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UK General Election 2017
AKA: The Brexit Election or The Second Referendum

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"Two generations and more ago Britain and its brave Commonwealth fought two world wars and lost some of its finest not to mention the thousands of women, children and elderly who died in the blitz and bombing.  They suffered years of privation, terror and death all around them.  They did it for Britain.  To preserve their country; its sovereignty, its history, its democracy, its society, its people.  They thought the sacrifice was necessary and never demurred or shirked even when we fought almost alone in 1940 and 41 and saw our cities turn into blazing infernos.

"Think of our few who took on the might of the Luftwuffe and the Third Reich and defended us and the country in the face of dying each time they scrambled.  Many still teenagers.  How can people throw away all that these past generations bequeathed to us - and to the Fourth Reich of all things?

"How can people look the other way as this nation is turned Islamic - not least by May herself. ... [We] are the latest of a long line of many generations who have put their country and its independence before surrender with the sacrifice of death if necessary.  We have just to vote.  The fields of Waterloo, the ghastly hour of the Somme ... to the horrors of the Arctic convoys ... and the battle in the skies. ...

"I am keeping the faith and voting for a sovereign Britain and for the only party I trust to keep the faith and honour their pledge" [comment at source].




A Second Referendum

"This is effectively a second referendum whether anybody likes it or not"   /   "At this point the main risk is not getting Brexit at all rather than battling for a particular variety of Brexit. In effect this general election is a second referendum"   /   "In reality this is de facto a second referendum. Normal general election considerations do not apply"   /   "This is 'referendum 2'. It's an all out war between nationalists and globalists for the future of Britain, and everyone knows it this time"  [comments at source].


The Brexit Election

"A June General Election now would not be a normal one. Like the Peers v the People Election of 1910 it will be predominantly about a single issue, namely, Brexit. Indeed, it could reasonably be portrayed as a proxy for re-running the EU Referendum" [source].

"This is the Brexit general election. It is about trying to save Brexit from being reversed or overridden by a newly-returned House of Commons, dominated by Remainers, claiming a fresh mandate to implement or ignore last year's referendum result as it sees fit ... Traditional party labels are meaningless in this situation. This election is a rerun of last year's referendum. There are therefore only two types of candidate: Brexit candidates and Remain candidates" [source].

"Many of those who voted to Leave the EU are not natural Tory voters, especially those working-class Labour voters who did much to win the referendum. Those voters may not be anything like as willing to vote for a Tory government as they were to vote for Brexit" [source].

"We shouldn't worry that this has become an election all about Brexit. We should welcome it. We should welcome the opportunity to clarify and strengthen Brexit and its inherently democratic, progressive spirit, following nine months of its having been demonised as 'xenophobic' and stupid. And to those who say 'There are other issues to think about, too', I would say this: Brexit is far bigger than any of those issues" [source].

"Had the election come before we'd triggered Article 50 I'd be a bit concerned, but it hasn't. The government's already set in motion to leave and parliament's already agreed to it. May was a remainer but she wasn't particularly passionate about it. She said that Brexit had potential but wasn't her choice. She will be the most detested person in the UK if she tries to pull the rug from under us now, especially after her very specific statements that we couldn't cherry-pick parts of EU membership, i.e. we would have to have a hard Brexit for Brexit to actually mean anything" [comment at source].

"Many Remainers will realise what they have done and change their minds. I cannot see Brexiteers swapping. After all, we all voted on a matter of principle"   /   "I think there's a lot of evidence emerging that many who voted Remain did so through fear, and are now wholeheartedly backing Brexit to be a success. The predictably arrogant stance taken by the Eurocrats and their Franco-German puppeteers will also continue to harden British resolve" [comments at source].

"Teresa May had a very strong mandate from the people. 52% is as strong as you need, further opinion polls concede that the general public (around 69%) just want to get Brexit over and our country back to stability... how much more of a mandate do you need? Of course though the 'personal' mandate May is concerned about is the media, the lords, the EU and the assorted rabble of Millers and pipsqueak Farrons with weight above their positions. The EU suggesting [that] another GE is a good idea should be of concern to all of us" [comment at source].

"I think [May] knows that there are many more voters now who would vote for Brexit than on 23rd June, having seen the nastiness and arrogant threats from the rattled EU; plus many Remain voters have noted that all the dreadful things predicted by Cameron & Co didn't happen, which probably makes them feel conned and annoyed. So, effectively she is giving them another chance to back Brexit without another referendum, especially now that we are this far down the road to getting out" [comment at source].

"We can but hope that this election, rather than resurrecting the animosity of the Brexit campaign, will give us a Parliament which will carry out the wishes of the people as expressed last June and work constructively to secure such a successful exit from the EU that by the time the next General Election takes place, it will no longer be an issue for the UK electorate" [source].


The Old and the New Divide

"For most of modern British political history [the] two totemic parties [Labour and Conservative] have defined themselves against one another, even when the rush for the technocratic centre made this feel increasingly meaningless and pantomimic. ... In this election ... the class divide, and the parties that once embodied it, has ceased to mean anything. The referendum, that glorious exercise in mass democracy, revealed not a split between rich and poor, but a split between the technocracy-loving elite and the freedom-thirsting demos. We need a new politics to harness that, to give life to the new divide and bring to an end the lifeless parties of old" [source].

"Mr Corbyn will almost certainly not be asked to form a government the week after next. Mrs May will keep the one she has. I will vote to keep her in office. But I take no pride in this. We live in a country with a more degraded public life than the average dystopian novel of forty years ago was likely to imagine. Yes, I will pinch my nose again the Thursday after next, and vote Conservative - in the hope, and perhaps in the belief, that I shall have a better choice in 2022" [source].


Thwarting Brexit

"That this is a Brexit election, an attempted reply of the referendum by a wounded elite, can be seen most most clearly in the march of the forces of anti-democracy. For nine months, since 17.4 million of us said 'No' to the EU - and ['No'] to 75% of MPs, 70% of business leaders, virtually the entire expert [sic] class, and every respectable global institution, all of whom backed Remain - the knives have been out for democracy. Political and media chatter has been packed with disdain for the demos, and alarm at the fact that 'low-information' people should get to decide on such important matters as the EU. Now this ugly sentiment is taking a physical form, in the shape of a concerted anti-Brexit drive in the election. It must be confronted, and stopped" [source].

"Behind their high-minded posturing, the advocates of anti-Brexit tactical voting are advocating the abandonment of political principles. They are telling people who actually support a political party to shelve their true beliefs and blindly vote ABB [Anything But Brexit]" [source].

"Last June, the EU referendum turned into a democratic revolt against the illegitimate Remain political class. Since then we have witnessed the anti-democratic revolt of the furious elites. The need now is to try to prevent the enemies of mass democracy sabotaging Brexit through the back door, as they have already tried via the courts and the House of Lords"  [source].

"Everything they say is dressed in the language of progress and liberalism; everything they actually mean grates against progress and liberal values" [source].

"Remainers are geared up for this election. They have a huge war chest, they have intricately planned tactical voting, and they have the likes of [Gina] Miller, [Richard] Branson, [Tony] Blair, [Nick] Clegg, [Tim] Farron, and now the EU with its leaks, all gunning to make sure the government that emerges from this election is one that will strike Brexit down. These people cannot accept losing. They cannot accept that their vast wealth can't buy everything, that some things are not for sale" [Labour Leave, email on file, 05 May 2017].

"A large majority might allow May to push Brexit through but it will also allow her to be dishonest. It should never be forgotten that she is a remainer and most of her cabinet and Parliamentary Party are remainers. They would in their heart of hearts like to have something far less than Brexit. Already there have been disturbing signs of May's intentions to sabotage the vote to leave. For example, in the prime areas for Brexit of immigration and the Single Market, Home Secretary Amber Rudd says immigration may not drop significantly after Brexit, while the supposedly rock solid Brexiteer David Davis suggested in December that the UK might pay a fee to the EU to retain access to the Single Market. The watchword for Brexiteers must be as ever eternal vigilance" [source].

"For all the Remainer elite's claims in recent months that their court cases and street protests and appeals to the Lords were merely about getting a Soft rather than a Hard Brexit, or ensuring that Brexit was okayed by parliament, the palpable fear that gripped them yesterday [when the snap election was announced] confirms that actually they still held out hope of stopping Brexit, of pursuing that 'long European history of second EU referendums in the wake of "incorrect results"'..." [source].

"Amazingly, and virtually no sense of shame, the Remain-leaning elites have overnight gone from saying 'May has no mandate for Brexit' to 'How dare May seek a mandate for Brexit?'.  This is because they know there's a mandate for Brexit out there - a huge, populous one - and they are terrified, horrified, in fact, that it is being tapped into once again. They thought, or they hoped, that they had wrestled the issue of the EU and Britain's political, economic and constitutional future back from the people and handed it back to clever legal minds and cool-headed politicos: people like them. The snap election scuppers this by inviting the people to have their say yet again. It's this, the very stuff of democracy, that they fear" [source].

"Just suppose the Tories don't increase their majority, or indeed lose seats, this will be presented by the BBC, the EU, and all the other bitter malcontents that the government clearly doesn't have a mandate for Brexit (this GE will be presented as a vote on EU membership). If it pans out less than a good result for the Tories (do they really want a good result?) it would present the perfect opportunity for the EU to present Britain with a second referendum which they have wanted all along. ... the EU would present us with a fifty page booklet on the benefits of the EU (like Ireland), the media would be in total overdrive like never before, fraud at the ballot box would be rife, and every other dirty trick in the book would be activated. The stakes are so high, this election is proof that we will be left in a state of instability until we 'decide' to remain or rejoin the EU" [comment at source].

"We are in a very bad situation, May & the Liblabcon are endangering England and Wales with foreign mass migration they are acting as a covert agent for, & there's no political entity to stop them currently. The R.M.S. Titanic's sinking anniversary was the other day, & I feel a bit like a trapped passenger with all the lifeboats departed, looking at the light of the S.S. Californian burning in the distance but not coming to help, instead just sitting there as we get slowly lower into a very cold sea. We are in real trouble, as is Western Europe generally, corrupt, mad or stupid people have a charge of us politically, & there's no prospect I can see at the moment for stopping them" [comment at source].

"What matters is that Brexit must not be delayed, hobbled and derailed by the likes of Corbyn, Farron, Clegg, Soubry, the SNP or any of the troglodytes that inhabit the HoC scheming about what they'll do next to make leaving the EU as drawn out and difficult as possible. These contemptible people have been boasting about how thy plan to use every trick in the book to bog things down and thwart Brexit. Now the PM has called their bluff and given the electorate a chance to send those whinging Remainers a firm message: 'STOP your attempts to turn back the clock and show respect for the voters' democratic Referendum decision!'" [comment at source].

"We don't need Remainers dragging us down by demanding things that maintain EU influence to the disadvantage of Britain (traitors that they are). May sees a chance to purge the Remainers in the House of Commons and reduce their influence in the House of Lords, as well as neutralise the irritating interference of ex-PMs such as Blair & Major. A landslide victory will shut them all up and what a relief that would be" [comment at source].

Gina Miller: "[We must] 'make sure the next Government has no mandate to destroy our rights and our relationship with Europe.'  I imagine these rights include the right for corporations to have free rein across a whole continent to employ anyone, anywhere, at the lowest possible hourly rate, without such pesky things as borders or the protection of local industries, workers, and communities. This is one of the main things the EU was set up for. It works in the interests of international capital" [comment at source].

"The whole of the financial, media, political and corporate elite support the EU. And still 'grassroots' Momentum-type leftists cannot make the connection"   /   "The Left are being duped into doing the Economic Elites bidding. They only see the small part they wish to see, that is open borders and 'fair play for everyone'.  Unfortunately, what it means in reality is the lowering of standards in Europe to the level of the Third World and effectively moving us back to a regressive form of society. Why oh why Lord, can they not see the plain and simple truth of what is going on?" [comments at source].

"Such is the one-eyed obsession of the ABB [Anything But Brexit] crowd that the Observer even claims the main opposition parties will 'consider giving a free run' to the leader of the tiny Women's Equality Party to challenge Tory MP Philip Davies in Shipley, Yorkshire. Apparently Sophie Walker already has the support of the Greens, leading Lib Dems and 'Labour members of Shipley Feminist Zealots'.  No doubt, as the ardent Remainer paper reports, this really is because the opposition parties agree with Walker that Davies is 'basically a sexist misogynist', and not at all because he is 'basically' a Leave supporter - as were the majority of his constituents - while the WEP is essentially a one-woman Remain campaign sailing under false colours. Good luck with that" [source].

"Another pitiful spectacle last week was the Open Britain initiative on tactical voting, spearheaded by Peter Mandelson and endorsed by Tony Blair, falling to pieces when the Tory MPs with whom it was associated deserted in horror at the thought of having to endorse attacks on their colleagues. ... Lord Mandelson and Mr Blair ... seem to lack self-knowledge. Lord Mandelson was twice disgraced and had to resign from the government, and is bound by the terms of his pension as a former Commissioner to talk up the EU at all times. The public do not hold him in high regard. And Mr Blair ... is loathed by the electorate ... these people never ask themselves what part they played in creating the climate of opinion that caused Britain to vote for Brexit last summer. But having been that destructively arrogant for years, they can hardly be expected to stop now" [source].

"I think it is also interesting to look at some of the personalities in the unholy alliance that is pitted against Brexit. We have a selection of crooked and tainted politicians such as Blair and Mandelson, [we] have the likes of Gina Miller, George Soros, [Richard] Branson. So-called celebs such as [Gary] Lineker and Saint Bob [Geldof]. Current politicians such as [Ed] Miliband, [Nick] Clegg, Timmy [Farron], Paddy [Ashdown], Wee Burnie [Nicola Sturgeon], [Diane Abbott], Sourface [?], [Michael Heseltine], [George] Osborne, Call me Dave [David Cameron], The London Emir [Sadiq Khan], and of course various SJW groups such as Hate not Hope etc. And last but not least the BBC and of course Jean Claude Drunker [Juncker]!  Talk about a rogues gallery ... And yet they say [they] represent the voice of reason and sense and are doing it all for us. It's a bit like saying Hitler initiated anti-semitism for the Jews!" [comment at source].

"And what is it, exactly, that the British Government wants to do? The answer is to defy the will of the British people with regards [to] the EU, and their taking their country beyond the grasp of one particular set of gangsters in Brussels (and therefore effect a disempowering of British collaborators and vassals). Why do we know this? Because the British Government operates by a philosophy whereby it knows better than the people. If you doubt this, review the many years of being sucked ever further into the EU despite the opposition that finally made its voice heard in 2016. The British Government doesn't want the UK to be an independent country for independent people, and the latest scheme to prevent this is a plan to fudge Brexit with a General Election. Moreover, it has evidently been plotting this scheme for quite a little while now, so although this election may well be 'snap' for the public, who don't get much time to get used to the idea, it is not a new thing for the British Government - which has everyone, therefore, at a major disadvantage" [source].

"If Corbyn gets in or there's a 'progressive alliance' you can forget Brexit as either Blair and co will exploit a Labour victory or the anti-democratic Greens and Lib Dems will pick it apart. Last night demonstrated that a combination of Left wing brainwashing by the NUT [the debate was held at Cambridge University and the majority of the audience were students at the university] and the 'so called' BBC and tribal voting has ultimately led Britain to the brink of being a failed state. In the referendum, people didn't vote to see what the MPs or judiciary thought of it but failing political parties seized on the politics of grievance to try to boost their flagging core vote. I'm not convinced that May will give the leavers what they wanted, but she at least respects the referendum result. Re the SNP - last night showed why the English need their own Parliament" [comment at source].

"This totally unwanted General Election - which literally no-one has voted for - must be scrapped, and replaced by Our Second Referendum, which will give people the opportunity to vote against Hard-Right Extreme Tory Brexit and which, if the incorrect answer is given again, will provide for further Referendums until the correct decision has been obtained. And until our demands are met, we on the Progressive Left (and there are still quite a few if us, friends, despite the recent tragic passing of some of our leading lights, e.g. Our Fidel the People's Dictator, and Our Martin, the People's Terrorist) will forever be - literally - revolting!" [source:-)


The Vexatious Litigant

"Gina Miller, still squawking somewhere in the background about legal challenges (yawn)" [comment at source].

"So it did indeed have nothing what-so-ever to do with ensuring proper legal diligence is followed and had everything to do with stopping Brexit. I am shocked, I tell you, shocked"   /   "Boy, that woman is one bad loser. It's well past time she just shut up and accepted that she lost" [comments at source].

"I want to know who this woman is and why she has emerged out of nowhere. First she demanded 'Parliamentary sovereignty' for Brexit, she received it, but she's still fighting. At this point everybody has voted for Brexit - yet she still seems to believe we don't want it"   /   "Could someone kindly remind me just who elected/appointed this woman to be a spokesperson on BREXIT? I know I'm post-50, but I cannot recall seeing her name on any ballot paper"   /   "This woman won't stop, will she?? This amounts to her harassing an entire country!" [comments at source].

"She has no ancestral stake in this country. She is spitting on the graves of every Briton who has fought under our flag"   /   "Miller is an enemy of democracy and an enemy to Britain. Luckily, she will fail yet again despite her deep pockets"   /   "Let us pray she does or there will be a real cost to the peace of our lovely land" [comments at source].

"This is the sort of person who deserves ire, much moreso than Theresa May.  Miller, Blair, Farron, Miliband, Clegg, Clarke, Sourby, and everyone else who has complete disdain for the British electorate, who claim their attempts to derail a democratic mandate is for the good of the country which already made its position clear, who bang on about wanting to protect people whilst spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on projects that belittle the public, which often result in processes that cost the taxpayer even more hundreds of thousands. Pathologically egotistical people who only care about the EU membership because of how it affects their bottom line. A classic case of people knowing the cost of everything but the value of nothing" [comment at source]

"This idea is a complete non starter. I cannot see any candidates of any party wanting anything to do with this woman. She is quite toxic and most of the electorate can see that. If anything this will have the opposite effect. I suspect Miller and her supporters are trying to engineer some sort of incident to gain publicity and MSM sympathy. Personally I think she is a quite repulsive publicity seeking opportunist" [comment at source].

"The campaign will support parliamentary candidates who want to see the outcome of the Brexit negotiations put to a full and free vote before being signed off by the government Britain permanently locked into the EU. Miller insisted that 'the British people are being forced into an Extreme Brexit that is not in Britain's best interests...'  and educated embracers of multiculturalism like me know FAR better than those ignorant Brexit-voting plebs what is in their best interests! How DARE the Common Herd challenge me and the rest of the [Elites]" [comment at source].

"Why does she not make a movie responding to all the points made in 'Brexit the Movie'.  Or even respond - perhaps she can't, no one else has been able to. Would any remainer like to try..." [comment at source].

"The irony of all this is that the social justice warrior virtue signallers falling in behind Miller will be the same people wearing V for Vendetta masks putting bricks through the windows of financial institutions to express their dislike of global capitalism the next time there is a G8 meeting in London" [comment at source].

"If I went to Guyana and stirred up this level of political turmoil I'd probably be murdered and buried in a shallow grave" [comment at source].

"Gina Miller actually won her court case to put Brexit to parliament. You would think therefore that she would be satisfied, especially given that most of parliament opposed Brexit. Instead, she's trying everything she can to get the answer she wants - a classic Europhile tactic. She must be a masochist because she is going to fail with every other attempt she makes, or at least she'd better hope she does, lest she become the most reviled person in the UK" [comment at source].

"Gina Miller - fast catching up with Tony Blair as possibly the most loathsome person in Britain today"   /   "It's normal and healthy to feel revulsion towards people trying to destroy you, there would be something wrong if you didn't" [comments at source].


"Let's not be fooled by the Remainer elites' apparent embrace of the electoral process to pursue their cause. Their ingrained anti-democratic instincts were clear to see in their appalled and outraged response to Leave voters who dared to disobey their instructions last June - a revolting result which Gina Miller memorably said made her 'physically sick'" [source].

"The project to Stop Brexit - or block it or bruise it - is dressed up in so much pseudo-progressive rhetoric that its true, terrifying nature comes to be obscured. Perversely, the Brexit blockers even use the language of democracy in their efforts to stymie the democratic will. 'Democracy is a very precious thing', said [Gina] Miller as she launched her Best for Britain (sic) campaign to fund electoral candidates who will 'scrutinise' and 'speak up' against Brexit" [source].

"Let's demystify Stopping Brexit. Let's give it its real name. 'We must ensure democracy is not stifled', says [Gina] Miller as she launches a campaign to stifle democracy" [source].

"Unfortunately these days democracy can always be bought for the price of an expensive lawyer and doesn't Gina and her rich friends know it. What in effect this woman is saying is that our opinions and votes count for nothing - the only thing that counts is money and power" [comment at source].

"ONLY an 'extreme Brexit' recognises the decision ALREADY democratically arrived at. It is her will to thwart the will of the British" [comment at source].

"You know, it's funny how this woman only appeared ion the scene once we had voted for Brexit. She had nothing to say about parliamentary sovereignty BEFORE the referendum last June" [comment at source].

"Campaign director Eloise Todd: 'We stand for democracy in this country...'  which is why we want to overturn the democratic vote of the referendum...  Todd: '...and a constitution that respects proper balance of powers...'  meaning the EU constitution, which means that ALL powers are held by the unelected and unaccountable control freaks of the EU Kommissars and their Politbururo, Mk.II" [comment at source]. 

"She has the nerve to talk about 'balance of powers'? The ultimate power must come from the people themselves and a majority of votes cast in the referendum were to LEAVE THE EU in an act of direct democracy. Something that the remain side made clear meant us leaving the single market" [comment at source].

"Gina Miller has raised £300,000 to support candidates with 'principles' who want a 'final vote on the deal' - or, as everyone understands in plain English, she has raised £300,000 to back candidates who will block Brexit. As always, Miller thinks the British people are so stupid that they will believe her when she says it's just about getting 'good candidates' who will stick up for 'democracy'.  We had democracy, Gina, it was called a referendum. And more people voted to Leave the EU than have ever voted for anything in Britain, ever. That is democracy. Millionaires and billionaires trying to overturn that vote is many things, but one thing it is not, is 'democracy'" [Labour Leave, email on file, 05 May 2017].

"We want the referendum honoured. We think democracy matters. Not fake democracy, not Miller-style 'democracy', not Farron-style 'democracy', but the real variety - where the biggest democratic vote in a nation's history is respected" [Labour Leave, email on file, 05 May 2017].

"If you 'stand for democracy' then stand for Parliament"   /   "She should stand for election, probably LibDem, or she should now shut up. We don't need another George Soros undermining democracy"   /   "Why doesn't she just stand in a seat for the Lib Dems ... Ditto Tony Blair"   /   "Because when she inevitably failed to get elected it would obviously [be] because the masses were too unintelligent, poorly-educated - and, of course, misled by the awesome power and influence of the Daily Mail and Daily Express - to vote for the Establishment's best interests rather than their own" [comments at source].

"Amazing that she's such an advocate for democracy yet is fronting the cause of tactical voting to ensure that people don't get what they voted for. Maybe instead of constantly telling me what is in Britain's best interests, just let the British people decide what is in their best interests. And then live with the decision" [comment at source].

"We already know that these people do not respect democracy. They wanted to give away our sovereignty to an unelected, bureaucratic, Soviet Style Communist Dictatorship called the EU. In effect, what [Gina Miller] and other charlatans want to do, is usurp the machinery of democracy, in order to further the ambitions and goals of an extremely anti-democratic EU" [comment at source].

"After a generation of Left wing brainwashing via the education system and the media, we have a significant percentage of people who either don't understand the meaning of democracy or flatly reject it ... we are now in the 'post democratic' age" [comment at source].


"Hedgefund interests promoted by crowdfunding? Or have I misunderstood?"   /   "Presumably crowd funding is a useful way to disguise the real source of the funds"   /   "Crowd funding? Is this a front for Soros funding?"   /   "The act of crowdfunding lends an air of democratic legitimacy to the project. 'It ain't just a bunch of rich folk, even £10 from a pensioner is welcome'. A mirage of deceit" [comments at source].

"Well, if she and those backing her what to flush their money down the toilet, that's their affair. the only people who will pray any attention at all to this latest Remoaner wheeze are those who already intend to cote for Brexitphobic candidates. it's called 'preaching to the converted'" [comment at source].

The Potential for Electoral Financial Fraud

"To quote from her 'crowd funding' page: 'How will we spend the money? We will use the money to back candidates who pledge to support a full and free vote on the Brexit deal.'  Surely won't she then be putting candidates she supports at risk from disqualification unless she obtains their sanction and is scrupulously careful to ensure that she is declaring all expenditure? What political party [would] allow their MPs to be hijacked in this way? Effectively she is trying to create a political party with her as self-appointed leader" [comment at source].

"Funds will be used to help supporters 'tour marginal seats to make sure the next Government has no mandate to destroy our rights and our relationship with Europe.'  Let's hope that the Electoral Commission will be alert to the distribution of these funds to prevent the kind of fraud for which the Conservative Party as been fined £70,000 after the 2015 election" [comment at source].

"For some, £70,000 is a very small price to pay when undermining democracy. If it applies to one party it needs to be equally applied to all. Otherwise we can all pay our £70k 'protection money' then proceed to do anything we want..." [comment at source].

A Sock Puppet

"Gina Miller is a front person for the global elite who want Brexit to stop. Behind the curtain pulling the strings are people such as Gyorgy Schwartz (George Soros) and the puppet masters he works for"   /   "This [is] Soros meddling in UK democracy. Gina is an agent for tyranny of the EU and shadowy agencies run and funded by Soros" [comment at source].

"Through her previous actions Miller cemented Brexit in law. Good on her for paying out all that George Soros cash to guarantee the invoking of Article 50, even if that wasn't her intention. Maybe this time around she'll spend another small fortune and vast amounts of negative energy doing the same for the negotiations, which will (and must) result in us leaving all and every institution of the EU, repatriating 100% of our laws and restoring full sovereignty and democracy to the British people" [comment at source].

"She has three built-in protection factors in this debate: (a) A woman, (b) An immigrant, (c) A dark skin. Any genuine criticism can be deflected as an-ism/phobia. They were never going to choose a white man, were they?" [comment at source].

The Entitled Elite

"[Andrew Neil] exposed this poised and prissy woman for [the] manipulative con artist we all know her to be ... What he got wrong was that for the likes of her and her backers, it is a way of life not a hobby. Oozing entitlement from every well manicured pore. She and her ilk will never take no for an answer. She represents the vested interests that have broken nations and destroyed economies. She comes across as so silky and reasonable but in reality she is the deceiver and in my opinion is more reptilian in nature than human" [comment at source].

"I think we need to realise that these sort of elite rich, manipulative ... have spent a whole lifetime profiting from the systems that they have set up. And they will not give it up without a fight. They in effect have created a system so complex and difficult to understand that it becomes self selecting in that only those with the money and correct contacts (such as Gina) can ever profit from it" [comment at source].

"They are used to getting their own way by tying and untying these self same Gordian knots and have the time and the money to manipulate the democratic system to achieve their own selfish globalist ends" [comment at source].

"[Gina Miller] will never be satisfied because that is how people like her amass the amount of money and power that they do. If they see an opening they will exploit it and pillage it again and again until the pips squeak. In their world greed is good, and they probably despise the rest of us as weaklings for having interests other than power and money" [comment at source].

"As for being reviled why should she care. She lives in a different world to the rest of us. Money, power and probably in her case fame are her god, her country and her lover. This is why she does not care what happens to our (not her) country - as long as she gets her way in the end. We must not make the mistake of judging her as normal people. She is not. That is why she attracts support from other abnormal, cynical people (like her) and the naive who are easily exploited" [comment at source].

Agenda 21 and Common Purpose

"[Gina Miller] is part of the Agenda 21/Common Purpose*/One World/Open Borders elite, shilling for the EU because, as Barroso once famously said, 'The EU is the blueprint for a future world government'. And Miller wants to be part of that unelected government ... with her wealth and the rest of the 'We know what's best for you' Club of Rome gangsters, issuing their latest eco-socialist edicts from their lavishly appointed, remote seats of power whilst countries like the UK descend into energy-starved chaos. I predict before long she will be given some globetrotting role by the UN, spreading her poison like the sly, slithering reptile she truly is" [comment at source].

"*When she first appeared on the scene I looked up the website of her 'charity', which amongst its self-congratulatory, patronising drivel contained the phrase 'Working towards a common purpose', which I brought to the attention of this site. Mysteriously, that phrase vanished not long after" [comment at source].

For more on Gina Miller concerning Brexit please see here and here


The Battle for Democracy

"Stopping Brexit means stopping democracy. Undoing Brexit means undoing not only last June's referendum result, but by extension the founding principle of the modern democratic era: that everyday men and women should decide the fate of the nations they live in. The war on Brexit is more than a war on one democratic decision - it's a war on the very idea that decisions like this should be made by the demos in the first place. This is what's at stake in the coming election. That's why the election is so important" [source].

"[Gina] Miller, who said the Brexit vote made her feel 'physically sick', says voters 'didn't know what Brexit meant'.  The Remainer press is packed with handwringing over 'low information' voters, led astray by 'Leave lies'.  The whole thing drips with the oldest anti-democratic prejudices, the nasty ideas that fuelled the elitist opposition to the Chartists' demand for the vote for working-class men and to the later idea of votes for women: that people are generally dim, fodder for demagogues, lacking sufficient information, and thus require a better-educated class to lead them - to impart to them 'informed knowledge'" [source].

"The approach of democrats to the election should be twofold:

  • First, and most importantly, we must agitate, campaign and vote against the anti-Brexit lobby: the Blair crew, the Lib Dems, the SNP, the Miller candidates, those who would trash the democratic will in order to win back their old influence ad their beloved Brussels oligarchy.
  • Secondly, we must grill all the candidates on their attitude to Brexit, which means their attitude to democracy. Will they promise to see Brexit through to the end? Do they recognise that Hard Brexit and Soft Brexit are nonsense categories, and that Brexit clearly means leaving the EU and all its political, legal and economic institutions? Do they promise to serve the people's will, rather than demean and dilute it? If so, we will consider voting for them. If they defend democracy, we will lend them our democratic vote.

For that is the dividing line in this election. Forget left v right, or Labour v Tory, or any of the old party-political frameworks. This is a clash between those who are openly opposed to democracy, or certainly irritated by it, and those of us ... who prize democracy highly, and believe it is the best way of ensuring politics is done in a rational, productive and progressive fashion" [source].

"[Tony] Blair, being establishment to his core, recognises what's at stake in the election. This week he said people should consider voting for the Tories or Lib Dems, rather than for his own Labour Party, if they believe the candidates from those parties will help thwart Brexit. ... Because this is a Brexit election, normal party politics is suspended. Something else overrides all of that. Democracy. The burning question of our age: do you, or do you not, trust ordinary people to govern both their lives and their nation's future? This 'issue' outweighs all the other issues, because until it is resolved, all those issues, all of politics, will continue to be the plaything of Them, the technocratic elite, rather than the property of us, the people" [source].

"Let's be clear: Stopping Brexit means stopping, rolling back, the ideals that underpin the modern era. It means stopping the enactment of the will of the people. It means denying the wishes of the 17.4 million who rationally, expectantly voted Leave last year" [source].

"Under the guise of democracy, the most populous act of democracy in British history is targeted. At a time of such widespread doublespeak - where blocking the demos is presented as democracy; where staying in the illiberal EU is referred to as a 'liberal' position; where it's 'progressive' to fear the people and their franchise - clarity should be a key aim of all democrats" [source].


Tactical Voting?

"Don't vote for any particular party in this election. Instead, vote for a candidate from any party if he or she promises to uphold Brexit and value democracy. This is the most important General Election in years ... So engage in debates, go to hustings, and encourage everyone you know to vote for Brexit all over again. Democracy needs you" [source].

"I hope there will be some wise tactical decisions made as to who stands where. Perhaps some UKIP/Conservative co-operation is possible in order to inflict as massive a defeat as possible on the Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Remainer Labour and Remainer Conservative candidates. After all, there are only one and a half truly pro-Brexit parties against the rest: UKIP 100% and the Cons about 50%?" [comment at source].

"Lib Dem held seats must be the number 1 priority. Number 2 priority must be Labour remainer MP seats. The Conservatives have a manifesto promise to honour the referendum result. It may be wise to avoid inadvertently unseating Conservative MPs if that means letting in a Lib Dem or a Labour remainer" [comment at source].

"It makes for strange bedfellows ... if a constituency is held by Labour and only a Lib Dem has a chance of winning, then UKIP should not obstruct the Labour candidate by standing against them" [comment at source].

"Tory MPs who are Brexiteers - vote for them. Tory MPs who are Remainiacs - vote UKIP or possibly Labour as a tactical vote to get them out. ... Labour MPs who are Brexiteers such as Gisela Stuart - vote for them. Labour MPs who are Remainiacs  - vote for whoever is second to them, be it UKIP or Tory.  In Scotland vote only for UKIP - none of the other parties are Brexit-friendly. In Wales vote only for Tory candidates as UKIP is not strong enough bow to defeat the PC and Labour candidates. Target candidates like Soubry to defeat them by might and main - only a massive defeat for these traitors will send a clear message to Westminster and the MSM" [comment at source].

"In normal circumstances I would not suggest UKIP co-operating with the Conservatives, however these are not normal times. The primary task of UKIP must be to ensure we have as smooth a transition to Brexit as possible, and that our negotiators have the strongest hand at the negotiating table. The Prime Minister needs our support in this task at this time. For me patriotism and doing the right thing for the British people comes before my party loyalties" [source].

"This is not a normal election, normal campaigning concepts do not apply. For this election only, [UKIP] rules preventing campaigning for other parties need to be suspended, with the proviso that the candidate supports Brexit. The incumbent Conservative MPs should not be opposed. Lib Dems should be opposed in every case, either directly if there is a realistic chance of beating them, or else indirectly by assisting the Conservative candidate. Labour Leave MPs must not be opposed, but given assistance if they want it" [source].

"We will have to hold our noses and vote Conservative. Voting UKIP will split the Brexit vote and risk Brexit. The remain side will vote tactically -- are we clever enough to see the danger, and do likewise?"   /   "[Remainers] want to see the Brexit vote split and will vote tactically themselves. This is effectively a second EU referendum - and Brexit is at risk" [comments at source].

"Yes, we have had tactical voting in the past in local seats to oust another PPC, but it is rare. However this is very complex in that ... not only do you not vote for your preferred candidate because it is primarily about the EU, but you would of course have to elect a Tory MP for the next four years and not the next closest PPC that could unseat the present encumbant. How many northern labour seats will change overnight to Tory? I would suggest virtually none. ... My principle is that if there is no one who reflects my opinions I will not vote for them. I suspect many others feel the same way, tactical voting has never been a major part of British politics" [comment at source].

"I voted conservative in the last election. I thought conservatives would be conservative but my treacherous MP campaigned to remain in the EU. I voted to leave the EU & I still want that. So why should I vote for the same spineless capitulating MP a second time? It doesn't look to me like the Tories mean to get us out but the opposite"   /   "Better to vote for what you want and not get it than vote for what you don't want and get it. I don't trust May, and her Tories have shown themselves to be spineless" [comments at source].

"Those of us who believe in democracy need to stand for our principles rather than any party in this, the Brexit election. That means focusing on the 'absolutely central question' of who should have the power to decide our future - the masses or the political-media elites? And that might mean endorsing candidates who are prepared unequivocally to back key democratic demands, whatever colour rosette that happen to be wearing" [source].

"Be under no illusion - a vote for any party other than the Conservatives or UKIP is a vote against Brexit. Labour's leader, Jeremy Corbyn, can be described as nothing other than weak. He is a lifelong Eurosceptic, but backed 'Remain' in the EU Referendum due to the pressure put on him by his own MPs. The same could happen again if he was elected Prime Minister. The Liberal Democrats, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens, don't even try and hide their intentions. They would all like to see the UK remain inside the EU. In such uncertain times - where Brexit tensions are still running high - it is not beyond the realms of possibility we could end up with a rainbow coalition in favour of the EU! If the Conservative Party cannot form a majority Government, we could see these 'Remainers' uniting to block Brexit. We cannot allow this to happen. In all likelihood it won't, but we should not ignore this possibility, and we must all vote accordingly" [source].

"17 million people voted for Brexit. If they all voted for the real Brexit party, UKIP, they'd get it. If half of them voted for UKIP, when all the calculations were done, they'd very likely still get it. If less people vote for UKIP than they did in 2015 - just as the manipulation coming out of Westminster is requiring of them - then they'll only get Fake Brexit instead. It should be very simple" [source].

"The way to combat the Establishment at thethis election, and prevent the British Government getting what it wants, is to vote UKIP. ... Objections to voting for UKIP ... [have been] as follows: UKIP is disorganised, UKIP has no leader figure, UKIP doesn't have policies, etc, etc.  [However], UKIP's national grassroots network won the referendum, UKIP isn't klike other parties, ... UKIP is pushed not pulled; [and] it has the one most important policy of any: indefpendence" [source].

"Even if UKIP were in complete disarray, it is absolutely crucial that it should be the target for votes because that would mean those votes weren't being given to the LibLabCon and in support of a scheme to deliver a fake Brexit ... it doesn't matter if a Tory gets in to Parliament ahead of a Labour MP. It makes not a blind bit of difference because it would be more likely than not that this Tory candidate had been hand-selected by pro-EU Conservative HQ ... it doesn't even matter if UKIP stand down candidates to have 'eurosceptic' Tory MPs elected. If those Tories are marginalised in their own Party, then they won't make the slightest bit of difference. In fact, any MP in that situation would have more impact if he were in a recognisably oppositional Party, and how many Tory MPs are going to leave the Tory Party when push comes to shove? ... None" [source].


National Sovereignty

Statute of Praemunire (1392)

"It was a law designed to stop Papal jurisdictions from having influence or supremacy inside the UK by making it an offence of asserting or maintaining papal or foreign jurisdiction imperial or foreign or some other alien jurisdiction or claim of supremacy in England against the supremacy of the monarch. It is now time to reintroduce an updated version for the EU and other globalist subversive ideological groups, who have a sinister desire to rule over us or interfere in public policy or even campaign to subsume the UK into a supranational institution that would have supremacy over the UK" [source].

"In the interests of national security & nation state sovereignty all globalist groups and members of them who actively campaign and plot to strip our great country of its right to self-determination ... be classed as extreme and placed on a blacklist" [source].

"It is my firm belief that, if this legislation of a similar manner and force is not brought in for the EU in particular, Brussels will continue to promote schemes in the UK to undermine the Westminster Parliament and devolved regions as well as many other UK institutions by buying influence wherever they can, even deciding or influencing how public service vacancies are filled, contracts are awarded and policy is proposed and delivered: effectively paying for a chorus of UK elected or appointed officials or public institutions to sing the EU's and other international bodies praises and legislate and award contracts accordingly. That funding maintenance and influence has to be blocked if not made illegal in the public domain" [source].

"If your MP refuses to bring in such a law, ask them what their reasons are? ... if they have no interest in this law, then you have to presume they are open to or planning to have foreign jurisdictions have supremacy inside the UK"   /   "Now the UK is leaving surely we don't want MPs taking us back in. It's quite clear that the intent of repealing this law was in preparation for joining the Common Market" [comments at source].


The Economy

"[Remainers] will have to avoid the economy, it is doing pretty well!" [comment at source].

"We've admitted millions of hostile Muslims who, while they're waiting for the time to be right to turn against us, are costing us a fortune that we have to borrow. We, as a country will never be able to pay these debts. In short, the majority of indigenous Brits in our country can only look forward to a future of financial hardship, poverty and violence, I'm not imagining this, we're seeing this all around us now, it's only going to get worse" [source].

"[Politicians] only need to take a walk around almost any town or city centre during normal working hours and they will realise that increasing immigration does not, in general, increase the number of taxpayers"   /   "[I]mmigrants do not make much, if any, net contribution to public funds. 4 out of 5 immigrants (or at least of EU immigrants) are unskilled and thus probably on the minimum wage. Only people earning above £35,000pa are likely to be net contributors to public funds once receipt of inwork benefits, NHS treatment and other public services is taken into account" [comment at source].

"[I]mmigrants will vote for the party that continues to support their comfortable, unproductive lifestyle, which is why Labour especially need an awful lot of them ... tackling the benefits might at least help stem migration, as well as limit the polygamy baby-making machine scam on the poor old taxpayer" [comment at source].

"There is no 'economic argument' [for mass immigration of Somalis, Afghans, and Syrians]. If Britain was the most luxurious, prosperous and well ordered society on earth, and those fruits were based upon mass immigration, it is still not worth what is happening to English girls. The very idea that there seems to be a price tag on the safety on English girls is grotesque. If Muslim men raise the GDP of the nation by 10% but that includes having organised rape gangs in every town and city where they reside, then it is better not to have the extra 10%" [source].

"What is the economy for? What is its purpose? if the current economic model demands English girls be sacrificed to satiate it, then that economic model should be abolished, indeed, it should be seen as an abomination and abolished as quickly as possible and with extreme prejudice. But no, Anna Soubry and ... The Independent, and the liberal classes in general are, knowingly or not, offering up 1000s more English girls to mammon. Do they know?" [source].

"In order to [balance the budget] you need to reduce expenditure whilst NOT spending any increased income due to growth in GDP so that within the period of a parliament the overpsend falls annually and then begins to be a surplus to start paying off the total debt:

  • We cannot afford the present invasion of migrants,
  • We cannot afford the membership fee of the EU, £8b - £15b,
  • We cannot afford to give 0.7% of GDP in overseas aid, £13b in 2016,
  • We cannot afford renewable subsidies and the knock-on effect of expensive electricity,
  • We cannot afford to close cheap coal fired power stations,
  • We cannot afford to spend any more on the NHS or care,
  • We cannot afford the vanity project of HS2,
  • We cannot afford not to frack for gas" [source].

"You will never solve the funding problem of the public services by throwing more money at them. There will never be enough tax revenue because they are insatiable. That just leads to a repeat of what happened in Greece and is a cancer affecting many Western nations. The only solution to avoid this really is to get a grip on public spending" [source].


Industry and Jobs

"We've been told that we have skills shortages - a pack of lies to justify the admittance of millions of Third World immigrants. As our country used to be one of the most educated in the world, this was never true. ... Our industry has been offshored and wages driven down in what industry remains, while the cost of living has gone through the roof" [source].

"The major issue in the UK, political and economic, is one of 'short termism'. It is cheaper to hire migrants in the short term to improve profits; the long term issues of immigration are not companies' problems and so these problems become an expensive vicious circle for society. The people who argue that we don't have enough indigenous talent have for their own reasons [have] 'sold out' their own. As a principle we need to get back to the idea of training and hiring our own people. That can't be difficult"   /   "Those migrants imported to lower labour costs are a huge issue, not only do they keep wages down but most simply cannot do the job to the required standard as well as supporting the population replacement policy" [comments at source].


Big Business

The Tories record is one "of always legislating in favour of Big Business. And Big Business likes the cheap labour and high profits you only get with Freedom of Movement and the massively over-saturated labour market that results. They like their cheap nannies and their cheap chauffeurs. And Big Business certainly doesn't like competition from the developing world. They don't want a competitive Britain that drives down ordinary people's living costs. No, they like cartels. They like their cosy corporate club that is the Single Market. And they are confident that this is exactly what the Tories, yet again, are going to deliver them. They are used to getting what they want and they have the means to ensure that they will go on getting what they want, with Theresa, or without her" [source].


Foreign Aid

"No more foreign aid: stop poor, hard working British people from subsidising rich corrupt dictators in poor countries so that they can continue oppressing their own ordinary people"   /   "This doesn't mean we as a nation won't help nations hit by natural disasters! It does mean that we scrap DfID and their ever-increasing budget, now planned to reach £13 billion. It should also mean that we get a breakdown of where the money went, a cost-benefit analysis without hiding behind 'commercial confidentiality'. It should mean an end to us helping nations who are engaged in vicious and protracted civil war. A one-billion disaster fund is one thing, spending money we are actually borrowing on failed states or states with atom bombs is something else altogether" [comments at source].

"Pressure has been mounting for the UK to scrap its target that some argue encourages the funding of undeserving projects simply to meet a goal. Millions of pounds being spent on projects in China, the world's second-largest economy, have heightened public concerns at a time of belt-tightening in the UK" [source].



"Our health service is being overwhelmed. If a vet treated animals as badly, there would be an outcry" [source].



General Immigration

"[I]mmigration. A simple word which engenders an increasingly emotional response when mentioned in a political or social context. The process of immigration when broached in conversation can attract accusations of racism, xenophobia, extremism and other stigmatising terms to those who wish to talk. These accusations come from those who find it uncomfortable or inconvenient to talk about immigration and these accusations have been encouraged by a political class. Thus, immigration is a subject that has become 'toxic', one which could result in social rejection and personal or professional ramifications if discussed in the 'wrong' company. We recognise this as 'Political Correctness'" [source].

"Immigration is toxic, because it has been made toxic for political reasons. It has been and is made so by conflating discussions about immigration (a process), with discussions about immigrants (a disparate variety of human beings). Intelligent discourse is replaced by emotional response. It is made so in our schools, on the television and in the media. It is made so by a political class which chooses to use race, ethnicity, religion, colour, sexuality, age, health, and wealth as tools to, put quite simply, attain power. If the subject of immigration were to be discussed, as it should be, in a rational, scientific and academic manner, the importance of the subject in relation to our political decision making may be somewhat different" [source].

"We've been told that we have skills shortages - a pack of lies to justify the admittance of millions of Third World immigrants. As our country used to be one of the most educated in the world, this was never true" [source].

"Those migrants imported to lower labour costs are a huge issue, not only do they keep wages down but most simply cannot do the job to the required standard as well as supporting the population replacement policy" [comment at source].

"The Conservative Party were elected [in 2015] on the promise that they would reduce nett immigration to the tens of thousands. This promise has been broken. It was a promise that the Conservative Party knew it was not empowered to keep. As members of the EU, and we remain members, the UK Government cannot control the gross immigration rate. This is no longer a matter of dispute (the science on this is 'settled')"  [source].

"May is going to be in power until 2022 to keep the 2nd & 3rd World's demographic invasion of England & Wales going, & there's no organised opposition to stop her"   /   "A vote for [May] is a vote for the mass foreign invasion of millions that she's been facilitating for almost a decade now, & the millions more than she has every intention of allowing to follow ... & anyone voting for this will be personally responsible for what follows, just as much as all those who voted Remain on June 23 supported the destruction of the Kingdom & its take-over by a foreign power" [comments at source].

"The key ... policy attack in the GE 2017 should be stopping the Liblabcon's mass foreign immigration policy, which is running at an astonishing sum of 300K every year now. ... Each part of the Liblabcon Order has facilitated, supports & is currently facilitating mass foreign invasion ... The public is now deeply disquieted about this area (despite the MSM ignoring it & trying to drown it out with all the phoney cheerleading for May ('The Brexiteer'), ... May is up to her neck in this policy personally also, having been in control of it at the highest level since 2010, & having supported Remain in the Ref. (which would have assured that East European mass migration would have remained uncontrollable) & she has every intention of continuing it as long as she is in Downing Street. What's going on is the biggest, most radically extreme change in the England & Wales' demography in more than a millennia, which has unknown & dangerous potential, economically, culturally, civilizationally & societally" [comment at source].

"1 million immigrants need 250,000 houses - at the average price of £250,000 [that] will cost £62,500,000,000 without anything else. Our debts are rising because we cannot afford them"  [comment at source].

"We would also have to pay for all the infrastructure needed for them as well, all their benefits (why work when you can get it for free) and NHS. [Who] knows how long their app[ointmen]t times would be as translators would be needed for most of them (paid for by us of course). A friend in Sheffield had to wait 90 minutes for her appointment - the person who had the appointment in front was a 'recent arrival' who needed a translator - AND a social worker/chaperone - ALL paid for by us - the new arrival didn't give a ***t about all the delays they caused to everyone else" [comment at source]. 

Muslim Immigration

"Poland and Hungary and Slovakia do not have Islamic terrorism because they have very little Islam. France and Germany and Belgium admit more and more Islam, and thus more and more terrorism. Yet the subject of immigration has been all but entirely absent from the current UK election campaign. Thirty years ago, in the interests of stopping IRA terrorism, the British state was not above preventing the internal movement within its own borders of unconvicted, uncharged, unarrested Republican sympathizers seeking to take a ferry from Belfast to Liverpool. Today it declares it can do nothing to prevent the movement of large numbers of the Muslim world from thousands of miles away to the heart of the UK. It's just a fact of life - like being blown up when you go to a pop concert" [source].

"What surprises me are the numbers of people in this country who do not appreciate [that] over time the numbers of Muslims will exceed Non-Muslims; and, as Islam and Democracy are incompatible, Non-Muslims will be eliminated" [comment at source].

"When they practice their beliefs in public, whether shahids blowing up themselves and innocent bystanders, or praying in the street, or demanding the murder of non-believers or creating no-go zones, or persecuting homosexuals and people drinking or wearing scanty clothes, or Sharia law and Sharia finance, or practicing animal cruelty, then it becomes a problem for us all. There is not one main political party which is willing to stand up against all of this, and that includes UKIP" [comment at source].

"We already know that the Conservatives are unlikely to take on the immigration and Islam issues head on, if at all. Labour and the Lib Dems would simply accelerate the race replacement scheme. ... Nuttall and his colleagues need to take a hardline approach to Islamic encroachment as well as its more vile practices. This will resonate with the post election electorate who will soon feel short changed by Conservative intransigence"   /   "UKIP's David Kurten is already filling the space. Brave man"   /   "I think that's the guy I just heard on the radio. He did pretty well in the face of the British Broadcasting Caliphate" [comments at source].

Concerning the deselection of Anne Marie Waters, prospective UKIP candidate for Lewisham East:  "The fact is the UK Independence Party has been pusillanimous on this issue for years. Only Lord Pearson, a friend of the Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders, attempted to grasp the nettle on Islam, Shariah, and the issues emanating from migrant communities whose sons and daughters are not only failing to integrate, but are becoming more and more radical as time passes. What does UKIP think is going to happen, if it doesn't take a stand? Will Theresa May ... take a firm stand against this scourge of theocratic and cultural extremism? Does someone in UKIP HQ believe Jeremy (Hamas) Corbyn will lead the charge? ... People will begin to view [UKIP] as politically correct, opportunistic, cowardly, and hypocritical. And frankly, we've got the Conservative Party for that" [source].

Concerning the deselection of Anne Marie Waters, prospective UKIP candidate for Lewisham East:  "[Paul Nuttall] is not prepared to answer difficult questions on Islam. ... Perhaps the press grilling, which should have been anticipated, proved too much. If the party is going to have policies such as banning the burqa, or outlawing sharia councils, then they have to have both the courage and the knowledge to defend and promote these policies. I think perhaps the idea was to gain the votes with the policies, but still retain the necessary political correctness while discussing those policies. That can't be done - it's no good wanting to outlaw sharia if you're not prepared to be critical of Islam, and it seems that Paul Nuttall is not, which is why, sadly, these policies will not have the impact they could have had, and UKIP will feel this on polling day" [Anne Marie Waters, quoted at source].

"With 'allies' like Saudi Arabia, the premier exporter of Islamofascism, who needs enemies? That the Saudis have outreach programmes to 'students of all ages' in the UK, is a national disgrace. That our MPs kow-tow, appease and collaborate is a national disgrace" [comment at source].

"1 million immigrants need 250,000 houses - at the average price of £250,000 [that] will cost £62,500,000,000 without anything else. Our debts are rising because we cannot afford them"  [comment at source].

"We would also have to pay for all the infrastructure needed for them as well, all their benefits (why work when you can get it for free) and NHS. [Who] knows how long their app[ointmen]t times would be as translators would be needed for most of them (paid for by us of course). A friend in Sheffield had to wait 90 minutes for her appointment - the person who had the appointment in front was a 'recent arrival' who needed a translator - AND a social worker/chaperone - ALL paid for by us - the new arrival didn't give a ***t about all the delays they caused to everyone else. We are being turned into slaves - taxed to give the 3rd world arrivals free lives" [comment at source].

"They all have at least 10 very nasty diseases or medical conditions, some of which have been eradicated years ago"   /   "In the late fifties Britain was declared TB free"   /   "[A]nd now London is one of the TB capitals of the world - all down to immigration"   /   "The deliberate and knowing re-introduction of TB - now drug-resistant - the UK is an abomination. If the so-called health-authorities were doing their job, they would warn everyone using the Underground to wear masks as TB is spread by coughing, sneezing and spitting - a favourite pastime of the 'new people'"   /   "In the North of England there used to be 'no spitting' notices on the buses... I suppose that's likely to offend now"   /   "Yes, but they're needed again, more than ever"   /   "Supermarkets and banks have notices asking for motorcycle helmets etc to be removed before entering - but certain groups won't remove their face coverings. Rules and laws clearly only apply to White English people - not to foreign invaders"   /   "Aids cost $10 a day $3650 a year for life"   /   "And the vast majority of beneficiaries of NHS treatment are African immigrants"   /   "Only the healthy and with the skills we need should be allowed in all the rest refused" [comments at source].

Sharia Law

"Under Sharia Law:

  • There is no freedom of religion,
  • There is no freedom of speech,
  • There is no freedom of thought,
  • There is no freedom of artistic expression,
  • There is no freedom of the press,
  • There is no equality of the peoples - a non-Muslim, a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim,
  • There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims,
  • There are no equal rights for women,
  • Women can be beaten,
  • A non-Muslim cannot bear arms,
  • There is no democracy, since democracy means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim,
  • Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah, that must submit to Sharia,
  • Non-Muslims are dhimmis, second-class subjects,
  • All governments must be ruled by Sharia law,
  • Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, not can it be changed,
  • There is no Golden Rule" [comment at source].

BBC Televised Debate 31 May 2017

Bayith Note:  The following comments were made by various party leaders during a televised BBC General Election debate just NINE DAYS after the Manchester Arena Islamic jihadist bombing.  All credit to UKIP's Paul Nuttall on this occasion; as for the others, there really are no words to describe their disgusting disregard for those who died and their grieving families...   

"UKIP leader Paul Nuttall warned [that] immigration is 'unsustainable' and fast inflating Britain's population ... this discussion is 'not about about immigrants, but immigration policy'. On the topic of national security, Nuttall won applause when he pledged to strip Islamists [sic] fighting abroad of their passports, promising he would put 'British lives over the rights of jihadis any day'." [quoted at source].

"Green MP Caroline Lucas told viewers that migrants have 'enriched' Britain, adding: 'Migration makes a massive positive contribution' to the UK' ... describing Nuttall's words as 'hate-filled rhetoric'." [quoted at source].

[Leanne] Wood accused [Nuttall] of trying to 'whip up hatred and fear' with [UKIP's] policy of reducing migration" [quoted at source].

"SNP deputy Angus Robertson announced that even debating immigration 'shames and demeans us all. I don't think there's anyone in this room, or anybody watching this debate from Cornwall to Caithness who does not understand the positive contribution that people have made to this land who've come from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. And demonising those people is totally unacceptable', the SNP deputy boomed, to rapturous applause from the Cambridge audience" [quoted at source].

"Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron jumped in to relay an anecdote in which an 'Asian' doctor was 'abused and called racist names' while on his way home from working a marathon shift of '50 hours saving lives after the Manchester bombing. That is what happens when you demonise immigrants', he declared, jabbing his finger" [quoted at source].

"This is weaponized insanity ... The amount of cognitive dissonance to ignore the thousands of British people killed and 10s of thousands maimed and raped, etc, from 3rd world migration borders on mental illness. In fact, ethno-masochism is what this is ... there is no hope with the current political establishment"   /   "It's just plain old sedition and treason. There are those that can't recognize treason from within, those that sympathise with its aims and those that can't stop virtue signalling even for a second to think about it. That's how ... Robertson can spew his betrayal out in the open without repercussions"   /   [comments at source].

Imagine the death toll if there had been two or three blasts at Manchester. We are being 'warned', and in no way are we taking the warning as seriously as we should. There has to be a reason fort that, not one we'd ever like..."   /   "Yes, you are quite right. The Coalition of Chaos is so close to achieving what Hitler failed to do, and the Islamic Caliphate is waiting in the wings. They are so close to their declared goal, thanks to efforts by Momentum, and the SNP separatists, naÔvely supported by LibDems and Greens... Chaos indeed" [comments at source].

"I'd say that UKIP aren't perfect but ARE the best of a bad bunch. UKIP's fault is that they are too timid. The rest are just out and out traitors"   /   I don't see how UKIP can be classed as timid. They are seen as racist already and they have said nothing that wasn't the truth"   /   "UKIP is timid, utterly missing the dire threat we face. In being and doing so, they let us down, badly. It must change. Tommy Robinson and Ann-Marie Waters are not leading lights, as they really should be, as eventually they will be. UKIP is denounced as 'racist' cos that's the best the traitors can come up with. So far it seems to have had an effect, even if in 2014 Nigel [Farage] publicly denied it, rightly and justifiably so" [comments at source].

"I wonder what Robertson's interpretation is of the statement issued by the parents of one of the Manchester victims saying that the government 'should open its eyes'? It couldn't possibly be that they feel the government is facilitating the Islamifcation of Britain with all its attendant horrors?"   /   "It is blatantly clear that the Islamification of this once beautiful island is what the govt is deliberately doing. What the govt all hope to receive for the treachery is beyond me. If they think that a country full of religious fanatics is going to be ruled by a few English people than the govt really are insane"   /   "Government politicians are all bought and paid for by the Bankers, Globalists and the cultural Marxists running the UN" [comments at source].

"I am grateful to the Muslim surgeon who operated on those injured in the Manchester bombing. However he is factually incorrect to suggest that it is contrary to Islamic teaching. There are numerous instructions in the Koran which indicate otherwise" [comment at source].

"Immigration has imported Islamic violence on a massive scale. If Corbyn is elected what happened in Manchester will become a weekly event as out major cities become rubble-strewn no-go areas. Because of remorseless Muslim migration and violence France now lives under permanent martial law, or doesn't tiny Tim Farron remember that free speech was wiped out after the Charlie Hebdo murders, then normal existence after the the Nice Murders, the Paris murders, the Brussels murders?"   /   "What happened in Manchester will happen again and again and again and eventually will affect every city and town in the country whatever party is in power. Not even UKIP dare to mention what has to be done to end this madness - deportation of all Muslims from our shores. The alternative is terror attacks and a rape epidemic to infinity and beyond. We are just at the the beginning. In Eqypt the Copts have been subjected to this for 1400 years" [comments at source].

"If that panel is representative of current British politicians, this country is in big trouble. A panel of politicians who came across as unprofessional incompetents, they are an embarrassment to this country. And all hosted by that other national embarrassment, the impartial BBC. Run a country? I wouldn't leave them in charge of [running] the bath"   /   "The leaders of all parties are prattling clowns and I can only hope that the solid backbone of voters do not fall for the complete tripe on offer from the Greens, SNP, Liberals and Corbyn" [comments at source].


British Law - One Law For All

"This is really only a problem due to excess immigration by people from different cultures who have no intention of integrating and can afford to take this stance thanks to the generous welfare state and poor enforcement of criminal laws" [comment at source].

"The mass importation of ius civile into British law is also a consequence of the liberal elites' love affair with the authoritarian political and legal systems of the continent. Get the liberal elites out and off our backs and we can restore things like the common law, habeas corpus, the right to a jury trial, freedom of speech and get rid of things like the European Arrest Warrant etc"   /   "One law for everybody and everybody subject to the same law. With laws made in our own parliament by our own elected representatives" [comments at source].

"Zero tolerance of parallel systems such as Sharia Councils (which are discriminatory particularly against women) and they are anti-democratic. Sharia is the thin end of the wedge to completely undermining democracy itself. They believe that the laws of Allah are more important than the laws of man. And so ultimately the only role that parliament will have in the UK is to interpret Islamic scripts in order to work out who exactly is to have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides. And what size of stick is allowed for a man to beat his wife etc. Once you allow any form of Sharia whether councils (Labour 2008) or finance (Conservative - LibDem coalition), there is no way that you can stop it spreading its evil tendrils everywhere. ... Zero tolerance of Sharia and its associated evils such as Halal" [comment at source].

"[W]e have sharia law operating to the especial detriment of women and homosexuals, we have cruel ritual halal slaughter, we have abominable, illegal FGM, we have appalling illegal forced marriage, we have women covered from head and face to foot in a way that impedes social interaction and compromises security, as well as offending British women who had to fight long and hard to escape their own subjugation. We have muslin rape gangs that no one had the guts to expose or prosecute for years, so entrenched were these criminals within their self-ruling ghettoes which protected and defended them with 'political correctness' as their weapon. ... So UKIP's 'Integration Agenda' is ... a radical challenge to those in power who have allowed a dangerous situation to fester for years while denying it existed. It is also a challenge to muslims to realise and remember where they are, whose country this is, and that there is a limit to tolerance when intolerable, unBritish, grossly unfair, cruel things are happening in the name of an alien religion/ideology. ONE law for ALL - and obey it!" [comment at source].

"No matter how unpalatable the truth, it has to be faced and the truth is that FGM, Sharia Law, Wife Beating, Multiple Wives, Honor Killings, the abuse of Women's Rights, Paedophilia, etc, are ALL against British law. The fact that it has been allowed to continue unchecked is a disgrace and a shaming of our country!" [comment at source].

"The most likely explanation when it comes to the inaction of governments [concerning Islam] is 'short-sighted, short-termist, cowardly idiots': they're afraid of controlling Islam in this country in case it leads to attacks by muslims and/or attacks on muslims. But we already have attacks by muslims and if something isn't done soon, we'll have attacks on muslims as well. ONE LAW FOR ALL is the answer, abolishing sharia, banning halal slaughter, coming down hard and heavy on FGM criminals, banning face coverings for everyone. if they don't bite the bullet soon, the civil disorder they fear will happen anyway with far worse things to come in the future" [comment at source].


British Values and British Culture

"It doesn't matter if our values are perceived as better or inferior by those of other cultures - what matters is that they understand that if they live here they must respect our values and live under one law; and that our culture and law are enforced by the supposed upholders of the law. No get out of jail free cards issued by the courts (and, ultimately, the supreme court, post March 2019) [comment at source].

"But it's true though, isn't it? Our values ARE objectively better than others'. We built the modern world and all these disgusting Islam-apologist politicians want is to give the product of our ancestors' blood, sweat and tears away to anyone who turns up with their hands out" [comment at source].

"We must be clear about what our values are though. Letting the 57 genders crowd claim science because we're 'tolerant'? Being proud of having 50% women in every line of work even if it retards the birth rate to such a degree that we have no society to pass our values onto within a few generations? Silencing those who cause offence because we never doubt the offender? Frankly the values the political establishment have engineered seem little more desirable than the mohammedans" [comment at source].

"The West does not realise how far it has fallen. The West is now a pagan society that promotes homosexuality and increasingly all manner of abnormalities as 'normal'. Islam is a spiritual entity and it will easily destroy such a pagan society. The existence of homosexual marriage confirms in the mind of every Muslim that it is their duty to turn the UK into an Islamic State. And if homosexual marriage retains legal status in Britain they will succeed. Only nations such as Russia and some of the eastern block states that reject homosexual propaganda and defend marriage have any hope whatsoever of defending themselves against Islam" [comment at source].

"Cultural relativism is childish wishful thinking" [comment at source].

"''The biggest issues of our time are cultural' (Peter Whittle, UKIP). No - the biggest issues of our time are existential, for Western countries and for their indigenous white people. Islam is of course one of the main threats to their existence"   /   "Kalergi plan. Islam is a suitable religion for slaves/serfs" [comments at source].


The Legacy / Establishment Parties

Conservative / Labour / Liberal Democrats

"The only difference between [the Establishment Parties] is the way they market themselves: they're all singing from the same hymn sheet" [source].

"The legacy parties kept repeating the unbelievable mantra that Britain gains hugely from EU membership without daring to explain that these gains only apply to the already wealthy and big corporations" [comment at source].

"None of the legacy parties are for Britain. Whether they say they're from the left, the right or for environment, they all support, sustain and promote, each in their own devious way, the same anti-British globalist agenda. They're not working for us, the ordinary Briton. They're working for them. They are all the enemy" [comment at source].

"Our governments have lied and cheated while selling us out to their globalist masters. It is noticeable that the celebrities and politicians who are the strongest advocates of globalisation always live in the nicest areas, very far removed from the chaos and misery that they've helped to create. These people it seems, are well rewarded for their treachery, but the benefits of globalisation are for the very few" [source].

"It is quite literally our last chance to turn things around. We need to fight the globalists in the ballot box or..." [comment at source].

"[D]o not forget the utter failure of all political parties to support the tens of thousands of British gang raped children" [comment at source].

"There is no right of centre political party in UK politics. They are all variations on ever bigger government, ever bigger taxes. The British public are by nature suspicious of government and politicians, don't like paying taxes and want to be left to do and say what they like without government interference. That is why the country voted to leave the EU"  [comment at source].



"This election is so vital to our survival - Brexit, Islam and mass immigration - can we afford the risk of handing over untramelled power to a remainer party led by a remainer Prime Minister? We could not even stop her from backing off Brexit. ... There is no conservative party ... [Theresa May] and [David[ Cameron have spent more than seven years manipulating candidates - as she is doing in the coming election - eliminating conservatives and putting in place neo-liberals. It is now a neo-liberal party which is extremist lib dem. It's Common Purpose and PC to the umpteenth degree. It is the antithesis of conservative. It's a mockery of the name. And it's conning a lot of people who see the blue rosette and don't realise what they are actually voting for" [comment at source].

"We need to make sure the Conservatives deliver on Brexit, but we also, desperately need representation for us indigenous Brits" [source].

"May has blotted her copybook with no controls to mass immigration, no reduction to the Overseas Waste budget but increases in tax, NI and VAT presumably to pay for the other two. ... let's vote for a party who will fix this and begin a programme of de-islamification"   /   "And don't forget that May refuses to control the rotten BBC who will now spend 24 hours a day denigrating UKIP for being Islamophobic"   /   "I'm beginning to wonder if [May]'s trying not to get elected - it's one way out of Brexit for her"  [comments at source].

"The 'modernisation' of the Tories cost them a General Election win in 2010. After 13 years of New Labour, the country would have voted for proper conservative values and policies once more, had they been offered. Instead we got Blu-Labour, liked by almost nobody but in [voted into] power as they are the least worst of two terrible options" [comment at source].

"[The Tories] promised to balance the country's books by 2015, and were still running a massive annual deficit of £90 billion by that year. They promised to cut borrowing and yet nearly doubled our national debt; adding £630 billion in just five years. They promised to cut net immigration to the tens of thousands, and yet oversaw its rise to 340,000 per year. They promised no more top-down reorganisations of the NHS, and yet subsequently spent nearly £3 billion on the biggest ever reorganisation of its history, and one that resulted in a bloated management structure with loss of influence amongst those with clinical training. They promised to deport foreign criminals, and yet every available statistic indicates that we have more foreign criminals on our streets today than ever before. They promised to maintain our military strength, and yet cut troop numbers by 20,000. They promised not to raise VAT, and shortly after... raised VAT" [source].

If we give the Conservatives a stronger majority, we are telling them that we trust them with their version of Brexit ... they will act with impunity, knowing that when we suffer the consequences yet again of another Conservative-style 'negotiation' with Brussels, and walk away with our tail between our legs, they will know that they have three more years for us to recover from our disappointment with a failed Brexit process; three more years to forget all the broken Tory promises, before the next General Election comes round again" [source].

"[T]he Tory campaign has been profoundly depressing - we have seen 'of what mettle/metal T. May is made' and it's not iron, more like plasticine" [comment at source].


Anna Soubry, Broxtowe:  "Though [she] didn't vote against Article 50, Soubry has been anything but democratic about the Brexit vote. 'Politicians for #Brexit are deliberately misleading people with their phoney promises', she tweeted during the campaign, and she's maintained that [Leavers] didn't know what [they] were voting for ever since. She thinks [Leavers are] racist, and thick too. In a tirade against voters in a recent interview, she implied Leavers were 'the ones who say: "I don't like all that foreign muck, what are having for tea tonight? Chicken tikka masala?"'" [source].

Kenneth Clarke, Rushcliffe:  "No Tory is as opposed to Brexit as party grandee and longstanding Europhile Ken Clarke. Clarke was the only Conservative MP to vote against triggering Article 50, stating, 'I just think it's silly to have such a complex issue put to one day's Yes-No vote.'  He finished his speech in parliament paraphrasing Edmund Burke, arguing that politicians who blindly follow the instruction of their constituents, rather than use their judgement, are not 'serving you... [but] betraying you.'  Politicians who think they know better than those who vote for them have no place in the HofC" [source].

Censoring the Internet

"We will establish a regulatory framework in law to underpin our digital charter and to ensure that digital companies, social media platforms and content providers abide by these principle. We will introduce a sanctions regime to ensure compliance, giving regulators the ability to fine or prosecute those companies that fail in their legal duties, and to order the removal of content where it clearly breaches UK law. We will also create a power in law for government to introduce an industry-wide levy from social media companies and communication service providers to support awareness and preventative activity to counter internet harms" [Conservative Manifesto, 2017].

"If this hardly needs translating into Plain English, I will make the effort. The Conservatives are proposing to censor the internet. Anyone who, in this country, publishes opinions or alleged facts the authorities dislike will be prosecuted. If these are published abroad, access to the relevant websites will be blocked. Internet companies will be taxed to pay for a Ministry of Propaganda to go beyond anything now provided by the BBC" [source].

"We are supposed to think the main targets of censorship will be the radical Moslems. I have no doubt some effort will be made to shut them up. The main targets, however, will be on the nationalist right. These are the ones who will be harried and prosecuted and generally threatened into silence" [source].

"In Britain, in Europe, in America, there are powerful interests that are itching to censor the internet. It is the internet that has made us cynical. It is the internet that is giving us the probable truth. It is because of the Internet that the authorities are being held to account" [source].

Islam and Third World Immigration

"The Tories had control over mass immigration from the 3rd world - far more important than immigration from the EU - and did absolutely nothing to stop the influx. They have also unnecessarily lumbered us with thousands of so-called 'refugees' - who actually hate everything we stand for and will cause more grief. The Tories are no better than Labour"   /   "Have you not noticed that immigration is higher now under the tories than it was under labour? Just how blatant do they need to be?" [comments at source].

"I can't for the life of me understand how anyone can vote for the Tories after hearing May say that 'Islam is a great religion' after the Westminster Bridge jihad attack. That is in addition to her ridiculous 'This has nothing to do with Islam ' lies after the Paris attacks"   /   "She's happy to let any radical Muslim imam in - but bans people like Robert Spencer and Pam Geller from coming here because they might tell the truth about Islam. I just wish UKIP had a leader who would rip into these appeasers. Bring on Anne Marie Waters"   /   "I wonder how much of May's 'noble lie' (for she must know full well what Islam is ...) is connected to multi-£billion deals with Gulf States? By repeating the biggest piece of fake news on the planet, so big an entire false narrative of a religion of peace has been constructed atop, she shows her submission" [comments at source].



"Jeremy Corbyn has indicated that John McDonnell will be Chancellor, Diane Abbott Home Secretary and Emily Thornberry Foreign Secretary" [source].

"Diane Abbott ... has not resiled from her 1984 view that 'Every defeat for the British state is a victory for all of us'. If she is made Home Secretary on Friday, she becomes responsible for national security. In what sense is an IRA bomb more righteous than an Islamist [sic] bomb? Why may the people's victory be expressed as a British defeat at the hands of Irish Republicans but not by Jihadi Muslims?" [source].

Diane Abbott was asked by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on 26th May 2017 about her stated desire in 1984 "'to see the British state defeated.'  He gave her the opportunity to prove her patriotism; to tell the country she was wrong ... 'I've moved on from 34 years', Abbott [replied], but without retracting a word of what she'd said in 1984.  How is 'I've moved on' any kind of atonement for sin or re-evaluation of error? She's 'moved on' to what, exactly? Why should we assume that 'moved on' is virtuous progress?  Can't evil move on to greater evil?" [source].

For Diane Abbott: "[T]he Britishness by which she has personally been advanced is a cause of pride, but the Britishness by which the state defends itself against terrorists is a cause of shame. On June 9th, this woman could be Home Secretary ... The only acceptable 'moving on' from Diane Abbott's 1984 exhortation of British defeat would be conviction, contrition, [and] repentance ... How can a Home Secretary foster justice, peace and good government if she still harbours a desire for the British state to be defeated?" [source].

Jeremy Corby, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott: "Are these three not condemned by the words that come out of their mouths? If you surround yourself with Stasi-supporting advisors who express solidarity with Stalin and North Korea; if you salute the IRA, honour Israeli-murdering terrorists; if you proudly boast about opposing all anti-terror legislation for 30 years, might we not reasonably conclude that the country would not be as safe as it could be if it were led by a Corbyn-McDonnell-Abbott triumvirate?" [source].

"If our present rulers are in a weak position to complain about terrorism, Mr Corbyn is in a very weak position to call himself a man of peace. ... It is reasonable to presume that he opposed our wars in the Islamic world less because they were wars than because they were with his friends. ... [H]e has been a consistent support of Sinn Fein/IRA. I shall think better of his opposition to our wars in the Islamic world when he finally denounces the campaign of armed terror directed by his late friend Martin McGuiness" [source].

"Andrew Murray [is] a life-long communist [who has] just been appointed to run Jeremy Corbyn's [General Election] campaign ... Murray resigned his Communist Party membership only last December, at age 57, no doubt in preparation for entry into mainstream politics ... Both [he and Jeremy Corbyn] were (or rather are) columnists for the communist rag Morning Star, with Murray having first acquired journalistic experience at the Soviet Novosti press agency. ... He consistently venerates both Lenin (whose portrait hangs above his desk) and Stalin (who, though a bit 'harsh', laudably installed socialism 'in a third of the world'). He expresses solidarity with 'People's Korea' ... He supports Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist groups" [source].

"Communism still represents... a society worth working towards - albeit not by the methods of the 20th century, which failed" [Andrew Murray, Labour's General Election campaign manager, quoted at source].

"As any reader of Marx will know, [the methods of 20th century Communism] are inseparable from the essence of communism. Predictably this has been proved by every communist regime - as it would be in a communist Britain Murray thinks is worth working towards" [source].

"Christians will have their own justifications for voting Labour on 8th June, one of which might be the complete pig's ear and dog's breakfast the Tories are making of their campaign. But let's be clear that, in the pursuit of the lesser evil, protecting people from being blown to kingdom come trumps a cap on the costs of social care and the price of providing a daily bowl of cornflakes to schoolchildren. Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn believe that only Labour can build a secure and prosperous future; that only they can channel the necessary knowledge and power into ways which can benefit the country as a whole - a nation to which they display a certain moral ambiguity and patriotic conditionality" [source].

"It is a facile optimism that sees in the expansion of socialist knowledge and political power the salvation of the people and remedy to their problems. And it is a dangerous naivety that ignores the fallibility and sinfulness of politicians and their track records: 'But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man (and the woman)'." [source].

"Has Corbyn ever spoke[n] with sympathy and anger about the children of Rotherham?" [comment at source].

"Labour moved to the right in order to get elected under Blair. [The Labour Party was], to various degrees, unelectable under Foot, Kinnock, Miliband and now Corbyn, all of whom are to the left of Blair" [comment at source].

"'There has to be a managed migration', declared Jeremy Corbyn ... The Labour leader condemned the practice of '[bringing] in workers wholesale' from economies in Central Europe for the purpose of 'undermin[ing] existing pay and working conditions'." [quoted at source].

"There's no chance of [a Labour-Liberal-SNP Coalition]. The Labour Party is irreconcilably divided between their own metropolitan, trendy, Remoaner classes, and their traditional working class core that clearly backs Brexit. For this reason it is impossible for them to renege on their commitment to Article 50 and do a U-turn on the referendum result, as they know they will lose more support than they gain, and will actually boost the Conservatives" [source].


Neil Coyle, Bermondsey and Old Southwark:  "In January, Labour's Neil Coyle told the BBC's Andrew Neil that he would defy the result of last June's referendum. More than that, when Neil asked Coyle if he'd do the same if his constituents voted Leave, he proudly stated that he would. 'There is simply too much harm to come from backing Brexit', he later told Southwark News. Coyle also waxed lyrical during the referendum about the Leave campaign 'inspiring extremist elements of the hard right', such is his contempt for Leave voters" [source].

Stella Creasy, Walthamstow:  "Creasy ... recently described Brexit as 'a hammer blow to equality'.  And yet, during the referendum campaign, she described Brexit-supporting women as the 'surrendered wives of Europe'.  A fine depiction of Creasy's egalitarian credentials. When she's not smearing Leave voters, she's denying their existence entirely. 'No one voted for this wretched mess...' she tweeted following the result" [source].

David Lammy, Tottenham:  " Since 23 June, Lammy has been the poster boy for anti-democracy. 'Wake up', he wrote in a statement two days after the result. 'We do not have to do this. We can stop this madness', he added, calling for an anti-Brexit vote in parliament. He's also been at pains to point out that the referendum 'was advice to hear what the people say' but was not binding. Presumably he takes the views of his own constituents as seriously. Will Tottenham voters take the gamble on whether Lammy will take their 'advice' in anything else?" [source].

Diane Abbott, Hackney North and Stoke Newington:  "Some have suggested the ridicule of Abbott is bullying, or even racist. This is utter rubbish. She herself has shown contempt for Brexit voters, constantly implying the Leave vote was driven by prejudice. 'The people that complain about the freedom of movement will not be satisfied because what they really want is to see less foreign-looking people on their streets', she said last year. The reason she's become a focus for people's fury is because she embodies perfectly Labour's contempt for ordinary people, and its drift from representing working people to talking down to them" [source].


Liberal Democrats

"Had we voted 52-48 to stay in the EU last year the Lib Dems would not, of course, be questioning the validity of the result; nor showing concern for the 48% whose fears about the consequences of staying in that failing and corrupt organisation remained unassuaged. However, Brexit has stirred the Lib Dems into leading an anti-democratic front demanding, they say, a 'soft' Brexit, but in fact trying to ensure that there is no Brexit at all. If one looks at what a 'soft' Brexit, in their definition, entails, it means defying the British people on key issues behind their decision last June. It means no recovery of sovereignty, and certainly no control over borders. But at a philosophical level, it also counters what a majority of the British people feel about themselves: that they are capable of home rule. The Lib Dems repudiate that suggestion, believing Britain cannot hack it in the world and must remain a client region of a neo-federal superstate. Why anyone should want to vote for a party with such contempt for our country is beyond me" [source].

"Given the strong pro-Brexit vote in Devon and Cornwall ... any [Lib Dem] candidate there musty be asked why he or she thinks the Common Fisheries Policy has been so disastrous for the fishing fleets of those two counties, and how reversing Brexit would make it any better. The same is true for some Scottish coastal seats the Lib Dems are eyeing up"  [source].


Tim Farron:  "Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron jumped in to relay an anecdote in which an 'Asian' doctor was 'abused and called racist names' while on his way home from working a marathon shift of '50 hours saving lives after the Manchester bombing. That its what happens when you demonise immigrants', he declared, jabbing his finger" [Bayith: No Mr. Farron, that is what happens when Muslim jihadi suicide bombers blow up British children] [quoted at source].

Tim Farron, Westmorland and Lonsdale:  "As leader of the Illiberal Ant-Democrats, Farron has been a leading Brexit-basher since the referendum. But he's also slippery about it. When confronted by a Leave voter called Malcolm, in a video that went viral earlier this year, Farron rejected claims that he had said Brexit voters were racist. But only last year, in a speech in Manchester, he said, 'There's a new battle emerging. Between the forces of tolerant liberalism and intolerant, closed-minded nationalism.' What part of 'close-minded nationalism' doesn't scream 'Brexiteers are racist' to you?" [source].

Nick Clegg: Sheffield Hallam:  "Since the referendum, Clegg and his party have labelled the EU referendum 'the biggest con trick in politics'. This wasn't his position in 2008, when he put out a leaflet arguing that 'only a real referendum on Britain's membership of the EU will let the people decide our country's future'." [source].

Sarah Olney, Richmond Park:  "Olney's victory in the Richmond Park by-election was hailed as a victory for the 48%. 'If you elect me, you'll give me a personal mandate to oppose Brexit,' Olney said during her campaign. A committed anti-democrat, then, but not one willing to back up her position, it seems. In an infamous radio interview after her election, she was asked if, given her support for a second referendum, she'd support a second Richmond Park by-election, to make sure the voters knew what they were voting for. She stumbled, then went silent. A member of her team then picked up the phone and said, 'she's got another interview now'." [source].



"Who will speak for Britain, if we don't?" [comment at source].

"To those who are confused as to where UKIP fits on Great Britain's existing political landscape I say this. It doesn't. ... Not left. Not right. Just Straight Forward" [comment at source].

"We've all witnessed the carefully agreed upon lies. Immigration is a massive benefit to the economy and culture of Britain. The NHS is the envy of the world. Islam is a religion of peace. We have a commitment to help other countries with massive amounts of foreign aid. We have a moral obligation to take in huge numbers of vulnerable children and their families fleeing war and persecution. People are seeing through those lies. More and more every day. UKIP should be taking apart those lies at every opportunity. Especially the lies about Islam. Because if UKIP doesn't fight for the UK who ... will?" [comment at source].

"UKIP under Farage spent the last 6 years brilliantly wresting [the issue of mass immigration] from the control of the Cultural Marxist zeitgeist of the last 50 years, to the point it became one of the key weapons that shamed the Liblabcon's control of the EU Referendum debate"   /   "UKIP should put immigration at the top of the agenda of political debate for the next few years" [comments at source].

"I am voting for the party I believe is the only party to protect my country, its people and Brexit, who will do the most to stop immigration and stop the Islamification, not least by May and her 90 Sharia Courts. I trust none of the others; I certainly don't trust May. It leaves me with one choice. I am voting UKIP" [comment at source].

"We are facing dangerous times ahead but the people are still only half-awake. UKIP has a tremendous future if they can only get their act together and demonstrate to the public that they are capable, determined and have realistic policies. Without UKIP there is nothing to stop the globalists and their cohorts, from destroying our country" [comment at source].

"If [UKIP] cease to be an electoral threat, with a poor showing in June, and a weak representation of candidates, nothing will constrain the Conservatives to ensure that the Brexit we get is on the terms that UKIP fought for in the run-up to the referendum. UKIP will be seen both by the Tories and by the country, as irrelevant has-beens, as a party without a mission. The Tory 'UKIP's job is done' line will have effectively sunk-in throughout the electorate nationally, and we'll have ended up pretty much back where we started, with a 'Brexit' in name only, and yet little discernibly different in the lives of ordinary Brits who will still be struggling with wage compression and wondering why nothing seems to have changed" [source].

"[W]e kippers must try to unite and move forward from tomorrow but today I, for one, will be voting for my UKIP candidate. You see, I can't help feeling that it won't be too long before we are going to be needed like never before. Onwards and upwards folks" [comment at source].


Paul Nuttall:  "UKIP leader Paul Nuttall warned [that] immigration is 'unsustainable' and fast inflating Britain's population ... on its current course the UK will have to build a city the size of Birmingham every five years ... this discussion is 'not about about immigrants, but immigration policy'. On the topic of national security, Nuttall won applause when he pledged to strip Islamists [sic] fighting abroad of their passports, promising he would put 'British lives over the rights of jihadis any day'." [quoted at source].

Integration Agenda

"UKIP are FINALLY saying what the majority of the population have been quietly thinking and saying for a very long time"   /   "Finally, UKIP tells it like it is. ... there is nothing to lose but everything to gain"   /   "If this is the new UKIP, I'm impressed ... Whittle, the 'invisible man' during the London mayor election has grown a pair!"   /   "A good move on the part of UKIP. They are leading, as usual, where the others [parties] will eventually be forced to follow"   /   "Excellent. At last somebody publicly and loudly states a reality understood yet fearfully unexpressed by so many whilst suffering under the jackboot of political correctness. The Thought Police thugs are going to have a hard time stuffing this particular cat back into the bag"  [comments at source].

"This is why UKIP is necessary. It is a party of good British patriots, of any colour, who have the guts to think clearly and tell the truth, while at the same time avoiding crude sectarian politics"   /   "More of the same, UKIP and like minded people" [comment at source].

"UKIP has just secured my vote"   /   "I was 90% going to vote for UKIP and this has swung it for me"   /   "UKIP have my vote 100% on 8th June"   /   "We were thinking of voting for [Theresa May]... Not now, we are back to UKIP"   /   "They'll get mine as well if they stop all Muslim immigration" [comments at source].

"At last and about time a political party has taken Islam on and declared it inferior to British culture. This is what millions of people have been waiting for, a politician to tell the truth about Islam and UKIP has gone perhaps 90% of the way"   /   "This is the language that needs using: our values are better than others'. We shouldn't shy away from it, we have to stop pretending that everything is equal, that one culture is no better or worse than another" [comments at source].

"It is encouraging  that UKIP is speaking against the Islamization of the UK"   /   " Well said, the other parties have pandered to Islam for far too long"   /   "I am pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. It's about ... time a political party confronted Islam. Now follow up on it"   /   "Of course, many muslims will take these announcements as a personal attack. They are no such thing. They are an attack on an ideology itself, not its proponents. That ideology, remember, encourages people to slaughter men, women, and children on our streets, to please its god" [comments at source].

"My family originates from near the equator and I back UKIP 100% on this and many issues. Victims of Boko Haram have suffered horrors that youy can only imagine, in most cases, their crime is just wanting to go to school"   /   "It's such common sense, what everyone except the liberal lefty fascist Soros-funded luvvies have been crying out for, and if we are ever to make sense of our country and halt the Government-funded and enabled slide into Islamisation, we have to confront it"   /   "The Islamic concept of 'integration' is everyone becomes a Muslim" [comments at source].

Integration Agenda: Moderate Islam and Radical Islam

"'During the event, the party's leadership appeared to draw little distinction between Islam, radical Islam, and Islamism'. That's because THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE"   /   "They are one and the same. Though I suppose Peter Whittle has an eye on the electorate and to attempt to describe why the Islam you see in Tower Hamlets is the same Islam that is practiced by IS in Syria is hardly to be explained in sound bites. It is too counterintuitive to explain in slogans to the average voter. Particularly when idiots like Caroline Lucas feed lies and pro-muslim propaganda to her voters" [comments at source].

"One and the same yes because how many other religions do you have to separate the followers as moderate from extreme? None. ... it's only muslims that need this kind of categorisation"   /   "The corner shop muslim is no different from the Islamic fighter, only the context is different. The Islam the British people see in their daily lives, which amounts to around 5% of the UK population, will look very different indeed when that percentage is 20%. At which point we will be in a continual low level civil war and getting worse by the day" [comments at source].

Integration Agenda: Women

"It was all very common sense and pulled no punches. That went for Margot Parker as well with her speech on women's rights, she was bang on the button but you won't find any feminists cheering her on" [comment at source].

Integration Agenda: FGM

"[T]he question is not is this Ukip policy crazy (or 'fascist' as some have suggested)? ... No, the question is, what are the other party policies out there and what do they intend on doing to protect young ethnic minority girls from this practice. Because those girls still count, right? ... In fact, the UK government is under a legal duty - I do believe - under the European Convention of Human Rights to protect the bodily integrity of minor girls. ... But not only is there a legal duty to protect these girls, there is a moral duty also, sneering and mockery might look good politically, but it will make no difference to these girls whatsoever" [source].

"The response to our suggestions has been, quite frankly, hysterical. We women undergo invasive gynaecological examinations throughout the course of our lives. To suggest a few more extremely quick non-invasive one, done purely in the best interests of girls who may otherwise have their genitalia ripped, slashed, burned, and stitched up, threatening their lives, their health and their education, is somehow 'racist' or 'evil' is absurd. These people need to get their moral compasses fixed. Until they do, they are allowing the cutters and the true evil of FGM to continue" [source].

"When will governments here stop colluding in this repellent practice?" [comment at source].

"I believe that - this is quite controversial - we need routine medical examinations ... It is a disgrace and a shame that in 2014 we cannot protect those young girls in London and other big cities. We do not need simply consciousness-raising and educational information. We have to face up to the need for prosecution and for routine medical examination. FGM is a practice to which some of the British authorities have turned a blind eye for too long. It is lone overdue that we, as a political class, take serious action on FGM" [Diane Abbott, quoted at source].

Integration Agenda: Proposed Burka Ban

"Watching so-called 'feminists' and 'emancipated' males falling over themselves to condone a woman's 'right' to continue to be subjugated by this oppressive clothing has been quite extraordinary, and deeply troubling ... the veil de-humanises and segregates women, and prevents them from being perceived as individuals in their own right. The veil is also potentially a security risk, and can hide evidence of domestic abuse" [source].

"In terms of face coverings we have long been a country where it is not acceptable to go around hiding your face so why must we accommodate it now because a foreign culture has set down roots here? Culture is the sum of the people who live in a place based on the common cultural values - you cannot insist on allowing the burka and other Islamic clothing to be accepted without changing our own culture - that is enforcing a culture on people from other cultures - we are the 'other' culture that is being forced to change" [comments at source].

"The full veil must be banned, wherever legally possible. Showing your face is part of our way of life. Our laws take precedence over honour codes, tribal customs and sharia. Show your face. The full covering is not permissible and should be banned" [Angela Merkel, quoted at source].

Integration Agenda: Islamophobia

"'Full-throated Islamophobia'. Excellent. They've got my vote back"   /   "Never lost mine, but this is excellent"   /   I would rather have full throated Islamophobia than full throated Anglophobia" [comments at source].

"There is no such thing as 'Islamophobia' because phobias are irrational fears without basis but as Muslims kill, bomb, and massacre across the planet, fear of them is perfectly rational"   /   "It's just another left-wing label, like racist, bigot, extremist, and all the other names that are slowly losing their effect" [comments at source].

"It's being labelled 'barmy' and 'fascist' because the issue lays bare the inherent contradictions in multiculturalism ... that might cause people to question multi-culturalism and we can't have that. People may even conclude that British culture is preferable! You can't go about destroying a culture if the one with which you seek to replace it is deemed barbaric and backward"   /   "When the dominant political narrative is that we must tolerate everything about a culture, and any dissenting voice is howled down and buried under the tiresome but persistent avalanche of 'isms' ... the voices and the rights of the innocent get buried along with them"   /   "It amazes me how politicians will focus on one particular problem from a huge list of unpleasant and often illegal cultural practices without recognising the bigger picture" [comments at source].

"Islamophobia... a name created by moslem groups at the UK to silence those that dare to criticise and refuse to bow down before Islam. I'm a proud sufferer of Islamophobia... are you?"   /   "Islamophobia] was created, and is employed by, those who have the same cultural mindset and affinity with organisations like the Stasi, the KGB and the SS. Tools of those dictatorships from right and left who treated dissent as a mental illness. That is what use of the terms like Islamophobia is all about" [comments at source]..

"Phobias and isms, the PC mantra used to force rational and moral people to knuckle under to various perverse concepts. Islam is a political dictatorship and set of perverted laws and customs that uses the religious component to quell opposition. How they laugh at the weakness of the PC fools who regurgitate the 'religion of peace' line"   /   "And when the number of Christians killed for religious reasons is roughly one every hour, 365 days a year which amounts to 9,000 Christians killed per year and rising wherever they take over, I would think it is probably wise to have a sense of Islamophobia if you wish to stay alive" [comments at source].

Integration Agenda: Right Wing / Far Right

"The point is that 'enforcing your own cultural / political ideology on people from other cultures is not a 'right-wing' political position - it is just repeatedly claimed to be by the left... Specifically in terms of Islam the problem is that Muslims, facilitated by those in positions of power on the left, are actually enforcing their culture here in the UK. For example, an increasing number of institutions such as schools, prisons as well as privately owned businesses such as restaurants are now only serving halal foods - if you want to avoid halal you must go for the vegetarian option. How is this not enforcing Islam on our own non-Muslim citizenry?" [comments at source].

"There are over 50 Islamic countries in the world but only one country that is England - we should not be forced to change to accommodate other cultures, we should be allowed to preserve our own. That is not 'right-wing' position - it is simply a position which applies the same standard to our own country as we would advocate for others" [comments at source].

BBC Televised Debate 31 May 2017

"When [Tim] Farron bandied the word racist, and said that any EU citizen already settled in the UK should be allowed to stay, Paul [Nuttall] should have pointed out that UKIP's 2015 manifesto said exactly that. It was [Theresa] May who chose to make them a bargaining chip. And when [Jeremy] Corbyn said he wanted a 'fair' system of immigration, he should have been asked what his criterion for fairness was, and how it would be exercised: a points based system perhaps..." [comment at source].

"Geert Wilders would have ripped Corbyn, Rudd and the rest to shreds. Nuttall could have [said] that their own parties' greatest heroes (Keir Hardie, [Winston] Churchill and [William] Gladstone) would these days be UKIP supporters as they'd all be banned from membership of the Labour Party, the Tories, and Lib-Dems because of their 'racism' and 'Islamophobia'. Just reading out quotes from these three on the subject of immigration and Islam would have caused uproar and made headlines for UKIP" [comment at source].


The Green Party


Caroline Lucas, Brighton Pavillion:  "Though the Greens are small fry in this election, their commitment to Brexit-hating remains strong. Green co-leader ... Caroline Lucas, told parliament during the Article 50 debates, 'We were elected to be lawmakers not lemmings.'  She later penned an article for the Guardian, stating that she was 'looking to build a more united, fairer and  more democratic Britain.'  Apparently, the first stage in Lucas' plan to democratise Britain is to try to undermine the biggest democratic mandate in our history" [source].

Caroline Lucas:  "Green MP Caroline Lucas told viewers that migrants have 'enriched' Britain, adding: 'Migration makes a massive positive contribution' to the UK' ... describing Nuttall's words as 'hate-filled rhetoric'." [Bayith: How 'enriched', Ms Lucas, do you think the families of the Manchester victims feel right now? Precisely what 'massive positive contribution' would you say the murders of their loved ones has made to these families?  Which would you say is the more 'hate-filled' - the blowing up of children or preventing the blowing up of children? Hmmm, that's a toughie, isn't it?]  [quoted at source].

Watermelon Logic

"I heard an interview with [Caroline Lucas] and she thinks that inviting the 3rd world and building houses all over the country is green. I still have not worked out how that works"   /   "Neither has she. That's why she said it"   /   "Indeed, and don't forget the several new power stations that would be required to power all the houses, then there's the road networks, congestion, the water supplies and waste, and the general quadrupling of the more 'natural' standards of living they'd be consuming if they stayed where they are. But don't worry, we can pack the third world in AND cut our emissions, meet our green targets, save our greenbelt, protect wildlife and all be jolly well happy and have pet unicorns. The Watermelon Party - Communist red on the inside, 'Green' on the outside"  [comments at source].

Concerning UKIP's 'Integration Agenda'

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party's co-leader:  "'Ukip's "integration agenda" is an assault on multiculturalism and an attack on Muslims. It's full throated Islamophobia', she said. Mr. [Peter] Whittle [UKIP's deputy leader] said he was not surprised by such a response. 'This is the reason people don't talk about serious issues like these because they are frightened of reactions like that'." [source].

Some questions for Ms. Self-Righteous Virtue-Signalling so-called Feminist Caroline Lucas:

  • What say you about Angela Merkel's recent call for a ban on the burka in Germany?  Perhaps you would like me to remind you of what she said: "Showing your face is part of our way of life ... The full covering is not permissible and should be banned."  Ms. Lucas, I'm sure you would agree that showing one's face is part of our way of life too in Britain?
  • What say you about Diane Abbott's insistence, in 2014, that "routine medical examinations" should be carried out on all Muslim girls in the UK who are at risk from FGM?  What say you about the Muslim practice of FGM, Ms. Lucas?
  • Did you 'point and shriek' at Diane Abbott and Angela Merkel?  Did you accuse their comments of being "an assault on multiculturalism and an attack on Muslims"?  Or is it only when UKIP politicians say exactly the same thing that it becomes "full throated Islamophobia"?
  • What say you about the 'multicultural' Muslim practice of gang raping and sexual trafficking (or Razzia, as it's known in Islam) of thousands of young British and Sikh girls in Rotherham, Rochdale, and 26+ other towns across Britain, that have been going on since at least 1993?
  • What say you about the 'multicultural' Muslim practice of selling Christian and Yazidi kaffir girls and women in the slave markets of Iraq and Saudi Arabia?
  • What say you about the Muslim practice of marrying their nine-year-old daughters to men old enough to be their grandfathers?
  • What say you about the Islamic Sharia Law-condoned beatings (and vile acid attacks) on Muslim wives by their bullying and controlling husbands?
  • What say you about the Muslim practice of 'honour' killing their daughters/sisters/nieces who just want to be free to be themselves - like you are free?
  • What say you about the stoning of Muslim women and girls who have been raped, but who, under misogynist Islamic Sharia Law, have no recourse to justice - instead, punished by being put to death for being the victims of rape?

What say you concerning these things, Ms. Lucas?  Anything?  Anything at all?

So, just the crickets then...

"Can we get a quote from Caroline Lucas about Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, Aylesbury and Bristol? Perhaps she would tell us to be understanding about the culture behind such shining examples of enrichment?"  [comment at source].

"Caroline Lucas and other extremely misguided 'liberal-Left/progressives' [are] promoting Islamofiction ... the false belief that all cultures and religions are equal and should be shown equal tolerance. FGM, honour killings, acid attacks, extreme male patriarchy. These are the real aspects of Islam. ... These Islamophiles need to pack their bags and go and live in Saudi Arabia for a year. When they return, perhaps they will make a clear distinction between real Islam and the fictional version they entertain in the La La liberal land of their minds" [comment at source].

"What part of Female Genital Mutilation is not regressive or barbaric?"   /   "Maybe Caroline Lucas should volunteer to have her 'bits' cut out, to see at first hand how unpleasant it is"   /   "Indeed, surely all sneering, airheaded, liberal women should undergo FGM to show their true commitment to diversity? No pain killers, just held down by a few loving sisters and out with the razor blade"  [comments at source].

"You are surely not expecting Greens (or liberals in general) to follow their 'morally' superior values to their logical conclusion, are you? ... Caroline Lucas comes from the same elitist background as David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn (!). These all (and many more in the upper echelons of UK society) lack the intellectual capacity and moral courage to challenge the bigotry and prejudice into which they were born and raised" [comment at source]. 

"Gullible people always used to be called green, as were those filled with jealousy"   /   "When you've lived all your life in a place like Tower Hamlets and watched it go from a good friendly, neighbourly community to a third world s***hole in a few short years, then you know why decent people despise Islam. Lucas and co. haven't got a clue why people are Islamophobic and being completely clueless as she obviously is, should keep her big mouth shut and not speak about things she knows nothing of"   /   "I cannot work out if she was dissing or not, surely Islamophobia is a good thing" [comments at source].

"Multiculturalism is full throated racism against white people"   /   "Caroline Lucas and her fellow Trots carry a heavy responsibility for destroying British civilised values. By telling Muslims that their 7th century ... woman-hating fanaticism will be respected in Britain they have turned large tracts of British cities into Saudi Arabia and Pakistan"   /   "Stupid Lucas shares [their] aim of rejecting modern life"   /   "Why should the British working class have to put up with this invasion of their country? UKIP will win with votes dealing with Islam"  [comments at source].

"I watched Sunday Politics East yesterday, Rupert Reed, Green spokesman from Norwich, let the mask slip and showed the true face of the Green Party by saying anyone who disagreed with the Greens was 'vile and despicable'"   /   "When Greens criticise and call you names, then you KNOW you are on the right track"  [comment at source].


The Scottish National Party


Alex Salmond, Gordon:  "As an SNP bigwig, Salmond has been trotting out the party line since the Brexit vote that 'Scotland is being dragged out of Europe against their will.'  Such is his contempt for majoritarian democracy, he's seemingly committed to keeping not only Scotland in the EU, but the entire UK. 'The SNP will fight tooth and nail at both Holyrood and at Westminster to hold this Tory government to account - Article 50 must not be triggered before we have answers', he wrote in an official statement" [source].

Angus Robertson:  "SNP deputy Angus Robertson announced that even debating immigration 'shames and demeans us all. I don't think there's anyone in this room, or anybody watching this debate from Cornwall to Caithness who does not understand the positive contribution that people have made to this land who've come from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. And demonising those people is totally unacceptable', the SNP deputy boomed, to rapturous applause from the Cambridge audience" [Bayith: But blowing up the natives 'from Cornwall to Caithness' IS 'totally' acceptable, isn't it, Mr. Robertson?  Your sickening virtue-signalling towards 'these people' who murder and rape with impunity the indigenous population doesn't 'shame and demean' you at all, does it?] [quoted at source].

"Immigration is the top issue concerning the British people and has been for 50 years. That [Angus Robertson] thinks it isn't worthy of debate just illustrates his contempt of the British people"   /   "Robertson is a very dangerous man... far more dangerous I would suggest than Sturgeon... she is just a 'grandstander'. Robertson is the power behind the throne" [comments at source].

"The joke is, the SNP for years promoted an Australian type visa system. These days, official figures are 9 immigrants for every newborn Scot, so actual figures are likely far higher. The SNP's white paper on immigration would apparently like to quadruple that figure, the fake nationalists would it seems, make Scots a minority in a few short generations, given half the chance. The SNP contend UK immigration policy is 'illiberal'. White British are on course to be minority in schools by 2040 and [in] the wider population by 2070. One wonders, with some dread it has to be said, just what a 'liberal' SNP immigration policy would look like" [comment at source].


Plaid Cymru


Leanne Wood:  "[Leanne] Wood accused [Nuttall] of trying to 'whip up hatred and fear' with [UKIP's] policy of reducing migration" [Bayith: A little question, Ms Wood, do you think it's just a teensy bit possible that the blowing up of eight-year-old girls could be sufficient on its own to 'whip up' a fair amount of 'hatred and fear' without any help from anyone else? Perhaps?... Maybe?...] [quoted at source].


The Propaganda War

"Sad that the BBC, the Independent, the Guardian, and some other laughably spoilt adult brats who still think they have the moral high ground whilst trying to s*** all over the democratic will of the people, are intent on deluding themselves that Brexit is somehow avoidable. It isn't. We won"   /   "We know how much Remainers want to break Brexit - they control the media, culture and education (that all-important, impressionable pro-EU 18-30 demographic) - so let us not think for a moment these people will not attempt to seize (for themselves) a late victory from the jaws of defeat"   /   "Project Fear didn't work the first time around and there's even less likelihood of it succeeding in the coming election now that people have realised it was one big fake news operation backed up with bullyboy threats" [comments at source].

"Strikingly, the supposedly liberal press that usually kicks up a fuss when the wealthy and one-time warmongers poke their noses into politics in order to shape it more to their tastes than to the plebs' passions have been quiet [concerning the Brexit-blockers]. Or supportive, rather. They largely back this elitist Brext-blocking. 'I'll vote for whoever runs the best anti-Brexit campaign', says rock chick for the establishment, Caitlin Moran. The Brexit-bashers' bible, the New European, offers us 'the ultimate guide to defeating Brexit'.  'Could tactical voting stop Brexit?', muses the New Statesman. From business to politics to media, they're all at it: Stopping Brexit" [source].


"Very pleased to note that with just over 24 hrs from the election announcement the BBC news coverage remains a bigoted as ever" [comment at source].

"[The BBC] don't understand the older generation at all and what they have been through. They will get out and vote"   /   "They only see [the older generation] in terms of a demographic designation eg A1/B2 etc, who vote in a certain way, not as sentient beings (unlike themselves of course) who have a lot of life experience and actually think about things. That's why [the BBC] got the brexit vote wrong!" [comments at source].

"The BBC went full on at the last election and the referendum and lost. I think that they are too stupid to realise that their relentless propaganda has no effect. In fact, it may be counterproductive. I am happy for Beeboids to get increasingly hysterical and demented ... but I don't see why TV tax-payers should have to finance their lunacy" [comment at source].

"On past record, Lord Hall will call forth a General Election Seminar full of the best political experts, to indoctrinate his staff with what to think. All 28 experts invited to the seminar will be tax payer funded Remain supporters of authority, from left-wing political organisations, who will advise the BBC that any air time given to UKIP and leave supporting Tories would create a 'false balance' because all computer models (using a project fear formula) show that Democracy and Non-membership of the EU guarantees economic collapse for the rest of the world" [comment at source].

"The BBC's bias has been appalling: yesterdays' 6pm news was just a party political broadcast on ebehalf of the Labour party, with no pretence of balance" [comment at source].

"For the BBC the timing of the election was all wrong. Clearly their preference was for Corbyn to be removed before the next election and for a soggy left PC globalist Macron-like figure to take over. But despite their best efforts Corbyn had clung limpet-like to power. So the BBC went into the election trying to use the Brexit-defying Lib Dems as the wedge to frustrate May's ambitions ... to no avail. When they saw Labour were doing much better than expected, and May was faltering, they switched tactics and have given Corbyn a makeover ... involv[ing] seriously underplaying Corbyn's links to terror groups. As part of the overall strategy, the love-in with Sadiq Khan continues (he might be the BBC's future 'king'... he fits the bill in many ways) and his campaigning for Babr Ahmad, who subsequently pleaded guilty to terror-related offences. They were also very kind about Diane Abbott's meltdown(s) - can you imagine if it had been a Conservative spokesperson in a similar situation? It's a dangerous game for the BBC because of course, though - in my estimation - Corbyn will lose, his power within Labour is now entrenched, in part thanks to his own strength as a campaigner, but also thanks to the BBC's photoshopping of his politics" [comment at source].

The MSM and Press Concerning UKIP's 'Integration Agenda'

"[T]he silly reaction from the Sky interviewer asking Peter Whittle if that included sunglasses and big hats says it all. She even refused to acknowledge the titanically brave fight of Saudi Arabian women to get rid of the Burka" [comment at source].

"The press is going to excoriate the party for its 'racism'. As Trump showed, that might bode well for UKIP on polling day"   /   "The more the press attack, the better"   /   "I'm surprised they didn't say, 'don't you think condemning cultural practices such as suicide bombing and beheading smacks of Islamophobia?'. The BBC et al are the ones who are the actual Islamophobes. They are the ones who are too scared to ever criticise anything Muslims do in the name of their paedophilic mass-murdering 'prophet'" [comments at source].

"I know that claiming something to be 'far right' is a popular media approach to trying to discredit a political party or organisation but the fact is that there is nothing politically 'right' about being patriotic nor about standing up for one's own culture"   /   "Despite the treacherous media who constantly call anything and everything that is not far left (which actually does exist), 'far right', this does not, has not existed anywhere mainstream in western Europe or the YUK post WW2 and very few before 3 September 1939" [comments at source].

TV Debates

"Have to admire Mrs. May saying no to a TV debate. There is absolutely nothing to gain by standing on a stage with 4 or 5 socialists supported by the moderator (Dimbleby, Burley, etc). She would also be hampered as only 'progressive' views are politically correct. Leave well alone Theresa!!"   /   "Theresa May has nothing to fear in a TV debate. She is a dignified figure, a stateswoman who is head and shoulders above the other leaders, and she presents her arguments well. Her inherent decency will trump anything the rest of the leaders might say or do. Remember when the weird sisters (Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett) went into that group hug and tried to freeze out Nigel Farage at the end of that Brexit TV debate? It backfired. They showed themselves up to be the small-minded, vindictive b****** that they really are. Nigel had the last laugh"   /   "Agreed, Nigel did have the last laugh! He got us independence and Brexit" [comments at source].

BBC Televised Debate 31 May 2017

Bayith Note:  The following comments were made by various party leaders during a televised BBC General Election debate just NINE DAYS after the Manchester Arena Islamic jihadist bombing.  All credit to UKIP's Paul Nuttall on this occasion; as for the others, there really are no words to describe their disgusting disregard for those who died and their grieving families...   

"UKIP leader Paul Nuttall warned [that] immigration is 'unsustainable' and fast inflating Britain's population ... this discussion is 'not about about immigrants, but immigration policy'. On the topic of national security, Nuttall won applause when he pledged to strip Islamists [sic] fighting abroad of their passports, promising he would put 'British lives over the rights of jihadis any day'." [quoted at source].

"Green MP Caroline Lucas told viewers that migrants have 'enriched' Britain, adding: 'Migration makes a massive positive contribution' to the UK' ... describing Nuttall's words as 'hate-filled rhetoric'." [quoted at source].

[Leanne] Wood accused [Nuttall] of trying to 'whip up hatred and fear' with [UKIP's] policy of reducing migration" [quoted at source].

"SNP deputy Angus Robertson announced that even debating immigration 'shames and demeans us all. I don't think there's anyone in this room, or anybody watching this debate from Cornwall to Caithness who does not understand the positive contribution that people have made to this land who've come from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. And demonising those people is totally unacceptable', the SNP deputy boomed, to rapturous applause from the Cambridge audience" [quoted at source].

"Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron jumped in to relay an anecdote in which an 'Asian' doctor was 'abused and called racist names' while on his way home from working a marathon shift of '50 hours saving lives after the Manchester bombing. That is what happens when you demonise immigrants', he declared, jabbing his finger" [quoted at source].

"Nuttall came good... that the 'Momentum'-infiltrated biased BBC audience vilified him and Rudd strongly suggests they were both speaking sense" [comment at source].

"I am grateful to the Muslim surgeon who operated on those injured in the Manchester bombing. However he is factually incorrect to suggest that it is contrary to Islamic teaching. There are numerous instructions in the Koran which indicate otherwise. Yet again the BBC only gives the pro-Islam propaganda. Why is there so little honesty in mainstream journalism nowadays?" [comment at source].

"With few exceptions, Farron, Corbyn, and the other lefties were granted uninterrupted, unmolested speaking time. By both the moderator and the audience. They were able to convey their treasonous message to thunderous applause, without interference. Rudd and Nuttall, on the other hand, couldn't get a word in edgewise. The rest of the candidates were interrupting them constantly. Shouting them down, cutting in, talking over them. The BBC allowed this" [comment at source].

"When the candidates weren't rudely cutting in, the peanut gallery was! ... The snide audience heckled and snickered. Plenty of audible guffaws and outbursts all throughout. I've never seen a more unruly, discourteous, and boorish audience in all my life. Only when Rudd and Nuttall were speaking, of course. otherwise you could hear a pin drop" [comment at source].

"The incivility and fragility of the left was on full display. Even when they're the majority on stage, and the majority in the audience, they are still terrified of dissenting voices. They can't even allow an opposing view to be heard in its entirety. If they can't 'no-platform' you, they'll break your train of thought mid-sentence with an outburst and then monopolize your speaking time. Their party line is so unsound and flimsy that it buckles in the face of complete sentences"  [comments at source].

"Your comments on the audiences' behavioral tactics remind me of the US Presidential Primary debate audiences. It appeared as though every person had been carefully vetted, with rational citizens possessing common-sense, every-day concerns being barred. Have these debates devolved into crude Antifa rallies? Sure seems like it" [comment at source].


Targeting the NaÔvety of Youth

"In the interests of self-preservation my daughters rarely stray into party politics on-line but occasionally they have published conservative thinking articles on their Facebook pages and suffered the consequences. During Brexit they posted reasoned, thoughtful articles explaining why they were voting Leave and were met with a torrent of vitriol from their 'friends'. No constructive argument, just expressions of disbelief, accusations of stupidity, allusions to racism and hate. These 'friends' are educated young people, in their twenties, many of whom have studied serious subjects at the best universities in the country. Yet they eschew critical thinking when it comes to politics. Instead they come out fighting. They have been taught to fear conservative argument" [comment at source].

"Frightening isn't it? Brainwashing certainly works"   /   "Because Blair's government controlled education for 13 years, that's a generation that has been warped against conservatism until the realities of life teach them otherwise"   /   "I worked in teaching during this time and taught RE, which encompassed citizenship. Over my period of teaching I saw how textbooks became more politically 'settled' in their dogma"   /   This climate of fear has been created by the left seizing control of education and various institutions. The right needs to regain ... a more balanced environment in which debate and the best ideas can prevail"   /   "After the Long March they have shut the doors of the institutions. And Common Purpose have changed the locks"   /   "A good argument for *never* dropping the voting age to 16" [comments at source].


NGOs, Charities, Pressure Groups

Hope Not Hate 'Targeting' UKIP Candidates

"These ... NGO groups are anti-free speech, freedom of thought, freedom to open debate without political or religious bias"   /   "Charities are not allowed to carry out political activities" [comments at source].

"Strange that this group continues as a registered charity despite the obvious conflict between charitable status and political campaigning. Particularly when compared with the Charity Commission's deregistration of 'The Steadfast Trust' on the grounds that its stated purpose, 'to promote the education, legal rights, welfare, and overall interests of the ethnic English community within England' was a political rather than a charitable objective" [comment at source].

"The government department funding 'Hope Not Hate' specifically state that money received cannot be used for 'political purposes': 'Conditions in the funding agreement prevent funds being spent on anything other than educational work (including a prohibition on any political campaigning). If you have any evidence to the contrary we would welcome your drawing it to our attention.'  The [following] comment ... proves that 'Hope Not Hate' are explicitly using government money for political purposes: 'Mr. Lowles denied organising protests, including one when Mr. Farage's children were assaulted, but added: "As many UKIP candidates have found in the past, our campaigns will be targeted, leaflets hard hitting and all purely political".'  'Purely political' out of the horses mouth. ... contact the following department in order to express ... concerns regarding taxpayer money being used for an explicit political goal, as stated above:
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government,
Department for Communities and Local Government,
Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
Telephone: 030 3444 0000.
" [comment at source].

"Just wondering why they are still after Ukip, rather than the Tories now. ... is it because they are an easier target than the Tories for the HnH bullies, because they are seen as just a bunch of generally older, decent, well-meaning, law-abiding people, whom the police will not protect?"   /   "They seem to have been given a free reign over their activities; why and supported by whom? These are the questions we need to be asking. Threats should be a police matter"   /   "What they intend to do is illegal so have them arrested"   /   "With respect; I fear, that you have our kind of hope over experience. Should you complain to our brainwashed PC PCs, expect to get arrested for wasting police time" [comments at source].

"I was targeted by Hope not Hate for having 'vote UKIP' posters in my windows. I received a hand-delivered letter 'advising' me not to vote UKIP"   /   "I would describe that as Political Intimidation. Which is exactly what 'Hope Not Hate' is. Not only that, but it is political intimidation funded by our government specifically to target the only non-Establishment Party, UKIP" [comments at source].

"This is not democracy; this is pure out and out thuggery"   /   "Democracy according to the left... you're free to stand for election, as long as we agree with your political position. This is Britain, one of the founding countries for personal freedoms, and now people are no longer free to speak, to put themselves forward for election, to do basically anything without threats and abuse from the fascists of the left!"   /   "HnH are a Labour party front-organization who exist to provide gangs of street-thugs to attack anyone who opposes their agenda of promoting Jihadist Islam. The UKIP candidate should be provided with 24 hour security during this election in response to these threats of violence and HnH should be made to pay the bill for it" [comments at source].

"Our Labour Council spawned the UAF which in turn spawned Hope Not Hate Sheffield, whose leaflets failed to satisfy Electoral Commission requirements but they were not pulled up on it. Policing is overseen by a Labour PCC. ... The Socialist Republic of Sheffield is well and truly alive, what chance do normal people have to see democracy in action?" [comment at source].

"UKIP are a party who wish to limit immigration to this country, because they sensibly believe that mass uncontrolled immigration is not a healthy position for any country to have to endure. Mass, unlimited immigration is a threat to the core identity of any nation.. it threatens our unique history, our heritage. It threatens our ethnic integrity and our right to self-determination as a sovereign government. By equating UKIP with racism, Hope Not Hate condemn anyone who wishes to protect all of these vital aspects of nationhood ... as racist. That is a despicable, disgusting and extremely perverted thing to do. Hope Not Hate are actually subversives, traitors and Socialist/Communist lackeys and boot boys" [comment at source].

"Mr Lowles has displayed perfectly where the Hate in his vile organisation comes from. Could he now point us in the direction of where the Hope is hiding? Politics is a nasty, dirty game, but Mr Lowles has just taken it down several notches"   /   "Hope Not Hate is an intrinsic Orwellian term which attributes a self-appointed 'goodness and virtue' to themselves in the word 'good' and tars everything which is other than themselves as hateful'. That is a terribly hateful thing to do"   /   "One of their most senior activists even described their work as intentionally 'dirty, underhand[ed], low down, unscrupulous'."   /   "Nigel [Farage] pointed out [Hope Not Hate] are an extremist group and the BBC gave him s*** for it" [comments at source].

"It appears that [HnH] are nothing more than a far-left organisation whose aim is to tar anyone who holds differing views to theirs as fascists and spread hatred and violence toward anyone who does not accept their extreme leftist ideology - their decision to target a mainstream party like UKIP proves that they are not what they pretend to be and are basically a fanatical far-left commie outfit that hides behind a fancy name"   /   "Hoping for a Communist Revolution. Hating the native, indigenous, white population of the UK. Illiberal-liberal-fascists using the Saul Alinsky technique of tolerance only for Left Wing views and hatred and abhorrence towards all others. Hope not Hate. In a nutshell, Left Wing/Communist bigots and boot boys" [comments at source].

"This has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with Soros"   /   "The group that calls itself HOPE NOT HATE is back to front. The group should be called HATE NOT HOPE as they go about doing the wicked work of the evil Soros"   /   "The UK should copy Hungary and ban any Soros-funded NGOs from operating in the country"   /   "I would prefer retrospective legislation taxing those organisations at 200% of their income from foreign powers or organisations, and making their members personally jointly and severally liable for any tax that the organisation cannot pay from organisation funds" [comments at source].

"The time is coming, when a patriotic and nationalist government receives a democratic mandate, when Hope Not Hate, will be placed in front of a judge and charged with crimes against the native, indigenous population of great Britain and for falsely and maliciously slandering and libelling anyone who did not conform to their disgusting slogan" [comment at source].



"The major issue in the UK, political and economic, is one of 'short-termism" [comment at source].

"Short-termism is a dangerous, destructive force in politics. It seems that the political class can only think in terms of winning the next election instead of seriously looking at the prospects for our country in 25 or 50 years from now...

"If you had told someone in 1945, after the life and death struggle with Axis was over at the cost of much suffering and many lives, that the UK in 2017 would face another existential threat not from without, but from within the country, that person would be shocked. And if you told them that the government of the time would be in denial and refuse to recognise or do anything to remove that threat, they would be stunned and horrified. Should you add that the politicians had passed laws punishing anyone who spoke out against the threat, they might to start to think you were pulling their leg...

"[I]n 1945, the Labour government of the day, thinking only of the short-term labour needs, allowed the beginning of the Great Mass Migration into our country without any mandate for it, and without consulting the electorate. Every government since has failed to control immigration of muslims into the UK, until we now have a rapidly growing population of people whose first allegiance is not to this country, but to the cause of hostile Islam and its spread throughout the world...

"Very few politicians bothered to look into the future and foretell the trouble that we were storing up for generations yet unborn. If they did speak out, they were immediately demonised and marginalised, as happened to Enoch Powell...

"When I met Anne Marie Waters the other day, I asked her how mainstream politicians could behave like this when most of them have families whose children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will bear the brunt of their failure to act. She said she had asked the same question herself and her only conclusion was the short-termism of the political class, refusing to look any further forward than the next election; refusing to look at the mathematical implications of muslim reproductive rates for the future...

"We need Anne Marie Waters and people like her who care more for Britain's long-term future than their own careers to be brought to the fore and allowed to speak to the nation"  [extended comment at source].






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