Your Spectrum
Issue 7, September 1984
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Frontlines Imagine Software goes bust
ROM Interface 2 software (Parker)
Sinclair's new TV ad campaign
Spectrum & QL News QL Affairs
Presented by Leon Heller, Acting Chairman of the Independent QL Users' Group (IQLUG). 68K/OS (GST Computer Systems), Spectrum emulator (Joe the Lion), PRINT VER$ command.
Clive Sinclair promoting Sinclair Research & on Spitting Image TV programme, Imagine's fall, Microdrive prices.
Sifting through the rumours, Ron Smith checks out what the software houses are really up to. Hampstead / Sherlock (Melbourne House), Hover Bovver / The Dan Diamond Trilogy (Salamander), Starbike (Softek), Superchess 3.5 (CP Software), Daley Thomspn's Decathlon (Ocean), The Magic Roundabout (CRL).
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
Reviewing the latest software this month is the Stevenage Computer Club. 3D Bat Attack, Antics, Buffer Adventure, Bullseye, Carnival, The Fall of Rome, Kosmik Pirate, Metagalactic Llamas, Millionaire, Pac-Man, Psi-Spy, Psytron, Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes.
Software Features Rapscallion Rap
YS takes a look around the newest multi-screen graphical adventure from Bug-Byte - Rapscallion. But does it live up to the claim of being 'the next Manic Miner'?. Ross Holman.
Programming Smooth Moves
Does your Speccy output sometimes look like it's suffering from a bad case of the shakes? Relax ... let things slide with Simon Goodwin's cure for jerky graphics!
Basic at a Stretch
Tired of using the same old commands? Well, saddle up your Interface 1 unit and let Gavin Smyth demonstrate the practice of adding up to 26 new commands to your Spectrum.
Spectrolysis: Channels and Streams
Still on the subject of channels and streams, Ian Beardsmore provides details on how to set up a new channel. As promised in our July issue, Ian Beardsmore continues his quest to open up a new stream to a new channel. Read on and check out his progress ...
Miscellaneous Features Suddenly, it's the 64K Spectrum!
Have you got 64K of usable memory inside your Spectrum, just waiting to be set free? Find out inside. Simon Goodwin.
(letter), (letter)
Reader's Programs Program Power
Parcel up your programs and send them to Program Power. Business Graphics on your Spectrum by John Tydeman, and Chip Chat by Stephen Stratford.
Interviews Sinclair Research
'Putting the record straight' on the QL, Sinclair Research meets with the press at the Carlton Tower Hotel. Roger Munford.
Odds & Ends Top 10 Turkeys
The YS Top 20
The August charts - as voted by you, the readers.
Words of wisdom with petulant prose, all from the postbag. Is there something you're not telling us?