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US Presidential Election 2016


Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (2018)

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Donald Trump Victory Speech

"I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, ...
The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer"



Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (2018)

Democrats, You Picked on the Wrong Guy. Brave, Decent, Everything You're Not  (08 October 2018)
"Dear disgusting Democrats ... I think it is necessary to point out just why you went for Kavanaugh in this way and why he defeated you. There were a lot of sickening ironies in this sage, butut the biggest was certainly the party of Clinton and Kennedy giving us all lectures on the wrongness of sexual misconduct. The second was how the party of the cultural Left, who have sexualised society for forty years and done most to destroy decent behaviour between men and women, were grabbing their smelling salts over teenage groping ... Why the Democrats and their media enablers hated Kavanaugh was clear..."

Kavanaugh: The Winners and Losers  (07 October 2018)
There are many who come out of this Kavanaugh saga badly. In no particular order, they are:..."

How Did the Truth Become A Criminal Offence? Let's Congratulate the Americans  (07 October 2018)
"If our politicians had been confronted by by the mouth-frothing, eyes-bulging, screaming, deranged mobs of progressive, brain-dead libtards opposing the Kavanaugh nominations, they would have caved in immediately. But American politicians are made of sterner stuff. They seem to have spines, unlike UK politicians ... as the howling, screaming mobs spewed out their rage and bile urged on by Democrats and CNN, ABC News, etc, US politicians held their nerve. Instead of abandoning Kavanaugh, they demanded due process be followed that Kavanaugh was innocent until proven guilty..."

The Kavanaugh Confirmation  (07 October 2018)
"Many Democrats made it clear from day one that they would oppose Kavanaugh - or any Trump nominee. [Trump] could have named Santa Claus and the left would have instantly gone into attack mode. That is how the political left now operates in America. They hated Kavanaugh long before any allegations of sexual impropriety were bandied about. Simply being a prolife conservative was enough to drive them over the edge ... Welcome to leftist 'justice' where everything is now politicised, and everyone is now guilty by simple declaration..."

The Triumph of Light Over Darkness  (07 October 2018)
"Savour the moment, dear reader, because it does not come often. This time, after the Democrats unleashed their two weeks of hate and raped the name of Brett Kavanaugh, the forces of good have prevailed ... From the moment the Democrats began their search and destroy mission they demonstrated once and for all just how despicable they are ... I realised early on that many of the Democrats acted this way because they are without faith. They could continue with this outright evil only if they did not believe that would ever have to answer to a higher power..."

Justice Prevailed  (07 October 2018)
"Justice Kavanaugh has demonstrated throughout his career a firm adherence to a constitutionalist jurisprudence; indeed, that was the root of the opposition to him ... In America we do not sacrifice individuals on the altar of collective guilt, and we do not entertain that illiberal alchemy by which 'nobody can corroborate this' becomes 'he did it and must pay'. When the Senate met yesterday to put a bow on this squalid affair, there remained as much evidence for Judge Kavanaugh's unfitness as there has been on the day [he] was nominated: none..."

The Left's Bullying Anti-Kavanaugh Tactics Threaten Our Republic  (06 October 2018)
"This last week, left-wing bullies shouted down senators in the hallways of the Capitol, stormed senatorial offices, and generally endeavoured to 'occupy' Congress as they once did Wall Street - all to force members of the Senate to reject Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court ... it is something we should be deeply concerned about ... we do not have the right to behave like a mob ... Demonstrators were rude, crude, and abusive ... if liberals intend to employ such bullying as a regular tactic, then they are the threat to our form of government, not the policies and people they are protesting."


Discussions and Analyses

I Am Prepared to Help Britain Work With President Trump  (22 November 2016)
"When historians look back at 2016, it will stand out as the year that changed everything. The joyous Brexit result was the first brick knocked out of the establishment wall. What followed with the victory of Donald J. Trump has still not sunk in with the very establishment that he beat. But the world has changed. And people need to face up to this..."

What is Populism?  (17 November 2016)
"When elections and referendums don't go the way of the establishment the lofty socialists claim with disdain that it was a Populist Vote. Clearly Brexit was more than just Leave the EU, it was about rejecting a metropolitan elite who had been dominating the political agenda that benefits mainly the capital cities in a network of globalisation. Now that Donald Trump has succeeded in the USA they are organising violent uprisings, claiming that the vote was not fair..."

An Open Letter to Donald Trump  (17 November 2016)
"Dear President-Elect Trump, You have gone on record expressing a presumably laudable desire to 'bind the wounds of division' between your supporters and opponents - anti-Trumpers and pro-Trumpers, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, left and right - that have torn the nation apart..."

The Second American Revolution  (14 November 2016)
"Well... there we are then. I've predicted the outcome of two major votes this year and been wrong about both of them. I'm sure what to say. Perhaps there is nothing to say, other than to warn the reader never to take advice from me on lottery numbers or business investments..."

The Shaping of Our Destiny  (13 November 2016)
"The questions we now face are crucial. Has America truly changed course at the pivotal moment ... Will it last? The Edomites are still swarming, and the rift between a part of the nation committed to the values of work, family, and creative expenditure and a part of the nation mired in ignorance, pride, and destructive sentimentality - in effect, between heartland and coast, rural and urban, conservative and left-liberal - is permanent..."

Donald Trump Will Prove to Be One of the Greatest and Most Consequential Presidents  (13 November 2016)
"As one who predicted back in August 2015 - five months before the Iowa caucuses - that the presidency was Donald Trump's to lose, I should quit while I'm ahead. But I won't. Throwing caution to the (where else?) wind, I now have another prediction..."

Hillary Clinton's 'Deplorables' Gave Donald Trump Victory  (13 November 2016)
"As the results of state after state appeared on the screens on the New York studio from where I was presenting my breakfast radio show, it became apparent the highly impossible was to become the implausibly possible..."

The US Election Result  (11 November 2016)
"President-elect Trump's win was as predictable as it was welcome ... The signs were there of anyone willing to read them. Donald Trump's rallies enjoyed huge support, his posters were everywhere and the enthusiasm on the ground was tremendous. it was clear something was happening..."

YOUTUBE:  Why Donald Trump Won  (10 November 2016)
"Defying the mainstream media and most polling data, Donald J. Trump was elected as the next President of the United States on November 8th. How could all the mainstream polls and pundits get this so wrong?..."

Common Sense Trumps Global Socialism  (10 November 2016)
"The result of the Presidential elections on 8th November 20167 in the USA is extraordinary and has parallels with Nigel's campaign for Leaving the EU. Donald Trump spoke about things the establishment would not address. He was attacked for talking about issues that concerned the voters but ran at odds with political science and global socialism..."

Trump Takes the White House  (10 November 2016)
"The United States of America joins Britain in the anti-establishment wave that saw the UK successfully vote to leave the failed EU in June, backing sovereignty, borders, and nation over the empty liberal globalist ideal held dear by a metropolitan elite..."

Trump Wins!!!  (09 November 2016)
"An opportunity to reverse Western decline: I hope the Trump era will mean: ... We have a real opportunity here to reverse the toxic trends of self-loathing and political 'correctness' which has blighted the West for so long. If this is not merely to be a blip, but a real and permanent change in direction, then we all have a lot work to do..."

YOUTUBE:  President-Elect Donald J. Trump  (09 November 2016)
"On November 8th, Donald J. Trump was elected as the next President of the United States. Over the last several years, an incredible amount of hard work and dedication went into making last night a reality and today is a day of both celebration and appreciation!"

YOUTUBE America's Moment of Truth  (25 October 2016)
"Finally a real choice. The American way, or the European way?"


Welcome to the Counter-Revolution

Freedom Vs Fascism: Brexit & Trump Wins Have Triggered the Battle for Democracy  (November 2016)
"What a momentous year 2016 is turning out to be! First came the shock decision of the British people to leave the EU. This political earthquake was followed by Donald J. Trump's astonishing victory in the US presidential election. Both [of these events] have been met with furious outrage from the liberal left. Exasperated that people dared to reject them, offended leftists and their liberal lackeys are refusing to accept the democratic will of the people..."

Donald Trump Represents the New Normal - On Both Sides of the Atlantic  (19 November 2016)
"What was your favourite response from the liberals to Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election? ... The hysterical protestors who set fire to their own shoes because they thought said shoes were pro-Trump? The hyperbolic hatred spewed out towards those who voted for the Donald, or Matthew Parris suggesting that maybe this democracy caper has gone too far, or the teachers telling tearful children that we're all going to die? There's just too many to choose from, a cornucopia of riches, of wailing and fury and outrage. And yet they still don't quite get it, the liberals..."

Trump's Win 'Victory of the People Against the Elites'  (13 November 2016)
"'All these elections are essentially referendums against the unfettered globalisation that has been imposed upon ... people and which today has clearly shown its limits" Trump's win "made possible what had previously been presented as impossible. This is really the victory of the people against the elites ... [This] is a global revolution'..."

Trump Win is Chance for West to Break Free From Political Correctness  (10 November 2016)
"Donald Trump's victory marks the end of 'liberal non-democracy' and will allow the West to break free from the 'captivity of ideologies' that distort reality through political correctness, Hungarian PM Viktor OrbŠn has said. The election outcome indicates a shift in popular thinking in the West..."

President Triumph  (09 November 2016)
"Without wishing to put too fine a point on it, we're experiencing revolution on a grand scale here ... what's going on? ... Perhaps in the ascendant is the spirit of liberation from stifling political and Establishment elitism?..."

European Populists Celebrate Trump Victory  (09 November 2016)
"The victory of President-Elect Donald Trump has sent shock waves through Europe as populist parties in Austria and Germany celebrate - while the establishment is far less enthusiastic. The historic victory ... is being felt globally, but especially in countries most impacted by the migrant crisis..."

Farage Says Trump Victory 'Bigger Than Brexit'  (09 November 2016)
"Farage proclaimed Trump's win as a victory for 'the little people, it's the ordinary people [who are] rising up against an establishment that has done them down very badly over the course of the last couple of decades'. And he said he was unsurprised by the result as 'the political class is reviled across much of the West'..."

The Second American Revolution Has Come  (09 November 2016)
"Congratulations America!  Yesterday, in the biggest democracy on earth, we witnessed a political revolution. The American people sent a powerful message to the world: Enough is enough, we want to be free again, we want to be great again!  Against the media, against the establishment, against the elites, against all the odds, Donald Trump won the American elections.  And what a victory!..."

Brexit, Then Trump: Welcome to the Counter-Revolution  (09 November 2016)
"Brexit 2: Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course a United States presidential election is obviously an American event, but this one is much more. It is part of an anti-liberal, anti-elitist global counter-revolution ... the embryonic beginning of a new political order; the old liberal playbook has been torn up..."


Why Christians Voted for Donald Trump

The Painfully Obvious Reason Christians Voted for Trump That Liberals Just Don't Understand  (14 November 2016)
"Since the election of Donald Trump, the level of meltdown on the Left has now reached proportions rivalling Chernobyl. ... the one theme that keeps recurring on talk shows across the nation: fear. ... Which is exactly how Christians have felt under Barak Obama for the past eight years. Many of my non-Christians and liberal friends find it bewildering that both evangelicals and Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump ... It's simple really: Christians voted for Donald Trump because they felt that the threat a de facto third Obama term posed to Christian communities was an existential one..."

Why Christians Voted for Trump  (13 November 2016)
"One had s to admit that Donald isn't everybody's idea of a pious Presbyterian. ... And yet he won over Christians by a wide margin: ... Why did Trump win the Christian vote?..."


The Establishment Elite and Their 'Experts'

Wrong Result for the Left? Slap a Swastika On It  (08 December 2016)
"The reaction of the losing sides in the USA and UK votes have been similar. They have stated that the results have given comfort to right-wing extremists who now feel empowered. ... The Left ... is promoting hysteria over democratic votes with their usual paranoia over non-existent National Socialists..."

32 Times Establishment Media and Pollsters Assured the People of Donald Trump's Defeat  (23 November 2016)
"From the time Donald Trump announced his White House bid, there has been no shortage of establishment media outlets predicting his defeat. Indeed, as the weeks and months marked Trump's ever-apparent political preeminence, the pundits, pollsters, and prognosticators doubted and declared his collapse inevitable..."

Who is Against the World Establishment and Why?  (22 November 2016)
"The left are keen to define the Brexit voters and the Trump voters as part of the world's poor, left behind by the shiny new globalisation [that] mainly left of centre governments like the US and France have brought them. ... Apparently we were all low skilled, down on our luck, and uneducated. If only we had done as well at school and got to College as they did, we would not conceivably have voted the way we did. This is of course self justifying nonsense..."

Ten Questions For a Stunned Elite on Both Sides of the Atlantic  (14 November 2016)
"Why did you back the ERM, the Euro, the Remain campaign and the Clinton campaign, and what do you thins of how they have done? Why should people trust the economic and political judgements of the World Bank, the EU, the IMF, the Bank of England and the rest when they have got so many forecasts wrong?"

Insanity!  (13 November 2016)
"Will our self-appointed elites ever learn? It would seem not! The Establishment - here in the UK as well as the USA - is obviously resistant to learning. In the wake of Donald Trump's election to the US Presidency we were treated to the astonishing display of cries of 'our fault' and crocodile tears in the US media, with excuses for using wrong polling methods and prediction models which they didn't fully understand ... but one or two days later and all is officially forgotten. They are back at it again ... the 'elite', the Establishment, the MSM knows best..."

The Cruelty and Tyranny of Global Government  (13 November 2016)
"There is one theme in common between the very different Brexit and Trump campaigns. Both draw strength from the growing hostility to global government, global treaties, neo con military interventions. Both challenged the arrogant assumption of superior wisdom and moral right adopted by a guilded elite flitting between the large corporations, quangos and governments of the advanced countries, claiming they know best and should be allowed to get on with it unchallenged..."

Post-Truth Politics? Don't Be So Patronising  (12 November 2016)
"Donald Trump's shock US election victory has provoked a transatlantic howl of disbelief from a cosmopolitan elite aghast that American voters have had the temerity to reject its one true liberal world-view. Hillary Clinton's loss is seen less as the rightful humiliation of a discredited machine politician and more as proof that the masses have, once again, rejected 'the facts' of the situation..."

Why Do So Many Commentators and Pollsters Keep Getting it Wrong?  (10 November 2016)
"All year I have been told that Brexit could not win, and Mrs Clinton was a shoe in. All the clever and well educated people were quite sure of these 'facts'. They were critical of anyone who suggested UK voters might want to leave the EU, or who dared to venture there might be quite a lot of support for Mr Trump. They were confident because the pollsters told them their preferred outcome was going to happen..."

Thank God for the Uneducated!  (10 November 2016)
"The main similarity between the Brexit and Trump election results is the attitude of the liberal Left toward those who voted for these spectacular triumphs. They speak and write vociferously about the 'uneducated' knuckle-dragging simpletons who dared go against the grain of progressive liberal though and voted for Trump or for leaving the totalitarian EU. ... those ghastly, semi-educated blue collar workers simply failed to understand the intellectual complexities of the one-world socialist utopia the sainted Left is trying to build for humanity everywhere..."

Drain the Swamp!  (10 November 2016)
"D'you remember how the metropolitan elite said we voted for Brexit because we're thick? Well now the American branch of this elite is saying the same of those who voted fro Trump, describing these poor, afflicted and unenlightened citizens as 'low information types.'  That's what we thickos call 'thick'. Moreover, we thickos can't be expected to pull our socks up. The journal Foreign Policy printed an article saying, 'The people are deluded and it is the task of those with reason and expertise to undelude them. '  George Monbiot explained in The Guardian: 'Why elections are bad for democracy.'  The Guardian wants us to appoint a sort of secular 'episcopacy' to teach us all to come to the right - I mean, of course, left - conclusions..."

How Trump Triumphed in the Battle for Legitimacy  (10 November 2016)
"Many factors led to Trump's victory, but the principle reason he succeeded is because ... millions off Americans did not believe, or much care about, what the media told them. They have come to regard opinion polls, political pundits, celebrity commentators and the Washington-based political class as unworthy of their trust..."

Trump's Victory No Surprise Except to Deluded Elites  (09 November 2016)
"There is shock and bewilderment everywhere, except among the majority of the people who voted in the election. ... the only people who don't know what is going on are the people who run (or, increasingly, used to run) the democratic world. To say that the Western political and media establishment doesn't get it is the understatement of the century. It was obvious (or should have been obvious) that the Trump vote was being underestimated in the opinion polls since near monolithic hostility to Trump in the mainstream media and polite society was bound to disinsentivise his supporters to reveal their true intentions to pollsters..."


Reactions of the Mainstream Media

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About Fake News / Russia Hacked U.S. Election For Donald Trump  (10 December 2016)
"The Washington Post and New York Times drove the news cycle publishing claims based on 'high level' sources with access to a recent intelligence security briefing involving the allegations of Russian involvement in attempting to influence the US election..."

Journalists Struggle to Define 'Fake News' Even As They Declare War On It  (06 December 2016)
"In the weeks following Donald Trump's unexpected victory in last month's election, liberal journalists have launched an all-out assault on 'fake news', which some have blamed for the disconnect between political journalists and everyday Americans..."

The Donaldgšnger  (30 November 2016)
"I mentioned yesterday that the media were still having difficulties explaining what had happened ton November 8th to their aghast and distraught readers. But it's getting ever more difficult to make a living argument that Trump is Hitler: after all, every melting snowflake in every collegiate safe space cane tell you that..."

Fake News  (26 November 2016)
"A journalist/opinion-op person who writes for the NYT is quite unabashed in his derision and choice of words concerning Trump. ... While Trump is attempting to mend, journalists continue to divide. And for some reason Trump's attempts to mend are not met with grace, but instead with even greater hostility, as though offering a hand was an evil thing. ... [I]t only takes a few seconds to look back at previous articles written by this NYT man to fully embrace the hypocrisy. His op-ed when the rave of election fraud was being discussed before the election was a vilification of the 'fake news' conspiracy lunatics. After the election, given his team lost, suddenly the shift is to declare 'election fraud'!..."

The Fake Epidemic of Fake News  (22 November 2016)
"Fake news on social media has gotten so bad that it threatens democracy itself, according to President Obama and a host of other deep thinkers. Why, a recent study by Buzzfeed concludes that fake news beat out real news during the past three months of the election. And we all know how that turned out..."

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About Fake News  (17 November 2016)
"Having lost the election and lost the argument, the ... hurt left and the rigged media is desperate to salvage some scrap of credibility. So they've decided to create a new panic over so-called 'fake news', pressuring Google and Facebook to take action against fake news websites. Oh, and when they say 'fake news' that includes any reporting or opinion that contradicts their leftist narrative..."

The BBC Seems to Think it is Running for Election Against Trump  (19 November 2016)
"[W]hy had the BBC called it wrong? Were they as out of touch as some critics had suggested, Nick Robinson asked. Who better to ask than the veteran lefty luvvie and Brit abroad in New York, the octogenarian ex-Sunday Times editor, Harold Evans. What a good choice!  Evans dispatched any doubt. The truth was otherwise. American voters had been taken in by Trump's clever propaganda. Of course they had..."

WaPo Features Kids' Letters Imploring Trump to 'Be Kind'  (17 November 2016)
"Oh WaPo, you've gotta stop moving the goal posts of parody. On Thursday, the Post ran something titled 'Do not say mean things: Kids are writing to Donald Trump, asking him to be a kind president.' ... Oh how cute: a human interest story about concerned local moppets!  Er, no. ... it's virtue-signalling for the first grade set. ... The American left is in the midst of an infantile temper tantrum and media outlets pretend that demanding safe spaces and wearing diaper pins while you burn cars is legitimate political discourse..."

BBC Radio - Justin Webb Interviews Joel Pollak  (17 November 2016)
Comments from listeners to the programme:  "BBC = Embarrassingly biased and unprofessional"   /   "More proof that British 'journalists' don't have any standards at all. Not the slightest inkling of seriousness"   /   "The same can be said throughout most of the Western world sadly".

Beeb's Bannon Bashing Backfires  (17 November 2016)
"An entertaining Today programme to-and-fro about Breitbart's chief Trump strategist Steve Bannon. Justin Webb boldly told Breitbart editor Joel Pollak that Bannon 'doesn't like Jews', ... [and] asked why a Breitbart report mentioned that the journalist Anne Applebaum is Jewish. ... Rather than learn the lessons from the election the liberal media has reverted to its perennially outraged misfiring attack mode..."

Justin Webb v Joel Pollak  (17 November 2016)
"For fans of transcriptions (and for Samira Ahmed), here's the transcript of this morning's 7.10 Today interview between Justin Webb and Breitbart's Joel Pollak:..."

Sky Anchor Humiliated After Launching Bizarre Poppy Attack on Breitbart's Kassam  (15 November 2016)
"Sky News' Dermot Murnaghan has been widely ridiculed after a 'shameful' attack on Breitbart London's editor Raheem Kassam, for not being able to find a Royal British Legion poppy in midtown Manhattan before his meeting with President-elect Donald J. Trump. ... Despite the Breitbart London editor's explanation, Murnaghan pushed the issue six times in an exchange that viewers called 'pathetic'..."

Kassam to BBC: Steve Bannon Cares About His Country and the People Around Him  (15 November 2016)
"Breitbart London's Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam has hit back at crude characterisations of Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, ... Laying bare the establishment perspective in a segment on the flagship news programme Newsnight, the BBC portrayed Bannon - recently hired by President-elect Donald Trump as his chief strategist and senior counsellor in the White House - as anti-Semitic, sexist, and beloved by Nazis..."

Triggered...  (14 November 2016)
"President Elect Donald Trump's decision to appoint Stephen Shannon [sic] to the position of Chief Strategist has triggered the snowflakes in the BBC: ... The BBC are in despair. Having done all they could to demonise Trump they now demonise all around him. ... What a pathetic bunch of sore losers they are, unhinged, unbalanced and out of time."

Thank God for the Internet  (12 November 2016)
"The supposedly right-wing Daily Mail ran a tear-jerker on the sufferings of Hillary's top henchwoman Huma Abedin. The headline sets the tone for the mush that follows: ... No heartstring is left untugged as we are subjected to a thesaurus of despair. Huma is carrying the 'weight of the world on her shoulders', blah blah 'pain and emotion' blah blah 'Abedin's lip quivered'. And so it goes on maudlin paragraph after maudlin paragraph. I was almost tearing up myself when I finally emerged from the cloying goo at the other end. The death of Little Nell has nothing ion this..."

No, BBC: Not Everyone Who Voted Trump Is A Knuckle-Dragging Loon...  (11 November 2016)
"Like the rest of the liberal media, the BBC has been having a bit of a Downfall-style crisis over Donald Trump's victory. The helpless, ranting rage stage of its grief is yet to come; at the moment, it's still going through the flailing disbelief phase - as I discovered when I appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Media Show. Ostensibly, I'd been invited on to offer my views on how the mainstream media had managed to call the election so badly wrong. If you're a Breitbart reader, the answer has long been obvious:..."

Trump's Win Gave Liberal Media a Black Eye  (11 November 2016)
"On one of the media outlets covering the election results, a journalist on the show admitted he did not know one Trump voter. Over 58 million people voted for Trump. You are the media. Leave your hipster village and get the news. Meet different kinds of people and hear their story. How will you ever get the story right if you don't go where it is?..."

YOUTUBE:  CNN Cuts Off Muslim Woman Who Voted for Trump  (11 November 2016)
"...silent voter for Donald Trump. Her name is Ashra[?] Namani[?]. She's a lifelong liberal; she's also Muslim. Namani went public with her decision in a Washington Post column; one that sparked a swift backlash on social media, including allegations that she's a 'sell-out'. She joins me now live from Milwaukee..."

Even the Guardian Recognises the Truth  (10 November 2016)
"Clinton was the wrong, and equally tainted, candidate, the Media gave her unquestioning support, and the Liberal elite takes it for granted that it is correct about everything and can rule on without a regard to the real world..."

The Fool on the Hill  (10 November 2016)
"Stephen Pollard really wasn't impressed by the BBC's behaviour yesterday: 'Newsnight just introduced its Trump social by playing the Fool on the Hill. They must think they're being very clever. Pathetic.'"

A Trumpocalypse? Oh Do Grow Up  (10 November 2016)
"There's a dark irony to the somewhat swirling media response to Trump's victory. For months now, observers have been telling us that Trump's army is motored more by feeling than reason. Trumpism is a movement based on 'untrammelled emotion' over 'reason [and] empiricism' ... Yet now, as Trump's victory shocks the world, or at least that portion of it that lives in its own echo chamber, who is it that's exhibiting 'untrammelled emotion'? ... It isn't Trump's supporters, most of whom went from the ballot box back to their everyday lives. It's the anti-Trump set. It's those who spent months claiming Trump supporters lack the mental and moral equipment necessary for 'reasoned deliberation'..."

'Trumpquake': How the British and European Press Reacted to Trump's Victory  (10 November 2016)
"The British and European press has reacted with a mixture of disbelief, anger and occasional cheer at the election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States..."

YOUTUBE:  The State of the Media After Trump #Drain the Swamp  (09 November 2016)  [NB: some bad language]
"Hillary partisans in the mainstream media or on social media have well and truly lost the plot."

Please see also the Fake News Section.


The UK and the EU

Why Trump is Good News for a Successful Brexit  (14 November 2016)
"No wonder the Brussels establishment is in a tizz about Donald Trump's victory in last week's US elections. Once again, 'ordinary people' - what a patronising construction in itself - have had the bare faced cheek to disobey polite society and cast their ballots precisely as they wished. At least on this occasion they can't force the American people to vote again until they give the 'right' answer. ... The real, and very pressing, question they have to grapple with now is what the forthcoming Trump presidency means for Brexit..."

Austrian Lefty Candidate: Trump and Norbert Hofer 'Demagogues'  (12 November 2016)
"Left wing Austrian presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen has called his populist opponent Norbert Hofer and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump 'demagogues' in an apparent bid to boost his lagging poll numbers. ... He said the Trump victory was a 'shock'..."


"Not Our President"

Would American Snowflakes Prefer the Return of George III?  (27 February 2017)
"A particularly deranged one of the 'ideologically correct' from appeared on Fox News to denounce President Trump for following the 'Hitler's Playbook' and being a 'danger to humanity'. She demanded that the entire seven billion human population of this planet should take to the streets in protest to force Trump out of office..."

YOUTUBE:  Unhinged Anti-Trump Celebs Losing Their Minds  (25 February 2017)
"Someone said to me recently, 'Dave, you complain about celebrities using their platform to talk about politics, but you have no problem with celebs who do so as long as they share your views.'..."

YOUTUBE:  Twitter Censoring Trump Supporters  (12 February 2017)
"Twitter is forgetting how to business. It's not really a business anymore, is it? I mean, it has offices and paid employees and stuff, but it really isn't interested in having a long-term future, it seems..."

Meet the Intolerant Vulgarians of the Dirtbag Left  (22 November 2016)
"Nearly 20 years ago, Radiohead released 'Karma Police' ... The song is an anthem for an illiberal age ... Given his left-wing politics, Thom Yorke no doubt feared [that] conformity of thought and suppression of speech and dissent would come from the political Right ... He was right that we were entering an era of intolerance, but wrong to think it would come from conservatives. Our illiberal moment, and the popular culture that creates and sustains it, is almost wholly a creation of the Left. Every passing day since the presidential election bears this out..."

YOUTUBE:  SJWs Faking Hate Crimes Under Trump  (22 November 2016)  [NB: some bad language]
"So we are now about two weeks into Trump's America and the demand for hate crimes is very high. The supply, on the other hand, is a bit low. So just what is a SJW to do if reality is not really meeting their apocalyptic, Nazi-Germany, expectations?..."

Advice for the Loyal Opposition  (15 November 2016)
"'The object of Parliament', observed Winston Churchill at election time in 1951, 'is to substitute argument for fisticuffs'.  How's that holding up after November 8th? ... The less self-aware even chant 'This is what democracy looks like!' - by which they mean not the election but the post-election riots and looting and assaults ... substitut[ing] unemployment for argument ... substituting assassination for argument ... These are not perhaps the most psychologically healthy reactions to the inevitable pendulum swings of free elections in multi-arty societies..."

The West's Little Red Guards  (15 November 2016)
"I don't remember much about being nine years old ... One thing I do know though, is that our teachers made no effort to politically indoctrinate us, ... So what to make of the nine-year-old Muslim girl in Australia who went into histrionic Violet Elizabeth-Bott mode upon hearing the results of the U.S. election? And more to the point, what about her teacher who talked of her 'grieving pupils' as though this insanity was normal?..."

What the Lying Media Won't Tell You About Trump Riots  (15 November 2016)
"The 2016 Presidential election in the US will go down in history as one of the most incredible in history. Against all the odds, and against the will of the establishment, the mainstream media, Hollywood and a gaggle of leftist celebrities ... Americans chose the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump to be their new President. What followed next was entirely predictable. Outraged Democrat supporters expressed their anger by rioting across the nation and violently attacking Trump supporters. All while demonizing Trump and his supporters as intolerant, hate-filled fascists who will destroy America. Irony as ever is totally lost on them. But there are a couple of dirty secrets underpinning these riots you won't find in the mainstream media..."

Students' Temper Tantrum Over Trump  (14 November 2016)
"At Cornell, students held a 'cry-in'. At Yale, they gathered for a 'primal scream'. Elsewhere, Safe Spaces have been occupied; play-doh and colouring books brought out and therapy dogs petted. With 'F*** Donald Trump Rallies', exams postponed and classes cancelled, it's fair to say that American students are not responding well to the election of Donald Trump as president. The shocking news that, off campus, there are people who think differently to them has made students rage and weep..."

How the Anti-Trump Crowd Clamors for its Own Slavery  (14 November 2016)
"These mob riots are not spontaneous but are astroturf demonstrations funded by George Soros' and his leftist and globalist comrades for the express purpose of destabilizing the American system. Paid 'demonstrators' are being  bussed into select cities in order to foment riots. Destabilizing the system is an oft-used tool of the power elite ... Destabilization benefits the ruling class and the oligarchs. Unfortunately the astroturf protestors are being joined by 'useful idiots', vacuous individuals dumbed down to an almost nonfunctional state from years of programming by the American (non)education system and government propaganda..."

Those Poor Delicate Dandelions  (14 November 2016)
"[A]n entire generation of adults are stuck in adolescence. They have refused to grow up, to take personal responsibility for their lives ... We see this everywhere in action, especially with the recent election of Trump. Teens, millennials, college kids and even adults are all acting like delicate dandelions, throwing hissy fits, carrying-on like cry-babies, and refusing to act as adults. College campuses have been among the worst, with 'cry-ins' and other pathetic displays of infantile behaviour..."

YOUTUBE:  Marine's Epic, Yet Gentle, Response to #NotMyPresident Anti-Trump Riots  (12 November 2016)
"US Marines are known the world over for their ability to direct deadly violence at the enemy; but this Marine, a Christian, takes a more fatherly approach as he tells a gay [sic] anti-Trump protestor exactly where he, and the other protestors/rioters, went wrong."

Anti-Democratic Forces in US Follow Anti-Brexit Lead, Trying to Overturn Trump Victory  (12 November 2016)
"It is now becoming abundantly clear that on both sides of the Atlantic significant sections of the political Left (though not just the Left) are coming together in a nascent movement to oppose democracy itself. When votes don't go their own way, they will try anything to overturn the result. ... New battle lines have been drawn in the West: those for democracy and those against it..."

Love 'n' Peace in Portland, Oregon  (12 November2016)
"All nights have witnessed violence ... the fascistnazibigotedracist Portland police arrested 29 completely innocent and lovely people. All of them were innocent by - their own - definition. And all of them were protesting violently and hatefully against violence and hate. These Portland's peaceniks, according to the police, were also carrying bats and rocks. ... Pacifist objects were also thrown at the police. The police responded with racist pepper spray..."

YOUTUBE:  Whiny Hurt Special Snowflakes  (12 November 2916)
The whiny ... hurt cry-baby special snowflakes have been all over the streets again, protesting against a free democratic election. Can you imagine anything more reprehensible? These people should move to North Korea; they won't have any problems with elections there..."

Just Like Brexit's Cry Babies the Protestors Will Disappear, But Something Worse Will Replace Them  (11 November 2016)
"For the left - which is far more organised when it comes to matters of usurping people and taking over institutions - protests are little but a forerunner or sometimes just a smokescreen. It is a 'holding pattern' while they get their house in order. Which is why the protests sprung up immediately after the U.S. election, right on cue, and hardly grassroots inspired..."

YOUTUBE:  Anti-Donald Trump Protests and Riots  (11 November 2016)
"After Hillary Clinton chastised Donald Trump and his supporters over the importance of accepting the results of a democratic election - Clinton supporters took to the streets, burned flags, smashed car windows and much more in protest of Trump being elected the next President of the United States..."

God's in His Heaven, and Trump's in His Tower... But Is All Well?  (10 November 2016)
"So, the sadly misnamed liberals, who tell us they prize tolerance and freedom of speech above all else, are at it again. Donald Trump wins a resounding victory in the US election, effectively blowing Hillary Clinton - with her beloved 'liberal' principles - out of the water, and her wounded supporters come out in raucous and noisy droves, shouting that they won't accept him as President, and he's got to go! Whatever happened to democracy?..."

Thousands Take to the Streets in Major Cities to Protest Trump Election  (10 November 2016)
"Thousands of people coast-to-coast took to the streets Wednesday night to protest Donald Trump#'s election, disrupting traffic, chanting anti-Trump slogans..."

Jon Voight to Trump Opponents: 'Calm Down'  (10 November 2016)
"Voight called out his fellow celebrities ... If you listen to the propaganda about him, you never get to the real Donald ... You have to feel heartened that this is a very, very smart man who chooses the people around him very wisely and knows how to assign responsibility..."

Let Us Aid Those Celebrities Who Said They'd Leave the U.S. if Trump Won  (09 November 2016)
"Shortly before Pennsylvania was called for Donald Trump giving him the presidency, Canada's immigration website crashed from traffic overload. Apparently, there are a lot of Americans who fear a Trump presidency and are looking for somewhere else to go. ... At the top of the list are celebrities..."

Virginia University Offers 'Healing Space' for Distraught #NeverTrump Students  (09 November 2016)
"The snowflakes unable to cope with Trump's win gathered after Student Body President Nathan Pittman sent an email with the subject header '2016 Post-Election Healing Space' to all Mason students ... No word on whether the university would have offered psychological counselling to Trump supporters had Hillary won, though one suspects they would not have needed them..." 

YOUTUBE:  B*** Hurt Crying Hillary Voters Compilation  (09 November 2016)
"Those liberal tears taste delicious."

YOUTUBE:  They Will Blame Everything on Trump  (09 November 2016)
"They're going to try to stuff [Trump's] cabinet with people like Paul Ryan, neo-cons, never-Trump people; that's the attack plan ... and the other angle is, after Brexit ... I said, ... 'enjoy it, celebrate it, but watch out because they're going to try and derail it; they're going to try and dilute it.'  That's exactly what happened ... They're going to try and hamstring Trump. These riots are going to happen ... because you know, tolerant liberals are so peaceful. ... those riots, that unrest is going to be blamed again on Donald Trump. So you're going to have a series of negative things - every single negative thing that happens between now and January will be blamed on Donald Trump..."

Triggered: Violent Anti-Trump Riots Break Out in West Coast Cities, Campuses  (09 November 2016)
"A large student protest erupted on campus after Donald Trump was elected president early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of students marched down Bruin Walk from the Hill and campus before heading to Westwood Village. ... Protesters chanted ... 'Not my president'..."

The Election of That Far-Right Neoliberal Racist Fascist, the Widely-Hated Trump...  (09 November 2016)  :-)
"Hello Friends, And I'm quite sure that all of you are as sad and downcast as I am on this utterly depressing day. For myself, I have done nothing but sob uncontrollably at the tidal wave of hatred, bigotry, racism and outright Fascism that has been unleashed in the US Hate Election, ... literally the biggest disaster for the world - and indeed elsewhere - since that literally dark day in June..."


Voter Fraud and Demands for Recounts

'True The Vote' Supports Trump's Claim on Illegal Voters  (28 November 2016)
"True The Vote, an organisation founded to stop voter-fraud, has backed President-elect Donald J. Trump's statement Sunday that 'millions of people' had voted illegally..."

YOUTUBE Hurt Losers Demand Recount!  (24 November 2016)
"So the temper-tantrums failed, the rioting and smashing up cities failed, and sending death threats to electors failed. Now Hillary supporters, encouraged by Jill Stein's fundraising campaign are demanding a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. they spent months sniping about how evil and dangerous Trump was for saying he might not immediately accept the election results: ... Now, they're refusing to accept the election result: ... So, by Hillary's own logic, her supporters, along with Jill Stein, are now a direct threat to democracy. When the Right talks about voter fraud, it's a 'direct threat to democracy'. But when the Left does it, it's 'ethical'..."


Fake News

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About Fake News / Russia Hacked U.S. Election For Donald Trump  (10 December 2016)
"The Washington Post and New York Times drove the news cycle publishing claims based on 'high level' sources with access to a recent intelligence security briefing involving the allegations of Russian involvement in attempting to influence the US election..."

Journalists Struggle to Define 'Fake News' Even As They Declare War On It  (06 December 2016)
"In the weeks following Donald Trump's unexpected victory in last month's election, liberal journalists have launched an all-out assault on 'fake news', which some have blamed for the disconnect between political journalists and everyday Americans..."

Fake Journalism, Fake Virtue  (27 November 2016)
"As everyone already knows, on Friday the business section of The Washington Post published an article about so-called 'fake news' propagated on the Internet. The Russian propaganda services are said to behind this disinformation, with many American websites helping to spread it, deliberately or otherwise. One of the WaPo's principle sources for the story was a website called 'PropOrNot'. For some reason the author, Craig Timberg, failed to provide a link to the site..."

Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group  (26 November 2016)
"The WaPo on Thursday night promoted the claims of a new, shadowy organisation that smears dozens of U.S. news sites that are critical of U.S. foreign policy as being 'routine peddlers of Russian propaganda.'  The article by reporter Craig Timberg - headlined 'Russian Propaganda Effort Helped Spread "Fake News" During Election. Experts Say' - cites a report by an anonymous website calling itself PropOrNot, which claims that millions of Americans have been deceived this year in a massive Russian 'misinformation campaign'..."

Fake News  (26 November 2016)
"A journalist/opinion-op person who writes for the NYT is quite unabashed in his derision and choice of words concerning Trump. ... While Trump is attempting to mend, journalists continue to divide. And for some reason Trump's attempts to mend are not met with grace, but instead with even greater hostility, as though offering a hand was an evil thing. ... [I]t only takes a few seconds to look back at previous articles written by this NYT man to fully embrace the hypocrisy. His op-ed when the rave of election fraud was being discussed before the election was a vilification of the 'fake news' conspiracy lunatics. After the election, given his team lost, suddenly the shift is to declare 'election fraud'!..."

The Fake Epidemic of Fake News  (22 November 2016)
"Fake news on social media has gotten so bad that it threatens democracy itself, according to President Obama and a host of other deep thinkers. Why, a recent study by Buzzfeed concludes that fake news beat out real news during the past three months of the election. And we all know how that turned out..."

Fake News and Post-Truth: Handmaidens of Western Relativism  (25 November 2016)
"Still reeling from the failure of their idol Hillary Clinton to get into the White House, mainstream observers and politicians this week came up with another thing to blame: BS news. ... Liberal columnists, wounded that so much of the public ignored their overtures first on Brexit and then on Trump, claim good, decent, supposedly 'elitist' journalism must now reassert itself..."

YOUTUBE:  Who's the Real Fake News?  (24 November 2016)
"Infowars reporter Margaret Howell goes over the news and discusses how Donald Trump laid out just what he thinks of the mainstream media..."

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About Fake News  (17 November 2016)
"Having lost the election and lost the argument, the ... hurt left and the rigged media is desperate to salvage some scrap of credibility. So they've decided to create a new panic over so-called 'fake news', pressuring Google and Facebook to take action against fake news websites. Oh, and when they say 'fake news' that includes any reporting or opinion that contradicts their leftist narrative..."

For more on Fake News please see the relevant section here.


Special Interest Groups

Climate Alarmists

Trump at NASA: Hasta La Vista Climate Fraud and Muslim Outreach...  (23 November 2016)
"NASA's top climate scientist Gavin Schmidt has warned President-Elect Donald Trump that the planet just won't stand for having a fully-fledged climate denier in the White House. Good luck with that one, Gavin. Or 'Toast' as we'll shortly be calling you..."

Trump Victory Totally Rains on UN Climate Summit's Parade  (10 November 2016)
"The latest UN climate summit - COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco this time - has been tragically overshadowed by the dark cloud of Donald Trump's victory. Delegates are trying to put a brave face on it, according to this tear-by-bitter-tear live update from the summit:..."

The Left Just Lost the War on Climate Change  (09 November 2016)
"Donald Trump isn't just sceptical about global warming. He is what the alarmists would call a full-on climate change 'denier'. ... the 1.5 trillion dollar per annum climate change industry is going to start to unravel big time. A Trump presidency is likely to be good news for fossil fuels (and heavy industry that needs energy to survive); and very bad news for renewables..."


Am I the Victim of a Homophobic SNP Hate Crime?  (15 November 2016)
"My editor has received a letter of complaint. The SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh writes: ... 'Johnathan (sic) Capehart, a "grown man", broke down in tears when considering the impact of a Trump presidency would have on him' ... Allow me to interrupt Ms Ahmed-Sheikh for a moment ... Donald Trump does not become the world's biggest homophobe because one gay [sic] man has cried about the idea of him being President. One gay [sic] tear does not a reality make. After all, anyone could do that. For instance, allow me to make a confession..."

Where's the Proof That Donald Trump is Homophobic?  (11 November 2016)
"Did anybody see Question Time last night? The panel largely seemed to be competing to out-outrage each other about Donald Trump. And in their great Trump-off most of the guests continued to do that sawn-off shotgun 'phobes' thing. Trump as a 'misogynist, homophobic, racist, Islamophobe' etc. You would have thought after the second election in a year where people weren't scared off by such name-calling that people would give it a rest for a bit. But one thing was particularly striking..."


Wikileaks / Spirit Cooking / PizzaGate / Evil in Government

YOUTUBE:  Journalist Threatened for Exposing Clinton Corruption, Pizzagate & Pedogate  (20 February 2017)
"I'm posting this video for my own safety. I have been threatened and intimidated since exposing a major Clinton corruption story and I feel targeted more so than ever after I agreed to be involved in a project blowing the lid off Pizzagate and Pedogate. I know several other people researching this and exposing this who have been targeted in the past few days. Please pray for people brave enough to expose the truth on this horrendous scandal and coverup and especially for the children who are being tortured and ritualistically sexually abused by these elite monsters. This is not a partisan issue, anyone with any kind of humanity should get behind this movement."

YOUTUBE:  Pizzagate is Real: Something is Going On, But What?  (23 November 2016)
"This all began after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange released hundreds if thousands of secret documents detailing a corrupt DNC, a backstabbing Clinton Foundation and the modus operandi of a clumsy criminal campaign attempting to attain the keys to the most powerful seat on Earth. But the real truth Assange was leading us to was hidden between the blurred lines of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta's released emails..."

What is PizzaGate?  (21 November 2016)
"There is evidence suggesting that the failed Democratic presidential candidate and many amongst her inner circle are embroiled in a child sex scandal centered on a Washington pizzeria..."

How My Alter Ego Exposed the Democratic Party's Dirty Laundry  (20 November 2016)
"Dinesh D'Souza, the brown-skinned immigrant named after a Hindu god, not only embraces the American dream but also shreds the nightmare of American leftism with its pulp fiction narrative of victimhood, relativism, racism, xenophobia, and other phantom phobias that constitute the collective neurosis of the Democrats..."

Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation's Ties to Human Trafficking Found Dead  (19 November 2016)
"Monica Peterson, was found dead, and the suspicious circumstances do not add up. She was investigating for the Human Trafficking Center (HTC) in Haiti. However, she is believed to have also stumbled upon information that linked the Clinton Foundation to the trafficking of children..."

YOUTUBE:  Spirit Cooking with the Clintons: #PizzaGate, #SpiritCooking  (05 November 2016)
"Here we see John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. John Podesta is Hillary Clinton's head of Campaign and her right-hand man. John Podesta's email accounts got hacked and his emails ended up on Wikileaks. One of Marina Abramovic's emails was in that pile..."

YOUTUBE:  Spirit Cooking: Evil in Government  (04 November 2016)
"The Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign has been rocked by continued FBI investigation related to her illegal email server, handling of classified information, pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation and much more. ... Several of the latest Podesta emails have provided information connecting the controversial performance artist Marina Abramovic and the disgusting practice of 'Spirit Cooking' to the Clinton inner circle..."

Mailvox: The Election and the Non-Problem of Evil  (04 November 2016)
"I've stated in the past that one reason I left the USA was due to my momentary glimpse into the social circles of power there. ... I didn't, and I don't, actually KNOW anything of substance in this regard. But, as the readers here know, my intelligence tends to run towards logic and pattern recognition..."

Podesta Spirit Cooking Emails  (03 November 2016)
"Popularised by Marina Abramovic, Spirit Cooking is an occult practice used during sex cult rituals, as explained in the book 'Spirit Cooking with Essential Aphrodisiac Recipes' by Abramovic. Those brainwashed by hoaxing media will find this outrageous, until they watch the video form a 1997 'performance'..."

Hillary Clinton: Beyond Barbaric  (29 October 2016)
"Hillary has joyfully accepted money from the two major financiers of ISIS - Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These two Islamic fiefdoms have contributed a combined 30 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation while funding a terrorist organization that has tortured, raped and beheaded thousands of Christians across Syria and Iraq. Thanks to Wikileaks, Hillary's army of sycophants can no longer claim that she was unaware that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were bankrolling ISIS..."

YOUTUBE:  The Truth About the Hillary Clinton Wikileaks Scandal  (12 October 2016)
"Wikileaks has begun releasing emails from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, which provide a very interesting look into the Democratic Nominees campaign and raising some significant questions..."

YOUTUBE:  The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About  (11 October 2016)
"While the media distracted you with an eleven-year-old tape of Donald Trump's locker room banter, Wikileaks dropped bombshell after bombshell, and the Clinton mouthpiece media have barely even reported on it..."

For more information concerning PizzaGate please see here.