Spectrum Soft
With Spectrum software packages abounding, Ron Smith casts his sardonic eye over some of the latest titles.
Paper Data
Read what Alan Jowett has to say and you'll find you may have to set your sights a little higher next itme the book-buying mood takes a hold.
Speaking of Spectrums
The software engineer behind the Currah MicroSpeech unit, Mark Anson, explains the 'i(nn)s and (ow)(tt)s' of speech synthesis.
Cross Check
A tournament of champions, as Grandmaster Dr John Nunn and Jonathon How preside over the spectacle of five chess packages, all challenging one another.
Sticking with Adjustables
Compatible joysticks are comparitively new on the market - Andrew Pennell considers whether the wait was worth it.
Your Spectrum

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Issue 1, January 1984
- contents -
  • Front Lines
  • Routine Stuff - Moving Graphics of the Horizontal Kind
  • Prof. Brainstawm's Program Challenge
  • Spectrolysis - DIY Spectrum Keyboard Buffer
  • Play Power
  • Circe
  • Breaking Out of Machine Code
  • Go-Faster!
  • Talk to Me, Oh MicroSpeech
  • Broadening Your Communications Spectrum


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Frontlines 5 A heady concoction of gossip, speculation, fun, philosophy, news and reviews.
Auto-Start (Eprom Services)
Forth Extension (Densham)
Scope (Interactive Software)
Spectrum Relay (Cambridge Microelectronics)
Spectrum Computer Desk (PH Scientific)
Touch Stylus (Flet-Elec)
Trichord (Petron)
ZX Tapeloader (Elinca)
Cattell IQ Test (Sinclair)
Battle of the Tapes
(16/48, Spectrum Computing)
ZX Machine Code Users Club
Spectrum & QL News 6 SinclairWatch
Interface 2, Issue 3 Spectrum, Microdrives, Flat screen TV, ZX84
Software Reviews 47 Spectrum Soft
Ron Smith takes a slightly jaundiced look at all that's latest and greatest in games and leisure software for the Spectrum.
3D Strategy (Quicksilva)
Airliner (Protek)
Bugaboo (Quicksilva)
Chequered Flag (Psion)
Escape MCP (Rabbit)
Galactic Abductor (Anirog)
Gridrunner (Quicksilva)
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte)
Missile Defence (Anirog)
Quackers (Rabbit)
Race Fun (Rabbit)
Slap Dab (Anirog)
Smuggler's Cove (Quicksilva)
Traxx (Quicksilva)
Velnor's Lair (Quicksilva)
Wild West Hero (Timescape)
Woods of Winter (CRL)
Xadom (Quicksilva)
Software Features 21 Go-Faster! - Courting Compilers - Flirting with Forth
Looking for an alternative to Basic? Steve Mann comes up with some possibilities. Once the initial association with Sinclair Basic has run its course, Spectrum owners soon come to realise its limitations - especially with regard to speed of operation. Steve Mann checks out alternative routes - in particular the 'FP' and 'IS' compilers from Softek, and the Abersoft Forth package.
Hardware Features 32 Talk to Me, Oh MicroSpeech!
Maggie Burton has a quiet tete a tete with Currah's new MicroSpeech device. One of the great things about speech synthesis add-ons is that, for one reason or another, they usually give your computer an unrivalled capacity to make people laugh. Maggie Burton discovered that Currah Computer Components' MicroSpeech turned out to be no exception.
58 Spectrolysis - DIY Spectrum keyboard buffer
Adding a keyboard upgrade to your Spectrum? Do it yourself ... with Stephen Adams. Frigging with the rigging is not as difficult as you might at first think. Stephen Adams gives comprehensive instructions on linking the Spectrum to an alternative keyboard, via its rear expansion port.
64 Sticking with Adjustables
There are now several different ways of hanging a joystick onto the Spectrum, and they fall into two distinct categories - the dedicated type, which uses fixed input/output locations, and the more recent programmable type, which can simulate any chosen keys when the joystick is moved. Andrew Pennell is concerned with the second variety - devices which should, in theory, offer compatibility with all software. He examines products from AGF Hardware, Cambridge Computing, Downsway Electronics and Stonechip Electronics.
Programming 6 Project 1
17 Machine Code Breakout!
YS scoops a little bit of computer history with Toni Baker's machine code RESET. Once upon a time machine code gave rise to infinite loops. If such a loop was encountered then there was absolutely nothing you could do about it except pull the plug out and start again. Now, however, those sorry days are gone as, exclusively for readers of this magazine, Toni Baker presents one of the most important Spectrum discoveries ever made. Learn from her the secrets of Spectrum RESET.
(letter), (letter)
26 Routine Stuff: Moving Graphics of the Horizontal Kind
Speed up your arcade games with machine code - the Toni Baker way! Every now and again you may feel an uncontrollable urge to write some sort of computer program. (There is no known cure for this compulsion, although it has been suggested that long holidays in the countryside might possibly do the trick.) But for instance, what do you do if you want to scroll the screen sideways and haven't the foggiest idea where to start? Well, forget phoning the Samaritans because Toni Baker is about to suggest that one answer to many of your problems lies in machine code.
Miscellaneous Features 30 "sp(ee)ki(ng) of spe(ck)t(rr)ums"
Adding speech to your Spectrum opens up a whole new dimension for experimentation. No longer do games programs have to be silent events filled with the occasional computer-generated snap, crackle and buzz. Mark Anson gives an introductory guide to speech analysis on home computers.
38 Cross Check
With tongue-in-cheek seriousness, YS recently organised an unusual chess tournament, one that featured many of our favourite Spectrum chess programs - each playing the other. We commiserate with Jonathan How for having to preside over the (at times excruciating) games, and thank Grand Master, Dr John Nunn, for compiling this analysis and report.
The Chess Player (Quicksilva)
Master Chess (Mikro-Gen)
Spectrum Chess 2 (Artic)
Super Chess (C P Software)
Super Chess 2 (C P Software)
71 Broadening Your Communications Spectrum
Communication is what it's all about, and here is John McNulty to tell you all about it. Communication is a two way process. If you want to communicate through your Spectrum you'll have to find out how it 'talks' to the outside world - a world made up of local (in-house) communication and distant (tele) communication. Over to John McNulty.
Reader's Programs 80 Play Power
Three anotated listings all ready for you to pop into your Spectrum. Settle down to your ZX Spectrum and get those fingers ready for some typing. Your Spectrum is proud to present two programs prepared by Michael Scott and Gavin Monk, and a Wild West adventure specially adapted for us by Artic Computing.
Sir Clive (Michael Scott), Showdown (Artic Computing), Gnashers (Gavin Monk).
Books 14 Frontlines
Mastering Your ZX Microdrive (Sunshine Books)
Spectrum Microdrive Book (Melbourne House)
77 Paperdata
It's easy to feel that the glut of computing books forgo the rudiments of the craft and settle for lots of games for the frogger freak. But, asks Alan Jowett, coulld it be that the authors of these texts ignore a rather vital question. What is a book?
Computer Programming Course (Century)
Design and Memory (McGraw Hill)
First Steps with Your Spectrum (Armada)
ZX Spectrum and How To Get The Most From It (Granada)
Interviews 96 David Potter (Psion)
Everyone's heard of Psion. But what about the faces behind the corporation? Phil Manchester deals some tough questions. Psion is the software firm that put the Horizons tape together for Sinclair Research. And if you ever had any illusions about software companies, forget them - Psion is a highly professional outfit. Tough questions were well parried by Psion's managing director, ex-computer science academic - David Potter.
Competitions 15 Debugit
44 Prof. Brainstawm's Program Challenge
Win yourself a complete Spectrum outfit in our competition. The competition that's open to both chess players and virtual chess illiterates alike - a basic knowledge of the rules is all that's required.
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