One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after;
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life  (Psalm 27:4)
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Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them ...
is like a [wise] man which built a house, and digged deep, and laid the foundations on a rock:
and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it:
for it was founded upon a rock
(Luke 6:47-48)

Let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.
For other foundation can no man lay that is laid, which is Jesus Christ
(1 Corinthians 3:10b-11)

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)


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"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee"
"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: ... Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect;
and in thy book all my members were written ... when as yet there was none of them"

(Psalm 139:14-16;  Jeremiah 1:5a)

"Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person"
"And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters ... and the land was polluted with blood"

(Deuteronomy 27:25;  Psalm 106:38)

"Every pagan society has engaged in human sacrifice. Abortion is our version of it.
God is judging us with the violence on our streets. The Almighty is warning us through that judgement.
But make no mistake, a greater judgement is coming should we not repent.
Every one of those pagan societies was destroyed and taken over by a spiritually stronger people. Now, who could those be today?"

"Mourning the loss of over 8 million children...
50 years ago today, 27th October, the Abortion Act 1967 was passed ...
It is hard to fathom how many pre-born babies have been killed through abortion.
It is desperately sad to consider all the innocent lives taken and to see God-given life valued so cheaply by so many.
So today we mourn. We pray that God will forgive us. But we also look with faith to God, pleading with Him to stop this evil practice.
And we rededicate ourselves to play our part in ending abortion"
[Christian Concern, 27th October 2017]

8 Million Roses
"I was inspired to write 8 Million Roses after reading an article about a man who walking along the Thames ...
when he came across a group of women throwing red roses into the river. When he asked them what they were doing,
they explained that they were throwing the roses to mark the number of innocent lives lost to abortion on a single working day in England ...
There were 800 roses in the river that day"
[Melissa Hubert]

Cry of the Innocent
"A cry has gone out to the sons of men...  A cry from the throne of God...
What have you done with my little ones?...  Where have they gone?"

Jesus Christ Brings Life and Forgiveness to Anyone Who Has Had An Abortion
"Andrea Williams speaks from Parliament Square on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act.
'Jesus Christ brings life and forgiveness to anyone who has had an abortion and can restore this picture of death and sorrow'."



8.8 Million Abortions

"This year [2017] marks 50 years of legalised abortion in the UK.
In that time, over 8 million pre-born babies have been robbed of their right to life...
Remembering the lost little ones" [Christian Concern]

"In the past 50 years 8.7 million children have silently disappeared from the UK...
Commemorating the missing children" [Pro-Life Alliance]

In remembrance of the 8.8 million babies whose lives have been taken by abortion since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act,
we will be holding a minute's silence on Friday 27 October 2017.
The Abortion Act was passed on 27 October 1967 at 11.05am.
This is when we will begin the silence"
[Silence for '67 at Parliament Square or in your home or workplace]

"Pray for pro-life groups to grow and be effective. Pray for politicians to be wise and courageous.
Pray for churches and church leaders who will speak the truth in love.
Pray for more help for women in crisis pregnancies and more support for alternatives to abortion.
Commit the year ahead to starting to make all of this happen" [Christian Concern, 27 October 2017]

"What we mark today, is nothing less than the greatest shame of our nation. The fact that we neuter the protections in our laws for our tiniest countrymen and countrywomen is a horror and disgrace on a massive scale..." [Lord Alton of Liverpool, 27 October 2017]

YOUTUBE:  Jesus Christ Brings Life and Forgiveness to Anyone Who Has Had an Abortion  (02 November 2017)

"Andrea Williams speaks from Parliament Square on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. 'Jesus Christ brings life and forgiveness to anyone who has had an abortion and can restore this picture of death and sorrow'."

Silence for 67: 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act Commemorated Outside Parliament (27 October 2017)

"This morning, crowds gathered outside Parliament to commemorate the 8.8 million babies whose lives have been lost to abortion since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act. Prolife organisations stood side by side to mark this sombre occasion, with a minute's silence from 11:04am; the moment Royal Assent for the Bill was declared 50 years previously...."

Remembering the Tragic Loss of 8.8 Million Lives  (26 October 2017)

"Thousands of people across the UK will tomorrow observe a minute silence at 11.05 am, the time of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act, which has resulted in 8.8 million lives being ended in the womb over the last 50 years. Tomorrow's 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act comes at a time when the powerful income-driven, multi-million-pound abortion industry is lobbying for total decriminalisation of abortion..."


The Abortion Act 1967

Abortion Act 1967

"An act to to amend and clarify the law relating to termination of pregnancy by registered medical practitioners (27 October 1967)..."


The Facts

Commemoration or Celebration? 50 Years of Abortion in Numbers and Pictures  (19 October 2017)

"The Abortion Act reaches its 50th Anniversary on Friday 27 October 2017. In these last fifty years nearly 9 million unborn babies have been aborted in England, Scotland, and Wales. ... While I strongly believe there are two victims for every abortion, for now I deliberately focus on the unborn victims, not the women, and the almost incomprehensible scale of destruction of innocent lives..."

Abortion in Britain  (No Date)

"Until 1967 abortion was illegal in Britain, except to save the life of the mother. In 1967 Parliament passed the Abortion Act, which, it was said, would allow abortion of for a few women who were in very difficult circumstances..."

Number of Abortions  (No Date)

"Each real-time abortion counter is based on the most current statistics for the number of abortions in the US and the number of abortions worldwide..."


The Medical Issue

The True Horror of the Home Abortion Pill  (21 December 2017)

"The President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), Professor Lesley Regan, has joined in calls for women to be able to take abortion pills 'in the comfort of their own homes', rather than an abortion clinic or hospital under medical supervision..."

Abortion Must Be A More Serious Matter Than Taking Out Tonsils and Bunions  (21 September 2017)

"A leading doctor has called for abortions to be decriminalised and made much more freely available. Professor Lesley Regan, president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, has said that abortions should be treated no differently from other 'medical procedures' ... The doctors' union (the BMA), the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the 'We Trust Women' campaign by abortion industry leaders have already signalled their support for such a move..."

When Does the Unborn Baby Feel Pain?  (22 July 2010)

"A UK government-funded study recently concluded that the unborn baby ('fetus') cannot feel pain in the first 24 weeks (a similar American study placed the threshold at 29 or 30 weeks). Pro-aborts have claimed this is bad news for the pro-life lobbies which want to reduce the age limit for abortions..."

Abortion Wars: Seeing What We Kill  (30 January 2010)

"Because of new techniques, as well as ultrasound technology, the reality of what is being killed in the abortion mills is taking a toll on workers there, and more and more workers, are leaving  this blood-stained work ... studies are revealing that abortion workers are having real problems performing their 'duties'..."

The Beginning of Biological Development  (No Date)

"A team of scientists from Northwestern University have photographic documentation of the 'flash of light' that occurs at the moment of fertilization. See that here:..."


The Moral Issue

Abortion Dehumanises Us All  (03 June 2018)

"[T]here should be no discrimination between humans - no categories of those acceptable and those unacceptable. This separating out of the 'proper' human from the mere human or the 'defective' human or the sub-human ... The US Supreme Court once held that a former slave was not a citizen but the property of his owner. We have seen this dehumanization before. It was ugly then, and it is ugly now. In a society obsessed with victimhood, oppression and identity politics, there is an irony that the most vulnerable are singled out for termination..."

Pope Francis Honors Dutch Abortion Activist with Pontifical Medal of Knighthood  (17 January 2018)

"Last year, [Lilianne] Ploumen founded a pro-abortion organization called She Decides, which offers funding and support for international NGOs that provide, facilitate or campaign for abortion ... 'Becoming a Knight/Dame does not merely mean receiving a title of honour ... but fighting evil, promoting good and defending the weak and oppressed against injustice'..."

A New Abolition Movement  (31 October 2017)

"2017 marks 210 years since The Abolition of The Slave Trade Act (1807). The act put an end to the legal slave trade within the British Empire,, in particular the Atlantic slave trade ... Once again our society is tarnished by systemic acceptance of a grave evil. That evil is abortion..."

What Does God Think? Reflections in the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act  (24 October 2017)

"50 years; 8.8 million abortions; 550 every day; 3,800 every week; 16,000 each month; 200,000 every year. That's one Airbus 380 or 32 Dunblanes every day. The entire population of Wales and Scotland over all; 15% of Britain's population. Or to put it another way, there are 100,000 people alive in Northern Ireland today precisely because they don't have a law like ours: sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, grandparents even. Teachers, nurses, pilots, lawyers, drivers, bakers, artists, musicians..."

Oprah's Magazine: God's 'in' Abortions?  (23 September 2017)

"Because of his 'oneness' worldview that God is 'in' everyone and everything is 'in' God, Dr. Willie parker believes that God sanctions aborting-killing of babies ... it needs to be stated that while the 'act' of abortion is outside of God's love neither the aborted baby nor mother are outside of God's love..."

Abortion Truths  (21 October 2006)

"Without doubt abortion is a hugely divisive issue. But why is that? ... The reason why the abortion debate is so explosive is because at the very heart of the debate is the claim that abortion brings about the death of an unborn human being. That is what the debate is really about..."

Doesn't A Woman Have the Right to Control Her Own Body?  (Spring 1991)

"[T]his pro-choice argument ... logically fails even if we hypothetically grant that its strong view of personal autonomy is correct. The unborn entity within the pregnant woman's body is not part of her body. The conceptus is a genetically distinct entity with its own unique and individual gender, blood type, bone-structure, and genetic code. Although the unborn entity is attached to its mother, it is not part of her. ... though for a time [it is] living inside her body, [it] is not a part of her body..."

Abortion: The Answer's in Genesis  (May 1998)

"Many people, sadly including many Christians, think abortion is a difficult and controversial issue. But just like the 'days of creation' issue, there is no difficulty or controversy at all - providing we allow the Bible to teach us, and not impose the ideas of fallible people on to its plain meaning. There are only two issues to consider: (1) Is the unborn child ('fetus') a human being? (2) If so, is it ever acceptable to kill the unborn? The answer to both questions is in Genesis..."

Abortion and the Bible: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?  (1984/2008)

"Is abortion moral or immoral? Is the unborn life in the mother's womb (the 'fetus') a separate individual human being, or is it just part of the mother's body? Does it have a right to life? Should the decision to abort be left up to a woman and her doctor? Is abortion murder? Is it justified of the mother is unmarried or in cases of poverty, deformity, handicaps, abuse, incest, or rape? What if having a baby would cause serious inconvenience or even threaten the life of the mother? Should a Christian be pro-life or pro-choice? What does the Bible teach?..."

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?  (No Date)

"The Bible contains passages that have direct bearing on the abortion issue, specifically to the crime of killing the unborn child, and generally to the 'pro-choice' battle and the principles of life and death..."


The Legal Issue

The Pursuit of Justice: Aisling Hubert's Case  (05 August 2016)

"Aisling Hubert, 23 ... faces a £47,000 legal bill for her attempt to bring two doctors to justice for agreeing to perform sex-selective abortions, after her case was quashed by the CPS. The two doctors were filmed agreeing to sex-selective abortions during a Daily Telegraph undercover investigation, 'I don't ask questions., If you want a termination, you want a termination', said one. There is injustice in this decision. it exposes the agenda against the right to life within the Establishment, and this agenda affects all of us directly. Sex-selective abortion is illegal under the 1967 Abortion Act..."

Why 98% of Abortions in Britain Are Now Illegal and What it Means for Doctors  (10 December 2011)

"In this blog I explain why I believe 98% of abortions in Britain are now illegal and why doctors who authorise or perform then are committing a criminal offence. ... Yesterday I took part in a debate on Radio Four's Today programmed with professor Tim Kendall, one of the authors of a new report on induced abortion and mental health, which was published this week by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC)..."


The Political Issue

Democrat Assault on the Value of Life in 2019  (05 March 2019)

"[M]ore and more the hypocrisy of the Left and the ruling liberal elite in America has been shown for what it truly is - pure political propaganda ... the shocking, yet sobering, decision last week of the US Senate to fail to protect the lives of American children signals an even more serious level of the assault upon the value of life itself ... the 'Democrat' Party devalued and debased human life as they promoted and protected the institution of slavery, as their 'progressive' counterparts promote and protect the institution of abortion today..."

Infanticide Is Just the Beginning of Socialism  (28 February 2019)

"The list of morally bankrupt Democrats running for president in 2020 is beyond comprehension. These socialist crackpots promise equality for the masses, but they never mention it's at the expense of freedom, liberty, and individual rights ... individual rights cannot exist in a government that denies the right to life to the most vulnerable and helpless - infants. But, that's what these Democrat socialists support. Moreover, they all voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act under the pretence of protecting women's rights. Who would have thought that murdering infants would one day become someone's right?  Infanticide is a symptom of a diseased nation infected with godless socialism that has lost its moral compass. People who approve of murdering infants embrace self gratification at the expense of others..."

Abortion Is Still Communism's Deadliest Weapon  (31 October 2017)

"Communism lost the Cold War [sic], but its most effective weapon against the West - abortion - is still claiming lives. From 1917 Russian embraced sexual freedom, underpinned by the right to abortion. Western campaigners followed suit much later, with 1960s cultural Marxists regarding abortion as the perfect way of undermining Western culture in a secret war against capitalism. Historically, in the UK, abortion was not a priority even among the far-left, let alone working-class voters..."

Tell the Unpleasant Truth About Abortion  (28 October 2017)

"A total of 113 MPs from five political parties have demanded that Home Secretary Amber Rudd introduce 'buffer zones' outside abortion clinics to stop pregnant women being subjected to 'misogynistic' abuse. As usual with such claims, there is not a shred of evidence, but what a strange way to mark the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act..."

Trump Administration Defines Life 'Beginning at Conception'  (17 October 2017)

"[T]he U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ... accomplishes its mission through programs and initiatives that cover a wide spectrum of activities, serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception ... our ultimate goal is to improve healthcare outcomes for all people, including the unborn, across healthcare settings ... A core component of the HHS mission is our dedication to serve all Americans from conception to natural death..."

No Safe Space for Pro-Lifers  (12 October 2017)

"Ealing Central and Acton MP Rupa Huq, overtly Muslim but simultaneously a pro-abortion activist, disapproves of the line taken by the protestors [keeping vigil outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Ealing]. That is her right. Much more dangerously, however, she is now taking steps to have them silenced using the heavy hand of the state. A couple of weeks ago she called for Parliament to ban any demonstrations outside clinics as part of its legislative initiative against domestic violence (!)..."

EU Moves to 'Criminalise' Pro-Life Views and 'Abortion Denial'  (15 September 2017)

"The European parliament has been accused of trying to 'criminalise' pro-life views after passing a report which describes reducing access to abortion as 'violence against women and girls'. The MEPs who authored the document denied the paper was an attack on 'Christian values' or promoting a 'liberal agenda'..."

Everything Today's Lot Hate  (09 September 2017)

"If today's Abraham could get God down to just one righteous politician, Britain would be saved - and we'd have Jacob Rees-Mogg to thank for it. Britain - indeed the modern West - seems as moribund as Sodom once was, and for similar reasons: godlessness, decadence, hedonism, perversion, moral decrepitude. Our politics reflects that state of affairs, with the electorates unerringly choosing those who reflect their own intellectual and moral failings..."

The Empire Strikes Back Against Our Global Abortion Crusade  (06 August 2017)

"Europe is committing mass suicide. Demographically, morally and culturally we are killing ourselves. There is a noble side, though, to this self-annihilation. Our extermination is entirely voluntary and self-inflicted. ... It's truly astonishing to see a Conservative minister promote a culture of death. Does [International Development Secretary Priti Patel] not realise that there have now been [nearly] 9 million abortions in Great Britain since the 1967 Act was passed - a figure higher than the holocaust?..."


The 'Overpopulation' Issue

China's Missing Women and the Silence of the Feminists  (21 January 2018)

"Despite the relaxation of the one-child policy, China's birth rate is reportedly continuing to fall. The decrease is blamed on a declining population of women of child-bearing age ... the horrifying destruction of unborn baby girls has so badly skewed the birth rations that China is now missing millions of women from its population ... One would have thought that even those obsessed with the 'right to choose' abortion would be concerned about the forced abortions suffered by Chinese women, but the silence has been deafening..."


The Repeal of Ireland's Eighth Amendment

"In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred" [Preamble to the Irish Constitution, quoted at source].

"Abortion was wrong yesterday. It remains wrong today. The constitution has changed, but the facts have not" [source].

Republic of Ireland Votes for Abortion  (29 May 2018)

"Irish health minister Simon Harris tweeted: 'Will sleep tonight in the hope of waking up to a country that is more compassionate, more caring and more respectful.'  How can killing the defenceless be compassionate, caring or respectful? ... God judged the Canaanites specifically because they shed the blood of of their own children in pagan sacrifice: 'And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants' (Leviticus 18:25)..."

Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, We Need More Abortion  (28 May 2018)

"After the weekend which saw my home country delighted at the prospect of Irish unborn babies being terminated in Irish hospitals, only Northern Ireland holds out against the international abortion machine that preys on the youngest. Now Northern Ireland is the only country in the Western world with a restrictive abortion regime, as we have been told endlessly by the media. The other progressive, modern, open, Western countries with liberal abortion regimes do however have a fertility rate well below replacement level. I doubt if the two things are linked. Killing one's own unborn children probably has little impact on fertility rates..."

This is What Evil Looks Like  (28 May 2018)

"If you want to know what pure and unadulterated evil looks like, one can simply look at the pictures of the crowds going ecstatic on Irish streets the other day ... seeing the crowds on the streets cheering and celebrating and going in a frenzy when the result of the vote was announced is enough to make anyone cry - at least anyone who still has a soul. And I couldn't help but think of a similar situation where the masses went wild, also with blood on their hands. The crowds cheered when Jesus was publicly condemned to death. In Ireland the crowds cheered when babies were public condemned to death..."

Its Hour Come Round at Last? Reflections on the Abortion Referendum in Ireland  (28 May 2018)

"I'd ... make two points about Ireland's referendum that seem to me to be important, and to show ... a profound shift in the understanding of morality in Western Europe in the past 60 years..."

What Is a Child When Set Against the Demands of Freedom?  (27 May 2018)

"Ireland has joined the ranks of the Enlightened. It will soon dismember its constitutional protection for the unborn. ... This is a consequence of secularisation. As religion declines, so does resistance to abortion laws. It's a matter of anthropology: the absence of religion fundamentally changes how a man sees himself. When a man believes himself to be a random event instead of a purposeful creation, he will inevitably draw the same conclusion about those around him. He will suddenly find it impossible to make distinctions between lives on the basis of utilitarian criteria. Consider this example from a website supporting repeal:..."

How the Irish Were Manipulated into Voting for Abortion  (27 May 2018)

"The public were given the choice of allowing unrestricted abortion up to 12 weeks or retaining an amendment that even after subsequent amendments could make it difficult in certain circumstances for a rape victim to obtain an abortion. A clever ploy it was too:..."

Childless Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May Celebrate Pro-Abortion Vote in Ireland  (27 May 2018)

"Macron tweeted that 'this vote will stand as an essential symbol for women's freedom' ... Theresa May said that Friday's referendum 'was an impressive show of democracy which delivered a clear and unambiguous result'. She congratulated the Irish people and the successful 'Yes' campaign..."

YOUTUBE:  My Thoughts on Ireland's Future  (26 May 2018)

[3.45 -->] "Ireland's 'progressive' transformation is complete. Virtue-signalled globally ... this is being celebrated as if Ireland has just won the World Cup ... Go to Twitter, search for 'Abortion Referendum Ireland Repeal' ... and just read the comments. I honestly do not recognise the mindset of most people in this country ... there are people literally saying they're crying that they're so happy that 'Yes' was the result. It will give you an insight into the mindset of the Irish people. A people I do not know or understand anymore, and at this stage I'm pretty sure, 'They know not what they do.'..."

Stop Pretending You Are a Christian  (26 May 2018)

"Here is my in-your-face thesis: When folks vote against things God so very highly regards such as the sanctity of life and heterosexual marriage and family, they forfeit the right to call themselves Christians, and they very likely are not Christians. Yes, I know, some qualifications need to be offered here, and I will do that in a moment ... When you claim to be something, but act in a completely opposite way, one can rightly question your claims. What I especially have in mind here of course is a vote just being held on the issue of abortion in Ireland..."

Heroes  (26 May 2018)

"Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. The 8th amendment did not create a right to life for the unborn child - it merely acknowledged that such a right exists, has always existed, and always will exist. What Irish voters did yesterday is a tragedy of historic proportions. However, a wrong does not become right simply because a majority support it. ... The unborn child no longer has the right to a life recognised by the Irish state. Shortly, legislation will be introduced that will allow babies to be killed in our country. We will oppose that legislation. ... Every time an unborn child has his or her life ended in Ireland, we will oppose that, and make our voices known..."

Ireland's 8th Amendment Vote: Is Ireland Now More Civilised?  (26 May 2018)

"The abortion debate in the West often begins with a popular non-sequitur. It has been used this week by many distinguished commentators ... This is the assertion that restricting abortion amounts to dictating what women can do with 'their own bodies' and the current abortion laws in Ireland represent an atavistic, uncivilised, illiberal intrusion into private life. If the statement was provable beyond reasonable doubt, it would be unarguable., And this is why 'pro-choice' advocates constantly make this assertion, as it, if accepted, would allow them to avoid the real, difficult debate..."

Ireland Votes to Remove Protections for Unborn  (26 May 2018)

"The Irish public has voted to repeal key constitutional protections for the right to life of the unborn child. ... The result was announced shortly after 6pm, with the Yes vote winning by 66.4% to 33.6%..."

Ireland and the Dehumanising of the Unborn Child  (28 April 2018)

"On May 25, Ireland, the country where I was born and raised, will vote in a referendum to decide whether to strip an entire group of persons - pre-born children - of their constitutional rights. Article 40.3.3 , known as the Eighth Amendment, was voted into the Irish Constitution by referendum in 1983. It says: 'The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.'..."

YOUTUBE:  Responding to Absurd Pro-Abortion Signs in Dublin  (24 April 2018)

"I've been meaning to respond to some of the ridiculous pro-abortion signs that have been hung up around the place. I took a few pictures last night and thought I'd make a video sharing them with you..."


Down Syndrome

President Trump Stands Up for People with Down Syndrome: No Excuse to 'Discard Human Life'  (03 October 2017)

"Amidst widely publicised efforts to eradicate people with Down syndrome, President Donald Trump has issued a forceful statement in their defense, calling for an end to discrimination based on genetic anomalies..."

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Down Syndrome Awareness Month  (01 October 2017)

"During Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we celebrate the significant contributions that people with Down syndrome make to their families, to their communities, and to our Nation. We also salute the family members, caregivers, medical professionals, and advocates who have dedicated themselves to ensuring that these extraordinary people enjoy lives filled with love and increasing opportunity. As a result of these remarkable efforts, people with Down syndrome are living longer, more enriching lives than ever before..."

Report: Down Syndrome People Face 'Extinction' Through Selective Abortions  (19 January 2016)

"According to [the author], society's attitude toward Down children reflects an obsession 'with making life as perfect as possible.'  Where advances in genetics 'hold out the possibility of creating designer babies with no birth defects at all', mothers may wonder why they should carry to term a baby who will have disabilities that will present special challenges to parents. ... 'The true moral test of a society', says [the author], 'is not how pretty, sober or well organised it is - but how it treats its most vulnerable, even its most difficult, citizens. And the true sign of grace in a man is his ability to look at something that is supposedly ugly, or just different from himself, and see beauty'..."

Abortion for Down's Syndrome - Tragic Story, Review of Trends and Personal Reflections  (28 October 2011)

"There was a tragic story in the Daily Mail yesterday titled 'Having an Amnio Test Ruined my Life'. It relates the testimony of Marie Ideson who was coerced by doctors into having an abortion for her 16 week old baby with Down's Syndrome, a decision she now bitterly regrets. The incident led eventually not just to ongoing unresolved grief but also to the destruction of her marriage..."


Stories and Testimonies

YOUTUBE:  "No One Knew That I Needed Help"  (20 October 2017)

"Abortion doesn't just affect the child who is killed. It also affects their mum, dad, their wider families and society. Tragically, many women considering abortion don't know that help is available. ... one woman talks about her experience of abortion, and why she made a different decision when she became pregnant again..."

YOUTUBE:  Alina's Baby Was Saved Through Abortion 'Protests'  (19 October 2017)

"Alina Dulgheriu of The Good Counsel Network explains how her baby was saved when she changed her mind about having an abortion, after meeting an abortion clinic 'protestor'."

Mugged by Ultrasound: Why So Many Abortion Workers Have Turned Pro-Life  (25 January 2010)

"Abortion rights activists have long preferred to hold themselves at some remove from the practice they promote; rather than naming it, they speak of 'choice' and 'reproductive freedom'. But those who perform abortions have no such luxury. Instead, advances in ultrasound imaging and abortion procedures have forced providers ever close to the nub of their work. Especially in abortions performed far enough along in gestation that the fetus is recognizably a tiny baby, this intimacy exacts an emotional toll, stirring sentiments for which doctors, nurses, and aides are sometimes unprepared..."


Life and Forgiveness

YOUTUBE:  Jesus Christ Brings Life and Forgiveness to Anyone Who Has Had an Abortion  (02 November 2017)

"Andrea Williams speaks from Parliament Square on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. 'Jesus Christ brings life and forgiveness to anyone who has had an abortion and can restore this picture of death and sorrow'."


The Abortion Industry

Democrat Assault on the Value of Life in 2019  (05 March 2019)

"Planned Parenthood has done more to destroy the value of parenthood than it has to promote it. The very name is a fallacious representation of its true purpose, which is seemingly 'banning' parenthood. Additionally, it has become increasingly clear that PP has a serious symbiotic relationship with the 'Democratic' party. Government funding of this abortion business should be fully investigated, as allegations are continually surfacing of how the funding PP receives is often donated to the campaigns of Democrat candidates..."

Banning Pro-Life Vigils is a Chilling Assault on Freedom of Speech  (13 April 2018)

"Peaceful, pro-life vigils have been taking place in Ealing for more than 23 years. There was never any problem at all until a couple of years ago when a counter-protest group called Sister Survivor formed and decided to set up 'counter demonstrations'. The face of Sister Survivor is Rupa Huq, the local MP for Ealing ... Observers have noted that they were the ones making most of the noise and their protests were not primarily aimed at helping mothers, but more at harassing Christians and others who were kneeling in prayer and quietly handing out leaflets..."

Free Speech Terminated  (12 April 2018)

As Ealing Council in West London voted unanimously to impose a Public Spaces Protection Order outside the Marie Stopes clininc, yesterday's Telegraph reported that 'anti-abortion protesters were last night banned from demonstrating outside a clinic which provided terminations to pregnant women.' This is despite the complete lack of evidence of harassment ... the campaign was mainly driven by pressure from the abortion lobby and prominent public figures..."

Anti-Prayer 'Safe Zones' Around Abortion Clinics Are a Threat to Civil Liberties  (11 April 2018)

"Women who want an abortion will no longer be harassed by zealous pro-life protestors outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing. No longer will they be bludgeoned with choruses of 'Baby murderer!' or barked at with threats that they'll 'go to hell'. ... How many priests or compassionate counsellors actually shout 'Baby murderer!' or 'go to hell' at vulnerable women isn't known. Nor is it entirely clear why they would do so. All the evidence suggests that those who protest outside abortion clinics in the UK do so quietly, prayerfully and considerately..."

Magician Mullally and the English Rope Trick  (31 December 2017)

"Once upon a time there were three wise midwives. Their names were Shiprah, Puah and Sarah. The biblical Book of Exodus tells us the story of Shiprah and Puah and how they saved the people of Israel from genocide. The Times tells us the story of Sarah and how she was nominated as Bishop of London. Shiprah and Puah lived in Egypt and worked for Raamses Health Service (RHS). Sarah lived in England and worked for the National Health Service (NHS)..."

Regulator Says UK Abortion Provider Paid Staff Bonuses to Encourage Terminations, Harassed Mothers  (20 October 2017)

"The Care Quality Commission has accused Marie Stopes, Britain's second-largest abortion provider, of paying staff bonuses to encourage terminations and harassing mothers who change their minds to accept a new appointment. ... The abortion lobby is extremely powerful in the UK ... Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives Cathy Warwick is also the chairman of the so-called British Pregnancy Advisory Service - the country's single-largest abortion provider..."

Marie Stopes Should Lose its Abortion Licence  (18 August 2017)

"Marie Stopes International derive around £83 million of taxpayers' hard-earned cash. Around £37 million of that goes on providing 60,000 abortions in the UK every year on behalf of the NHS, and another £46 million goes on contraceptive and abortion 'services' in the developing world..."

Marie Stopes International: Carrying Out Unsafe Abortions in the UK and Across the Globe Using Taxpayer Millions  (18 August 2017)

"For the past five years, the charity Marie Stopes International has been given £163 million in UK taxpayer money to spend on abortions in developing countries. This money also went on helping to liberalise laws on abortion. No other country gives as much money to MSI than our own Department for International Development..."

If You Want to Fight Nazism in America, Fight the Abortion Industry  (16 August 2017)

"On Monday, CBS published an article touting Iceland's miracle cure for Down syndrome. 'Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion', the headline read. Of course, it leaves out an important word. Iceland is eliminating Down syndrome people - not Down syndrome itself - by killing anyone who has the condition. Many countries ... have discovered an identical treatment plan..."

Mugged by Ultrasound: Why So Many Abortion Workers Have Turned Pro-Life  (25 January 2010)

"Abortion rights activists have long preferred to hold themselves at some remove from the practice they promote; rather than naming it, they speak of 'choice' and 'reproductive freedom'. But those who perform abortions have no such luxury. Instead, advances in ultrasound imaging and abortion procedures have forced providers ever close to the nub of their work..."


Myths, Bigotry, Hypocrisy, MSM

Smoking is Evil; Murdering Babies is Fine  (21 January 2018)

"When did you last buy a packet of fags? Cigarette smoking used to be cool ... Then the anti-smoking fascists decided you needed to make 'informed choices' when you inhaled the weed hated by the National Socialists. ... If a woman is going to have an abortion doesn't she have the right to make an 'informed choice' ... To see or not to see, that is the question. Every major social reform movement in history has used images to expose the evil it is fighting against... slavery... child labour... civil rights... smoking... "

People Are Becoming More Pro-Life - Despite the Liberal Media Hegemony  (24 October 2017)

"When Jacob Rees-Mogg was interviewed by Piers Morgan and asked for his views on abortion, he was condemned, stigmatised, mocked and reviled for opposing it in all circumstances ... He was called 'bigot', 'misogynist', 'backwards'... 'extremely rightwing and reactionary'... 'He belongs in the 18th century'..."

Blatant Hypocrisy in the Culture Wars  (09 March 2017)

"Now this really bothered me when I saw it, and I would think that any fair-minded person would be equally upset - upset at the appalling double standards and rank hypocrisy. And I am absolutely dumbfounded at this clear case of censorship. It involves a pro-life TV ad which was pulled because it was deemed to be 'political', and not properly labelled as such..."

Out of Control Abortion Myths  (12 February 2017)

"Whenever the abortion debate comes up, you can expect some pretty wild and woolly offerings from the pro-death camp. They seem to thrive on ad hominem attacks, non-sequiturs, red herrings, emotionalism, and just plain lunacy when it comes to defending their cause. Logic, fact, reason and reality seem to be missing as we hear them screaming in their bullhorns, waving their placards, and trolling online or in the news media..."

Abortion Wars: Seeing What We Kill  (30 January 2010)

"The mainstream media is quite good at using its powers of influence to push agendas. The image-heavy MSM can create news and affect public opinion simply by the images that are shown, and how those images are presented ... if the MSM can push along social agenda by its use of imagery, it can do the same by not using certain images. I refer here to the most obvious example of this: abortion. When was the last time you saw a graphic image of the 'product of abortion' in the MSM?..."


BBC: Call the Midwife Series 8

Call the Midwife and Tell Her to Drop the Abortion Agenda  (05 March 2019)

"Reviewer Rachel Ward describes the BBC series Call the Midwife's treatment of 'the delicate issue' of backstreet abortion as a 'triumph'. The midwives treating women who had had 'botched backstreet terminations' expressed 'powerful' and 'righteous' fury when it turned out that 'nice nanny Elsie' was the abortionist, and reported her to the police. But at the ensuing court hearing, Elsie 'was given a voice. What was the alternative for women when abortion is illegal?'  The obvious alternative was to have a baby, the almost-forgotten subject of the series, but the 'voice' of Elsie is actually the voice of the writers and backers ... the preoccupations of a select group of opinion-formers in 2019 rather than an attempt to reflect the real interests of working-class women in 1964..."

Would the BBC Ever Put a Fictionalised Version of THIS Real Opinion About Abortion in a Prime Time Drama?  (03 March 2019)

"You only need to ask to know the answer, but even so ... Imagine what would happen if, on a popular prime time drama on a Sunday night, the BBC  portrayed a sympathetic and well-liked character saying these words or something similar. Of course it is impossible to imagine the BBC, under its current direction, doing anything of the kind, but the organised fury of the pro-abortion lobby would be unleashed on them if they did, and, what do you think? Would they give way to it? I long ago ceased to be annoyed that the BBC are partial. What annoys me now is that they continue to pretend they are not."

'Call the Midwife'. My Full Complaint to the BBC Executive Complaints Unit  (02 March 2019)

"'My point is very simple. An important drama series made no effort to observe due impartiality on a major and contentious issue ... The arts are at least ass influential as news or current affairs coverage in influencing the public mind. Probably they are more influential, as people are absorbed by storytelling and drama, and their defences against being lectured are down during such experiences ... As for the bias of the programme, it is beyond dispute, as the speeches I quoted in my original complaint show:...'"

Curiouser and Curiouser - the Battle Over the BBC's Promotion of Abortion  (28 February 2019)

"Something very odd is going about the 3rd February episode of the BBC's 'Call the Midwife', which I attacked for promoting abortion, and for misrepresenting the true state of opinion at the time portrayed ... I have today received the predictable ad expected second response ... from the BBC's initial complaints system, which reads: ... Having received this tripe sandwich, I am now free to take the matter to the ECU ... But the matter is affected by an interesting second development: The episode concerned has also been attracting a great deal of attention among moral and social liberals..."

Call the Midwife - My Complaint to the BBC is Feebly Answered and Redoubled  (22 February 2019)

"Here is the BBC's initial response to the complaint I recently made about the drama 'Call the Midwife': 'Thank you for contacting us with your reaction to Call the Midwife on February 3' ... So my redoubled response reads: ... 'The drama involved purports to be a portrayal of a part of London in 1964, and goes to elaborate lengths (costumes, props, clothes, cars, music) to achieve this. To fail to portray any likeable or important character as opposing abortion at that time (especially the nuns who are such important parts of the drama) is as absurd as having a character with an iphone. Your response is wholly inadequate and dismissive, even on your own terms. Please treat the matter seriously.'"

Another Dose of Bias - Delivered by the BBC's Midwives (10/11 February 2019)

"The BBC likes nothing better than to hijack a popular, cosy entertainment and turn it into propaganda for its radical opinions. When 'Call the Midwife' first began it swiftly gained an audience because of its reassuring backgrounds, likeable and admirable nuns, midwives, doctors and an old-fashioned working class district on the edge of change. But then it developed an agenda, politically correct (of course), making use of its well-liked and attractive actors, such as Helen George, to make various points..."


YouTubes and Videos

YOUTUBE:  Jesus Christ Brings Life and Forgiveness to Anyone Who Has Had An Abortion  (02 November 2017)

"Andrea Williams speaks from Parliament Square on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. 'Jesus Christ brings life and forgiveness to anyone who has had an abortion and can restore this picture of death and sorrow'."

YOUTUBE:  8 Million Roses  (27 October 2017)

"I was inspired to write 8 Million Roses after reading an article about a man who was walking along the Thames ... when he came across a group of women throwing red roses into the river. When he asked them what they were doing, they explained that they were throwing the roses to mark the number of innocent lives lost to abortion on a single working day in England; a parallel to the image of the poppies pouring over the Tower of London in remembrance of the 888,246 lives lost to WWI. There were 800 roses in the river that day. What would 8 million roses look like?"

YOUTUBE:  Abortion 'Is An Act of Violence...'  (25 October 2017)

"Aisling Hubert, Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform spokeswoman says abortion ' an act of violence which dismembers a living, whole and alive human being. Is this the best that we have to offer women?'."

YOUTUBE:  "No One Knew That I Needed Help"  (20 October 2017)

"Abortion doesn't just affect the child who is killed. It also affects their mum, dad, their wider families and society. Tragically, many women considering abortion don't know that help is available. ... one woman talks about her experience of abortion, and why she made a different decision when she became pregnant again..."

YOUTUBE:  Cause for Celebration?  (19 October 2017)

"Human lives are being lost in the UK on a massive scale..."

YOUTUBE:  Alina's Baby Was Saved Through Abortion 'Protests'  (19 October 2017)

"Alina Dulgheriu of The Good Counsel Network explains how her baby was saved when she changed her mind about having an abortion, after meeting an abortion clinic 'protestor'."

VIDEO:  50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act 1967  (October 2017)

"Ann Widdecombe reflects on the changes in attitude to abortion since it was legalised in 1967. We are asking all churches in the UK to toll their bells 50 times on the morning of Sunday 29th October 2017 to commemorate the lives lost to abortion."

YOUTUBE:  Ireland's Future, Liberalism, and Abortion  (15 March 2017)

"Given the very Leftist trajectory that Ireland seems to be taking, I think it's finally time that I start talking about my homeland ... I'm going to focus this video on the Left's current push to legalise abortion on demand in this country..."  [EMcD: Please be warned that there is some extremely foul language and lewd sentiments displayed on the banners held by pro-abortion protestors toward the end of this video.]

VIDEO:  Womb With A View!  (08 February 2017)

"Breathtaking new 20-week MRI scan lets expectant parents watch their unborn babies wiggle, swallow and even pull on the umbilical cord - FOUR WEEKS before the abortion limit. ... The incredible detail reveals just how fully formed a foetus is at 20 weeks and reignites the debate on lowering the current 24 week legal abortion limit in the UK..."

YOUTUBE:  Ben Shapiro Destroys the Abortion Argument  (06 October 2016)

Comment from a listener: "You know, in the court of law, if a pregnant mother is murdered, its considered a double homicide. Why would our justice system seek retribution for a dead person and a bundle of cells? They wouldn't consider it a double homicide unless 2 people died, and 2 people did die: the mother and the baby."

YOUTUBE:  Life Story  (30 June 2016)

"This short film was made for our Ignite event held in Birmingham on 25 June 2016. It is a touching look at what Life does and why we do it."

YOUTUBE:  Scientists Find the Spark of Life...  (01 May 2016)

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me! Bless His Holy Name!"

YOUTUBE:  Cry of the Innocent  (23 June 2011)

"A cry has gone out to the sons of men / a cry from the throne of God / What have you done with my little ones / Where have they gone? / I hear the cry of a child / the cry of a million children / I created the beauty on their faces / now all I see is pain..."



PETITION:  Defund Planned Parenthood Forever  (05 May 2017)

"The painful truth is this: Your tax dollars help finance Planned Parenthood. Because every year PP gets about $528 million in federal funding, which covers 40% of its pro-abortion budget. With that infusion of cash, PP killed 327,653 babies in pone year, according to its own annual report. That's 27,304 abortions per month... 910 per day... 37 per hour.  Please sign this pro-life petition now. Tell Congress to STOP funding PP.  And remember:

  • Your signature to end abortion is a prayer before the throne of God. A prayer of reparation for the national sin of abortion. And a prayer that will attract the blessings of God upon you and your family.
  • Your petition will give a voice to the voiceless. You will speak for the preborn. And your voice will urge our civil leaders in Congress to finally defund PP - forever.
  • Your petition will broadcast the truth by exposing how PP harvests baby organs and sells them for profit. The chilling videos put out by the Center for Medical Progress document this horror in detail.

We must stand up and fight for the unborn.  With prayer, perseverance and action the Culture of Death can be defeated. PP can be defunded., And the God-given right to life can be restored., Your petition will propel this crusade for the unborn forward. Act now."




"Life is unique in the UK. We combine prolife advocacy and education work with nationwide services providing alternatives to abortion. We support anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy, pregnancy loss or after abortion. We also strive to inspire and inform the next generation to value all human life from beginning to end. We do this through LifeMatters® covering our education, media, PR and campaigns and through PregnancyMatters(TM) spanning our emotional and practical support services. ... Life has spent almost five decades providing practical support to empower women to continue with their pregnancy. There are thousands of people alive today because Life reached out to their mothers with the support needed at a time of crisis. We have responded to the abortion industry's culture of death and maltreatment of women with a culture of life, compassion and respect for women and their unborn children. We will remain steadfast in our support of women in the face of increased intimidation from the abortion lobby at all levels. We will remain steadfast in the struggle to protect the unborn child."


Abort67 is the name given to the public education project that seeks to change how we view abortion. In 1967 the Abortion Act was passed granting legal abortions to all women. Abort67's end goal is to make abortion unthinkable and to see the law give full protection to the unborn. The most effective way to change public policy is to first change public opinion. ... Abortion is not just a 'religious' issue, it is a matter of human rights that all should be concerned about."

IMAGE: Values People from Beginning to End

"Image is a Christian charity concerned about abortion, euthanasia, human embryo experimentation and human cloning ... We believe that every person is made in the image of God, with a life of value from conception to death. What Image does: operates Pregnancy Helpline; provides parents in need with baby clothes and equipment; supports parents after baby loss; runs outreach to the homeless and to prisoners; offers recognised training for pregnancy counselling; provides information and speakers on life issues; arranges presentations for schools and youth groups on saving sex; organise prayer, including a National Day of Prayer about Abortion for 27 October; encourages care for the elderly, disabled, and others affected by euthanasia; seeks positive change in the law to provide increased protection for human life."

Pregnancy Helpline

"The Pregnancy Helpline is set up to support women and their partners in the Greater Manchester area by offering free pregnancy tests, support with decision making around an unplanned pregnancy and support after abortion or miscarriage. The service is free, confidential and non-medical. ... We are committed to treating everyone with total respect regardless of religion, background, race, beliefs, age, or sex..."


"notbornyet is a space to explore the life issue in a relaxed, reasoned and respectful environment. You will find personal stories about unplanned and crisis pregnancy, accurate information, practical support, and importantly, hope. notbornyet started out of concern that some women were making a rushed and irreversible decision, under pressure from others, while they were vulnerable, without all the facts about the short and long term consequences of their choice. We are pro-women and for-children. notbornyet is the campaign website of Emily's Voice, a not-for-profit charity started to help Australians fall in love with the unborn, and encourage and support women with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy."

Christian Medical Comment

"CMC is a specialist blog majoring on issues at the interface of Christianity and Medicine with specific focus on the beginning and end of life. But my broader aim is to bring issues to the attention of Christians that I believe they should be informed and concerned about. I write mainly for a Christian readership but many of my readers hold strongly opposing views and frequently take issue with what I say. ... I am CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organisation with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members..."

Christian Concern

"At Christian Concern we have a passion to see the UK return to the Christian faith. Our nation has been shaped and defined by this faith for hundreds of years. Yet in the last few decades, the nation has largely turned her back on Jesus and embraced alternative ideas such as secular liberal humanism, moral relativism and sexual licence. The fruit of this can be seen in widespread family breakdown, immorality and social disintegration ... We engage on a broad large range of issues, including abortion, adoption and fostering, bioethics, marriage, education, employment, end of life, equality, family, free speech, Islamism, religious freedom, the sex trade, social issues and issues relating to sexual orientation..."


Books, DVDs, etc

All the books listed below should be available from either the publisher or usedbooksearch

Online PDF:  A Christian Perspective on Abortion  (July-August 2017, IFB)

"This booklet has been produced to provide a Christian perspective on abortion. With the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act on 27 October 2017, and the act coming into force on 27 April the following year, this booklet seeks to examine the issue of abortion and how the Church should respond to it. For some readers, you may already be be passionate about this issue and want to pass it on to other believers; for others, I hope this booklet challenges and inspires you to consider this matter further..."

The Issues of Life  (2006, Ambassador International, Belfast, NI  /  B. McCall Barbour, Edinburgh, UK)

"In the days of the Judges in Israel, 'every man did that which was right in his own eyes' (Judges 17:6). The folly of such a life principle is described by Solomon in proverbs 12:15 as 'the way of a fool' ... In this short work it is ... our intention to set out the principles of Scripture with regard to life, and then deal with several issues of morality and medicine. We are not in the business of trying to Biblically accommodate modern views or practices, but simply examine them against the standards of the Word of God."

Responding to the Culture of Death  (2001, DayOne Publications, Surrey, UK)

Much of modern medicine has gone seriously wrong. In its ethics and practice, it has departed from its historical roots, and has become a threat to all men, women, and children. This book does not seek to give trite, comfortable answers. Rather it develops a rugged bioethical framework, based on principles derived from the Bible, and supported by analyses of recent trends in medicine and science. Such an approach enables the reader to understand past, present, and future bioethical issues. But this book is not just for cosy, fireside reading. It wants you out of your armchair and doing - it calls for a response of 'principled compassion' to overcome this culture of death and gain the culture of life."

Abortion: The Crisis in Morals and Medicine  (1986, Inter-Varsity Press, Leicester, UK)

"Easy abortion is something with which we have become very familiar. In almost every country of the world abortion is legal in some circumstances, and in many it is very common. It is the subject of heated emotions on the part of those who favour it and those who do not. Where does the balance of the argument lie? This informative and honest book presents a realistic and carefully argued case for the compassionate protection of the unborn child as an innocent human life."




"I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked nor suggest such counsel,
nor in like manner will I give a woman a pessary to produce abortion"

(The Hippocratic Oath)

"I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception,
even against threat I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity"

(The Declaration of Geneva, 1948)

"Although there have been many changes in medicine, the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath cannot change ...
co-operation in the destruction of life by murder, suicide and abortion [is] the greatest crime"

(The British Medical Association, 1947)

"If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;
If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not He that pondereth the heart consider it?
and He that keepeth thy soul, doth not He knoweth it?
and shall not He render to every man according to His works?"

(Proverbs 24:11-12).

"Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person"
"And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters ... and the land was polluted with blood"

(Deuteronomy 27:25;  Psalm 106:38)

"Every pagan society has engaged in human sacrifice. Abortion is our version of it.
God is judging us with the violence on our streets. The Almighty is warning us through that judgement.
But make no mistake, a greater judgement is coming should we not repent.
Every one of those pagan societies was destroyed and taken over by a spiritually stronger people. Now, who could those be today?"



Thus saith the LORD,
Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way,
and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls
(Jeremiah 6:16)



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