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Issue 1, January 1984 - Advertisements

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Abacus Electronics Abacus Controller 84
Abersoft The Wizard's Warriors 73
AGF Hardware Programmable joystick interface 46
Anik California Gold Rush 73
Anirog Software Frogrun; Galactic Abductors; Missile Defence; Slap Dab; Tiny Tot's Seven 42
Artic Computing 3D Combat Zone, Dimension Destructors, Galaxians
Earth Defence, I'm in Shock, Santa, Tank Battle
Blaby Computer Games Barmy Burgers; Gotcha; Killer Kong 84
Cambridge Computing Programmable joystick 32
Carnell Software The Adventures of St Bernard; Black Crystal; The Crypt; The Devil Rides In; Starforce One; The Wrath of Magra; ZX81 Compendium 12-13
Cascade Games Cassette 50 35
Cheetah Marketing 32K Rampack; Sweet Talker 18
Compusound Tele Sound Spectrum beep booster 79
Currah Computer Components Currah MicroSpeech ibc
Digital Integration Football League Analysis; Fighter Pilot; Night Gunner 70
DJL Software Froggy 87
East London Robotics Trickstick
48/80 Forth
EEC Spectrum mechanical joystick 27
Elinca Products ZX Tapeloader 79
EPROM Services EPROMs; Data Acquisition & Control 43
EuroElectronics ZX Lprint interface 73
Fox Electronics Programmable joystick interface; Quickshot & Triga-Command joysticks; 16K-48K Spectrum upgrade 45
Fuller Micro Systems FDS keyboard; Fuller Gift Pack 40-41
Flet-Elec Spec Switch 76
Gilsoft Diamond Trail; Magic Castle; The Quill; Timeline & Tasks 37
Hestacrest Accounts Preparation; Sales & Purchase Ledgers 43
Hilton Computer Services Garden Birds; Personal Banking System; Play, Type & Transpose 74
HiSoft DevPac 3; Pascal 4T 36
Incentive Software 1984; Mountains of Ket; Splat! 74
Interface Publications Mastering Machine Code on Your ZX Spectrum; Spectrum Machine Code Made Easy; The Spectrum Machine Code Reference Guide 4
ISP Marketing Scope Computer Graphics Language 90
Kelwood Computer Cases "Add-its for Sinclair addicts" 62
Kemp Purchase Ledger; Sales Ledger; Stock Control; Stock Ledger 52
Kiltdale Data duplication 53
Legend Valhalla 68-69
Level 9 Computing Lords of Time 67
Logic 3 Learn Computing series 94
Lothlorien Johnny Reb; Paras; Redweed 36
Lyndenhurst Defusion; Magic Worm; Whirlwind 70
MicroL MicroL 36
Micro Master The Four Rules of Number; Language Development Series 76
Micromega Deathchase
Deathchase; Haunted Hedges; Lunar Crabs; Starclash
Micro-Myte Communications Micro-Myte 60 modem 24
Mikro-Gen Cruise Attack; Creepy Crawler; Deffendar; Drakmaze; Galakzions; Land of Sagan; Knockout; Laserwarp; Mad Martha 2; Nanas; One Hundred & Eighty; Pat the Postman; SAS Assault; Star Trek; Timequest 57
Mr Chip Software Vic 20 games & utilities; Commodore 64 games & utilities 27
Oxford Computer Publishing Full Screen Editor/Assembler; Machine Code Test Tool; Master Toolkit 3
Petron Electronics The Petron Trichord 79
PH Scientific Products PH Scientific computer desk 84
Pinnacle Electronics Sound Amplifier 65
Postern Firehawks 82
Protek Hunter-Killer 34
PSS The Guardian; Krazy Kong; Light Cycle 2
Quicksilva Games Designer 20
RAM Electronics Spectrum joystick interface; Quickshot & Robust joysticks 51
Richard Shepherd Software Multi-function Cash Controller 23
Rose Software GCE 'O'-level Maths Revision Geoometry; Learning to Read Music; Young Learners 2 74
SCR Adventures Castle Blackstar 37
Silversoft Armageddon; Brain Damage; Exterminator; Mission Impossible
Armageddon; Brain Damage; Exterminator; Freez' Bees; Mission Impossible; Robot Riot; Sam Spade
Skywave Software Multi-tasking Forth for the Spectrum 76
Software Plus Mail order hardware 93
Software Projects Jet Set Willy; Manic Miner 88-89
Software Supermarket Mail order software 59
Sportscene Specialist Press The Complete Sinclair Database 19
Timescape Software WIld West Hero 61
Ultimate Play the Game Atic Atac; Cookie; Jetpac; Lunar Jetman; Tranz Am 16
Vic Odden's of London Bridge Mail order software & hardware 93
Virgin Games Angler; Ghost Town; The Island; Lojix; Lost; Quetzalcoatl; Racing Manager; Rider; Robber Spectron 56
Watson Software Services Star Soccer 52
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