My maternal grandmother was born at Great Ormesby, now known as Ormesby St Margaret. Her ancestors discovered so far came from Hemsby, Martham, West Somerton and Winterton.
Martham Church Martham in eastern Norfolk is my main ancestral village so I would like to hear from anyone with any interests there.
This page also contains a list of links to Norfolk genealogy sites I have found useful.
Surname links in the left-hand column go to the page detailing that line, surname links in the right-hand column go to the relevant entry on this page.
Please E-mail me if you find a connection.

BELTON Non-ancestral here. Charles BELTON, born 1844 at Rottingdean, Sussex, moved back to his wife's birthplace of Stokesby after having three children at Rottingdean. Charles and Charlotte [GOLDER] had two more children at Stokesby by 1881.
BUNGARD Non-ancestral here but I contribute to Graham Bungard's One-Name Study. Graham's ancestors John and Maria Bungard were at Winterton by 1861, John was a coastguard. Graham's and my BUNGARDs came from Sussex.
CHUBBOCK Non-ancestral. At West Somerton 1849 on, Caister 1881 on. Jonathan CHUBBOCK married Mary Ann STARKINGS 1872 at Great Yarmouth, they had children at Yarmouth, Somerton, Martham and Caister. Some descendants went to Iowa, USA. Jonathan's parents were Jonathan Chubbock and Rebecca HARMER who married 1849 at West Somerton. Earlier Chubbocks were in other villages in north-eastern Norfolk. I have an E-mail contact for this line.
DYBALL At Winterton 1761 on, West Somerton 1826 on, Martham 1851 on, Ormesby St Margaret 1890 on. Humphrey married Judith STEELS 1711 at West Somerton, Humphrey married Elizabeth SHREEVE 1761, Humphrey married Elizabeth SADLER 1794, Humphrey married Christiana READ 1822 at Great Yarmouth, Thomas married Maria KERRISON 1856, Charles William married Hannah Maria STARKINGS 1878, Amy Louise married Samuel Percy CHEESMAN (Sussex) 1924. Co-descendants at Scratby, Caister.
HARMER Non-ancestral. See CHUBBOCK.
HENDRY Sarah HENDRY married John STARKINGS 1821 at Martham. Sarah possibly born 1794/5 at Hempnall, but no Hendrys known there. Baptisms of her later children suggest that her maiden name may have been SMITH. Sarah died 1859 at Martham. Nothing else known.
KERRISON At Martham 1802 on. George married Sarah SUTTON 1802 at Hemsby, Maria married Thomas DYBALL 1856.
LAWSON Ann LAWSON married John STARKINGS 1771 at Martham. Ann buried 1790 at Martham. Nothing else known.
LUBBOCK Non-ancestral. See POWLEY.
MIALS Elizabeth MIALS married Joseph SUTTON 1764 at Hemsby. Nothing else known.
NICHOLS Non-ancestral. Mark NICHOLS married Christianna DYBALL 1869 at Martham. One of their grandsons, George W Nichols, may have married his second cousin Ada Violet DYBALL 1922 in Flegg district. Mark's parents were Mark and Elizabeth Nichols of Martham. Mark senior was born at Scratby in about 1814.
POWLES Mary POWELS (sic) married Edmund SYMONDS 1817 at Horsey. Mary possibly born 1795/6 at Martham and probably died there in 1854. A new contact says Mary was probably a daughter of John POWLES of Martham but her baptism has not been found. John's grandfather was Richard Powles of Martham, my contact is descended from John's brother Robert Sewell Powles.
POWLEY Non-ancestral. Sarah POWLEY married William STARKINGS by 1831. Sarah's parents were Robert Powley and Hannah LUBBOCK who married 1797 at Repps. I have an E-mail contact for this line.
READ Christiana READ married Humphrey DYBALL 1822 at Great Yarmouth. Christiana also known as Crissa. Probably born about 1797 at South Walsham. Christiana died in 1878 aged 80. Nothing else known.
SADLER Elizabeth SADLER married Humphrey DYBALL 1794 at West Somerton. Baptisms of her later children suggest that her maiden name may have been SUDLIP. Nothing else known.
SHREEVE Elizabeth SHREEVE married Humphrey DYBALL 1761 at Winterton. An Elizabeth Dyball was buried at Winterton in 1805. Nothing else known.
STARKINGS At Martham 1771 on. John married Ann LAWSON 1771, John married Ann VINCENT 1798, John married Sarah HENDRY 1821, James married Maria SYMONDS 1850, Hannah Maria married Charles William DYBALL 1878. Co-descendants at Great Yarmouth, South Walsham, Sloley, Rollesby. A One-Name Study is in progress, I have GRO bmd to 1940. Most originate from Norfolk plus a group in Hertfordshire (mostly spelt STARKINS there).
STEELS Judith STEELS married Humphrey DYBALL 1711 at Winterton. Nothing else known.
SUTTON At Hemsby 1737 on. Joseph married Elizabeth MIALS 1764, Sarah married George KERRISON 1802.
SYMONDS At Martham 1793 on. Edmund married Mary POWELS/POWLES 1817 at Horsey, Maria married James STARKINGS 1850. Co-descendants at West Somerton.
VALDER Non-ancestral here. A Henry John Valder spent some time at Diss and had a son, Montague Edwin, born there in 1874. One of Henry's daughters, Isabella Emily, died in the registration district of Guiltcross in 1880 aged 23. Henry worked as an Inland Revenue Officer but had left Norfolk by 1881 to harass the residents of Stone, Staffordshire. My most recent VALDERs are from Sussex.
VINCENT Ann VINCENT married John STARKINGS 1798 at Martham. Ann buried 1831 at Martham. Nothing else known.

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