Beyond's Shadowfire is blazing a new trail. Join the YS firing squad - and play with 'fire.
Full road-tests of two mini disk drives. The Opus Discovery and the Triton QD are the newest Speccy spin-offs.
Go for Gold
Join the gold rush for medals in the great YS hi-score chart challenge!
Joystick Jury
It's judgement day for all the latest games. A full five pages of frantic arcade action.
3D Daze
Add a whole new dimension to your programs. It's the ultimate 3D graphics creator and it's yours to type in. You'll be amazed!
Flash Moves
YS Newsflash: Loading screens are on the move. Turn on to it - and off!
Your Spectrum

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Issue 16, July 1985
- contents -
Miner Mania
More levels than nine and more platforms than Elton John! It's the miner game that's major fun!
Copy Right and Edit Key
Two great utilities that are far from routine!
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Frontlines 5 Rumour, gossip, scandal and, who knows, even some news. Plus Hacking Away, Hard Facts and From the Hip! Are you Quackers? Will Kempston drive you round the bend? Who won our Slimmer of the Year Award? Is it really super, man? Are we getting a new Bond age? How fast's a Slomo? Do these questions mean anything at all? Find out ... in Frontlines!
4-colour printer/plotter (Bizzell Computers)
Disk interface (Kempston Micro)
Interface III (Evesham Micro Centre)
Pacesetter interface (Nidd Valley Micro Products)
A View to a Kill (Domark)
Chicane (Kempston Micro)
Herbert's Dummy Run (Mikro-Gen)
Jet Set Willy 2 (Software Projects)
Joffe Plan diet program (Mirrorsoft)
Quackshot (Creative Sparks)
Superman / Rockford's Riot / Quake Minus One (Monolith / Beyond Software)
Alien 8 cartoons
Anti-static mat (AKG)
Dragontorc completed (Hewson Consultants)
Mastermind corrections
Observer Home Computer Challenge winner
Spectrum UK competition winner
Your Spectrum DigiTape
Your Spectrum binders
Advice 7 Hard Facts
Hitches with your hardware? Stephen Adams is your man. Get in touch at Hard Facts ... Speccy trebles electric bill?, Buying replacement keyboards, TV causing tape corruption, OEL Teletext adaptor, RGB monitor convertor (Adapt Electronics), Microslot (Dk'Tronics), Connecting If.1 to printer.
9 From the Hip
Mac Man, Screen dump to Teletype printer, GOSUB stack overflow, Sound from machine code.
15 Hacking Away
The column that POKEs more fun. Send your hacking hints to Andrew Pennell ... Pinball Wizard, Finders Keepers, Atic Atac, Lunar Jetman, Jet Set Willy, Wizard's Lair, Microdrive conversions.
64 Hack-Free Zone
No hacks please ... only gamesplayers can go for it. Plus our shock, horror, probe on the Rocky Horror Show! Given a hacker a good poke recently? - literally and right between the eyes. If you play games for the challenge and not 'cos you want the infinite cheat POKE, then this is the page for you! Alien 8, Knight Lore, Dragontorc.
Software Reviews 39 Joystick Jury
They came, they saw and conked out - or rather the joysticks did. Dave Nicholls, Roger Willis and Ross Holman hung on just long enough to give the verdict on all the new games.
The Biz(Virgin Games)73%
Chaos(Games Workshop)60%
Chuckie Egg 2(A'n'F Software)43%
Confuzion(Incentive Software)46%
Give my regards to Broad Street(Argus Press Software)40%
Icicle Works(Centresoft)43%
Jonah Barrington's Squash(New Generation Software)70%
37 Spectrum Adventures
D'you keep suffering death by misadventure? Help's here. Plus full reviews of Funhouse and Ashkeron. The aliens have landed and snatched Dave Nicholls's body - they obviously forgot their glasses! But it's OK, he's grabbed it back in time to go walkabout in Ashkeron. Lords of Time, Mountains of Ket, Snowball.
Funhouse(Pacific Software)
Software Features 32 Firefighters
Light the blue touch paper and stand back for ... Shadowfire, the new firework from Beyond. It's a real-time adventure without words - you have just 100 minutes to board the enemy's space ship, rescue the hostaged ambassador, capture General Zoff, the enemy leader, and then destroy his ship. And all without typing so much as one piece of text. So, the YS fire brigade of Ross Holman and Steve Malone prepared to play with fire ...
35 Hacker's Guide
The hairy hacker, Dave Nicholls, is back. Join the prying man as he jumps into Shadowfire.
Hardware Features 24 Disko-Tech
Get the low-down on hi-tech. YS disk jockey, Iolo Davidson takes two new disk drives out for a spin. Prepare for a close encounter of the 3" kind! Opus Discovery 1, Triton QD.
Programming 28 3D Daze
It's here - the ultimate in 3D graphics. Mr MegaBasic, Mike Leaman shows another side to his talents with a program that'll transport you into the third dimension.
48 Flash Moves
Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture! 20th Century Chris Somerville takes a look at loading screens and shows you how to turn them into moving pictures.
Reader's Programs 50 Program Power
Here's some Manic Mimicry of the YS kind plus a double-sized helping of troubleshootin' utilities.
Miner Mania - More levels than nine and more platforms than Elton John! It's the miner game that's major fun! (Freddie Lewis)
Copy Right and Edit Key - Two great utilities that are far from routine! (Peter Featherstone & Kevin Swift)
Books 10 Paperdata
The Century Programming Course for the Spectrum (Century Communications)
Competitions 23 Virgin Copter Compo - Chopper Patrol
Up, up and away ... three lucky winners will be whisked away in a helicopter for the trip of a lifetime. Fly Virgin! Cop a load of this. Virgin Games has come up with the amazing offer of a helicopter trip for three. Chop, chop!
Odds & Ends 16 YS Softwares
Exclusive to YS readers - the chance to save £££s on all the latest software.
16 Go for Gold & All Time Top 10 Chart
Join the gold rush for medals in the great YS hi-score chart challenge!
19 Forum
It's the YS scribblers' spot. Send us your scrawl, scribes! Write to us - there's a bundle of free Spectrum software for this month's Star Letter!
Toy Shop(Jonathan Barry)
For ...(A E Denison)
And Against ...(Robert Emery)
Up 'n' Down Under(James Harrington)
Off 'is Ed?(Anthony Mayers)
Megahack(Andy Taylor)
Patient Royalty(J Sneideris)
Jetlag II(Neil Forster)
The Last Poke(Mal Goodman)
Withdrawal Symptoms(Ian Comerford)
Too Hot to Handle?(Jon)
One Dump Ahead(Derrick Lambert)
The YS Trainspotter Award(Keith Whitmore)
58 Input/Output
Book your space on the free YS billboard ... now!
60 YS MegaBasic special offer
We've added more muscle with the miracle Basic. You just have to rustle up £7.95.