A paternal great-greatgrandfather, Thomas JARVIS, moved away from Buckinghamshire after the very early death of his first wife. His ancestors so far discovered came from Great Missenden, The Lee and Waddesdon.
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BIGNALL Also as BIGNELL. At Great Missenden 1733 on. Robert married Elizabeth CROCKETT 1733, Elizabeth married Thomas CHANCE 1758.
BRADLEY At Great Missenden 1708 on. Thomas married Elizabeth WEEDON 1708, Elizabeth married John CHANCE 1730.
CHANCE At Great Missenden 1730 on. John married Elizabeth BRADLEY 1730, Thomas married Elizabeth BIGNALL 1758, Joseph married Fanny PHILBY 1787, Elizabeth married John JARVIS 1822.
CROCKETT At Great Missenden 1695 on. Elizabeth married Robert BIGNELL 1733.
FRANKLIN At Waddesdon 1772 on. Sarah married William JARVIS 1793.
JARVIS At Waddesdon 1793 on, Great Missenden 1822 on. William married Sarah FRANKLIN 1793, John married Elizabeth CHANCE 1822, Thomas married Elizabeth MUNDAY 1851. Moved to Arundel, Sussex by 1859 where the widowed Thomas married Emma HARWOOD.
PHILBY Probably a variant of FILBY. At The Lee 1751 on. Fanny married John CHANCE 1787.
VALDER Non-ancestral here. A John Valder spent at least 18 years at Aylesbury and had one son born and buried there, Frederick (1843-51). John would not have been a popular man in Aylesbury as he was an Inland Revenue Officer. One of John's daughters, Catherine Mary, married Joseph TOWNSHEND at Aylesbury in 1854. One of John's sons, George, married Mary COLLINGRIDGE at Olney in 1857. My most recent VALDERs are from Sussex. A One-Name Study of all UK VALDERs is in progress.
WEEDON Elizabeth WEEDON married Thomas BRADLEY 1708 at Great Missenden. Nothing else known.

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