December 1998



KirkChristmas to me, I think it's mainly for kids so they can enjoy themselves with their parents, nothing else - to me its boring. There is nothing in it for adults. When you are a kid you enjoy it but when you get an adult its nothing.

I became homeless about three years ago and I actually prefer to be on the streets myself because it is better than being in a house. You can have more fun, you haven't got as many responsibilities. You can meet new people, make friends, make enemies, travel around. I was homeless for about three years, I've been off the streets for a year and I am actually thinking about going back on the streets.

I met Caroline in Preston about two years in a place called "Fox Street", its like a nightsafe place. We got to know each other properly, I got Caroline in Fox Street, and I left and Caroline left.

Since being off the streets me and my partner have had two kids, one's a little girl, one's a little boy, the little girl is 13 months old, the boy is coming up to 9 weeks, and they're both a pain. But I love them really. Now I am a Dad you've got more responsibilities than anything else. You've got to make sure that kids stay on the straight and narrow, not get into crime, but that won't be happening with me for another couple of years because they're too young at the moment.

Kirk is 19.

PaulI became homeless last year. I was renting a house with a friend and my friend left and because he left I had to leave; I didn't have enough money to pay the rent. I never lived with my mum and I never knew my dad; I lived with my Gran from 2 months old until I was 16. At 16 I left home, I just wanted my own space to be by myself.

Since 16 years of age I have lived in different places, I lived in Rhyll, Coventry, and different parts of Lancashire. I became homeless when I was 19, but I got into a shelter and managed to find a hostel. However, now I've got my own flat. I am now managing to deal with my bills, I've got my gas and electric sorted out and things are looking good.

I don't really have any hobbies, but I am into all sorts of music. I especially like Pink Floyd.
Caroline is a friend of
Edges Magazine

CarolineCaroline is a friend of Edges Magazine. I think Christmas is boring, but in a way I am thinking about it because of my children. That's the main reason why I've come back over to get some money for Christmas presents for them. I was first on the streets about four years ago and its now been a years since I actually left the streets, and I am actually thinking of going back on them. The reason why I am wanting to go back on the streets is because on the streets you've got no responsibilities for anyone and you can do what you want and no one can stop you - apart from the police! My children are with my brother at the moment, going back home tomorrow, and then we'll work it out from there.

On the streets it is very cold. You meet quite a few friends, some people you can get on with some people you can't. You can travel all over the place. There are quite a few problems on the streets, for example rape, and things like that, which does scare people, especially me.

Caroline is living in Leeds and she has been a frequent visitor to Edges over the years, she is age 21.


RobertI have been in and out of care most of my life, going from children's home to independent living places etc., and different areas, I've gone up and down the country many times. I was originally born in Blackpool, moved to Blackburn with my parents, lived with them for a number of years, we moved down to Telford; from there onwards I went into care. We left Telford when I turned 16, ended up back in Blackburn and from then onwards I've been on my own.

At this precise moment in my life there are not many options open to me and there's not many things I can do because of my age. I am only 17 and most people don't want to know unless you're 18 or above, or 25.

Damien has appeared in
Edges Magazine previously

DamienSince the last edition of Edges I have been in a hostel. I was given a council flat. I was told that I wasn't entitled to the grant for furniture etc. I was trying to get money together to afford furniture and stopped at a friends. The Housing Benefit Officer came to visit and when it was obvious that I wasn't staying there, the council evicted me because Housing Benefit refused to pay the rent. So now I am back to square one.

Christmas used to mean a lot of fun and family etc., but now since I've got a bit older its more expectations from family members.

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