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Issue 16, July 1985 - Hack-Free Zone
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Given a hacker a good poke recently? - literally and right between the eyes. If you play games for the challenge and not 'cos you want the infinite cheat POKE, then this is the page for you!
C'mon all you games players - you're not alone. Already many of you have come out into the open to prove that there's no game that can't be cracked without resorting to POKEs.
Who'd have thought, for instance, that anyone could possibly rescue all twenty-two rooms of cryonaughts in Alien 8? Well, Carl Parkin's done it and he sent us a shot of the final screen to prove it. He reckons the best method is the obvious one - keep a rough map of everywhere you go and try to keep three objects with you at all times. You'll also need unlimited patience, plenty of time and an understanding family.
Still on the Ultimate challengers, Ian Pullen's got the measure of Knight Lore. His news is that you need to put fourteen items in the cauldron and it doesn't matter how many rooms you visit in the castle.
Alan White from Poole may not be the first to finish Dragontorc (see this month's Frontlines) but his knowledge of the game is encyclopaedic - he sent us a thirteen page hint sheet! This month though
there's only room for one cryptic message:
Do not kill the hand,
Find something in the South,
That comes from the far East,
To use in the West.
Err, cheers Alan. Ummm, I'm sure they'll be letting you
out soon.
Our challenge still stands. Let us know as soon as you've finished a game that everyone else reckoned was impossible. But remember, hackers, you know where you can stick your POKEs!
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"Oh Brad, what have they done to you? An hour ago you were plain old Brad Majors, and now - now you're nothing more than a stone figure.

"Oh, if only we hadn't made this journey ..."
But you did!
"If only the car hadn't broken down ..."
But it did!
"If only we were amongst friends."
Two outa three ain't bad!

And that about sums up any semblance of plot the game might have. Now it's up to you to save Brad and his girlfriend Janet from a fate worse than working on YS ...
Our very own Riff-Raff, Peter Shaw settles down in his stall seat for the opening performance of The Rocky Horror Show from CRL. Be there for a bit of audience participation ...
This is you playing the part of Janet Weiss (Dammit, Janet!) who's innocently stumbled upon this eccentric enclave. At the start of the game, you're given the choice of playing Janet or her boyfriend, Brad Majors. The stage is hidden behind the curtain - it's here that you have to deposit each part of the De- Medusa machine as you collect it. You have until the clock runs out and then the whole household is transported up to Frank's home planet. By the way, don't ask what Brad's doing, 'cos you wouldn't want to know! Here's one part of the De-Medusa machine that Dr Frank'n'Furter's scattered around Frankenstein Place for you to seek out. It's the only way of bringing your beloved back from the stone-dead. Only when they're all in the bag can you make good your escape.
ROCKY HORROR SHOW screen 1 This is the freezer temperature - once it cracks the 0°C mark, the crazed Roger Willis look-alike, Eddie, will be out on the rampage in his souped-up C5. ROCKY HORROR SHOW screen 2 These keys are dotted all over the castle and, guess what you use them for? - yep, opening doors. Watch out though, 'cos you can only carry one at a time, so try to make a note of their position as you spot each one.
Riff-Raff, the paranoid manservant (Where is he then? Ed.), wanders about this area firing his laser in a most erratic fashion - well, you wouldn't expect anything to be logical. Get in the way of the laser beam and you've bought it! After all, the laser is made from pure anti-matter. (Shriek from the back!) Keep an eye on this counter - when it reaches zero you've got zilcho chance of rescuing your loved one as the whole house lifts off.   Talk to the natives - some of them are friendly. It's just a question of sussing out which ones. You can usually trust Columbia, but watch out for the rest. Be careful of Eddie (The geezer from the freezer!) as he comes throttlin' through on his motorbike.
Editor Kevin Cox (Why me? Ed); Art Editor Phoebe Good Evans!; Deputy Editor Peter Not So Shaw; Production Editor Loopy-Lou Cook; Art Assistant Martin Dixon of Dock Green; Editorial Consultant Andrew Pennell; Software Consultant Gavin the Mad Monk; Contributors Stephen Adams, Dave Nicholls, Roger Willis, Ross Holman, Mike Leaman, Tony Samuels, Chris Somerville, Steve Malone, Iolo Davidson, Craig Rawstron; Advertisement Manager David 'The Hound' Baskerville; Production Manager Sonia Hunt; Group Advertisement Manager Jill Harris; Group Art Director Perry Neville; Art Director Jimmy Mc Egerton; Managing Editor Roger Mc Munford; Group Art Director Perry Scope; Group Advertisement Manager Chris Talbot; Publisher Stephen England; Published by Sportscene Specialist Press Ltd, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE. Telephone (all departments) 01-631 1433. Telex 8954139 BunchG. Company registered in England; Typesetters Carlinpoint, London; Reproduction Graphic Ideas, London; Printed by Chase Web Offset, St Austell, Cornwall; Distribution Seymour Press, 334 Brixton Road, London SW9. Telephone 01-733 4444. All material in Your Spectrum © 1985 Felden Productions, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of the publishers. Your Spectrum is a monthly publication.
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