Problem : How do you make/convert to cbm files (either picture or animation)?
Solution : Use the Psychic method.

Problem : How do you make/convert to snm files for cutscenes?
Solution : Unsolved

Problem : Returning to the hangar of a non-Calamari cruiser and getting a strange result.
Solution : Unsolved, although it appears slot related.

Problem : Custom OPTs not showing up in the tech library when added.
Solution : Make a mission involving them or edit your pilot file with this method.

Problem : Modified Strike Cruiser showing up as G/2.
Solution : As solved by Draconis and contributed by Ace Antilles.

Problem : Incorrect pictures in Skirmish Editor for custom OPT.
Solution : Unsolved.


Problem : List Files do not work despite being of the correct format, and maybe even working on another PC when somebody else tries using them.
Solution : Unsolved

Problem : Listing of Training missions scrolls down a long long way so that it appears that the box is blank.
Solution : Unsolved as it would appear this is a bug in BoP. However if while you are creating the campaign you have decided to do the missions individually rather than as a campaign from the start then if you place the missions in the list files before any campaign missions that have not been completed then the problem is solved until you make them into a campaign.

Problem : Medals do not show up as you complete missions.
Solution : If you have more than 15 missions then it appears that it shows medals for the last fifteen of them, though I haven't asked Totally Games. If you don't have more than 15 missions then checking list files may be a good idea.

Problem : Slight sound distortion when BoP plays the cutscene that it not apparent when you simply double-click on it, or play it through Smacker.
Solution : Unsolved, tried altering the compression but no difference.