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The Nine Ways of Living

One: The Perfectionist
Attention goes to right and wrong and to correcting error
Critical – of self and others.
Energy goes to maintaining rigorous standards.
Tries to avoid making mistakes.
Strengths: idealistic, responsible, industrious
Typical Ones: Mary Poppins, Charles Dickens, Martin Luther

Two: The Giver
Attention goes to the needs and wants of others
Lives for relationships – represses own needs
Energy goes to sensing the emotional needs of others and supplying those needs
Tries to avoid disappointing others
Strengths: generous, sensitive, supportive
Typical Twos: Mary Magdalene, Dolly Parton, Madonna

Three: The Performer
Attention goes to tasks, goals and achievements
Needs to be (seen to be) successful
Energy goes to getting things done, being active and busy
Tries to avoid failure
Strengths: enthusiastic, self assured, competent
Typical Threes: John F Kennedy, Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan

Four: The Romantic
Attention goes to attractions in the future or the past, what’s missing in the here and now
Wants depth of experience, the meaningful, the aesthetically pleasing
Energy goes to what’s missing, finding fulfilment through deep connection
Tries to avoid insignificance, the banal, shallowness
Strengths: intensity, authenticity, introspection
Typical Fours: Keats, Marlon Brando, Bette Davis

Five: The Observer
Attention goes to all things intellectual – facts and analysis
Wants to conserve energy and avoid intrusions
Energy goes to detached observing, maintaining privacy
Tries to avoid demands being made by people or circumstances
Strengths: scholarliness, thoughtfulness, keeping confidences
Typical Fives: Jeremy Irons, The Buddha, Franz Kafka

Six: The Questioner
Attention goes to danger, difficulties and others’ hidden agendas
Wants to ensure safety by planning for the worst
Energy goes to playing devil’s advocate, questioning authority
Tries to avoid being unprepared for expected harm
Strengths: loyalty, wit, creativity
Typical Sixes: Krishnamurti, Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet

Seven: The Epicure
Attention goes to pleasurable options, planning projects, diverse ideas
Wants to keep life upbeat and positive
Energy goes to keeping options open and enjoying life to the fullest
Tries to avoid being constrained or facing painful situations
Strengths: optimism, vision, inventiveness
Typical Sevens: Peter Pan, Groucho Marx, Richard Branson

Eight: The Protector
Attention goes to power and control, justice and injustice
Wants protect the weak and take immediate action to correct injustice
Energy goes to controlling and dominating own space
Tries to avoid being weak or vulnerable
Strengths: courage, decisiveness, intensity
Typical Eights: Pablo Picasso, Nietzsche, Henry VIII

Nine: The Mediator
Attention goes to other people’s agendas, external distractions
Wants to maintain peace and harmony
Energy goes to keeping life comfortable and familiar
Tries to avoid conflict and confrontation
Strengths: empathy, supportiveness, steadfastness
Typical Nines: Luciano Pavarotti, Ringo Starr, Pollyanna

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