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My maternal grandmother was Julia Ethel Valder (1901-80). She was born at Brighton but her Valder ancestors were all from Kent. Julia married Edward George OLLIVER at Brighton, St Martin in 1927.

Julia Ethel Valder (1901-80) was the second child of the eight born to Albert Edmund Valder (1877-1938) and Emily Louise DENNETT (1870-1942). Albert and Emily married at Brighton, St Martin in 1899. Albert worked as a waiter in a large hotel in Brighton but he developed severe arthritis and had to spend his last twenty years in a wheelchair. I have a photo of him in his wicker-work chair being wheeled by my grandfather Edward George OLLIVER. According to Albert's obituary in the local newspaper he received many visitors while he was housebound.
Alfred John wedding Wedding of Alfred John (1909-83) to Mary Elizabeth ADCOCK (1916-2002) at Brighton in 1941. Alfred was Albert and Emily's sixth child.

Albert Edmund Valder (1877-1938) was born in Folkestone, Kent, the fourth child of the eight born to Alfred Peter Valder (1846-1904) and Emma ANDREWS (1849-1929). Alfred worked as a horse-drawn cab driver and brought his family to Brighton in about 1882. The last three children were born at Brighton where Alfred worked for a Telegraph company. Albert's youngest sister, Alice Elizabeth Valder (1892-?), married George Thomas MARCHANT at Brighton in 1916. It's not known whether the Marchants had any children but George registered the death of Emma Valder [Andrews] when she died in 1929 at his house in Brighton.

One of Albert's brothers, Percy Alfred Valder (1880-1945), left England after his first wife died a fortnight after they were married. He went to Canada and joined the police force in Manitoba, Canada. This police force eventually became part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the Mounties). He died in Winnipeg. I am indebted to Beulah Caswell of Saskatchewan for much of this information.

The Valders living in the Brighton area today are all descended from Albert Edmund (1877-1938) or his older brother, Frederick George (1869-1937). Frederick married Minnie Gertrude STEVENS (1867-1922) at Brighton in 1892 and they had seven children.

Together with my mother's cousin, Bob Valder (son of Alfred John & Mary Elizabeth [ADCOCK]), I am conducting a study of all the UK Valders. Our earlier Valder ancestors are detailed on the Kent Valders page. The VALDER One-Name Study page gives details about the other UK Valders. Bob started the research ten years before me but he hasn't been actively researching for a long time.

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