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The Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (DTHMP)
From Michael McIntyre Chairman EHPA

Here is an update on the Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (DTHMP). You will appreciate that the following is my understanding of the current state of play and is not based on an official statement from the MCA or the Commission.

Firstly, we have learnt from a meeting with the MCA last week that the likely date of the DTHMP's passage into law will be 2004, not this year 2003. There has been some delay as the Greek Presidency seeks to redraft the Directive in the light of the several amendments made as it went through the EP. A new draft of the DTHMP will be issued probably within the next two weeks.

Mutual recognition

At present the EU market is in disarray with regard to herbal medicinal products. In a way this disunity is seen as a blessing as it enables the UK to draw up via DTHMP licensing what will become in effect a national positive list.

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