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Death of a Guru: A Remarkable True Story of One Man's Search for Truth

"Rabi R. Maharaj was descended from a long line of Brahmin priests and gurus and trained as a Yogi.  He meditated for many hours each day, but gradually disillusionment set in.  He describes vividly and honestly Hindu life and customs, tracing his difficult search for meaning and his struggle to choose between Hinduism and Christ.  At a time when Eastern mysticism, religion and philosophy fascinate many in the West, Maharaj offers fresh and important insights from the perspective of his own experience" 

In Search of the True Light

"During a time of deep introspection, [the author] turned to Far Eastern religions seeking the true experience of God. Eventually, he became a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities. Then a dramatic revelation of 'Ultimate Reality' changed the course of his life. This pivotal experience caused him to re-examine ... certain concepts foundational to his worldview, such as: the origin of the universe, the true nature of God, pantheism ad monism, karma and reincarnation, the path to enlightenment, planes of existence, man's divinity and ultimate destiny, universal cycles and ages. This book is the product of profound spiritual insights received over a period of thirty years..."

Yoga and the Body of Christ

"From fast-food franchise promotion to virtual video-game venues, yoga is revolutionizing the fitness movement worldwide ... Hindu gurus from the East, such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Baba Muktananda, Yogananda, Yogi Bhajan, Vivekananda, and a host of others, were pleased to learn in the late '50s and early '60s, that through the popular use of psychedelic drugs, millions of Westerners were experiencing a nonphysical reality that Western science had long denied existed.  They were quick to recognize that a vast market for their teachings had thereby been opened up in the West..."


Reincarnation and Christianity: Has the Traditional Viewpoint of the Church Been Right?

"Today over sixty million Americans accept reincarnation as a possibility. ... You will find in this book answers to several pertinent questions: Should the church accept reincarnation?, Why is Christianity against reincarnation?, Is reincarnation really opposed to the teachings of the Bible?,  Why has reincarnation only recently become an issue in the Western world?"


The Spirit of Hinduism

"Over the past century Hinduism has reached into many parts of the West.  Ideas with sources in Hinduism are closely associated with the rise of the New Age movement.  As Western materialism fails to meet human aspirations, Hinduism is becoming increasingly influential.  [This books] describes in detail the history of Hinduism and its principle strands of thought.  Karma, reincarnation, Hindu gods, Krishna and Siva, yoga, tantrism, the place of gurus; the complex way of life is set out and sign-posted. ... This informative book will prove valuable to all students of ideas..."

The Bigger Picture: The New Age and Babylon Rising

What is the New Age?

"Is the New Age a worldwide conspiracy to usher in the one-world government of the Anti-Christ? Is it simply ancient Eastern religion dressed up in new Western clothes? Does it offer full development of each person's potential? What [about] claims of multiple reincarnation? Our world is entering an era of 'spirituality'. Many who commence the spiritual journey do so with little knowledge about its topography. There is an easy assumption that anything spiritual must be good. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. There is a spiritual kingdom of darkness which can masquerade as light. Discernment is called for.."

Dawn of the New Age

"New Age philosophy, a complex mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, the occult and humanism, as attracting millions of people who are shopping in the world's spiritual market place for what suits them best. ... Yoga, TM, the 'higher self', ascended masters, reincarnation, ... self-realisation, healing therapies. ... What's it like to be heavily involved in such things? Is it always beneficial or can I be harmed by experimenting even just a little? ... The following five true-life stories come from New Agers who were determined to discover the ultimate truth they were sure existed 'somewhere' in the maze of writings and experiences available to them..."

Gods of the New Age (Book)

"Channelling, healing crystals, transcendental meditation, yoga, the Age of Aquarius... What should [we] make of ... this fashionable and fast-growing 'spiritual' movement?..."

Gods of the New Age (DVD)

"[This film] explains why millions of [Westerners] have been led to Eastern mysticism's 'embrace that smothers'. ... Why yoga, meditation, psychological and self-help therapies are turning millions to a pagan worldview [and] how the West is being intentionally evangelized by eastern mystics and New Age visionaries..."

The Cult Explosion

"One of the most remarkable occurrences of the past decade has been the worldwide resurgence of religion. ... [This book discusses both] the old and the new cults. ... What is the Star Wars Force?, Who are the sorcerers?, Where are the dead?, What is the Ultimate Lie?..."

America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice: The Rise of New Age Shamanism

"[Are we] at the threshold of a glorious New Age of enlightenment, peace, and brotherhood? Or, have we ... in our search for higher levels of human potential opened a spiritual Pandora's box? Whatever you believe and why, one thing is certain: Today's world is the scene of a strange and growing paradox that seems to a mark an important transformation in the history of mankind. For even as scientific and technological advancement is accelerating at an exponential rate, we are witnessing the greatest explosion of occultism of all time..."

Occult Invasion

"Occult beliefs march freely across [Western nations] today powerfully influencing our children, our society, our government, and even our churches. [I] is seen in the rise of teen suicide, the increase in violence, and the immorality that pervades our society..."

The Serpent and the Cross

"It is widely believed today that the world is now moving into a Post-Christian Era, and that this will be an age of 'peace, justice and human brotherhood'. ... Not only has this [New Age] religion penetrated many areas of cultural life today - science, the arts, the media, medicine, education, churches, business and world government - but it is also being promoted by the Princes, Presidents and Prime Ministers of many lands. We are now living in a world which scoffs at the devil, demons, angels, miracles and Messiah of the Bible, yet which earnestly embraces the concepts of ETs, UFOs, spirit-guides, earth mysteries, cosmic consciousness, mind-control, magic, witchcraft, self-hypnosis, spiritism, astrology, parapsychology, and a quantum leap in human 'evolution' leading to a Golden Age on earth. [This book] is an ... expose of the historical development and modern growth of this New Gnosticism..."

Spirit Wars

"In just one generation, Judeo-Christian America has become an incubator of revived paganism. Behind the dazzling diversity of pro-choice culture ... lies a coherent pagan spirituality bent on absolute control, intolerant of any truth but its own. [This book] demonstrates that at the dawn of a new millennium, two world views (the only two) collide: pagan monism and theism - the earth goddess or the God who made heaven and earth. At the heart of our culture wars are Spirit Wars.                                                                                            

General Interest

The India We Knew

"[This book] is my attempt to respond to our many friends, who, over the years since we left India, have said: 'You ought to write a book'. Our time there, which spanned thirty-one and twenty-eight years respectively, began under the British Raj and continued after Partition to end a few years after the Chinese breakthrough.'  In 1937 [the author] went to India to join her fianc. ... [They] stayed in India as medical missionaries until the 1960s, spending most of their time in the Himalayan foothills. [This book] is a fascinating story of their medical work in primitive conditions, of the birth of the Indian nations, and is also an excellent guide for anyone wishing to travel to the Himalayan region" 



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Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
(Matthew 11:28-30)




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