Above Fulking, West Sussex Sussex is famous for the range of hills known as the South Downs. Many of my Sussex ancestors saw them every day as they mostly lived in villages on the north side of the Downs in both West and East Sussex. Poynings, West Sussex
Ditchling Beacon, near Brighton Three of my grandparents were born in Brighton, but only two of their six parents were born there. Nearly half of my paternal ancestors came from the middle of West Sussex. My maternal ancestors moved around more, they came from West, Mid and East Sussex. Devil's Dyke, near Brighton
Coldwaltham Church My main ancestral village is Coldwaltham in West Sussex so I would like to hear from anyone with any interests there. My ancestors mostly lived in its hamlet of Watersfield.
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Sussex Surname Initial
Four generations Four generations: Me, my mother (née Gladys Julia OLLIVER), my grandmother Julia Ethel (née VALDER) and Julia's aunt Annie Lyle DOWNER (née DENNETT).
ACKESON Allison ACKESON married William DINE 1678 at Patcham. Nothing else known.
AVIS Non-ancestral. Thomas AVIS married Mary BELTON 1846 at Rottingdean. Nine children and eight grandchildren known at Rottingdean.
BACK Non-ancestral. William BACK/KENNARD was baptised 1811 at Rodmell. His descendants went by either surname and lived at Beddingham, Southease, Rodmell, Heathfield, West Tarring and Durrington.
BAKER Ann BAKER married Robert BETTESWORTH 1718 at Fernhurst. She may have been the daughter of Henry and Ann Baker. My information is sketchy.
BANKS Ann BANKS married Thomas COMBER 1796 at Lindfield. Ann was born at Keymer, her parents were James BANKS and Anne GILLAM who married at Albourne in 1768. James was the Blacksmith at Keymer when he made his will in 1819, he died in 1821 at the claimed age of 84, his wife Anne died in 1823. The origins of James have not yet been discovered, he was not baptised at Keymer. It's possible that his parents married at Nuthurst in 1734 but they seem to have left there after 1737 without having had a James baptised.
BARNES At Coldwaltham from 1791. William married Sarah HENLEY 1822, Elizabeth married Hayward CHEESMAN 1852.
BATCHELOR At Cuckfield 1804 on. John married Sarah Elizabeth WARD 1804, Ann Ward married Charles DENNETT 1824 at Brighton.
BELTON At Brighton 1686 on, Rottingdean 1719 on, Telscombe 1749 on. John married Martha GREENER 1686, John married Martha DINE 1719, William married Mary DINE 1749, Mary married Richard KENNARD 1781 at Alfriston. Co-descendants at Bishopstone, Broadwater, Denton, Ewhurst, Falmer, Folkington, Hove, Newhaven, Rodmell, Sompting, West Firle. By 1881 one branch had moved to Norfolk and another to Yorkshire.
BETTESWORTH At Fernhurst 1718 on, Kirdford 1743 on. Robert married Anne BAKER 1718 at Fernhurst, Robert married Mary CHILDS 1743 at Kirdford, Sarah married Thomas HENLEY 1771 at Tillington.
BEXHILL Anne BEXHILL married Thomas DENNETT 1645 at Woodmancote. Anne Dennett died 1656. Nothing else known.
BOURN At Balcombe 1762 on. William married Elizabeth by 1758, Thomas married Jane ISTED/WALLER 1787 at Ardingly, Sophia married James WELLS 1826. Co-descendants at Cuckfield, Portslade, Worth.
BRIDGER Non-ancestral. Stephen BRIDGER married Jane LANGLEY 1824 at Frensham, Surrey. They had children and grandchildren baptised at Woolbeding and Linch, it's believed they lived at Redford. At least two of their descendants emigrated to Canada, others are known in the UK.
Another probable non-ancestral branch of Bridgers were based at Tillington. John BRIDGER married Mary HENLEY 1762 at Petworth. It will probably not be possible to confirm that my ancestor Thomas Henley was Mary's sister as his baptism is missing but the naming patterns fit beautifully. I have a contact for this Bridger line.
BROOKS Non-ancestral. John BROOKS married Elizabeth HARWOOD 1811 at Sutton. Descendants at Amberley, Bignor, Clapham, Eartham, East Dean, East Lavant, Kingston-by-Sea, Patching, Ringmer, Storrington, Sullington, Sutton, Upper Beeding, Washington, Worthing. Many places due to very mobile shepherds! Roger Brooks is researching this line.
BUNGARD Assisting with One-Name Study started by Graham Bungard of Derbyshire. Mine at Coldwaltham from 1755. Peter married Jane SMITH 1755, Thomas married Mary POATE 1778 at Tortington, Ann married John CHEESMAN 1820 at Bury. My co-descendants spread to Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Sidlesham, Sompting. Also to London. Graham's ancestors from Ferring, Shoreham, they also spread to Norfolk and Kent.
CARN Non-ancestral. John CARN (born c1809 Bury) married Lucy DEARLING of Coldwaltham by 1836. They had at least seven children at Coldwaltham.
Also, Thomas CARN (born c1834 Bury) married Sarah HENLEY 1860 at Fittleworth. They had at least 11 children at Wisborough Green and Fittleworth.
CARVER Non-ancestral. John CARVER married Ann SOTCHER 1679 at Sutton. The widowed Ann Carver married William LANGLEY 1691 at Sutton.
CHANDLER Non-ancestral. Thomas CHANDLER (born 1774 Heyshott) married Sarah HARWOOD 1808 at Sutton. Sarah had at least five children before marrying Thomas and three afterwards. The early five were baptised as HARWOOD but several switched to CHANDLER later, one waited until after his own children were born. One grandson, Thomas Chandler (baptised 1839 as Harwood) moved to Cocking.
CHEESMAN At Coldwaltham from 1655, Brighton from 1886. Thomas married Bridget (possibly EAGER) by 1655, Thomas married Ann MILLS 1691, John married Elizabeth RIDDELL 1733 at Bury, William married Jane WOODS 1773 at Bury, John married Ann BUNGARD 1820 at Bury, Hayward married Elizabeth BARNES 1852, Samuel married Sarah Anne JARVIS 1891 at Hove, Samuel Percy married Amy Louise DYBALL 1924 (from Norfolk), my father married my mother (OLLIVER) 1951. Co-descendants at Brighton, Hardham, Hove.
A possible link with Cheesmans at Bosham is currently being investigated, those being sought are the ancestors of Canon Alfred Cheesman (1864-1941) who moved to Gloucester.
Also interested in all Cheesmans at Brighton for a side-interest and on behalf of several other researchers.
CHILDS At Kirdford 1692 on. William married Susanna RAPLEY 1692 at Petworth, John married Mary by 1723, Mary married Robert BETTESWORTH 1743 at Kirdford.
COLLINGHAM Non-ancestral. Thomas COLLINGHAM married Lucy KENNARD 1786 at West Firle. Thomas and Lucy had five children at West Firle then Lucy had two more illegitimate Collingham children after Thomas's death. Most of these Collinghams remained at West Firle and I have 50+ descendants for them at West Firle, Selmeston, Jevington, Piddinghoe and Seaford. Collingham marriages include STEPHENS 1811, EARL 1812, BROWNE 1815, GATES by 1842, MILES by 1844 and ROSER? by 1864.
COMBER Possibly at Fletching 1775 on. At Cuckfield/Lindfield/Wivelsfield 1800 on. Thomas married Ann BANKS 1796 at Lindfield. Mary Anne co-habited with Richard KENNARD at Cuckfield from about 1827. Elizabeth Kennard married John DENNETT 1861 at Brighton.
COURT At East Dean 1654 on. Daniel married Mary LOVE 1654 at East Dean and at Singleton, Mary married John MANT 1681.
DALE Non-ancestral. Edward DALE married Elizabeth KENNARD 1827 at West Firle. They already had one child, Edward Dale KENNARD, who later used Edward DALE. Edward and Elizabeth had at least nine more children at Petworth, Rottingdean, East Hoathly and Brighton. Edward Dale senior a wheelwright born c1806 Stanmer.
DEARLING Non-ancestral. Also as DARLING. Three connections, not yet known to be related to each other.
John DEARLING married Charlotte CHEESMAN 1799 at Coldwaltham. Their descendants married CARN by 1836 and SMITH by 1840. John said he was born at Twyford, Berkshire but he may have had siblings born at East Dean near Chichester.
Sarah DEARLING married James BARNES 1849 at Coldwaltham. Sarah was born at Northchapel c1827, daughter of William. Sarah was possibly the sister of George, below, but the Northchapel registers have not been checked.
George DEARLING married Hannah HARWOOD 1854. They had at least four children at Bury and Sutton. George was born 1824 at Lurgashall, son of William and Dinah. George was possibly the brother of Sarah, above.
DENNETT At Woodmancote Place 1588 on, Poynings 1793 on, Brighton 1861 on. John married Alice by 1588, John married Eleanor GOFFE 1611, Thomas married Anne BEXHILL 1645, Thomas married Susan GATES 1671, Thomas married Jane HOLE 1707, John married Mary PILFOLD 1731 at Henfield, Charles married Ann OSBORNE 1759, Charles married Lucy WICKENS 1789 at Hove, Charles married Ann Ward BATCHELOR 1824 at Brighton, John married Elizabeth Kennard COMBER/KENNARD 1861 at Brighton, Emily Louise married Albert Edmund VALDER 1899 at Brighton. Co-descendants at Bolney and Surrey.
DINE At Patcham 1678 on, Telscombe 1726 on. William married Allison ACKERSON 1678, Martha married John BELTON 1719 at Rottingdean, John married Elizabeth WILLBURR 1726 at Pyecombe, Mary married William BELTON 1749.
DOWNER Non-ancestral but several marriage links to WELLS, DENNETT and GOLDS. Fairly extensively researched for a cousin. All descended from William Downer and Ann Wells who married in 1804. At Warminghurst 1804 on, Thakeham 1817 on, Brighton 1841 on, Bury 1833 on, Washington 1847 on, Sompting 1877 on, Lancing 1867 on, Poynings 1866 on, West Chiltington 1873 on. I have several e-mail contacts for this line.
DURRANT Francis DURRANT married Lettice HARMER 1670 at Heathfield. At Hellingly 1671 on where Francis was the Miller. His will of 1691 names his children Lettis, John and Elizabeth. Lettice DURRANT married Thomas FITNESS 1693 at Chiddingly.
EARL Non-ancestral. William EARL married Caroline COLLINGHAM 1812 at West Firle. They had nine children at East Dean, East Sussex, William's birthplace. Their descendants moved to West Firle and Kingston. William (1793-1839) was the son of James and Elizabeth.
EDE Sarah EDE married Robert EDWARDS 1706/7 at Wisborough Green and/or Pulborough. This information has not been fully checked and I have no clues as to Sarah's parents.
I also have EDE co-descendants at Coldwaltham. James EDE married Elizabeth CHEESMAN and they had children from 1859. James Ede was the blacksmith at Coldwaltham and many of his relatives were blacksmiths in nearby villages. These Edes came from Bury.
EDWARDS At Pulborough 1686 on. Robert married Sarah EDE 1706/7, Elizabeth married Edward HARWOOD 1731.
EVERSHED Non-ancestral. Daniel EVERSHED married Sarah Jane GOLDS 1876 at Washington. They had six children, one, Frances, married (1) Richard Alfred Ichabod EVERSHED 1913. Frances married (2) her cousin Ernest Charles WOOLGAR 1920. I have a snail-mail contact for Evershed.
FITNESS Also as PHITNESS and FILTNESS. At Chiddingly 1693 on. Thomas married Lettice DURRANT 1693, KENNARD 1736 at Ringmer. An e-mail contact revealed the origins of Thomas FITNESS who married at Chiddingly in 1693. My contact found Thomas mentioned in his father's will. His father was John FILTNESS who was the Miller at Mayfield, and he described Thomas as a Blacksmith. Thomas also left a will and described himself as a Gunsmith. My contact found that Thomas was probably born at Wadhurst in about 1666, son of John and Dorothy (née BONNICK) who married at Rotherfield in 1655. John was probably the son of another Thomas. Another contact has now given me much more information extending this line back more generations. Many thanks to my contacts for sharing their information.
FOARD Non-ancestral. Henry FOARD married Elizabeth LEGGATT 1815 at Sutton. They had seven children, one - Elizabeth junior, married her mother's cousin, Richard LEGGATT 1854 after having two illegitimate children. Another, James, married Jane SMITH 1848 at North Stoke and had descendants at Bury and Amberley. Henry was born c1795 at Steyning.
Also William FOARD (born c1824 Chichester) married Hannah Latitia LEE by 1850. They had seven children at Pulborough, Storrington and Watersfield before moving to Sutton. Their daughters married BARNETT 1872 at Coldwaltham and WHITE 1881 at Bury?
GATES At Woodmancote 1644 on. Thomas married Mary REYNOLD/HILLS 1644, Susan married Thomas DENNETT 1671.
Also non-ancestral at West Firle. John GATES married Frances COLLINGHAM by 1841. They had 13 children at West Firle and spent some time at Beddingham. John was born c1820 at Piddinghoe.
GILLAM Also as GILHAM etc. At Albourne 1714 on. John married Ann by 1715, John married Elizabeth SHARLEY 1741 at Slaugham. Anne married James BANKS 1768 at Albourne.
GOBLE Non-ancestral. John GOBLE married Frances CHEESMAN 1878 at Coldwaltham. They moved to Hove where John worked as a blacksmith, they had nine children. John's sister, Ellen GOBLE, married William CHEESMAN 1883 at Coldwaltham. William Cheesman was Frances's brother. John and Ellen Goble's parents were George and Ann. One of George and Ann's grandsons, Horace Goble (son of William and Jane [RUFF]), married his cousin Mabel Constance Cheesman 1915. Mabel was the daughter of William and Ellen. All very tangled!
GOFFE Eleanor GOFFE married John DENNETT 1611 at Woodmancote. Eleanor Dennett died 1650. Nothing else known.
GOLDS Non-ancestral. James GOLDS 'married' Mary WELLS 1851 at Brighton but this turned out to be at an illegal 'hellfire' chapel so they married again 1869 at Brighton after having nine children at Washington, they then had two more. Their children married EVERSHED 1876, WOOLGAR 1876, TIDEY by 1877, DOWNER 1883, DOWNER 1884, AYLING 1890, MITCHELL 1893, COVEY 1920. James was born c1828 at Ashington, son of John and Sarah. I have a snail-mail contact for this line.
GRANT Mary GRANT married Thomas HARWOOD 1778 at Thakeham. Mary may have been baptised 1756 at Shermanbury, the daughter of Richard GRANT and Sarah COLLINS who married 1748 at Cowfold but I have no proof.
GREENER Martha GREENER married John BELTON 1686 at Brighton. Nothing else known.
HARMER Lettice HARMER married Francis DURRANT 1670 at Heathfield. Lettice possibly baptised 1640 at Chiddingly or born at Heathfield c1650, she was buried at Hellingly in 1679.
HARWOOD At Pulborough 1669 on, Sutton 1779 on. Edward married Elizabeth EDWARDS 1731, Thomas married Mary GRANT 1778 at Thakeham, Edmund married Abigail NEAL 1830, Emma married Thomas JARVIS 1859 at Arundel. Co-descendants to Amberley, Bury, Coates, Coldwaltham, Duncton, Hardham, Parham, Petworth, Thakeham.
HENLEY At Tillington 1771 on, Petworth 1800 on. Thomas married Sarah BETTESWORTH 1771, Joseph married Ann STEVENS 1798 at Northchapel, Sarah married William BARNES 1822 at Coldwaltham. Co-descendants to Brighton, Littlehampton, Oving, Upper Beeding, Woodmancote.
HILL Anne HILL married Thomas POLLINGTON 1703 at Rudgwick. Nothing else known.
HOLDEN Ann HOLDEN married William STEVENS 1766 at Northchapel. Ann was probably baptised 1746 at Northchapel, daughter of Peter and Sarah. Peter HOLDEN married Sarah KELLUMS 1739 at Northchapel. Peter may have been baptised 1719 at Kirdford, son of William and Mary, but the Northchapel register pre-1716 has not been checked so there may be other possibilities.
HOLE Jane HOLE married Thomas DENNETT 1707 at Woodmancote. A Jane Dennett died 1736 at Woodmancote aged 52 but another burial entry suggests this Jane may have died 1729. Jane may have been of Albourne at marriage. Nothing else known.
HOPE Non-ancestral. John HOPE married Charlotte KENNARD 1821 at Beddingham. They had 12 children at West Firle. John Hope claimed to have been born variously at Dover (Kent), West Firle and Bexhill in about 1801. He wasn't baptised at West Firle but I suspect that his father was, several of the West Firle HOPEs spent time in Kent before returning to their birthplace.
HOWICK Also as HOICK. At Wisborough Green 1677 on. John married Joane by 1669, Henry married Hannah LONGHURST 1702, Hannah married Thomas POLLINGTON 1725.
HUMPHREY Non-ancestral but a large number of co-descendants at Coldwaltham 1792 on. Jesse HUMPHREY married Frances CHEESMAN 1792 at Coldwaltham. Cheesman used as middle name 1877, suspect father was early genealogist! At Fittleworth 1851 on, Portslade 1878 on, Henfield 1887 on.
ISTED Non-ancestral. See WALLER.
JARVIS At Arundel 1859 on. Thomas married Emma HARWOOD 1859, Sarah Anne married Samuel CHEESMAN 1891 at Hove. The Arundel Thomas JARVIS originally from Buckinghamshire.
JOINER Also as JOYNER. Non-ancestral. Daniel JOINER married Eliza HENLEY 1834 at Petworth. They had 11 children at Fittleworth, Oving and Coldwaltham. Their son Joseph (1838-1927?) was the verger and sexton at Coldwaltham for 50 years. Their daughter Mary Ann married James POWELL 1856 at Bosham. Daniel was born at Fittleworth, son of Robert and Harriet. Daniel's younger brother Charles married Eliza Henley's sister Mary 1843 at Petworth. Charles and Mary had at least three children at Oving and Fittleworth.
JONES Non-ancestral. Joshua JONES married Hannah Kennard COMBER 1861 at Brighton. They had at least eight children at Haywards Heath where Joseph became landlord of the Star Inn. Joshua was born c1833 at Patching, son of Stephen and Jane.
KELLUMS Also as KILLAMS and probably as KILHAMS etc. Sarah KELLUMS married Peter HOLDEN 1739 at Northchapel. Sarah was probably baptised as KELLME in 1720 at Northchapel, daughter of John and Elizabeth. John and Elizabeth had four other children baptised at Northchapel between 1716 and 1727 but their origins have not been investigated. KELLUMS and the various alternative spellings are very rare in Sussex, some KILHAMS appear at Bury in the 1800s but their origins are also not known and there were none at Northchapel then.
KENNARD Also as KENWARD. At West Firle 1736 on, Brighton 1813 on, Cuckfield 1831 on. William married Lucy FITNESS 1736 at Ringmer, Thomas married Judith POLLINGTON 1762, Richard married Mary BELTON 1781 at Alfriston, Richard lived with Mary Anne COMBER at Cuckfield from about 1827, Elizabeth married John DENNETT 1861 at Brighton (as Elizabeth Kennard COMBER). Co-descendants at Beddingham, Brighton, Durrington, Keymer, Kingston, Laughton, Rodmell, Seaford. Some of the Rodmell KENNARDs known as BACK.
KNOWLES Unconfirmed ancestors. Lucy KNOWLES (1831-54), married Thomas OLLIVER 1852 at Brighton after having son registered as Thomas Oliver KNOWLES. They had daughter Lucy Ann OLLIVER 1853 but Lucy senior died 1854 of cholera. Lucy senior daughter of James and Jane, of Brighton from at least 1841. James possibly born Greatham (the Hampshire one?) about 1772.
LANGFORD Anne LANGFORD married Thomas OSBORNE 1676 at Poynings. Ann drowned in the moat at Newtimber Place in 1706. Accident or on purpose? Nothing else known.
LANGLEY At Sutton and/or Bignor 1635 on. William married Alice by 1635, William married Ann CARVER (née SOTCHER) 1691, William married Ann MANT 1718/9 at Chichester, Sarah married John NEAL 1766 at Bignor. Co-descendants at Amberley, Chichester, Fernhurst, Littlehampton, Stedham, Woolavington. A cousin researching this line found an excellent will of 1688 where William Langley listed his 13 grandchildren who had been born by that time.
LEE Non-ancestral but my co-descendants at Coldwaltham married at least six LEEs. Edmund Lee married Jane BUNGARD 1781. Luke Lee married Hannah CHEESMAN 1812 at Greatham, Fanny Lee married John CHEESMAN 1873, Alice Beatrice Lee married Charles CHEESMAN 1887. Elizabeth Lee married Edmund HARWOOD 1755 at Bury. Eliza Lee married George HUMPHREY 1831. At Coldwaltham 1755 on, also at Bury, Greatham, Lurgashall, Sutton. I have information about most of the LEEs in the area around Coldwaltham from about 1700 but not all are connected to my tree.
LEGGATT At Sutton 1681 on. John married Mary by 1681, Richard married Margaret PHIBBINS 1715, James married Mary by 1767, Abigail married William NEAL 1795 at Bignor.
Also non-ancestral. Thomas LEGGATT married Alice LANGLEY 1661 at Sutton. They had four children at Sutton but then vanish. I have not found a link between Thomas and my other Leggatts at Sutton.
LONGHURST Hannah LONGHURST married Henry HOWICK 1702 at Wisborough Green. Nothing else known but I suspect that she may have been the daughter of Philip, possibly of West Chiltington or Billingshurst. LONGHURST often appears as Songhurst due to problems with reading old handwriting.
LOVE Mary LOVE married Daniel COURT 1654 at East Dean and at Singleton. Nothing else known.
Also non-ancestral. Ellen LOVE married John HENLEY 1870 at Littlehampton after having John's illegitimate daughter at Petworth. James LOVE married Jemima HENLEY 1871 at Littlehampton and they had four children there. John and Jemima Henley were half-brother and sister. James and Ellen Love may also have been siblings but I have no proof.
MANN Non-ancestral. Mary MANN married John NEAL 1789 at Bignor. Jane MANN married Richard NEAL 1792 at Bignor. John and Richard Neal were brothers, I suspect that Mary and Jane were probably sisters but have no proof.
John MANN married Sarah NEAL 1815 at Rudgwick where they had seven children. Sarah was the daughter of Richard and Jane Neal. John and Sarah's son John Mann may have had children at Bury before moving to Norfolk. I suspect that John senior was related to Mary and Jane Mann but again no proof.
MANT Also as MAUNT. At Duncton 1688 on. John married Mary COURT 1681 at East Dean, Ann married William LANGLEY 1718/9 at Chichester.
MARSH Non-ancestral. Mary POLLINGTON married Middleton MARSH 1770 at Pagham where they had 10 children. Their descendants were also at Angmering, Appledram, Chichester, East Wittering, Felpham, Littlehampton, Sidlesham, Westhampnett.
MILLS Ann MILLS married Thomas CHEESMAN 1691 at Coldwaltham. There are two possible candidates for Ann in the immediate area. One was baptised 1667 at Bury, daughter of John and Jane, the other was baptised 1668 at Hardham, daughter of William and Mary.
MITCHELL Non-ancestral. Samuel MITCHELL married Alice GOLDS 1893 at Washington where they had eight children.
NEAL At Bignor 1766 on, Sutton 1795 on. John married Sarah LANGLEY 1766, William married Abigail LEGGATT 1795, Abigail married Edmund HARWOOD 1830. Co-descendants at Brighton, Burpham, Kingston by Sea, Kirdford, Rudgwick, West Chiltington.
NORMAN Non-ancestral. Thomas NORMAN married Mary KENNARD 1770 at West Firle. They had 14 children but at least five died as infants. Descendants known at Glynde and in New Zealand. I have an email contact for this line.
OLLIVER At Brighton 1902 on. An unconfirmed link to OLLIVERs at Patching 1775 on, Brighton 1817 on. Edward married Annie Sophia WELLS 1902, Edward George married Julia Ethel VALDER 1927, my mother married my father (CHEESMAN) 1951. In the unconfirmed link Clement married Sarah DOWNER 1775, Edward married Sarah DAVIS 1816, Thomas married Lucy KNOWLES 1852, Thomas married Amanda KING (from Somerset) 1873. Unconfirmed ancestor known as Thomas Olliver was registered as Thomas Oliver KNOWLES (1852-94).
OSBORNE At Poynings 1616 on, Newtimber Place 1681 on. Thomas married Joane SIMMONS 1645, Thomas married Anne LANGFORD 1676, Thomas married Elizabeth PIGGOT 1700 at London, Leighton cohabited with Elizabeth PAGE from at least 1735, Ann married Charles DENNETT 1759.
PARKER Non-ancestral. James PARKER married Charlotte TUESLEY 1831 at Burpham. They had at least eight children at Pulborough. James was born 1809 at Pulborough, son of Daniel and Hannah. James and Charlotte had Jane in 1850/1 but this was not the Jane PARKER born 1851/2 at Pulborough who married John DOWNER 1873 at West Chiltington. This Jane was the daughter of Charlotte, widow of William. Jane named William as her father at her marriage but it seems unlikely.
PEACOCK Non-ancestral. James PEACOCK married Hannah BETTESWORTH 1784 at Kirdford. They had 14 children many of whom moved to Petworth. Descendants married SMITHERS 1804, BOXALL 1811, FORD 1815, AYLING 1817 at Cocking, MARSHALL 1819, BATCHELOR 1822, HOLDEN 1822 at Fittleworth, TYLER 1823, MARINER/HILYER by 1844, WOOD 1850, HUNT 1856, BOWYER by 1859, SAUNDERS 1865. James was born at Kirdford, son of James and Ruth [PAIN]. Margaret Pember of Perth, Australia has done extensive research into this line.
PHIBBINS Margaret PHIBBINS (or PHIPPINS?) married Richard LEGGATT 1715 at Sutton. Nothing else known.
PHITNESS Variant of FITNESS, only used for my branch at Chiddingly from 1693.
PILFOLD At Henfield 1665 on. John married Jane by 1697, Mary married John DENNETT 1731.
POATE Mary POATE married Thomas BUNGARD 1778 at Tortington. Mary may have been baptised 1757 at Amberley, daughter of James and Mary POATE but I have no proof. James POATE may have been baptised at Stedham, again no proof.
POLLINGTON At Rudgwick 1703 on, Wisborough Green 1729 on. Possibly at Beddingham 1685 and Hellingly 1694 on. Thomas married Anne HILL 1703 at Rudgwick, Thomas married Hannah HOWICK 1725, Judith married Thomas KENNARD 1762 at West Firle. Co-descendants at South Bersted, Felpham.
RAPLEY Susannah RAPLEY married William CHILDS 1692 at Petworth. Susannah may have been baptised 1674 at Wisborough Green, daughter of Edward and Ann RAPLEY but I have no proof.
REYNOLD Mary HILL (née REYNOLD) married Thomas GATES 1644 at Woodmancote. Mary may have been baptised 1621 at Woodmancote, daughter of Edward REYNOLDS and Ann [COSTEL] who married 1604 at Woodmancote. I have no proof.
RIDDELL Elizabeth RIDDELL/RUDDELL married John CHEESMAN 1733 at Bury. There are two possible sets of parents for Elizabeth in the immediate area. One was the daughter of John and Elizabeth, baptised 1714 at Stopham, the other was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth, baptised 1702 at Coldwaltham.
ROSER Non-ancestral. John ROSER married Emma NEAL 1870 at Brighton. Emma had previously had two illegitimate sons who took the surname ROSER after Emma married. John and Emma had three more children at Brighton. John was born c1845 at Lindfield, son of George and Maria. I have a snail-mail contact for this line.
Also, Rosetta ROSER married Aaron DOWNER 1841 at Brighton. Rosetta was born c1820 at Lindfield, daughter of Richard who was born c1790 at Lindfield. Possible that these two Roser lines were related?
SHARLEY Probably also as SHIRLEY. At Slaugham 1711 on. William married Mary SHEPHERD 1711, Elizabeth married John GILLAM 1741, both at Slaugham. Too many possibilities for William Sharley/Shirley to know earlier line.
SHEPHERD Mary SHEPHERD married William SHARLEY 1711 at Slaugham. Too many Mary Shepherds baptised at Slaugham and in surrounding area to know earlier line. If my research is correct then Mary is my earliest ancestor reached by following only the female lines back. This would mean that I would share mitochondrial DNA with Mary and with anyone else who can trace their maternal lines back to her.
SIMMONS Joane SIMMONS married Thomas OSBORNE 1645 at Poynings. Nothing else known.
SMITH The inevitable clutch of SMITHs! Two ancestors and plenty of co-descendants.
Elizabeth/Betty SMITH (aged 22) married George WARD by licence 1776 at Balcombe. Elizabeth Ward was buried 1814 at Cuckfield aged 60. Nothing else known.
Jane SMITH married Peter BUNGARD 1755 at Coldwaltham by licence. She said she was 30 but may have been lying, Peter admitted to 55. Jane Bungard was buried 1788 at Coldwaltham. Nothing else known.
Co-descendant SMITHs include:
Children of Charles SMITH and Maria [DEARLING] at Coldwaltham 1841 on.
Children of Harry Albert SMITH and Emily Sophia [CLOUT] at Brighton 1915 on.
Children and grandchildren of Lawrence SMITH and Ann [DENNETT] at Woodmancote 1771 on. Their descendants spread to Henfield and Hurstpierpoint.
SOTCHER Also appears as SACHER, SATCHER, SOCHER. At Petworth 1568 on. William married (unknown) by 1566, Richard married Rose HURST 1588, Richard married (unknown) by 1618, Robert married Elizabeth by 1650. Ann Sotcher married John CARVER 1679 at Sutton, after she was widowed she then married William LANGLEY 1691 at Sutton. Ann's brother John SOTCHER was Steward to William Penn of Pennsylvania, USA. Ann's other brother Robert SOTCHER left a very informative will in 1701.
STARKINGS Non-ancestral here. A co-descendant from Norfolk, Benjamin Starkings married Louisa PEARCE at Hove 1840, they had two children at Brighton before moving to London. One-name Study of all UK STARKINGS and STARKINS in progress.
STENNING Sarah STENNING married James WELLS 1774 at Shipley. Nothing else known.
STEVENS Ann STEVENS married Joseph HENLEY 1798 at Northchapel. Joseph and Ann had six children at Petworth from 1800 and Ann was buried 1813 at Barlavington aged 43. Ann was probably related to the William Stevens who married Joseph's elder sister Mary Henley 1795 at Petworth. William Stevens and Joseph Henley were both of Kirdford at their marriages but there are no suitable baptisms for an Ann or William STEVENS at Kirdford on the IGI. There was a suitable STEVENS family at Northchapel who had both an Ann and a William. The parents were William and Ann (née HOLDEN) who married at Northchapel in 1766. Their second attempt at an Ann was baptised in 1770 which is a perfect match for the age of Ann HENLEY at her death. William STEVENS senior's burial entry at Northchapel suggests he was born in 1743/4 but there were no STEVENS families there then. The IGI has a William STEVENS baptised at the adjoining parish of Lurgashall in 1743 but this possibility has not yet been investigated.
TRIBE Non-ancestral. William TRIBE married Harriet BUNGARD 1813 at Coldwaltham. William was born at Tillington. They had seven children at Woolavington and Graffham. Later generations mostly lived at Petworth but one branch went to Brighton via Shoreham and Broadwater. Several of these Tribes married Bridgers from Tillington who were probably from the second non-ancestral group described under BRIDGER.
TUESLEY Non-ancestral. John TUESLEY married Sarah CHEESMAN 1789 at Coldwaltham. They were removed by court order to Burpham and had nine children there. Their daughter Charlotte married James PARKER 1831.
UPPERTON Non-ancestral. William UPPERTON married Jane HARWOOD (née LEGGATT ) 1871. They had two children at Sutton. William was born c1820 at Bignor/Houghton, son of William and Mary [KNOX]. I have an email and a snail-mail contact for William Upperton senior.
VALDER At Brighton 1884 on. Albert Edmund married Emily Louise DENNETT 1899, Julia Ethel married Edward George OLLIVER 1927. The Brighton VALDERs came from Kent. One-name study of all UK VALDERs in progress.
WALLER Jane WALLER married Henry ISTED 1785 at Ardingly. The widowed Jane Isted married Thomas BOURN 1787 at Ardingly. Nothing else known.
WARD At Worth 1777 on. George married Elizabeth SMITH 1776 at Balcombe, they had six children at Worth. Sarah Elizabeth WARD married John BATCHELOR 1804 at Cuckfield. George's wife Elizabeth was buried at Cuckfield in 1815. George worked as a Currier and later lived at Horsham with his second wife Sarah [WALTON, m 1815 at Cuckfield], they had two children but only a daughter survived. George died in 1823, his burial entry at Cuckfield states he lived at Horsham. George left a will, in it he mentions Mary Ann, daughter of his second marriage and George, his son from his first marriage. He also mentions an uncle Richard Ward. George's baptism has not been found but several more wills and other documents show he was the son of Jasper and Sarah. Jasper was baptised at Horne, Surrey in 1721, son of Richard and Catherine. Jasper owned properties in Sussex and Surrey, these included Birchenbridge Mill near Horsham. This mill was held in trust after Jasper died in 1786 to provide income for his wife Sarah and son George. Sarah died in 1787 and the mill was sold in 1824 after George's death to give an inheritance to George's surviving children.
WELLS At Washington and Warminghurst 1748 on, Brighton 1873 on. James married Sarah STENNING 1774 at Shipley, James married Sophia BOURN 1826 at Balcombe, Thomas married Emma WOOD 1869 at Croydon (Surrey), Annie Sophia married Edward OLLIVER 1902 at Brighton.
WICKENS Lucy WICKENS married Charles DENNETT 1789 at Hove. The licence says that Lucy was 22. Lucy Dennett died 1836 at Cuckfield aged 72. Nothing else known for certain but Lucy may have been baptised as WIGGINS at Keymer in 1764 (born 1762), daughter of John and Mary.
WILLBURR Elizabeth WILLBURR married John DINE 1726 at Pyecombe. She was buried 1740 at Telscombe. Nothing else known.
WOODS Jane WOODS married William CHEESMAN 1773 at Bury. A John WOODS stood surety for the marriage licence. According to her age at death Jane was born about 1749 but I have not found a suitable Jane born around that time.
WOOLGAR Non-ancestral. David WOOLGAR married Ann GOLDS 1876 at Washington. They had nine children there and six grandchildren. More grandchildren elsewhere but details not yet known. Marion Woolgar is doing a one-name study of WOOLGAR and welcomes queries and information. See her website at Woolgar One-Name Study

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