Your Spectrum
Issue 6, August 1984
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Frontlines Earls Court Computer Fair shrinks
Guild of Software Houses & software protection (GOSH)
Jet Set Willy 'The Attic' bug fix (Software Projects)
Quicksilva sells out to Argus Press Group
Sinclair Research gives Fair Trading assurance
Trans-Express program copier (Romantic Robot)
Spectrum & QL News Rumbles
Ron Smith, YS's answer to Sherlock Holmes, digs out the latest software gossip. Jet Set Willy sequels (?), Cylon Attack (A'n'F Software), Bandersnatch (Imagine), Jolly Roger (Rabbit Software), Crusoe (Automata), A Question of Sport & Junior Kong (Interstella Software), Hyperaction (Silversoft).
Psion software problems, SuperBasic errors, QL manual errors.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
This month, the Gloucester Computing Club reviews the latest software releases. Ad Astra, Apollo, Castle Blackstar, Defenda, Defusion / Worms, Disco Dan, Fire and Ice, Glug Glug, Grid Bug, Infernal Combustion, Laser Warp, Moon Buggy, Mummy, Mummy, Sorcery, Specgraf, Trashman, Trom.
Talking of Toolkits
If you're going to get serious about program development, you'll need to study the tools of the trade. By Peter Freebrey. Master Toolkit, Super Toolkit, TT-S Gamma, ZX Toolkit, ZXED.
Software Features Hacking Away
All is revealed! Everything you wanted to know about hacking into Jet Set Willy. By Andrew Pennell.
Cry of the Wulf
The new Ultimate game, Sabre Wulf, gets the YS treatment - with tips, hacker's tricks and a full map plan. By Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls.
Hacking at the Wulf
Hacker Dave Nicholls cracks Ultimate's latest wide open - but, in the end, was it worth it?
Programming Bang Goes Your Code
Has the razzle-dazzle gone out of your programs? Simon Lane's got some explosive ideas to stun you ..
All Change!
Ever wanted to rename a Microdrive file? Providing the code to create the necessary new command, Andrew Pennell brings Microdrives one step nearer the expensive disk systems they emulate.
Graphic Definitions
Toni Baker provides a foolproof way of redefining any graphics character. Defining graphics on paper can be an arduous task - especially when the finished item on-screen looks nothing like you imagined it. Toni Baker's got a much better idea ... and she's backed it up with machine code to boot!
Adding ZIP - part four: ZIP to the Stars
If you're looking for further proof that Simon Goodwin's ZIP compiler is nothing short of miraculous, type in his example program and give it the treatment.
Reader's Programs Reader's Programs 72 Program Power
Ground Attack by Antony Crawford and Connections by D R Tose are the offerings for you to tap in and play. Two great games for your 48K Spectrum - arcade action from Antony Crawford and a popular puzzler from D R Tose.
Books Paperdata: Games People Play
Phil Cornes goes in search of his ideal games book. In pursuit of the definitive games book, Phil Cornes and Mike Turner corner a selection of tomes, getting to grips with them all, be they good, bad or just plain ugly.
20 Programs for the ZX Spectrum, 49 Explosive Games for the ZX Spectrum, 60 Games & Applications for the ZX Spectrum, 60 Programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Creating Arcade Games on Your Spectrum, Games for Your ZX Spectrum, Games to Play on Your ZX Spectrum, Instant Arcade Games for the ZX Spectrum, Over the Spectrum, The Spectrum Book of Games, Spectrum Spectacular.
Interviews Nick Alexander & Steve Webb (Virgin Games)
Phil Manchester tracks down Nick Alexander and Steve Webb of Virgin Games to hear their latest plans.
Odds & Ends Top 10 Turkeys
The YS Top 20
July's favourite games, according to our readers.
QL User QL News
QL User: The Complete Dossier, The Sinclair QL Companion, Demise of the QL 'kludge'.
The Psion Writers
If you subscribe to the motto, "It's the software that maketh the hardware", then Psion have a lot to answer for. Surya asked the authors of the QL's bundled software, Charles Davies (Archive), Martin Stamp (Quill), Martin Brown (Easel) and Colly Myers (Abacus), what they'd set out to achieve.