Contacting Me

Sorry, I have had to temporarily cease contact with new enquirers. The amount of unfiled material has reached such a level that I find it very hard to locate relevant documents and other information. The version of my tree held in various computer files also doesn't reflect all that I have learnt about my ancestors and their relatives. So I've been unable to reply to enquiries without spending many hours on each one.

I am aiming to spend several months sorting and filing my paper and electronic records. When I feel able to provide answers more easily I will put my email address back on this page. I can't give a definite estimate of how long the process will take. I hope to be able to update my webpages during the consolidation phase to reflect any significant findings I rediscover while tidying the unfiled piles of paper and electronic findings.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my knowledge and many apologies to those I have had to neglect in recent years. The problem is really that the site has been far more successful at attracting previously unknown cousins than I anticipated.

A few hints for your own research. Many surnames are very much more common than is generally realised. Check out the online 1881 or 1901 census websites to get an idea of how common any particular surname is.

For general help with research go to the links on my Welcome page or find answers to specific questions by learning to make effective use of search engines. Also read some of the many books available to buy or borrow from libraries.

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