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7th March 2005 - Scrappy Races USA aka 'The Great Race'.

As the second showing of the original Scrappy Races series draws to an end it is NOT the end of happy viewing for all you Scrapheap and Scrappy Races fans. Next Sunday 13th March 2004 at 6.30pm brings the UK premier of the USA version of Scrappy Races USA originally shown in the US as 'The Great Race'. You will find it interesting to see how the USA version is so close to the original UK format of Scrappy Races as the four teams consisting of 'bikers' (Team Anarchy with a Buick hearse) and 'fire fighters' (Team Fire Power with a red Chevy van) and 'girls' (Metal Maidens with a pink caddy convertible) and 'farmers' (Team Farm Boys with a Ford truck) all battle it out for the crown of glory.

The show is presented by Bobbi Sue Luther and Rossi Morreale aided by Greg Bryant (of behind the scenes Full Metal Challenge fame). The teams all begin the great race with their own rear wheel drive American vehicle where they modify the machines at each stop point for a special challenge.

Anyway I will not give away anything more so watch and enjoy.

Steve G


7th February 2005 - The original Scrappy Races series-1 to be reshown

It does appear that the success of the Scrappy Races series has moved Channel 4 television into a higher gear and they have announced that the original Scrappy Races series-1 is to be rescreened. The first episode will be rerun on Sunday 13th February 2005 on UK Channel 4 television. Exactly one year since the original screening it will give new Scrappy Races fans the opportunity to catch up on the antics of the Chaos Crew, Megalomaniacs, Barley Pickers, Green Goddesses and Boat Buoys and the show is presented by Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers and judged by Hadrian Spooner.


6th February 2005 - The Chaos Crew retain their title as unbeaten Scrappy Races champions

plus two new photo galleries activated ................ read on.

The Chaos Crew retain their title as the unbeaten Scrappy Races champions by being the only team to cross the line into Scotland for the final round of Scrappy Races 2005.

The Cops N Bodgers came up with another completely off-the-wall idea by fitting their motor with large diameter wooden wheels that they made from empty extremely large cable reel drum. The idea itself is based upon a proven idea (recall an earlier Scrapheap Challenge round when the Barley Pickers did the same thing) but the downfall during the actual challenge was that this idea needs to also use speed for the 'thin wheel' effect to occur. It is not only the cutting down into the harder ground that is required as the wheels need also to spin very fast to disperse mud from the wheels. An excellent idea from and excellent team who continued to provide us all with the fun element of Scrappy Races. The Cops 'N' Bodgers finished this mud runner round in fourth place.

In contrast, the Tartan Starlets looked during the build as if the tables of fortune may turn and shine upon them with favour when they managed to claim hold of some excellent off-road wheels that they mounted on their shorten to original mini length motor. The ground clearance was good and the wheel & tyres were made for the job but maybe they should have attacked the mud riddled course with more vengeance to drive through the dirt instead of the delicate approach which did not seem to provide enough speed to get through the dirt. All round a good effort by the Tartan's for this final round. The Tartan Starlets finished this mud runner round in third place.

Lurch, who is with Bowser and Mick in the Knuckleheadz team, was worried about this final round from the beginning when he advised Bowser that what was needed for their car was a 'periscope' as the car will only go downwards right he was. The idea was that they would mount fin plates to the edge of the driving wheels so that when the cars normal wheels sink down that the plates could then claw their way along the mud. This was like the idea from Scrappy Races 1 when the Megalomaniacs did the same thing. Unfortunately all good plans sometimes come to grief and although the Knuckleheadz made good progress they became bogged down and finished this mud runner course in second place, whilst raising their hands to the sky in defeat against ................

............... the CHAOS CREW, who stuck to their same solution throughout the series by making full use of a second V8 SDI Rover engine. It does seem that this second engine was not only the answer to their prayers but also the thorn in their side as it was plagued with problems throughout the races. Even at this final round when all seemed to be smooth running they found that the engine would not run, and after a quick inspection it was found to be due to a fuel problem in that the fuel was returning direct to the fuel tank instead of being pumped into the carburettors. Their solution was to cause a restriction in the fuel return line .......... that is the posh way of saying "getting John to kink the pipe" ....... but this ensured that fuel was then pumped into the carburettors and the engine fired into life. BUT ........... when Andy decided to test the limits of the drive train he found out the hard way just what the transmission line could take by loosing drive on one axle. This still did not cause the Chaos Crew to panic and within moments they had the rear differential out to prove the cause to be ripped teeth on the pinion gear of the differential unit. Having found a replacement pinion drive gear everything was refitted and up and running. They went on to drive through the deep mud course like professionals using both skill and judgement for speed and balance, and at times using their own bodies to enable the ex-Refresher ice cream van to pull it's weary soul from the mud and dirt to climb that final hill and cross through the narrow but important gate into both Scotland and the Scrappy Races history books. The Chaos Crew remain the champions and they did it with style.

The points and positions for this round are:

1st place - Chaos Crew with 4 points

2nd place - Knuckleheads with 3 points

3rd place - Tartan Starlets with 2 points

4th place - Cops 'N' Bodgers with 1 point

Meaning that the overall FINAL POINTS SITUATION for Scrappy Races 2 is :-

1st place - Chaos Crew - 17 points

2nd place - Knuckleheadz - 16 points

3rd place - Cops 'N' Bodgers - 9 points

4th place - Tartan Starlets - 8 points


In addition to the pictures already provided for us by the Chaos Crew and the Tartan Starlets, we have now courtesy of the Cops N Bodgers received a number of additional photographs that I have posted in the Photo Gallery under Gallery Seven - MORE Behind the Scenes - General Images. I have also activated the Gallery Five - On the road and challenge No.5 - Mud Runner for this final mud runner challenge.


You can also access an eight page write up by Bill Hobbins the Co-Exec producer by going to the teletext page 422 on UK terrestrial TV on Channel 4.


Well we hope that you have enjoyed the series and like the teams we can now have a well earned rest and prepare our body and soul for Scrapheap Challenge 2006 series-8 which should be on your screen during September 2006. The Scrapheap Challenge series is covered by my sister website at The Steve G - Scrapheap Website so keep your eyes and bookmarks on that target. The Question & Answer section on this site will remain active throughout the year so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


One final thing is for me to thank RDF Media and the teams, especially Andy (Chaos Crew), Phiona (Tartan Starlets), Les (Cops 'N' Bodgers), for their kind assistance in submitting many photographs for us all to share.


Regards to everyone

Steve G


31st January 2005 - Multiple pictures added to the Photo Gallery

Multiple pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery of the Scrappy Races 2 challenges to date. Events that have not yet been screened will appear after the show is aired. The images in the gallery this year have been kindly provided by the Chaos Crew and the Tartan Starlets from their own collection and I would like to thank Andy and Phiona for their help.


30th January 2005 - Chaos Crew and Knuckleheadz are equal first place with one round left

This week for round four the teams were asked to put out a group of fires on the dockside at Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Tartan Starlet were again up against it as the scrapheap was stripped of all available rotary pumps by the other teams before they had a chance. This meant that like the Chaos Crew they need to come up with different solution and decided to use the energy of human power, which whilst reliable is unfortunately under powered unless you have been on a training regime for the last year to get fully fit. However they did find a piston pump chamber and like the early fire engines they made a lever arm assembly to allow a team member to stand each side of the Mini Limo and hand pump the water. The water jet was in fact very respectable but as the water pumped only with one specific direction of the piston pump it meant that individual periodic water jets could not overcome the flames of the fire. They gave the challenge their best but conceded the attempt as their energy was drawn from their bodies. The Tartan Starlets finished in forth place earning them 1 point to add to their total.

The Chaos Crew were true to form as they opted for a V8 engine powered centrifuge pump and instead of using the pre-built pump that they scavenged earlier in the day they choose to make their own centrifuge pump assembly from scratch. The pump they made did not perform very well for the first two fires but after having to refill the water tank worked well for the last fire. Considering that the pump they scavenged was swapped for a hose with the Cops 'N' Bodgers we wonder why they did not keep the pump they found as it worked perfectly for the Cops 'N' Bodgers. I therefore contacted the Chaos Crew to ask some important questions and you can read their reply the Question & Answer section by clicking here. The Chaos Crew finished this round in third place receiving 2 points making them once again equal first place with the Knuckleheadz as we enter the final round.

The Knuckleheads themselves used a water trailer (or shall we say a water 'BOWSER') towed behind their car. They used a pump that was found in the heap and therefore did not have the trouble of having to make a pump from scratch as did their close competitor. The only hiccup with their build was due to a wrongly positioned tow bar hook that needed moving but other then that the build went well. The challenge however does raise a couple of questions that relate to time taken with the filling of the water tank because in the show Bowser openly said that they "filled" the water tank. It was clear to anyone that the water flow from the source feed tank they used to fill their own tanks was slow to say the least and how could they fill a tank the size they had and yet still manage the challenge course in such a good time ? I would calculate that it would have taken longer than their final time just to fill the water tank but maybe it is just an illusion as to how quick they took-on water. The Knuckleheads due to their using a reliable pre-built water pump had a good water jet and finished in second place with 3 points making them also again equal first place with the Chaos Crew as we enter the final round.

Now the Cops 'N' Bodgers kept us all entertained with their off-the-wall idea of making a 'fire snuffer' to damp the fire out with an internal shower system using the water pump they obtained from the Chaos Crew in exchange for some hose the Crew needed. It turned out at the end of the day that the Cops 'N' Bodgers may have been leading a life off deception with the teams as their 'fire snuffer' immediately caught fire and went up in flames with the target fire ........ HOWEVER....... their water pump proved to be the best water pump system out of all the teams and they actually manager to put out all the target fires as well as the fire from their own 'snuffer' and finished in excellent first place to receive the well deserved full 4 point win.

1st place - Cops 'N' Bodgers with 4 points

2nd place - Knuckleheads with 3 points

3rd place - Chaos Crew with 2 point

4th place - Tartan Starlets with 1 point

So the points situation after round four are :-

=1st place - Chaos Crew - 13 points

=1st place - Knuckleheadz - 13 points

3rd place - Cops 'N' Bodgers - 8 points

4th place - Tartan Starlets - 6 points

The Chaos Crew and Knuckleheadz are equal first place with one round left as they move onto Berwick-Upon-Tweed for the Mud Runner challenge.

Have you clicked on the new pictures at the top of this page to see what Lisa, Robert and Spike are up to.

I am very pleased to say that courtesy of both the Tartan Starlets and the Chaos Crew I have this week received a number of pictures that will give you all a little more insight of the behind the scenes action and with their kind permission I will be posting the pictures in the Photo Gallery over the next few days so bookmark this site and keep checking.


24th January 2005 - The Chaos Crew are back on top of the heap .......

........... or should we say top of the HILL ! In the last excellent episode the Chaos Crew have again claimed the top slot with a 4 point win after their race to the top in the 'Hill Climb' episode. The build went well with the installation of the V8 power plant No.2 but all was not fun and roses as they found a serious problem with the engine's head gasket sealing area causing the coolant to spray into the face of Captain Chaos himself ........... he was NOT amused. In fact it turned out to be so serious that the crew had to 'seal up' the water galleries and run the second engine without any coolant. The chaotic Refresher ice cream van proved that 4WD is the only way to go. The Knuckleheadz were not without their own issues when after finding a perfect little VW engine they unfortunately found that a lot of time spent trying to align the gearbox back into position was hampered only by a misaligned clutch on the flywheel, and after a realignment all was well except for the fact that the car was still only two wheel drive which left them in second place with 3 points after a couple of flame throwing backfires from the exhaust system. The Tartan Starlets really seem to be up against all odds with lack of experience and lack of solid ideas, hampered by a problem engine that wanted only to spit the contents of the cooling system out into the air due to a suspected head gasket. Captain Chaos provided some helpful advise to them regarding an expansion tube to allow the air to vent to atmosphere instead of blowing a hose off, and the idea worked enabling the Starlets to take on the hill climb challenge and finish in third place picking up 2 points. Why they did not use their time better to replace the head gasket and improve the suspension further is a question only they can answer and comment upon............ I shall ask them and post the reply in the Q&A section. So what of the Cops 'N' Bodgers ? well at first there seemed to be a little disorder in the camp and feelings were high, but true to their form they soon got settled into the task in hand even though the idea of a powered trailer unit was a little 'off the wall' but hey you don't know till you try. Unfortunately the stabilising arms they manufactured to attempt a straight-and-true ride snapped off BEFORE the race had even began and therefore only a short distance into the race left them in forth place with only 1 point

Overall points position after round three :-

1st place - Chaos Crew - 11 points

2nd place - Knuckleheadz - 10 points

3rd place - Tartan Starlets - 5 points

4th place - Cops 'N' Bodgers - 4 points

Next week for round four the teams travel northwards to the Newcastle docks to extinguish a northern fire.

This year has for me been a very frustrating time regarding the lack of behind the scenes images as provided on this website during the races last year. Due to my personally being out of the country during the filming of Scrappy Races 2 it left me unable to take the pictures as I did previously when I visited the challenges during filming to catch those 'rare clips' from behind the camera. The teams this year have been good enough to say they will send to me some images for us to share with you but to date these have not yet arrived. As soon as I receive anything they will be posted in the Photo Gallery


23rd January 2005 - updated the Viewers e-mails - Questions and Answers page


17th January 2005 - The Chaos Crew are feeling the pressure from the Knuckleheadz

It seems that our friends the Chaos Crew are feeling the pressure as the Knuckleheadz win round two of this latest bout of Scrappy Racer fun leaving both teams in equal first place with 7 points each. This archery challenge allowed the teams to show the worth of the crossbow as a good design method. The Chaos Crew had difficulties in lining up for the first shots and this meant that Andy had to reposition the car meaning that John took the second shot and did not have the advantage of Andy's first 'test' shot. At the same time there does seem to be viewer comment about the validity of one of the Knuckleheadz hits. This challenge did not have the solid edge to it as in previous challenges. Some viewers have expressed confusion of actually what teams were aiming for especially for the last target 'the castle' where the teams need to hit the shield on the castle and not the castle itself. One person has e-mailed to say that he was sure that the scene of Lisa starting each team appeared to be the same video clip and having re-run the starting section I must agree with the comment .......... so why did they not film Lisa performing each start for real ?, Sherlock Steve G will investigate and reply.

I am preparing some picture that the teams have submitted that will be posted here in time for the final episode so keep your eye on this page.

Points situation after round two :-

=1st place - Chaos Crew - 7 points

=1st place - Knuckleheadz - 7 points

3rd place - Tartan Starlets - 4 points

4th place - Cops 'N' Bodgers - 2 points

All the teams are well oiled Scrapheap veterans with the exception of the Tartan Starlets and for this reason we give great credit to them for their efforts so far. Remember that the other teams have the experience of working in front of the cameras and knowing the 'in's and out's' of scrapheap know-how. It is good to see the Tartan Starlets in third place and collecting points as generally their MiniLimo design does not seem to have any advantage for the challenge section ....... BUT...... do not take that as given as later in the series they come up with a major modification that may surprise you.

Next week the teams travel northwards to the Nottingham area where they need to again modify their vehicles to take on the inclines of the Hill Climber challenge.


12th January 2005 - The Cops 'N' Bodgers explain their build

I have some information that may explain why the propshaft of the 5.9 litre V8 travelling jail belonging to the Cops' N' Bodgers was spotted with weld marks on it in the close-up picture last Sunday when their vehicle came to a halt. The following interesting snippets were received from the Cops 'N' Bodgers this week.

The rear suspension was really bad, we had no weight on it and the original dodge leaf springs were too heavy and long so we used Landrover front springs, the downside was that they flexed too much under load and we dumped the prop shaft on more than one occasion resulting in the necessity of having it welded on to the differential flange. It held for the rest of the race although we could never really get the power down.

The other big problem we had was with the torque converter It developed a knock and overheating problem, partly because we had dropped the engine onto the crankshaft pulley when fitting into the Carlton, and partly because the oil cooler pipes become kinked during the hill climb [episode on 23rd Jan 2005].

These Cops 'N' Bodgers are a great laugh behind the scenes, I recall well when they all dressed in costume with wigs just before filming began for their first appearance on scrapheap, and the day they tried to tip little Andy out of the portable crapper while he was on the job. More about the Cops 'N' Bodgers later.

Don't forget that if you have any questions for the teams then please go to this page.


9th January 2005 - Scrappy Races 2 has finally hit the road

Tonight the long anticipated follow up Scrappy Races 2 hit our screen with four new creations. The teams are the Knuckleheadz consisting of long term scrapheap veteran captain Richard 'Bowser' Munson aided by Lurch and Mick, then we have from Scrapheap series-6 the Cops 'n' Bodgers who are captain BIG Andy Luchesa with Andy Stamp and Les Scott. Les may be better known to many C4 chat forum visitors as Miss Marples which is his nickname from work. Next we have the Tartan Starlets who are team captain Dawn Gilbert assisted by Phiona Rae with Doug providing the manpower element. Last but no means least we have the reigning Scrappy Races champions the Chaos Crew and scrapheap veterans from series 3 and series 4 with team captain Andy Middleton providing that northern humour and dialect with his brother John and the welcome return of Spike 'weld-anything-man' Hanson. Spike who was the original third team member during Scrapheap Challenge was unable to join the Chaos Crew for the first Scrappy Races due to work commitments, which is why last year Andy and John's dad Ray joined the boys for a full family team group. However when Spike met up with us all at a restaurant in Bradford during last years filming as soon as he spotted Robert the Llew he sworn that 'next time' he would be back ........... and true to his word he has blessed our television screens tonight.

So there we have it four teams with four new creations. The Chaos Crew learnt a lesson last year when they did everything 'by the book' with a full SVA test and made a decision that if they were asked back that you would avoid the SVA like a plague. Not that the SVA people were not helpful, not at all as the SVA people made every attempt to help the teams wherever they could with advice and ongoing assistance, it is just that no matter how you look at it the SVA test is hard work, and very time consuming. Time was not something the Chaos Crew had a lot of on this occasion, you see in reality when the filming dates were set for this years series the Chaos Crew planned it so that a couple of weeks after the filming of the home builds began they would go on the family holidays ...... BUT .... in true fashion things do not always go to plan, and on this occasion due to internal issues the program makers did not keep to the original film schedule. This meant that the very week that filming was finally about to begin they were due to go on vacation so as soon as they obtain the old 'Refresher' ice cream van they got it home and went on holiday, FOR REAL !

The first episode of SR2 involves the teams as they build their vehicles and their first trail at the old USAF base at RAF Bentwaters located near to Ipswich involved a time based test where they had to turn in a confined space, cross a 'tetter totter' (the name came from the earlier Full Metal Challenge series) and attempt to keep the 'tetter totter' in limbo state for 5 seconds before continuing (no team managed to hold the crossing in limbo) and then finally a race to the line passing through a width limited oil drum passage.

1st place - Chaos Crew - time 2 mins 34 secs (including 1 penalty for the tetter-totter)

2nd place - Knuckleheads - time 2 mins 49 secs (inc 2 penalties for the confined turn and the tetter totter)

3rd place - Tartan Starlets - time 3 mins 14 secs (inc 1 penalty for the confined turn, no way to do it in that long car)

4th place - Cops 'N' Bodgers - did not finish (due to a failed prop shaft joint, that looked alarmingly 'welded ?' on screen)

So the points situation after round one is :-

1st place - Chaos Crew - 4 points

2nd place - Knuckleheadz - 3 points

3rd place - Tartan Starlets - 2 points

4th place - Cops 'N' Bodgers - 1 points

Next week you will see the teams as they move onto round two at Rockingham Castle near Corby in Northamptonshire where they will have the challenge of Giant Archery.

Last but not least if you have any questions for the teams or RDF Media the program makers then please go to this page and I shall present them to the teams and compile them on this page as and when applicable.

So until next week ...............

Steve G

p.s. There is in fact a rumour in the air about the future of the Chaos Crew but I wont reveal more until until I investigate further.


2nd January 2005 - CHANGED projected show dates for 2005

Despite the information posted previously on December 1st 2004 it appears that Channel 4 have rescheduled the screening dates for Scrappy Races. The revised dates are as follows at 6.30pm on UK Channel 4 television ....................

Transmission times are always subject to change, so keep an eye on the TV schedules just in case.

9th January 2005 - The Home Building of the contenders vehicles

16th January 2005 - The first stop for a Scrappy challenge - Giant Archery

23rd January 2005 - The second stop for a Scrappy challenge - Hill Climb

30th January 2005 - The third stop for a Scrappy challenge - Fire Fighter

6th February 2005 - The forth and final stop for a Scrappy challenge - Mud Runner

It is sad that Channel 4 do not promote the show to the general public in the build up to the first episode which will leave many viewers only to hear about it after the event only to then tune in the following week and not really know the full background to the teams and the overview of the show despite the normal recap at the beginning of each episode. I am very surprised that even the official Scrapheap Challenge 2004 and the Scrappy Races series-1 websites also do not have any promotion at all about the new Scrappy Races series-2. Fortunately with websites such as this and the active C4 chat forum at least the hard core based fans should mostly be aware and able to spread the word.

Anyway fingers crossed that Sunday 9th January does see the new series on our screens. Have fun.


21st December 2004 - The series-1 Barley Pickers PROPER JOB truck is FOR SALE


The Barley Pickers have decided to release their beast, namely the PROPER JOB chicken shack truck, into the big wide world. I have been contacted by Andy Barnes to inform that they are indeed selling the PROPER JOB truck. The PROPER JOB truck took part in the first Scrappy Races series by RDF / Channel 4 and has also attended a number of shows during the summer in the Devon area. The Barley Pickers invested an amount of money personally to make the truck and would very much like to at least recover their costs. If the offers exceed the initial build costs then they may make a contribution to a charity, but if the offers fall short of their reserve then they may simply not sell the truck.

The Proper Job is presently resting in the Devon area. Successful bidders will be contacted to discuss detail further. Any bid offer is not deemed as contractual until agreed by both parties after discussion.

All offers are by e-mail only CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR OFFER and to ask any questions about the sale


 1st December 2004 - Scrappy Races 2 projected show dates for 2005

The Scrappy Races 2 spies have discovered new information from within the undergrowth of the Scrapheap and have thrown a large rusty axle through my window with a note attached to it which reads ..............

RDF Media the makers of Scrappy Races 2 have almost finished editing the five programmes for 2005 and they are looking awesome. We have also just been told that they are projected to be shown on Sundays from the 2nd January to the 30th January 2005 at 6.30pm on UK Channel 4 television. Transmission times are always subject to change, so keep an eye on the TV schedules just in case.

2nd January - The Home Building of the contenders vehicles

9th January - The first stop for a Scrappy challenge - Giant Archery

16th January - The second stop for a Scrappy challenge - Hill Climb

23rd January - The third stop for a Scrappy challenge - Fire Fighter

30th January - The forth and final stop for a Scrappy challenge - Mud Runner


It is clear from this secret information that the viewing public need to make urgent arrangements to ensure good stocks of food and refreshments are to hand to make sure you do not miss a single moment of this second offering of fun and madness all in road legal machines as they travel around the UK. If you have a look at the past threads on the Scrapheap chat forum you will find more detailed information regarding sightings witnesses during the filming as they travelled the UK.

As the makers said already .................. ENJOY !


2nd October 2004 - Scrappy Races 2 filming is now complete

Well you Scrappy Races fans will be pleased to hear that the filming for Scrappy Races 2 has today been completed and we have a winner waiting to bless your screens early in 2005 when it is hoped that the show will be aired by Channel 4 television in the UK. Scrappy Races 2 is longer than last year and this time consists of five episodes where four Scrappy Racer teams take on four challenges after their first starting area competition. Of course you will have to wait until the show airs to find out who they are and who won but it will be well worth the wait. Information that is no longer a secret are the sightings reported on the Channel 4 chat forum where the general public have posted what they saw. Some of the sightings are misleading and some are correct however I can now confirm that the filming began on 14th September 2004 in the Ipswich area in east Anglia and moved through the UK northwards taking in three challenges, such a visit to the Corby area in Northamptonshire, finally arriving in the North for their final build day and then today on Saturday Oct 2nd 2004 they completed the final challenge near Berwick-upon-Tweed to determine the winner of Scrappy Races 2.

How many people saw the teams as they travelled their route. Click here to e-mail Steve G with your sightings and your stories will be included in the new Viewers e-mails - Questions and Answers section due to go live at a later date.

For those people wondering where the newsdesk information for Scrappy Races 1 has now gone, you can find all the past information in the Chronological History section.

More information later.

Steve G


10th September 2004 - Scrappy Races 2 being filming the 2005 series

I can confirm that the second series of Scrappy Races will begin filming next Tuesday 14th September 2004 so keep a look out for a crowd of weird and wonderful machines near to your home town. They will be travelling from the Eastern area of England taking a route through England and they will finish in the Scotland area. This year will see a series of five episodes, that involve four scrappy racer teams who after their starting area test will then take part in four specific challenges along the route. You will not only see the familiar faces of last years winners the Chaos Crew in their attempt to retain the crown but you will also see 'other' familiar faces amongst them. Due to my being out of the UK until October this website will be next updated in a few weeks time, my apologies for the delay.


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