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Services - Tailored Enneagram Workshops

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Enneagram workshops tailored to company/team/group
Interactive workshops that use the Enneagram framework in team building and helping groups

  • Understand themselves
  • Have empathy for self and others
  • Have more effective internal communication
  • Work together more productively
  • Experience fewer morale/personality issues

Comments from clients:
"The X-Factor programme is designed to inspire Managers from the UK's elite sporting teams and directors from Europe's blue-chip companies – Enneagram cuts right through – enabling our delegates to truly understand who they really are and to inter-react at a higher level within their teams. Enneagram and Annie Binnie is a very powerful combination."
Mark Reynolds, Managing Director

"We pride ourselves on team spirit. The Enneagram has given us the tools to enhance the understanding of our people as individuals and when working together. Without it, we would be less tolerant, less compassionate and less able to understand the daily actions of our people. Thank you, Josephine, for being part of our team."
Stephen Fox, Joint Managing Director
Fox Kalomaski

"Enneagram really helped me to sort out the issues surrounding merging two teams and it was great to explain my management style."
Radan Payget
Norwich Union

"We have been able to develop informed communication systems and team working strategies that benefit everyone. Perhaps more so in a small team, communications can be complex and the tools and awareness provided to us with the Enneagram has help enormously."
Michelynn Lafleche, CEO
Runnymede Trust

"The Enneagram has...been embraced to become an important part of our agency culture. It has proven itself to be an effective tool so far as driving more effective communication and management of others...across our business... I would have no hesitation in recommending that any commercial organisation in any service industry/sector should seriously consider working with the Enneagram to realise substantial improvements in staff performance and effectiveness."
Chris Freeland, Client Services Director
Tullo Marshall Warren

Client/agency relationships:
"The Enneagram gave us all better understanding of each others motivation and approach to the job in hand, so that we worked more productively and efficiently as a team. This understanding also means more effective self-management, and greater empathy towards others."
Christie Lord, Marketing Manager - Europe
Air New Zealand

"The results have been extremely encouraging. Staff have gained understanding of more successful ways to work together, leading to more productive relationships."
Gary Jacobs, Managing Partner
Fox Kalomaski