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US Presidential Election 2016

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Donald Trump Victory Speech
"I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, ...
The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer"


Welcome to the Revolution

The bottom line is that I'm in favour of the seismic political forces now at work in the US, the UK and indeed across Europe. For almost a generation the western political classes have been creating an intolerable and ultimately unsustainable gulf between themselves and ordinary people. It's probably appropriate today, therefore, to recall the words of a previous American President, one Abraham Lincoln who observed at Gettysburg in 1863 a new birth of freedom which he said should be marked by 'government of the people, by the people, for the people.'  Amen to that" [source].

"Goodness knows where all this is going to end up, but one thing's for sure: this isn't the end of it. The outcome of the US Presidential Election is just the end of the beginning of ongoing political mayhem in the States and in the UK and Europe. Embrace it, because what's happening here, thank goodness, is the unravelling of the political class. That's a really good thing for a peasant like me..." [source].

"We do indeed live in interesting times and previously seemingly secure positions suddenly don't look so strong. ... Democracy really can be inconvenient for those who feel a sense of entitlement can't it? ... I am enjoying seeing the realignment of power from the elites in the western democracies back to where it belongs, with the People. Let us hope that it is from now on a permanent feature of political life" [comment at source].

"Any liberal, internationalist, politically correct, climate alarmist progressive who thought Brexit was a bizarre fluke that would never be repeated and could be suppressed by the establishment should waken up to the reality of being, in the ludicrous phrase coined by the lame duck president now vacating the Oval Office, on the wrong side of history" [source].

"The chief significance of this election remains global rather than domestic. In a Europe enraged by mass immigration created by Angela Merkel and other EU leaders, the sequence, within a few months, of Brexit and Trump will energise anti-liberal, anti-establishment forces in Europe. This is the embryonic beginning of a new political order; the old liberal playbook has been torn up. Welcome to the Counter-Revolution" [source].


The Establishment's 'Experts'

"Yet again the 'experts' have been exposed as buffoons, but the establishment continues to repose a simple peasant faith in these discredited witch doctors, whether they call themselves psephologists, economists or climate scientists. The reality is that nobody takes them seriously any more and those who do lend them their credibility court disaster" [source].

"The establishment, their experts and the media, having said that Trump couldn't win the GOP nomination and 'Leave' couldn't win the Brexit vote, still assured us that Trump had no chance of the Presidency. ... In 1789, King Louis XVI had no idea what was coming because he was isolated in Versailles, surrounded by profiteering sycophants, and out of touch with the people. Plus ça change..." [comment at source].

"Yes, something profound and revolutionary is happening right now. And yet, still, the various factions of the Establishment - political, big business, the Fourth Estate, etc - are struggling to comprehend what's really going on here [source].


The Mainstream Media

"It is good, very good to see the media squirm..."   /   "Yes, it's great fun in particular seeing the BBC in paroxysms of liberal elite grief" [comments at source].

"If the BBC ... was in mourning after the outcome of the EU Referendum, she'll be positively suicidal this morning. ... Editorially, the BBC is a bastion of the liberal elite; it's a self-confessed 'institutionally left' leaning organisation which consciously, or otherwise, would prefer us all to think like Auntie Beeb ... Something profound is happening right now and Auntie Beeb's struggle to influence our thinking is emblematic of the wider loss of thought- and, therefore, voting-control traditionally exercised by the political class and the Establishment" [source].

"Witness last night's BBC post-election 'Question Time'; a carefully handpicked panel of Feminists, Lefties, Muslims, and cuckolded tories endlessly whinging and whining about Trump while the handpicked left rabble audience cheered them along" [comment at source].

"The media were stunned by Trump's victory, which many ordinary ordinary mortals expected, because they listen only to one another and talk down to the public. How dare Joe Public want his country back? The liberal ascendancy has imposed its will on the public for so long, it cannot believe that public is rising up to overthrow it" [source].

"The media has been in control of what Americans think for too long now. Time for a Revolution against the Journalist, Media Television Propaganda Machines"   /   "The media, liberals and politicians are suddenly appearing humble, while trying to find ways to undermine America's revolt against the propaganda machine" [comment at source].


"Not Our President"

"'Not my President',  I've been saying the same thing for 8 yrs. Welcome to my world" [comment at source].

"I for one, friends, do not remotely accept this so-called result, any more than I accept the vicious vote against Our EU. So-called 'democracy' is all very well and good in theory. ... [U]ntil this totally undemocratic result has been reversed, friends, those of us on the Progressive Left - and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite last night's appalling events - will continually be revolting! [source].

"Friends, all Hate Votes - whether against Our EU or for the widely-hated Trump - are clearly illegitimate, and must be struck down by Our Judges in Our High Courts. (Those three we used last week should do just fine.)  A second US Election must be held as speedily as possible, so that this - literally - deplorable result can be corrected" [source].

"Friends, I am truly sorry, but I am literally not in the mood to sing today ... I am instead going to join with Friend Lily in a crying competition" [source].

"Now for Chicago. I'm with the driver who shouted 'shut up and accept democracy' at these juveniles. I'm also with Rudy Giuliani. He called protestors on college campuses 'a bunch of spoiled cry-babies.' ... he was reacting to the sad fact these students were suffering from what clinicians call 'democracy-anxiety', and, thus, they're now being offered therapy" [source].

"In Philadelphia, crowds held placards with the slogans 'Not Our President' and 'Make America Safe For All'.  Now I'd suggest that rioting and random violence against Trump supporters isn't the best way to 'Make America Safe For All'.  That's unless anyone to the right of Pol Pot is excluded from this universal 'all'.  The other thing is that Trump is their president, whether they like it or not. And clearly - from the tantrums they've had outside of their safe spaces - these cretins don't like it. Still, as some left-leaning Christian churchman put it: 'Their hearts are in the right place.' Yes, their hearts are hidden under their weapons and Che Guevara t-shirts" [source].

"Thank Freud and Jung and the Christians who 'incorporated' these insights from God-rejecting immoral intellectuals into their own true views of man which came from a holy God. Grieve for these adult kinds who cannot see what they have lost because of the faithlessness they have inherited. Only the gospel which sanctifies will heal the hurt of the daughter of My people says the Lord" [comment at source].

"[T]his was all prophesied. The scriptures tell us about the lack of respect [for] and input from fathers and the general disrespect for men (Isaiah 3:12). This generation suffers from a completely irrational hatred of anything 'paternalistic'.  See also Malachi 4:6 and Luke 1:17" [comment at source].


"Love Trumps Hate"

"All nights have witnessed violence ... the fascistnazibigotedracist Portland police arrested 29 completely innocent and lovely people. All of them were innocent by - their own - definition. And all of them were protesting violently and hatefully against violence and hate. These Portland's peaceniks, according to the police, were also carrying bats and rocks. ... Pacifist objects were also thrown at the police. The police responded with racist pepper spray" [source].

"[W]e have all seen the riots on the streets of America. Protestors are telling us that hate and rage is unacceptable, as they go about smashing windows, burning flags and acting like neo-Nazis in fits of hate and rage. They shout about the need for an America free of fear and violence, as they engage in acts of fearsome violence. All because we have an entire generation of adults who refuse to act and think like adults. So this narcissistic and infantile culture is spreading and getting worse. it is not just the millennials who are guilty of all this: much of the blame lies with their parents. And this atrocious behaviour of adults who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their lives is now being manifest on the national level as well, with governments refusing to [exercise] mature leadership" [source].


Tolerant Liberals, Fascism, Bigotry, Tyranny

Definition of Bigot: 'Intolerance towards those who hold different opinions to oneself' (OED)
Definition of Projection: 'Assigning one's own prejudices onto others' (OED)

"Let's face facts. Liberals/Leftists have a serious problem with democracy. Of course most people already know that. Just a quick glimpse at the 20th century demonstrates it. The UK's Brexit showed it too. And now we have riots in Portland. Democracy is all fine and dandy when it goes the right way - when it delivers exactly what these people want. When it goes in the wrong direction, there's violence and talk of revolution. Or, in the UK's case, talk of another referendum or even of London's separation from the rest of England (as some are also saying about California). These students, layabouts, and Clintonites simply don't accept democracy. That's crystal clear. They accept democracy when it goes the way they want it to go. When it doesn't, they're against it" [source].

"[I]t's a trait of the political left to expect everyone to think like them - or be considered a fascist. This meant, for example, loving 'Europe' during the EU Referendum campaign, and subtly ridiculing Donald Trump during the American Presidential Election campaign. It's precisely because of this type of institutional thought management ... that most British people voted for Brexit, and Americans have now voted to Donald Trump. That's ... a lot fascists" [source].

"A friend of a friend of mine on Facebook posted this comment just now. John ... said that the outcome of the US Presidential Election was: 'Proof that universal suffrage in the media age is dangerous and produces abuse of the very democracy it claims to support.'  Now, John is exhibiting a trait of the liberal elite. What John is saying is that whilst he's able to take the omnipresent information and misinformation that swirls all about us in the internet age and make sensible decisions, the guy next to him isn't. ... the other guy's vote can only be legitimate if he 'considers properly the issues and [doesn't] vote on slag-used soundbites.'  So, John reinforces his own view that he knows how to sort the signal from the noise and vote wisely, but the other guy probably relies on 'slag-used soundbites' - and so the other guy's vote is less valuable, or indeed worthless" [source].

"Notice anything here? Do you notice the fine line between liberal elitism and fascism?  Fundamentally, fascism is about intolerance. So too is liberal elitism insofar as the liberal elite doesn't tolerate views from outside its caste. As a prime example of this, just listen to the jeers and sneers whenever UKIP's Nigel Farage speaks" [source].

"The ridiculous irony of the arguing stance of the liberal elite is to accuse virtually anyone who thinks - and votes - differently to them as being fascist. If you voted for the UK to leave the EU you must be an intolerably thick racist. If you voted for Donald Trump for President you must be, er, an intolerably thick racist. The liberal elite struggles to get its collective head around the idea that tens, and perhaps now hundreds of millions of bog-standard, ordinary people aren't interested in being told how to think, or that their opinions carry less value than the likes of John's" [source].

"Another Facebook friend of mine commented that he 'fears the spirit of fascism is in the ascent.'  In other words, the desire of tens/hundreds of millions of people to break free from unrepresentative political and other powerful institutions and see the charting of a different societal course, represents the rise of fascism. I'm not convinced ... Perhaps in the ascendant is the spirit of liberation from stifling political and Establishment elitism?" [source].

"Your facebook friend John epitomises the establishment attitude that democracy is a wonderful thing as long as the voters agree with their world view. They can't seem to accept that without opposing views democracy would in face differ little from tyranny. The whole point of democracy is to give electors choice, and then have the choice of the majority enacted. Living in a one-party state is probably a wonderful experience if the one party happens to be yours" [comment at source].

"Sadly for John and his like, (and that includes the BBC and most of the media) people and their opinions come in many shades, and it would be the height of arrogance to believe that any one is more valid than another. Since the Brexit referendum, I have lost count of the those (probably like John) who claim to know why people voted in a particular way, but unless they can read people's souls then they are simply making assumptions based upon their own prejudices" [comment at source].

"I was pleased to see magnanimity and calm in Trump's speech this morning. The Liberal / Left elite can learn much from that, at least" [comment at source].

"In my view the Liberal Elite are the true fascists. I have seen the same sentiment that the people voting are too stupid to understand what they are voting for repeated in many places. That is effectively what brought about the EU and all it stands for, an organisation that is built upon the idea that the people can't be trusted. Only clever folk like Simon Schama and David [Atten]borough are clever enough to discern what is best for us. Well chaps sorry to break it to you but I am perfectly capable of making up my mind who would do a better job" [comment at source].

Sadly the word liberal does not carry any of the attributes generally associated with the term. They may be an 'elite' in the sense that they have been in the control rook pulling the levers of power, but they are certainly not liberal. They use the term to legitimise their ideas, [but] at the first differing of opinion they [scream] foul. Thus they are a controlling class at the end of their time, I hope" [comment at source].

"As soon as it was clear that [Donald Trump] was elected, the left went into hysterical meltdown; and the predictions of global disaster began almost instantly. So did the threats and the violence. Hillary herself led the way, with her furious, infantile tantrum on election night that prevented her from addressing her supporters until somebody managed to calm her down and persuade her to act as if she were a rational human being. The vote was the catalyst that turned ridicule and verbal insults against Trump, which had been the hallmarks of the entire Democrat election campaign up to that point, into vicious and violent action in the forms of rioting, arson and physical attacks on his supporters. We are being promised a long continuation of the same, as the self-styled liberals give us continuous proof of their inability to accept the will of the people or their own constitution - that they were happy enough to embrace when they thought it was going to deliver them a comfortable victory. They are unfit to govern a playgroup, and thank God these bad-tempered babies have been kept away from the levers of power. America, you are now finding out what you have just escaped from" [comment at source].

"This is what happens when cultural Marxism removes the ability of an individual to think critically. Hitler's regime murdered millions. Trump merely laughs at the left's feeble, toddler tantrum attempts to get its own way. The only corpses he leaves behind are leftard reputations" [comment at source].



"I'm really sick and tired of the whole race thing. I'm just proud to be an American again!  Let's turn a different direction against Obama's racist agenda and stop claiming race and start claiming AMERICAN"   /   "The grand problem is the media race baited from dawn to dusk. I look at peoples as humans" [comments at source].


Election Fraud and Recounts

"[The op-ed of a] journalist/opinion-op person who writes for the NYT ... when the rave of election frauds was being discussed before the election was a vilification of the 'fake news' conspiracy lunatics. After the election, given his team lost, suddenly the shift is to declare 'election fraud'!  I still believe that election fraud occurred. The problem? All the fraud that was uncovered pointed exclusively to the Democrats. All the fraud that was uncovered in the the Obama election cycle - pointed to the Democrats. Reams of it" [source].


Draining the Swamp

Political Correctness

"I'm looking forward to watching Political correctness come to a grinding halt"   /   "first off the block of PC is ... we can be white again"   /   "Getting the US flag out of the closet that it has been in for seven plus years" [comments at source].


"Time for a Revolution against the Journalist, Media Television Propaganda Machines" [comment at source].

Education System

"It will be in vain of the Education system is not purged as well!!!"   /   "Start at the top of the University system, and go clear down through the Teacher's Union, clear to Kindergarten... Start with the Pledge of Allegiance ever morning!!!  Examine the tangled liberal system of running things..."   /   "too true... the stories I have heard of teachers telling horrific scare stories to children... 'if Trump is elected...' you will be taken from your parents and sent to mexico (this, to citizen children who don't even speak spanish) ... one student I know didn't want to leave his home... inexcusable except in an environment so toxic and corrupt and so dishonest... drain the west coast swamp next..."   /   "The foundation of progressivist socialism started with the creation of 'public' govt schools and their teachers' brain washing of USA parents' children starting gradually over 100 years ago. Now we have a monster block of anti free-market income-redistributing voters. We need a free market education industry offering a variety of school curricula just like a free market in health insurance" [comments at source].

"To be educated (in the West at least) no longer means having an ability to think, to know much about world history, national history or Western society/culture and how it was formed; to understand why some foreign cultures are oil to the West's water; to know how to construct a grammatically correct sentence or to recognise the glaring difference in ability between Evelyn Waugh and E.L. James.  In fact, to be educated today has nothing to do with education at all.  In Britain, the liberal social engineers have built a system where close to 50% of school leavers now get into university, compared to a mere 5% only forty years ago. In order for this to happen, universities have dumbed down massively, with many now offering remedial classes in literacy and numeracy for every year's fresh intake of gormless social justice warriors" [source].

"When these victims of liberalism's revolution finally throw their mortar boards into the air and receive their degrees in media studies they will only be 'educated' in terms of exhibiting the prescribed thinking with regard to oppressors and the oppressed, Israel and Palestine, hate crime pertaining to race and religion - providing the religion is Islam and only Islam - homophobia, transphobia, abortion, feminism, microaggression, capitalism/socialism, equal rights, empire, positive discrimination, repressive tolerance, limits to free speech, Christianity, social justice, national identity, European guilt, revisionist history, etc.  Only when their heads are filled to the brim with all the Correct Thoughts about those listed above will they find work as teachers, social workers, army officers, politicians, civil servants, lawyers, doctors, policemen, journalists or TV producers" [source].

"The impression one gets of these 'educated' young people is that they are not terribly clever, that they are bereft of independent analytical thought and are, tragically, the unwitting victims of intense propaganda relentlessly aimed at them their entire lives. ... The vast majority of them will be pro-Hilary and pro-EU. Those who disagree with them won't be fellow human beings holding an alternative opinion, they will be haters, fascists, racists, xenophobes and worthy only of the Gulag" [source].

"Meanwhile, those unencumbered by a full liberal education will continue to utilise common sense and moral decency in their electoral decisions - even as they are smeared as dullard dinosaurs by the anointed liberals who left any vestige of common sense, decency and morality in university lecture hall 101" [source].

"So let us thank God for the uneducated, because the 'educated' are now so monumentally and robotically stupid, so pumped full of subversive, suicidal indoctrination they have become downright b***** dangerous to themselves, us and the entire Western world" [source].

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Wikileaks / Spirit Cooking / PizzaGate / Evil in Government

"I think The Golden Don found about those poor kids years ago and he's been plotting all this time to avenge their suffering, even if it cost him his last nickle. There is a flinty grimness in his pursuit of the White House that I noticed, even when he's smiling, but I couldn't understand it until now"   /   "I've noticed that grimness too. And more than that, I've noticed it in his family and in his entire circle. Nothing fazes them. Nothing even causes them to blink. And nothing can disguise their obvious loathing and contempt for his opponent and everyone around her" [source].