)!! *Gasp* Kept up?? Good! Well at this point some of us went off for food... well OK so I did!! Meeting up with Paul and Kim in Mac Donald's, we chatted a little before heading back to the Merchant

After all this, me and Em left at 10pm to go and collect Phil (Vento), Sara (Wendolene) and Michelle (Beetle) who were due very soon at my house! Well they were late... by 40mins!! So err fine.. At least we managed to sit down! Well, after they had transferred their things from Phil's car boot to the house we set off... AGAIN for the Merchant! Once there, MASSIVE and gratuitous use of the camera followed! Very soon though we were all kicked out, and I just said, Back to mine for drinks and a natter?? Everyone followed! So for the next few hours we talked and joked around in my house! Finally around 1:30am or was it 2am (I don't know!) me and Em and just flaked out and crashed in bed! I have no idea what happened to the others, but I believe they entertained themselves! At some point everyone finally crashed out asleep... Probably around 3 or 4am... hmm... ah... Sleep!!!!

Saturday... The morning... err Afternoon, or was it Evening when we woke up??

F$$king Hell!! 6am??? NO??? Err yeah, me and Em woke up then... and then fell back to sleep, but at 8am we surfaced and got to look at what had happened in the front room! Six bodies there, 2 upstairs... ah all accounted for! Fantastic! So no one died or got lost ;-) It was a while before there was any activity at all from that room ;-) Though we did see some when the two of us went back into my room in only our towels :-) *grin* Err yeah.. So they were waking up... Well time to feed the Five Thousand!! Maybe not straight away, but soon! Me and Em had to leave early as there were a lot of things I had to do in town, so the others were left to it! We met up with them at the Merchant around midday. A Spod feeding frenzy followed, again with more copious amounts of Photo taking...

It was at this point that Cantona (Vinnie) showed up, and then just before me and Em had hit the Merchant, Darren (Armadillo) too! So another 2 Spod's to add to the collection! We were now getting quite a number of people together, some 20 Spod's in total! At some point in this Janus appeared, and I received a call from Jenny (Spod name Laura) and Dave (Undone) that they were gonna be coming! Some ate in the Merchant some left, who knows what happened! I ate! ;-) After that, I had some work to do, so a few came back to my house (eventually!) And then it was time to go meet up with everyone in the Blue Anchor, which became affectionately called the 'Wanker' *cough* Anyway... Me and Em soon had to leg it, so that we could meet Jenny and Dave! They actually found the house and knocked on the door! Vinnie left shortly before Jenny and Dave arrived...

After me and Em had eaten, back down into town to the Wanker :-) And we had picked up 2 more Spod's!! Scott (Prodigy/Scott on SP) and Steve (Wakko) At this point a load left to go for a Curry and some left for Mac Donald's. The rest remained in the Wanker as it got busier and busier, and eventually after the load music started, we decided to find everyone and leave... Heading back again to my house for a drunken rambling session! And boy did people get drunk, mentioning no names, Phil (who was sick.... TWICE!!) John (who can believe that he is the head of Snowplains???!!) and Steve... Well the rest of the evening was a bit of a blur, a few people fell out and err it got interesting.. but we are forgetting that part!!!

Around 12:30am I had to sleep so, everyone left my room (including a head-banging Phil and John!!!) And me and Em crashed! After that people bounded around for hours and hours... it was around 5am before calm descended on the house again! At some point one of my house mates came back, and woke a few people up! And then silence! Ah.................

Sunday... The aftermath of the night before... Judgement Day!

It was way too early when I woke, or rather when I was woken up, around 6am again. Though this time I didn't sleep too well, and neither did Em. I think Phil did though ;-) *lol* (he passed out!) Hmm anyway, Sunday was a very subdued day for most. A few choice few clutched hangover's and a few had WAY too much energy!! (Again - Phil!) We all managed to get organised and down to Keystones for the midday meet up though! But we did loose Alex and Natalie to the train station :-( Soon after a few more left, then loads and by 3pm there were only a few Spod's left in Lancaster!!

The final good byes were said at my house (again!) And Em, Phil, Sara and Michelle left for York. The remainders were Kim, Paul, and Martyn (but then he lives at my house!) Kim and Paul were staying an extra night and we eventually got to sleep around 1am.... Martyn left at 11ish

And as far as brief summaries go, that was what happened during the Lancs Meet! Lots of looking around, and buying of alcohol! The people I spoke to after the event say they had a thoroughly good time and were really glad they went! So all those who missed it.... Ha ha ha ha ha! *grin* If u are lucky there maybe another, so just watch this space!!

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