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The Cambridge Meet was well noted for all the rain and waiting around.. but it wasn't all that bad! Piccies can be found at the Camrbidge Photo Gallery

Some words about the Cam meet from Martyn....

Thanks Dave, (at long last - I`ve only been sitting here for 2 hours!) humm a PC *Yuck* never mind my Miggy is only a short drive away ;) Yeah the meet - well it was wet (Quote "This is Cambridge in summer, so dress for summer!" - Rilly, when did it stop raining????) It was also fun I guess, for my first meet, the first of many I hope!

While the meet actually started on Friday night poor old Dave had an exam on Saturday morning so we where stuck up in Lancaster. So as the meet was in full swing we decided to have a spod and be there in spirit. Quite a short spod it turned out as hardly anybody was on - obviously! *D`oh!* Anyway as soon as Dave had finished his exam on Saturday morning we legged it to the car and pelted down the M6 *Yay!* Dave complaining every 10 minutes that he was starving, no change there then! He kept himself busy with liquorice all-sorts and stuffing handfuls my way too - not that I was complaining ;)

At about 2:30 we finaly got into Cambridge, bad mistake, after 40 minutes of *trying* to find *anywhere* to park we gave up and thanks to Dave`s expert map reading skills we arrived at the B&B within 10 minutes! *WOO HOO* Cheers mate ;) We checked in then walked off to the city centre - in the rain - Dave getting quite excited and charging off ahead! Poor ol` short ass here, with my tired "had enuff driving for today" legs, having trouble keeping up *meep* :( Anyhow we eventually met up with Nick Pabs and Dawes outside Midland bank - much hugging and bouncing later (with Dave attacking Nick!) we went to MaccyD`s for *FOOD!* That kept Dave happy for a little while! ;) After that we waited and waited and waited outside the bank again for Laura, MsRat, Madmax and Karen... We never did see them there - but we did see Rilly and UnDone (more, err, hugging? Or osteotherapy? ;) ) then later Odie and woman.

After we had had enough of waiting around we went to the Fountain Inn and *tried* to dry out - look here. By now Dave was hungry... AGAIN! So off to Pizza Hut! By some amazing coincidence we met Laura, Armadillo, Narenek and Karen and later MsRat and MadMax too! After we went to the off-licence and then to Rilly`s flat, which was a nice short walk - honestly! We had a nice time outside the flat generally standing around and nattering, later we ventured inside for a short spell to have a go on the Playstation. Then we walked all the way back to the B&B where we crashed - Vento in particular ;)

Sunday. Got up at 9:00am, just *Grrrrrr* after not enough sleep (there Dave I can spell enough ;) ) We had to be out at 10 ish, which was a pain coz a lie-in would have been a good idea! One photo later we drove back into the city for the day, and what a day it was! Breakfast was at Burger King at the stoopid time of 1:30pm coz of messing about trying to meet up with everyone, that set the theme for the day! Whilst some people went punting myself, Dave, Pabs, Dawes, Nick and Vento decided that walking backwards and forwards across the city centre was much more fun - humm! Anyhow after doing this for the 5th time we decided to call it a day and sod off home back to Lancaster, ooh time for another photo *grin* On the 4 hour trek back we wandered into a local call area for Coventry - oh dear! It was still the weekend too, out pops Daves mobile, 25 minutes later the mobile was put to bed again - nice call to Karen then Dave? (yes actually taa very muchly!! :P) okies then ;) Dave and his phone.... Though for most of the journey he was otherwise incapacitated..... - I really should look at the road more! ;) To finish off the night we had coffee in Dave`s room - nice!

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