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One of my maternal great-great-great-grandmothers was Ann Ward Batchelor (1806-88). Ann was born at Cuckfield, the second child of John Batchelor and Sarah Elizabeth WARD (1781-1843).

Ann Ward Batchelor (1806-88) married Charles DENNETT (1793-1866) at Cuckfield in 1824. They had six children at Henfield, Woodmancote and Albourne, they then lived at Horsham before moving to Brighton.

John Batchelor and Sarah Elizabeth Ward married at Cuckfield in 1804. They had eight children there between 1805 and 1819 but little else is known about them. John's occupation was given as Coachman at Cuckfield Place. The other children's names were: Henry, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas and Richard. They probably also had Kate Ward Batchelor baptised at Wivelsfield in 1823, John's occupation then was given as Shopkeeper. Sarah Elizabeth Batchelor [WARD] was buried at Cuckfield in 1843, John's burial has not yet been found. A John Batchelor plus daughter Kitty were at Lindfield in the 1851 census, John's occupation was given as Gardener, his age as 79 and birthplace as Fletching. There is no baptism for him there but Cuckfield isn't very far away. Kitty was aged 27 and born at Wivelsfield. It's not certain that these John Batchelors were all the same man but it seems quite likely.

John Batchelor junior probably married Martha KENNARD at Brighton in 1831 and had three children there, their two sons, John Jacob and George Ward, went on to also have families at Brighton. Martha married for a second time in 1878 (aged 68!) and this marriage entry plus her 1881 census entry revealed she was the daughter of Richard KENNARD from his first marriage to Frances. Martha's half sister, Elizabeth Kennard COMBER, married John DENNETT at Brighton in 1861, John Dennett was the son of Charles DENNETT and Ann Ward BATCHELOR.

John Batchelor senior's origins are not known for certain. He was possibly baptised at Cuckfield in 1787, son of John and Sarah. However, his probable 1851 census entry states he was born at Fletching, but there is no baptism for a John Batchelor there.

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