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US Presidential Election 2016

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Donald Trump Victory Speech
"I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, ...
The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer"



Please Note:  Some of these YouTubes/Videos contain bad language

YOUTUBE:  Hurt Losers Demand Recount!  (24 November 2016)
"So the temper-tantrums failed, the rioting and smashing up cities failed, and sending death threats to electors failed. Now Hillary supporters, encouraged by Jill Stein's fundraising campaign are demanding a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. they spent months sniping about how evil and dangerous Trump was for saying he might not immediately accept the election results: ... Now, they're refusing to accept the election result: ... So, by Hillary's own logic, her supporters, along with Jill Stein, are now a direct threat to democracy. When the Right talks about voter fraud, it's a 'direct threat to democracy'. But when the Left does it, it's 'ethical'..."

YOUTUBE:  #PizzaGate New Update  (24 November 2016)
"There's a band called 'Sex Stains' which has performed at Comet Ping Pong. If you've seen the previous videos you'll identify immediately that they have a blatant paedophile logo in their music video ... this is a logo that indicates to paedophiles that these people are paedophile friendly..." 

YOUTUBE:  Pizzagate Definitive Factcheck  (24 November 2016)
"Is PizzaGate real, sort of real, or blown out of proportion? Researcher Megan gave all of this an independent look on her own, in case I was seeing connections that were not there. Sadly, I've perhaps been too tame in my coverage here - these are totally sick people. No doubt in my mind. None whatsoever..."

YOUTUBE:  #PizzaGate: What We Know So Far  (23 November 2016)
"Let's begin by going over some background ... John Podesta clicked on a phishing scam email sent to him by hackers, and unwittingly handed over his password to them. The hackers handed Podesta's emails over to WikiLeaks, and they verified their authenticity before releasing them in the run-up to the 2016 US election..."

YOUTUBE:  Pizzagate is Real: Something is Going On, But What?  (23 November 2016)
"This all began after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange released hundreds if thousands of secret documents detailing a corrupt DNC, a backstabbing Clinton Foundation and the modus operandi of a clumsy criminal campaign attempting to attain the keys to the most powerful seat on Earth. But the real truth Assange was leading us to was hidden between the blurred lines of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta's released emails..."

YOUTUBE:  SJWs Faking Hate Crimes Under Trump  (22 November 2016)
"So we are now about two weeks into Trump's America and the demand for hate crimes is very high. The supply, on the other hand, is a bit low. So just what is a SJW to do if reality is not really meeting their apocalyptic, Nazi-Germany, expectations?..."

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About Fake News  (17 November 2016)
"Having lost the election and lost the argument, the ... hurt left and the rigged media is desperate to salvage some scrap of credibility. So they've decided to create a new panic over so-called 'fake news', pressuring Google and Facebook to take action against fake news websites. Oh, and when they say 'fake news' that includes any reporting or opinion that contradicts their leftist narrative..."

YOUTUBE:  Marine's Epic, Yet Gentle, Response to #NotMyPresident Anti-Trump Riots  (12 November 2016)
"US Marines are known the world over for their ability to direct deadly violence at the enemy; but this Marine, a Christian, takes a more fatherly approach as he tells a gay [sic] anti-Trump protestor exactly where he, and the other protestors/rioters, went wrong."

YOUTUBE:  Whiny Hurt Special Snowflakes  (12 November 2916)
The whiny ... hurt cry-baby special snowflakes have been all over the streets again, protesting against a free democratic election. Can you imagine anything more reprehensible? These people should move to North Korea; they won't have any problems with elections there..."

YOUTUBE:  CNN Cuts Off Muslim Woman Who Voted for Trump  (11 November 2016)
"...silent voter for Donald Trump. Her name is Ashra[?] Namani[?]. She's a lifelong liberla; she's also Muslim. Namani went public with her decision in a Washington Post column; one that sparked a swift backlash on social media, including allegations that she's a 'sell-out'. She joins me now live from Milwaukee..."

YOUTUBE:  Anti-Donald Trump Protests and Riots  (11 November 2016)
"After Hillary Clinton chastised Donald Trump and his supporters over the importance of accepting the results of a democratic election - Clinton supporters took to the streets, burned flags, smashed car windows and much more in protest of Trump being elected the next President of the United States..."

YOUTUBE:  Why Donald Trump Won  (10 November 2016)
"Defying the mainstream media and most polling data, Donald J. Trump was elected as the next President of the United States on November 8th. How could all the mainstream polls and pundits get this so wrong?..."

YOUTUBE:  Hurt Crying Hillary Voters Compilation  (09 November 2016)
"Those liberal tears taste delicious."

YOUTUBE:  The State of the Media After Trump #Drain the Swamp  (09 November 2016) 
"Hillary partisans in the mainstream media or on social media have well and truly lost the plot."

YOUTUBE:  They Will Blame Everything on Trump  (09 November 2016)
"They're going to try to stuff [Trump's] cabinet with people like Paul Ryan, neo-cons, never-Trump people; that's the attack plan ... and the other angle is, after Brexit ... I said, ... 'enjoy it, celebrate it, but watch out because they're going to try and derail it; they're going to try and dilute it.'  That's exactly what happened ... They're going to try and hamstring Trump. These riots are going to happen ... because you know, tolerant liberals are so peaceful. ... those riots, that unrest is going to be blamed again on Donald Trump. So you're going to have a series of negative things - every single negative thing that happens between now and January will be blamed on Donald Trump..."

YOUTUBE:  President-Elect Donald J. Trump  (09 November 2016)
"On November 8th, Donald J. Trump was elected as the next President of the United States. Over the last several years, an incredible amount of hard work and dedication went into making last night a reality and today is a day of both celebration and appreciation!"

YOUTUBE:  Donald Trump Victory Speech  (09 November 2016)
"Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division. ... I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, and this is so important to me. ... Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream. ... The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer..."

YOUTUBE:  Spirit Cooking with the Clintons: #PizzaGate, #SpiritCooking  (05 November 2016)
"Here we see John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. John Podesta is Hillary Clinton's head of Campaign and her right-hand man. John Podesta's email accounts got hacked and his emails ended up on Wikileaks. One of Marina Abramovic's emails was in that pile..."

YOUTUBE:  Spirit Cooking: Evil in Government  (04 November 2016)
"The Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign has been rocked by continued FBI investigation related to her illegal email server, handling of classified information, pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation and much more. ... Several of the latest Podesta emails have provided information connecting the controversial performance artist Marina Abramovic and the disgusting practice of 'Spirit Cooking' to the Clinton inner circle..."

YOUTUBE:  America's Moment of Truth  (25 October 2016)
"Finally a real choice. The American way, or the European way?"

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About the Hillary Clinton Wikileaks Scandal  (12 October 2016)
"Wikileaks has begun releasing emails from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, which provide a very interesting look into the Democratic Nominees campaign and raising some significant questions..."

YOUTUBE:  The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About  (11 October 2016)
"While the media distracted you with an eleven-year-old tape of Donald Trump's locker room banter, Wikileaks dropped bombshell after bombshell, and the Clinton mouthpiece media have barely even reported on it..."